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Sun, April 3, 2016 – The Permethrin Conspiracy

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LeafsDay 613, and what is up with the availability of Permethrin in Canada? “Oh, why would you need it there?” Here we go again. Who are the idiots who keep saying there are no bugs in Canada? For the record, this country has the most awful bugs of any known land mass on earth in my estimation. There are bad bugs, and there are Canadian bugs, rising in clouds from the northern swamps and muskeg bogs. Ticks are bad, but Wild Apple Leaves show you quickly that there are multiple vectors including ticks, mites, gnats, nits, fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes, spiders, wasps, hornets, bees, and those are just some of the known ones. Multiple unknown nematodes get skunked out if eating the apple leaves works for you.

Saying it is crazy is an understatement. It’s more criminal than crazy if you look up Conspiracy Laws in Canada. But who is behind it? It’s just dumb they’ll claim, but all criminals feign ignorance, which is no defence. It’s even worse than feigning ignorance of the acaricidal anthelmintic properties of edible apple leaves, but that is more normal. Nobody has any evidence but me, and why would they need evidence to assert they don’t work, even though I have 613 days of it? The whole Permethrin thing being home and garden or available to veterinarians only seems criminal. In Canada, we need military grade bug protection as Wild Apple Leaves show you in no uncertain terms. Not only does it repel ticks, but it also is toxic to bees. I found they carry worms too in the sting.

Wherever you have dead animals, you have a lot of bugs. Wherever you have swamps or muskeg, you have a lot of bugs eating you. A lot of them are blood sucking vectors, proven without a doubt by Wild Apple Leaves.Having Permethrin sprayed clothing would keep you safe from what I discovered while eating the leaves, or while harvesting them. If you spray the outside of your clothes it won’t contact your skin, and some recommend putting them in the dryer to seal the Permethrin to the clothing external fibres. Others say spray clothes on the clothesline, and sun or air dry. Some say it lasts a couple weeks or washings. Some say up to 42 days in use and storage.

“Tests on mosquitoes conducted by the Army and Air Force showed that when lightweight battle dress uniforms were treated until moist (approximately 4 1/2 ounces) Permethrin alone (0.5% solution) gave 97.7% protection from mosquitoe bites and 99.9% protection when used in combination with a deet based repellent applied to skin (20% to 35% solution). Mosquito repellent and killing action of Permethrin treated uniforms was not diminished by five detergent washings. Mosquitoes were also repelled from the general test location because of what is called the side stream effect caused by multiple personnel wearing permethrin treated uniforms. It is humorous to some degree that the researcher noted, “This required that the test sight be moved on several occasions to locate more mosquitoes!””

DiYPure 100% Permethrin like Wilson® Ambush® is odourless. Here is an analysis. You just must look for it here, and dilute it yourself. It’s available at hardware stores, but has to be diluted to 0.5% to spray clothes, and 250ml makes 25 litres it says of 1% solution. Typical concentration of those sprays available in the US are 0.5%. That’s 50 litres of solution. The Army study shows use in concert with DEET, Deep Woods Off! grade 25-30%, is good for optimal performance. It is needed if you travel. I found it is especially mandatory if you do not. But I am just a curious student of vector helminth complexes, self taught by eating wild apple leaves, and there is no available info outside of the reams of new data I have been assembling. You’ll have to take your own pictures of the worm exit pinholes.

Well, there is a made in Canada solution, but nobody knows. We all know the latest Trumpism in a second in Canada for something we have no skin in the game on, but few have a clue or a multi vectored Action Plan that works, or even know that there are perhaps a hundred more vectors than blacklegged ticks. Canadians are liars. Trump can’t be denied on that one. Idiots too, self included. I can’t get the apple leaf word out in 10 gazillion seconds let alone 1. Canada is about a tenth the size of the US population wise, but has about a hundred times, if not a thousand times, more bugs in it. Our veterinarians are better than our health care system too, but that is common. Doctors everywhere admire veterinarians. Some even attempt to provide medical services better than the vets too. They fail, but at least they are trying. Animals can’t sue you, while their owners can. Doctors can be sued elsewhere, but not in Canada generally.

Trump says no drugs and go easy on the booze, kids. No wonder he doesn’t exactly cut a swath with the politicos and pundits. Canadians have extra strength beer and tobacco to deal with the extra strength bugs. Sunday Housecall goes over the symptoms of heart disease. Women have to worry too. About female hair loss as well. Apple Leaves get some of it back where the vector nematodes were stealing it. Dihydro Testosterone weakens hair follicles as well, and it is an androgenic endocrine thing with some medications for heart disease. Older people at risk for supplement drug interactions. Vitamin E and fish oil creates greater risk of prostrate cancer. Multivitamins are not FDA regulated, and the medication interactions can be complex.

I still say getting rid of the 10% of your body weight in nematodes with Wild Apple Leaves will help. When I discovered they were anthelmintic, and the helminths that came out were alive for decades, the pieces fell into place. Although the helminths that came out were small, it is known that the smaller the parasite, the worse the disease. Everybody is fighting that same parasitic force from old and new bug bites I found later. Now that we kn0w where the Canadian Permethrin is hidden, we confirm the water solubility, are aware that it is toxic to bees and fish, and we know that spiders are another vector to reckon with from personal experience, we have a defence plan coming together, but if you also find an edible apple tree, you will go on offence like nobody ever has. If the leaves work, the fog will clear in a few days of a few leaves a day or as much as you can handle. Pectin enzyme up to a couple grams a day will help speed up getting to more hiding worms in biofilm, and help expectorating the breakdown products of that.

The double edge sword is that fruit trees are sprayed with insecticides like permethrin and malathion. Commercial Apples are the most contaminated tree fruit we eat, and people feel compelled to spray them for fungus and insects. Wild or natural trees are extremely rare now. Some insect pressure is actually a hint that the tree hasn’t been sprayed. We just want the Permethrin for the outside of our clothes, and not the tree leaves. There are natural ways to treat them for fungus that we found.

Now all we need is some doctor to confirm it. People won’t believe them either. Then they can get frustrated when nobody will try it, preferring to eat pounds of pot with poison terpenes and 5 times the smoking tar for the buzz. Chemotherapy doesn’t kill the worms, but it might kill you. Somehow that has to be better than eating leaves from an apple tree, the tree producing the oldest food source in recorded history, if you believe the Bible is at least our oldest recorded record.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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