Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, April 4, 2016 – Rare Trees

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Botanischer_Garten_Berlin-Dahlem_10-2014_photo08_Malus_sieversiiDay 614. How could such a common tree species as the apple tree become so rare? It has been done with chemicals, so natural trees that haven’t been sprayed with a whole chemical spectrum for pests and fungus are almost extinct. Unfortunately, we found a new application leading to a new crop from those same rare trees. The whole thing is so disheartening that you couldn’t make it up if you tried. Mankind has shot themselves in the foot and destroyed much of what could be the most promising medicine source ever. The stock photo here is a sample tree I found on the internet with typical characteristics of of an abandoned apple tree reverting back to its original wild state. “Suckers” have grown up in the centre upper region where it used to be pruned. It looks a little stressed from venturia inaequalis “apple scab” fungus, which actually increases the medicinal phenolic compounds in the leaves.

Nobody will believe it either, so they don’t realize the environmental disaster they have wrought. They spray the trees to increase the yield of the fruit, but not the leaves. The natural leaves, if edible, expose all sorts of medical avenues to treat chronic disease. They show that previously unknown vectored nematodes are behind most if not all chronic disease humans get. They expose it by skunking out the nematodes hiding in your skin for decades. They are also the ultimate second line defence against vector bites, forcing the nematode that the bugs transfer to you out of the bite immediately.

The vectors of Zika are growing. We know about Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, but a more northern species, Aedes albopictus, has also been found to carry and transmit the virus. I imagine those are just the known species so far. Variants of West Nile have also shown up in horses in southern central BC. There could be a nematode in these insect bites as well as we have found with lots of other insects. Wild Apple Leaves are the only way known to restore your vector nematode virginity. Most people didn’t even know it was long gone. They consequently don’t suspect it is getting worse.

Vector nematodes are the problem, and Wild Apple Leaves are the only cure that can show you why too. People don’t know they have it, but after a little Wild Apple Leaves, they’ll get a rude awakening. I had deer to prove mine as they came to eat the leaves almost daily for a while there until a cougar moved in. Now as I look around at the common pesticides and fungicides used on apple trees, some approved for organic apple crop uses, it only serves to reduce the crop base. Now with new epidemics like Zika, the supply of edible leaves is poised to become totally unavailable.

Wild Apple Leaves are way better than any Action Plan, even if you can augment it with Permethrin. They have the potential to eliminate a lifetime of vector nematode parasites if you stick with them, and can find a source that works as an edible anthelmintic. They work after the fact of a bug bite. They work faster if you smoke tobacco I found. It may be a combination of the two that causes this. They’re just too rare though, and if you have to smoke too to smoke out the worms, most would rather suffer the extreme consequences. The whole commercial apple tree crop is contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

The two together would make this rare and rarer if that is the case. I would need more non smokers to prove it doesn’t get rid of their worms, but why waste them on non smokers if they are that rare? Non smokers claim they’ll live forever anyway because they don’t smoke. It won’t be that they don’t have worms. Why would they not if they are transmitted by insects, since non smokers get pestered by more insects, for one? It explains this smoking paradox I noted where all the non smokers I know are suffering potentially fatal chronic diseases or dead. It could be a coincidence, or simply so complicated it will never be proven. Rare trees, limited supply of safe leaves, and rare test patients that smoke. That may also be the silver lining since doctors here won’t even look at people who smoke any more. They too have eliminated their own test audience, preferring to kill all the non smokers off instead.

News has The Panama Papers. 11 million documents were stolen from a Panama law firm that sets up offshore shell companies, with names of anonymous people exposed, including world leaders. This is just the tip of the iceberg as they haven’t been able to pore over the large volume of data yet. A lot of Russians linked to Putin have been implicated. Edwards Lifesciences shares are ripping over a new transcatheter artificial valve replacement device for robotic heart surgery? Wild Apple Leaves would work to avoid the whole thing if you can find some any more that haven’t been compromised. Coal and nuclear powered cars have a backlog of 275,000 orders for the Tesla Model 3 now. 70% of electricity is coal. Electric cars are the filthiest form of transportation overall, not including the footprint for mining all the wiring, let alone inefficient batteries, but Not In My Back Yard. At least they’re silent, and they completely fool most people. The baseball season started today. The Trump Hotel chain has had another credit card data breach. Now we have to watch out for flying chainsaws.

Back to being extremely rare. The Road Less Travelled. There might be an orphan or volunteer apple tree growing out that way. Untouched by human hands. Seeded by a grazing deer. Ready to treat with serum pathogens and human apple scab antibodies, with leaves that are ready to eat anthelmintic medicine. Naturally resistant to a lot of things. A mongrel tree with an extremely rare pedigree. It all seems like such a paradox of gargantuan proportions. Johnny Appleseed Chapman thought it was God’s Way. If it gets rid of the worms, hundreds of times deadlier than smoking, and beyond chemotherapy, what would you have to lose? Likely an argument or two. It would sure explain why they can’t solve chronic disease. How could you ever spin that to advantage though?

There has to be more than one way to spin that. How would you? “Pick your poison” bug worms/nematode parasites or smokes? Mark Twin said it. “Quitting smoking is the easiest thing I have ever done. I’ve personally done it hundreds of times.” Quitting worms is something you don’t want to have to revisit either, once you’ve successfully done it. At least the smoking is supposed to kill you then. Likely from getting nagged to death by non smokers. I’d rather die from smoking than the way I saw them all go by a long shot.

Some things you can’t buy. You can’t buy sympathy in an obvious setup. What if you reverse the hit?


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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