Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, April 5, 2016 – Cautions

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Day 615. All drugs seem to have side effects more often than not. Combining medicines and even holistic remedies can create bad interactions. Natural Apple Leaves, presumably due to paring down biofilm and getting rid of nematode parasites, amplify the effect of remedies and medicines. Even vitamins can cause bad effects, like vitamin E with the prostate it is said. You have to be careful that way. It amplifies other medicines in effect greatly. That was likely the case with wormwood interaction that I noted. Combining apple leaves and Wormwood initially created an uncomfortable reaction, where there was a prickly almost electric effect. Of course that could have been just me. It complicates things, so the best course may be to go slow like I did initially to find a sustainable comfortable anthelmintic dose level.

Pectin enzyme at 4 parts to one part apple leaf powder is the same. It produces  lot of phlegm and mucus from the biofilm breakdown. You have a lifetime of built up pectin bacterial biofilm slime to dissolve and get rid of, and knowing the location and makeup of bacterial biofilm, that is the only way I know so far to get it out. It becomes apparent that the parasite worms were making it to protect their proxy parasitic spirochaete flocks. You want to find a safe level you can handle. As you get older, through combined vector nematode effect, there may initially be so much that it can restrict breathing like asthma, which I found a little more pectin enzyme and fluids helps. Ventolin was relatively ineffective. I tried Vitamin C, but that is known to aggravate Lyme Disease, so I cut it down, and that was better. I take a potassium supplement instead, or a little potash, like cigarette ash for quick liquification of the mucus being produced.

Again, be careful with other medications because it can greatly amplify the effect. Nobody reduces biofilm, and everybody has about 10% of their body weight or more in worms and biofilm slop in them. Once you reduce that, you are no longer the average human being that they tested the drug on. As a matter of fact, you are a rare bird indeed. It may completely eliminate what you were taking the medicine for, as was my case with lifelong arthritis and Celebrex. The AppLyme combo was working at least ten times better than the Celebrex for me. It turns out arthritis is a spin off nematode + biofilm disease, and leaves along with all the nematodes. All the inflammatory cytokines eventually go with it. It has saved me a bundle. Again though, you can’t predict what will happen in your own case.

I know medicine likes to remove organs. The natural apple leaves work in mysterious ways, and may actually have used that old organ they tossed out, so be careful. I am thinking kidneys, spleen, tonsils, and appendix. Who knows what the effect would be? You tell me. I still am intact that way so far. Medicine defaulted that way in where if they didn’t know what the organ did, and if it was injured/defective, they would throw it out. Like any pharmaceutical they advertise, if there is trouble, contact your doctor. If you have given up on doctors when they gave up on you, use common sense like I had to.

stickerEverything you eat should have boilerplate too. Ancient Egyptians knew that most of your diet keeps your doctor fed, and I found it keeps your nematode parasite complexes fed too. It is all laced with glyphosate weedkiller, which causes autism amongst all sorts of ills, including Cancer in California. Stop eating? Well, cut back on the known laced stuff, but as far as I can tell, that is everything in a supermarket in North America. Processed foods are a given. Cut back on that stuff it is often said, and give up on starch and sugar altogether. That is kind of tough because it is in everything. It’s all weedkiller resistant GMO stuff. Take it from there.

The whole thing is crazy no matter how much common sense you use. You will have to use uncommon sense too. You decide if you want worms or not. I don’t. I found that without a doubt, they come from at least bug bites and stings, ingesting dust, and contact with aquatic biofilm. If you have never been bit by a bug or you don’t eat or breath, this will not apply for you, so move along now. Nothing to see here…

Studies showed coffee was bad and red wine was good. Now decaf is bad and red wine was over rated. What that tells me is that they don’t know. That’s normal because they don’t know about this whole massive vector nematode problem exposed by natural apple leaves. It underlies nearly everything that is a health issue in my estimation. It is so revolutionary that they will be decades catching on to it. Of course you can jump the line, but use common sense and be careful.

I see they use Xtrac laser treatment to help psoriasis. I thought it was related to arthritis. Natural apple leaves may also make psoriasis disappear, but someone with psoriasis would have to try them. If it was a bug bite like Mayo Clinic says in the psoriasis link, this would get the nematode parasite it likely left there. It appears they got the memo that I tried to get to Dr Bauer that bugs and their nematodes underlie lots of inexplicable health conditions. Natural apple leaves showed me all of that, and I thought I should try to get the word out. It was totally new last year as far as I could tell.

I noticed that dust stirred up when mowing lawns made me suffer a downturn before apple leaves. Mites that live in dust are another known disease vector, and if they transfer nematodes when breathed in or are swallowed/ingested, that is another infectious disease pathway. I could see how that would happen now, and may be the source of these previously unknown internal parasites apple leaves initially eliminate. When you have an unexplained ailment, if you drill down or try to backtrack, it could result from a vector nematode. That seems to be what natural apple leaves are best at eliminating, but they are also antimicrobial.

When I was stung by a spider in Mexico, 24 years ago, apple leaves made those nematodes come out. Once a nematode is in you and established, natural apple leaves are apparently the only way to get them out. Antibiotics did absolutely nothing to them.

Spring is almost coming around. It was nice for last weekend but then rainy Monday and cooler today. Hopefully it will break through soon with forecast sunny later in the week here once over the hump. It’s kind of melancholy for some reason. In the news, Cruz and Sanders won Wisconsin. Iran was caught cheating on the nuclear agreement getting banned high tech gear from Germany. Stocks gave up their gains for the year. Spring can be notoriously gloomy when everything else is in bloom but you aren’t. Today was just gloomy weather. It will turn around.  April showers bring May flowers further south. I wish I didn’t get bit by all those bugs, but what can you do? It was all hidden from me, and intentionally in some cases.

Siblings and parents refused to acknowledge the seriousness of my arthritis all my life. I was just lazy in their eyes when it was just too painful. Sleep would hurt more than rejuvenate. That destroys faith in the system and people. You can’t just brush it away in that light. Now more knowledge what has happened makes it worse, but there is no real redress for that. That’s a little glum. Knowing what they are all in for isn’t uplifting, and it is discouraging how easily they brush it off, which you know darn well they’re going to wish they could take back. Their brains are already so bug washed that they will never know what hit them. I’ve been there, and done that. I barely lived to tell the tale but they aren’t listening, and the clock is ticking down on them. It’s watching those two colliding trains bear down on each other with no way to tell them to stop it when they simply won’t listen. That puts a gloom over it all that you can’t wash away. They all feel fine, but you can see those undeniable symptoms, and the whole thing runs in families, even step families with a vector mechanism, no exceptions.

Ignorance is bliss, not a solution. How could you break through to them all? Tell them you have discovered they will all die of un natural causes well before their time when it is stoppable natural causes? They won’t believe you are the canary in this coal mine, and you had a touch of what is going to do it. They refuse to see the similarities to both dead parents or even their own ailments. You could show them how, but they all dismissed the internet as a stupid fad for over two decades. It’s all right here, linked as best as I could. Even having the best doctors in the world in your corner won’t break through to them. Discovering without a doubt all other blissful doctors are wrong doesn’t help matters much either. Surely you can see how that would be depressing. Hardly any of them know about diseased vector nematode parasites being so omnipresent.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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