Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, April 6, 2016 – Teaching

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Day 616 since we tried the Apple Leaves the deer were eating, and they slowly started smoking out all these thousands of little dermal resident worms. Where did they come from? Those apple leaves were the best teacher of all. They gave the up all the answers, and it was up to me to determine what the questions were that they answered. How can you make people believe that, or even want to believe it? They would have to try it themselves, and get the same results. If they didn’t, why couldn’t they?

Human-parasite-iconsThe best teachers in school and university started off by asking a question. We were all curious though because we were there to learn. It seems everybody is incurious about this ultimate health matter though. If you pose a question, it will go unanswered. “How do you think you will die?” “Want to know what I found out?” No. They don’t want to know. Even if it is rhetorical, and you go on anyway, it won’t sink in. If the apple leaves don’t teach them, they will never know. The buck will never stop, and they’ll die of some terrible nematode biofilm chronic vector disease like the rest of them. Life itself will become a function of merit, learning how not to die the old way.

You have to point out in no uncertain terms the error of their ways, but they won’t believe it. When they say, “We’ve always done it that way” you have to point out that everybody ended up dead that way with few exceptions. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Tell them that’s sad because they need a new trick to survive this. Of course we know exactly what will happen. Heart, Lung, GI, Kidney, Prostate, Stroke, Cancer, Brain, or other chronic illness will get them. Slow, debilitating, and painful. Dragged out by medical interventions. All probably caused by the vector nematodes we saw when they left, but few medical interventions address that short of cutting them out. Not their lingering bacterial biofilms. Some other worm can pick them up. They’re likely set up in all your other major organs by then.

That is the quandry. A huge audience that doesn’t know or want to know the answer to the most important question they have ever asked. Why do we die? Natural apple leaves answer it, then the panic will be on. It isn’t because we wear out. It is because all those vector nematodes finally kill you off. All the natural trees are actually eradicated in some places because they may carry disease that threatens commercial varieties. I have to tell you it really disappoints me. Education would be the answer but nobody wants to learn, or has an idea what they have done. They poison or kill off the only way to find out the answer.

What is the most important question? Clairvoyants or fortune tellers make a living off of telling people what they want to hear. It doesn’t matter if it is wrong. Apple leaves will tell you what you really need to know, and it isn’t some made up platitudes. You’ll have to fill in the blanks, but the hints they give are undeniable. If you are like me, and all those worms came out of bug bites and stings, and my skin where I had Swimmer’s Itch, I could start to see what was happening to everybody even if they couldn’t get their worms out. Those things were eating away at me all my life. If you haven’t gotten rid of them this way, they are eating you this very second. I smoked, so I wasn’t very tasty, and they still ate away at me. I can just imagine how lovely non smokers must taste to them. They don’t want to leave I found. They couldn’t get away from me fast enough when the apple leaves finally got to them.

At some point, lots of people will know, but they won’t tell you. They’ll just chuckle, and mutter to themselves, “OK, die then, genius!” Some people will find solace in that. Some will tell them to get even more unknown nematodes by stinging themselves with bees, and just say not to eat apple leaves then. If you don’t have killer bees, simulate them. Lots of cheap real estate and commodities for them. Vectors are increasing. Pollution, climate, and chemicals. Defence is futile. The diseases they carry will cull the masses, and people don’t want to stop it or even know how. Information and resources are intentionally scant. The normalcy bias that served them so well in the past, rapid denial and dismissal, will become a lethal weapon. Anyone who could help will use it to their own advantage against you. That in itself is the real trouble in a nutshell. The new normal requires some assembly, and can blow up in the process. It’s already fully loaded with nematodes.

Employ the imagination of the student, like the best teachers. “Can you remember your first bug bite?” Apple leaves will jog that memory eventually, physically showing you where it was, and what was in it. Technically, it will be the first nematode infected one, but there will be many to chose from. They’ll all leave a small nit or a pinhole. Old stingers will come out. They’re all still alive. One of those will be the one. If they don’t get it right away, that doesn’t mean that the vector nematode isn’t still there. It just means that they haven’t smoked it out of the protective biofilm slime “farm” yet. What “farm?” You’ll see the “farmers.” You’ll figure it out.

It raises another question, how will it all go down? The Bible says four horsemen, war, pestilence, famine, and death. This is just the pestilence and death part, and how. War and famine await the remaining ones. The war is between all of your competing nematode parasites, as they eat you alive, starving you to add insult to injury. That’s just my guess and interpretation, trying to frame it from what I learnt.

In the news, the Pfizer Allergan merger deal fell apart when they changed the rules regarding corporate tax inversions, specifically to block it. Regulation uncertainty threatens the whole market, the Merck CEO points out, when they do that. Stocks were up on the FOMC Minutes release, clarifying no rate hike in the immediate term. Weather was mixed, rain to broken cloudy. S+P has a large looming short interest, the largest since Sept 2008, with today being interpreted as a short covering rally. Panama Papers keep going, the largest data breach we weren’t supposed to know, but still aren’t accessible, as they package the individual stories for consumption.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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