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Thurs, April 7, 2016 – A Big Deal

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Day 617. Some things are simply too big, like the Panama Papers. 2.6 Terabytes. I thought this blog was big, but it’s nothing really in comparison. There is a lot of legal volume on the Panama Papers, but they are paring it down where we can handle it, and they have been doing it for a year. It’s a good read in their summation. It will take years to get them all red handed.

On CNBC, they interviewed a doctor from the CDC about the Zika virus outbreak. Ebola used up most of their budget. Another doctor from a health company was on simply dismissing concerns, which is the stock answer on the news these days over medical issues, but it was clear the CDC was painting a picture that most critical information was still unknown, like alternate vectors, transmission susceptibility, and whether the virus persists. The vector nematode angle isn’t known either, or with anything in medicine for that matter. They pointed out antibiotics only started with the Second World War. They recalled the early 20th century flu outbreak that killed millions before going to break.

In other news, 420 million people worldwide have developed Type II diabetes, and it is increasing. They danced around the “Processed” weed killer laced food issue. They just pointed out that everybody has to change their diet to more GMO fresh fruits and vegetables, when that is all cut from the same cloth. I wondered how much ignored vector nematodes have to do with it? It seems whenever there is an endocrine issue, the nematode effect looms large. People are falling through the cracks in a system I now know is becoming all cracks. It seems everywhere you look, more cracks. They answer it with band aids, dismissals, and platitudes, without even addressing the elephant in the room root cause.

The whole implication of vector nematodes in most chronic human illness is too big. You would have to rewrite the book of medicine to explain where. When you can ask anyone, “Can you remember your first bug bite?” and then get apple leaves to show them where it is, that’s pretty big. Getting the word out where it matters is too big of a chore though, where the stock answer dismisses the serious problem, but does nothing to address it. Nobody takes it seriously, until they start to die from it. Then it’s possibly too late. Their nematodes aren’t going anywhere until they force them out that way.

It looks like their whole world is on dismissal autopilot when it’s way past time to go back to manual control. The overarching conclusion is that this will not end well. The signals all show that the train is on the wrong track, and you can’t just stop it. They can’t deal with it because we’re all so used to automatic. We assume that medicine will have all the answers when the opposite is true.

It serves to elevate stress, which is an even larger drag on overall health. People flock to alternative therapies of dubious nature simply to alleviate the stress of trying to cope with an automatic dismissal responding non functional disaster bound system. Get a Copper Fit Pro sleeve or Blue Emu cream for arthritis. Get a few dozen more bee stings. At least it’s something that won’t aggravate the vector nematodes underlying it all, they think. Then they find out it actually is a few dozen more nematodes. Throw out the apple leaves. They couldn’t be wrong. Keep all those dirty worms in there, and their few dozen new pals too. I know it’s not only futile, but adds more trouble. Hymenoptera vectors were actually something I could look up, and get hits, and I already saw my nematodes from them struggle to get away from the apple leaves. The fact that apple leaves did something actually works against their favour.

I know today’s blog thing is disjointed. Can you remember that first sting? Apple leaves may take a while, but they eventually will get to it and smoke it out. How will you react to it then? By shooting the natural apple leaf messenger, and stopping it to leave all the other nematodes in there? People don’t like being told they were wrong all along, and especially by a plant that makes it all so obvious. Their doctor knows nothing about it, so it can’t be real.

Doctors are actually the last to know. By the time they are allowed to use it, it is likely old and may even be obsolete. It would have to buck the pharmaceutical and the topical money pile that has to be right. They told the shareholders so. I hear that sector tanked today in the markets. So can you remember your first sting? Your memory will get a rude reawakening, albeit a lot less painful if not painlessly, eating a few wild apple leaves a day.

Moving along, I’d like to have a proactive action plan against vectors. DEET is useless against most of them. Permethrin sprayed on clothes works, but is harmful to bees when sprayed in the open, even though it is a garden spray. Apple leaves are a reactive plan with you in the middle of the process. The vector has to bite you to get acted on. What would you do? I know you would go for perthrin and DEET together, if anything. That is what the US Military did. DEET is in most OTC insect repellents, but a 30% grade is recommended. In Canada, permethrin spray isn’t offered, but you have to make your own with Wilson Ambush diluted to 0.5% in water to spray the outside of clothes. I would likely spray the permethrin around the house where spiders, hornets, mites, fleas, lice, gnats, or ticks might c0ngregate too. It’s just too much work. Nobody will do that.

A doctor wants to see me. Probably to do a test and maybe bag a procedure. No thanks. Those are always a bad experience when they are shooting blind. They call it White Coat syndrome. I call it common sense. I heard they have new toys they are trying to learn how to use with green support staff from the widows and mourning children. They’ll just get some other guinea pig. If they kill a smoker, even if they quit for 10 years, it’s no problem to them. Their gear is all contaminated with Lyme and co-infections anyway. They say it doesn’t exist. The 70’s are current enough. The medicine is all decided to them, and the textbooks were cheaper. When medicine is Free at all costs.

Marla Spivak talks about Bees on TED. The varroa destructor mite is an ectoparasite of bees. It is likely a vector that can carry nematodes as well. Maybe that is where the bee sting nematodes I noticed came from. Again, it needs more research. It’s a worm eat bug eat man world out there.




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