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Fri, April 8, 2016 – Simple Diagnostics

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Day 618. It’s a complicated simplicity, though. Unexplained medical conditions can be  nematode parasites, if not Lyme Disease, a great imitator. ACA Herxheimer disease is chronic Lyme disease, invariably. It’s clear confusion. If you see a dozen doctors, you can get a dozen diagnoses. If you were unlucky enough to get a diagnosis of Morgellons, known to be Lyme disease for over a year now, they said it was a mental illness.

It goes both ways. Lyme Disease is so complicated they can find any diagnosis du jour in there. They default to psychological though. They have no idea how to begin to treat it, other than a short course of obsolete WWII antibiotics. That destroys the microbiome. Longer term antibiotics don’t work either. Biofilm blocks them from getting through to the pathogens. Getting rid of your biotics will give you psychological problems. When is enough enough?

Alan Simpson of Simpson-Bowles fame, on CNBC, said it. The money guys will always look after themselves, and the little guys, the patients in this analogy, will simply get screwed. Medicine has hit the twenty trillion dollar wall looking after themselves. You’ll do better looking after yourself. Medicine can’t even find their own First Bug Bite. I did when a nematode came out of it alive. Hundreds of other nematodes came out, but I know it was likely one of those.

Laundry ListSo many vectors, so little time. You have to get to square One with Natural Apple Leaf treatment. All others are spinning their wheels, going nowhere, making matters worse, until they simply cross that divide to understand what happens with vector nematodes, biofilms, their parasites, and the whole spectrum of diseases they are responsible for. It has a lot to do with all diseases, and not just Lyme Disease. Then there are also neurological issues not mentioned here. Cellulite and baldness. The nematodes they see coming out are the culprits behind it. It’s a simple diagnosis: Doctors are delusional and/or illiterate, exactly what they tell their patients, until they find Their Own First Bug Bite.

It’s not that simple obviously, depending on context. Everyone will be a little different. Most will get it way before going all the way to what may be their first bug bite, sting, mite, contact with aquatic biofilm, or other. I have faith that because they are our best and brightest, they will see for themselves I am not kidding. As always though, YMMV. You can’t say they are idiots. They’re just not en’light’ened yet, losing 10+% of their weight in biofilm and nematode parasites. They have to lighten up and find their first bug bite for a re-education. It shouldn’t only be a law, but it should be the new bar to clear to practice medicine, just like all the other pre-med courses. It’s a new paradigm.

Treatment should start there for everything. The real target is obscured by these parasitic forces, and they must be eliminated first at this most rudimentary level. It implies a link to biofilm formation as well. Biofilm is extremely slow growing, but I believe it is a creation of these parasites as well. People may also have genetic weaknesses to some diseases, but getting rid of the source of the trouble must be why it works anyway.

It may be your First Yellow Jacket Sting. That is what really got my attention. When the nematodes came out of those, arthritis started waning. Thus started a long process as arthritis steadily started getting relieved now that I look back at it. It may be something else for them, like GI problems, heart troubles, or neurological disorders. It could be as varied as your own insect encounters or bug attacks. You would hope that it scales, and works for everybody. As medical developments go, over 617 Days is relatively new. Even 617 Years would be new for this because it is totally unprecedented. One unusual thing about eating Natural Apple Leaves and the vector nematodes it exposes is that it is simple for anyone to see and sometimes feel what was happening.

Norwegian study of Blood Microscopy LM Method was found to detect spirochaetes in 85% of BOTH patients and control. Back to the drawing board there. Sometimes what seems simple simply isn’t so simple. At least what I am seeing is different and new. Can you remember your first bug bite I can find an unknown vector nematode escaping from?

If the US Army and Air Force were testing personal Permethrin spray in Alaska in the 80’s, MarlaSpivakBeeTEDwhat’s to stop anybody from using vectors as a biological weapon in Canada where it is unavailable? Oh I know. Insect vectors magically stay outta Canada. I take it the powers that be don’t like us here. On the other hand, 9 out of ten bugs from anywhere prefer it here too, hitching rides on migratory birds. Just hope apple leaves don’t fail us now, but there’s not enough around. The bees everywhere are dying. You don’t suppose it could be something else they spray like the millions of tonnes of herbicides, pesticides, or destructor mites? We’re so dumb and wide open, living in a toxic gene altered soup. They make Wild Trees and Flowers weeds that have to be destroyed now. Pull a rabbit out of a hat and they shoot it.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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