Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, April 11, 2016 – Vector Helminthic Parasites

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Day 620. Natural Apple Leaves get them out. But what are they? University of New Haven did a patent landscape search in 2013 for anthelmintic vaccines. I presume it was linked to work by Namrata Pabbati, discovering filarial nematodes in ticks. I know they are in all sorts of vectors because of the effect of eating the leaves, like deer did. You can see they got bogged down in the patent process, and they are still trying to play catch up here. I don’t have that luxury.

Canada seems to file a lot of patents, but I haven’t found the one isolating this new live anthelmintic yet. It is totally new. Maybe the references have something on that front that will match what I found eventually. These days, I just know it gets rid of new ones as bugs try to deposit them, biting or stinging. The Swimmer’s Itch schistosomes are another matter altogether.

In those days, they linked the biofilms to spirochaetes. I found first hand they are linked more to the filarial nematodes, if that is in fact what accesses out alive. Many were obviously there for decades. It’s such a huge discovery that we may never get to the bottom of it. The suspected apple leaf phage or phenols really smoke them all out anyway.

I tried to contact a professional organization HSE official to get this obvious HSE Alert out for outside workers in the fields and woods. He said that if it is beyond medicine, his hands would be tied. I did my part. They’re all going die if those are the rules to take action, and the doctors are clueless as to what is happening. Luckily, I don’t have to follow their rules because I am forced into retirement by exactly this.  He also said they don’t have many apple trees. I said I know where there are plenty but I need help. I told him I could find his first bug bite and/or sting if he was curious. His hands are tied. Surveyor’s Disease will take them all out. Ironically, they never go anywhere a surveyor does not first at work. They are forced to ignore it this time. That’s the Catch 22.

I got my Pyrus Malus bark in the mail at great expense, and am now trying it. Instead of making tea, I ate a small bit of the light bark directly to compare the herx to leaves. It is definitely different from the leaf herx. In one hour, there is a hot feeling herx in the ACA Herxheimer reference area, as opposed to a cold herx with the leaves. It does feel good, too. Both bark and leaves are useful, but definitely different. If it was anthelmintic like the leaves, others would have noticed. It is definitely not the same. The bark has a sweet bitter taste directly. The piece I ate would be approximately 25 mg. I just ate another few similar pieces to see if it is additive. It is labelled “Nature’s Wonderland, Apple Tree Bark, Cut, Pyrus malus Net Weight 1 oz.” Now I’m up to about 100 mg. and we will see. Again, I did not make the tea, but ate it directly for taste and effect.

After 50 more minutes, there is some herx effect, additive. It is a new feeling, somewhat different from the leaves. I will have to find the threshold if any, but it is definitely a good complimentary feeling to the Apple Leaves. You can feel circulatory enhancement going on there. I should contact Dr. Susan S. Jones directly about this, as she is their Holistic PhD.

I was also able to locate some Wilson Ambush permethrin, 12.5 g/L for domestic use, and diluted application to food vegetables, but will have to mix it myself to apply to clothing. I guess 0.0125 would imply 1.25% concentration. US Military recommends 0.5% on the outside of clothing for adequate protection, coupled with DEET only to protect skin. Sawyer Permethrin clothing spray is not available in Canada, but essential to prevent lethal vector exposure outdoors worldwide. Reviews all give it high ratings, actually killing ticks that contact it. 250 ml make 25 Liters of food crop spray concentration. There is information about protecting your dwellings, but you must remember that permethrin is toxic to fish and bees. The product used there is very concentrated, and diluting it is mandatory. That is similar to what is available through veterinary supply stores, 10 % concentrate, or 8 times as powerful as straight Wilson Ambush.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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