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Tues April 12, 2016 – Permethrin is Just The Start

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TwoWaysDay 621. Well, they killed me. The bugs tried. I’m a Die Hard though. Ask anybody in the oil patch. It isn’t only ticks. I discovered hundreds of other vectors My Way. I have this survival instinct of a “survivor.” Ask anybody. Let’s get back to saving You. I can talk about that and live to tell the tale. It’s bigger than just me. I don’t know what deal they cut with Canadian doctors, but they’ll renege and kill all of them too. I went to medical school over the past 621 Days. My school is way better than theirs. They missed the whole damn thing. The Perps knew they would. You’re dealing with an intelligence way over your pay grade here. Not me. I’m a regular doodlebugger with an engineering degree and a few tricks up my sleeve, but I can read and use a search engine. Some day we can have a beer and laugh about it, I hope. “How they took out the world resource giant Canada… FAIL!”

It is not a good idea to soak your clothes in Permethrin AFAIK. It is better to spray the outside of them. Then put them in the sun on a line, or in a dryer to seal the permethrin into the cotton fibres. If you soak the garments, you should wear a scuba suit, at least other clothes, or HAZMAT gear to put them on over top of. I wish I could pause that video feed as it plays to correct the errors. It’s better than nothing. They say it’s 100 % safe for humans, but that’s how “they” filled our super markets floor to ceiling and wall to wall with weed killer. Permethrin is a known neurotoxin, but it is also a treatment for Scabies as a 5% cream, ten times stronger than the 0.5% concentration that works. I found out the hard way the bugs themselves are a known neurotoxin. I don’t think they like us. They never told any Canadians about any of this. They have a lot bigger army on leave this second than our entire armed forces on a good day. Ottawa is still clueless about insect vector illness if you never got the memo. That’s just a little too convenient if you ask me.

Far more important than Permethrin is the disease itself at this stage. Doctors here say hard to get, easy to cure. In truth it is the exact opposite when it is chronic. Doctors say it is anything but chronic. All the insurance outfits would go broke. The truth is the disease itself has never been cured by any doctor. They can make you go broke and pick up the real estate for pennies on the dollar though. Antibiotic prophylaxis will kill you, but the replacement I found Wild Apple Leaves will not, or haven’t got me yet. This is the only resource for safely using them. They are powerful medicine. Back to the Canadian Inaction Plan for now. The medical socialists want what you’ve got. Ignore them.

Martin’s Permethrin 10% is available on Amazon. Veterinary supply stores stock it, but our local vet store does not yet in the huge Canadian Medical Socialist Real Estate Grab Conspiracy. We want the odourless variety. Check it for smell first. Then there is Picaridin. It is a temporary 14 hour repellent. It also interferes with the Canadian Medical real estate grab, and is hard to get in Canada. Permethrin is the best defence by going on offence. The only second line is natural apple leaves, worldwide, but then you need me. I am the only source of information about them, and how to use them. Everybody is still stuck on the vector, and not the nematode in it that causes all this.

NonoCanadaLooking at Sawyer.com/International, note the glaring omission of Canada. Turns out our Military has tested it for 30 years too. I could tell you more, but if you already know, you’re dead anyway, unless you defect and team up stat. Look at all the other countries that are conveniently missing there. It’s big. I wonder what they told them? I hope you like the surprise party. It’s been in the works for a long time. I’m busy though, working outside the box. I am testing that alternate permethrin Wilson Ambush. Pretty weak stuff that I mixed to discover the toxicity to fruit flies. Interesting effect. It has a soapy smelling dispersant chemical in it, the emulsifying agent, that you do not want to inhale. I need a better spray bottle than those cheap dollar store ones I am using with it. I haven’t bumped it up yet to the high levels. It’s only 12.5 gm/L 1.25% stuff for spraying on vegetable gardens in weak dilutions. I used a few ml in about 700 ml of water. It’s toxic to cats, bees, and fish at higher concentrations. Don’t worry, the concentration is barely stopping a fruit fly now with direct application to my bait garbage can. You can see from lots of videos that it acts slowly, but is effective at least keeping a fruit fly at bay.

On top of all that, I can show you your first Bug Bite. All your other infected ones too. It’ll be fun, or else. Pyrethines from Chrysanthemum are not the same thing. This is a synthetic chemical in the same family, as Amy from Sawyer International points out. I think she’s Canadian. She has our vibe, eh? She has a 4XL Boston Celtics shirt though. Massachusetts. That doesn’t solve the Canadian quandry though. No permethrin clothing spray here. The ruling class must have aquariums and cats. The game they are playing with people shows that protection is too effective for us, but not the military here. Can we assume it must be some kind of foreign military attack?

Since it’s above our pay grade, do we soldier on or give up? I am buoyed by my successes, like solving arthritis for one. If you haven’t had arthritis, you wouldn’t understand. I suffered from it all my life. Lyme Disease was initially called Lyme Arthritis. It is from a hymenoptera, a Yellow Jacket sting, I think. To address it more than 50 years after the fact gave me hope. Nematodes drilled out of those stings, and they were resident deep by the Floatersbone. Lyme is not just one bacteria though. It is not a spirochaete at the root of it. These nematodes are the problem, and natural apple leaf powder will show you. I am also trying that cut apple tree bark for the soothing, warming, effect. I am chewing a little pinch right now testing it. I wonder if it does anything about biofilm on my teeth, like the apple leaves did. Maybe a slight bit, and with a different feeling, Pyrus Malus Bark. It tastes sweeter than the leaves. The leaves get the nematodes out. They also wipe away that neuroborreliosis “Lyme Fog,” or they surely did in my case. They also smoke nematodes out of new bites. You will do a lot better with those worms gone out of your brain, and I think it even reversed my old stroke some. It also cleaned floaters out of my eyes.

Anyway, all the students at my hobby university here are retired. It’s an EntranceĀ  prerequisite. Eximius Vis Requiro A Minae.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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