Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds April 13, 2016 – Can The Lyme Bacteria Be Killed?

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Day 622. I don’t think it can be. You can get rid of the farmer worms, and a lot of the biofilm using Wild Apple Leaves and pectin enzymes. When the doctors give up, as they have here, and don’t even try to test for it, that’s not a very good sign. If it is beyond them, there is a reason why. My theory is they cannot touch it. Lots say they can, and that is because it is what people want to hear. Our doctors take the easy way out, and just deny that it even exists.

Bee stings don’t kill it and will make it worse. Mountains of herbal remedies don’t kill it. Hypnotherapists and energy healers can’t kill it. Cannabidiol might kill some spirochaetes, but then the worm just protects and repopulates them. You will have to get rid of that worm first at any rate. People don’t even know the nematodes exist, in them, right now at old bug bites, and they have existed in there since that fateful day they started eating away at you. At least I can stop that part, and if it works, you can see it happening for yourself. A little nit will appear at every bug bite and sting where presumably the worm is accessing out away from the Apple Leaf Fibre, whatever is in it that they hate so much.

NonoCanadaAll the co infections enjoy the worm biofilm too. It protects them from all kinds of medicinal assault. You will; have to address the biofilm first, and to do that, you have to get rid of the worms. The Buck starts there. Everybody else just tries to pass that. So to recap: 1. Get the worms, 2. Get their biofilm complex, and 3. Get everything else with your immunity, and maybe even a little help from a doctor for the tough stuff. It depends where you are. Our doctors gave up, or I gave up on them. They just make me sicker, so I stay away. They likely knew I had chronic Lyme. Now they just push their no smoking agenda. For the record, those nematodes and their biofilms are thousands of times deadlier than smoking in my estimation, and I can prove it. With no permethrin clothing protection, it is the only thing we have here against bugs in the Great White North. It is likely used as a military defence to the US Northern Flank because the bugs will kill any foreign army if they can’t get permethrin treated clothes. We have to suffer to prove it. We’re naked to Zika, the WHO Emergency du jour.

In  similar light, you could ask what cures rheumatoid arthritis. Officially, nothing cures rheumatoid arthritis for long, so it is not cured. Doctors will say Enbrel, Remicade, and other biological medications that are $1000 US a month with lethal side effects. The truth is that they just manage pain and symptoms, and you have to continue those medications until you run out of money, or your insurance gets cancelled like they did to me,  and the disease is still there. By a stroke of luck, I found that natural apple leaves smoke out worms at old bug bites, and it finally cleared up after more than 50 years. This could be a cure!

I thought I should get the word out. Nobody cares because like Lyme Disease, it is relatively rare. This shows the most promise ever because it finds something new that all medical experts know nothing about, and it eliminates it by smoking those nematodes out. Then you discover what it cures yourself, because everybody will be as different as their bug bites and the nematode parasites they contain. Meanwhile medical marijuana gets all the ink and hype because the side effects are fun off label. They aren’t for the patients, and it was found that the effect was due to cannabidiol, not the psychoactive THC terpene. Cannabidiol is very hard to find, and doctors tar it with the same brush. What does it do for all the co infections? “Who cares, man?” is what all the non patients say who don’t even use the drug for what the patients do. No clinical trials outside of the test tube have worked there either. The easy answer is Nothing cures it, and wild apple leaves will show you exactly why. They treat it, and hold astonishing promise, but nobody cares because they will look for a quick fix until they day they die broke.

That is the sad state of any kind of medical “system.” Meanwhile, I continue. Just had a little bit more Apple Tree Pyrus Malus bark, my other personal clinical trial. It is different from Wild Apple Leaves, and I am waiting to see if I get a nematode infected bug bite and it forces the worm out like I know the leaves do. I’ve had worms come out for well over 600 Days doing the wild apple leaves. The Bark is better for the ACA Herxheimer “dropsy” and I can feel it working there. It is $2.80 an ounce plus about $15 shipping here. I’ve only tried it for few days and I recommend both. “Dropsy” pitting edema is like ACA Herxheimer Lyme Disease caused by bugs I know. It is a symptom of Late Stage Chronic Lyme tha6t I have had for 24 years. Most Lymies are dead and/or broke by then. The Lyme carditis, neuroborreliosis, cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, GI issues, arrhythmia, angina, etc., etc., gets many before even that. The nematode parasites pretty obviously cause it all. You won’t have a clue until wild apple leaves show you all of your bug bites and stings.

How can I put this in layman’s terms? Those nematodes (worms) in every bug bite you have suffered since birth are killing you. Wild Apple Leaves smoked hundreds of them out of me. They came from black flies, mosquitoes, mites, chiggers, ticks, bedbugs, Yellow Jackets, bees, deer flies, horse flies, and spiders to name a few. Can you cure all the diseases they carried? Easy answer is that I don’t know. Ask me in a hundred years and then you will know if it worked. So far it cured arthritis, suspected skin cancer, the common cold, flu, a nagging intestinal problem, urinary tract issues, a neuroborreliosis like brain fog, swelling on my lower legs, and lots more that I never even knew about until they were gone. It has not repaired some nerve damage that happened before I started, but it did repair a lot of a stroke I suffered about 9 years ago. Doctors of any kind have absolutely no idea that any of this is happening. How “lay” is that?

Here is really “layman.” Start eating wild apple leaves to double your IQ in 72 hours. All those bug bites have worms in them that are eating your brain. Don’t stop. Take pectin enzymes to start dissolving all the biofilm snot they lined all your blood vessels with. It will start to break down into mucus and simpler sugars which you cough out or can then metabolize. But it is tough to put medical things into layman’s terms, and even tougher for highly technical content that is beyond medical ability to understand. Medicine still cannot understand why Canadian insect bites are bad. When the same bugs hop a bird to the US, it’s a public health emergency.

Where can I get them? An apple tree. I have locations of lots of trees because I am in the BC Okanagan but I would need a lot of help. You may find them growing in a ditch, seeded by a deer. The commercial apple crops are poisoned with insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides. All commercial “organic” growers won’t help you because they know they are busted if you are eating the leaves. I know where abandoned orchards are, and other wild trees, but they are not growing this year yet. Many may have been cut down and burned by commercial growers because they think they are a problem. You will have to find a supply that is safe and guard it. A local botanist thinks mine are an Antonovka Rootstock. They are commonly used here because they are winter hardy. They grow well from seed. They came from deer eating the apples.

You will have to locate permethrin protection somewhere in Canada. There is none commercially available here, so you have to improvise. The supply of permethrin is extremely stressed by the Zika virus in the US and spreading worldwide. Add it all up and this is the end of mankind. If you don’t understand all of that I hope it was a happy time. It will only get worse going forward at this rate. Nobody listened to the engineer trying to sound the gong on this. That always ends badly.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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