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Friday, April 15, 2016 – I Didn’t Know That

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It’s Day 624. Nobody knew all that. The US Military knew that the enemy would bring the battle here if we stopped taking it to them. They knew the enemy would employ biological WMD before Operation Iraqi Freedom. They did, and they used asymmetrical Entomological Warfare. They caught Canada with their pants down, untreated, and unprepared, totally for an imported arthropod attack. We also shot ourselves in the foot with overuse of herbicides. It is known that they have tested defence measures against entomological factors, natural and otherwise, for 30 years. I take it that was above our pay grade to know on the equivalent of the front lines, working forestry, geology, construction, drilling, and surveying out in the oil fields.

You can’t say that nobody knew that, because they did know the insect threat since WW II. It was a source of concern through the Cold War era. They understandably didn’t want to disseminate the information publicly at that time. After the Cold War in the 90’s, they found out more about the enemy capabilities. They knew the Soviets employed Ticks. It was still largely hidden from us intentionally. “Canada has No Lyme Disease.” Nothing could be further from the truth. It was economically convenient to continue to ignore this.

Here we are now dealing with an epidemic. Now they continue to stonewall because they have always done it that way. They continue to stonewall new information, and it doesn’t get newer than Wild Apple Leaf Anthelmintic Antidote to minimize the damage. There is intentionally no civilian loss prevention. We are casualties of war well after the war, and right here at home. Doctors continue fighting the war for the enemy. They are intentionally the last people that will help us, and should all hang for treason, publicly. They won’t. They’ll just kill all the judges before the Nematode Trials begin.

In a nutshell, that is where we are at. We are EW victims, but our own doctors continued the fight after the war was over. It is pretty obvious they have done it for money. HSE says their hands are tied without doctors to acknowledge all of this. That’s the equivalent of having Hitler approve all the Allied Battle Plans before they started. The stock answer is “But what can we do about it>?” It is obvious now we can do so much that we need all hands on deck, and stat.

A good start would be determining which helminths the Apple Leaves are forcing out, and finding medicines to combat those species, but until that time, we could use literally a tonne of Apple Leaves. We could use tree planters to get a million cold hardy Antonovka seedlings started. We could use a million seeds if we could only get them. We could use any budget greater than zero. We could use a million patients because the clock is ticking, and we have to train them to help themselves because the enemy took out all the doctors. All the doctors have become enemy combatants.

Well, that pretty much means the enemy has won, doesn’t it? Not necessarily. That means the enemy will win if we do nothing. The first part is easy. Ignore the medical enemy combatants. We can buy some two by fours and rope at Home Depot to make gallows to hang them later if they don’t help. We need a coalition of the willing, and a forced coalition of the unwilling, until they see their own nematodes drill out. Then they’ll get the picture. We need education and orientation to AFPMB TG-36, along with witnessing Wild Apple Leaf effect themselves. We need access to a supply of permethrin for treating field protection gear in Canada. We need a small army of leaders and followers.

Pyrus MalusApple Tree Bark has been used for 1.5 centuries. The leaves are a new anthelmintic as far as I know, meaning they combat the helminth parasites left in you by biting and stinging arthropod vectors. The unknown helminth species from every i8nfected bug bite you have had all of your life will be “skunked out” by the anthelmintic effect of the leaves. Yep, they are alive inside you right now, and the “biofilm” nests they make can comprise 10+% of your body weight. You will find what illness they caused after they leave, and the biofilm gets dissolved by both the apple leaves, and pectin enzymes working together. I settled on a total of 500 mg. dried apple leaf powder mixed with 1600 mg pectin enzyme a day, split to 4 capsules, for maximum safe effect. That should clear out most of the worms by 100 days or so, but you may be tougher depending on number of infected bug bites you have had over your life. The other infections after that could be multiple to address, but at least you can get at them with the helminth complex and nests finally gone. I’ve almost been at it 625 Days, but I started when I was 58 years old. The clock ticked a long time.

Why didn’t doctors know about this? Well, they knew about the effects since they are arthurschopenhauer geniuseverything they are in the business of “treating.” They only treated the symptoms and left this root cause unscathed. The helminths are smarter than doctors, and were able to elude detection for all history, until apple leaves smoked them out of a survivor alive. I am that sole survivor. You can delay and double down on stupid insisting that doctors find them and treat them instead. They do not know how. History is loaded with examples where the discoverer is declared delusional, then doubtful, and finally is declared a genius. At that time, all the naysayers will say they knew it all along. I can help you by saying that doctors cannot touch this. They are barely discovering that it exists in autopsies, with the world’s first scientific paper released this year on January 20. They’re still finishing it up, going through the exact same trouble I am getting it recognized. It’s repeatable, undeniable, but that won’t stop them from ignoring it for decades. Save decades you don’t have by ignoring them altogether instead. When you are in the middle of being attacked, it doesn’t help to argue over whether or not the enemy exists. It’s like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were just theories to them, even at this late date.

Back last August, there was hope, but it is dashed, You can see how slow this is moving. They all focus only on the B. burgdorferi Spirochaete, the alleged causative agent of Lyme Disease. That like saying the cattle are the causative agent of the farm, a little backwards if you ask me. Natural apple leaves snap you back to reality in no uncertain terms. The local news is all bad information. Schistosomes, trypanosomes, nematodes are all ignored. AFPMB TG-37, not even from this country, knows the threat all too well. Our medical and military is understaffed and underfunded dealing with a full on assault and ambush by dense entomological factors. This is sad for forestry workers at high risk Bit by bugs while having a bug for tree bits. But what can you do?



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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