Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, April 16, 2016 – Arbo(u)r Day – An Odd Observance

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Day 625. Arbour/Arbor Day is celebrated on different days around the world based on climate. In the United States it is the last Friday in April. In Canada, they have a whole Arbour Week beginning with that and ending in the first week in May. You just know I want you to plant an Antonovka Apple tree for all the medicinal properties and the ability of the leaves to smoke out worm parasites from old bug bites. How do you germinate apple trees from seed? I understand that freezing the seeds first, then putting them in a fridge at 4C can increase the chances of the seeds germinating in a couple weeks on moist paper towels in a tupperware or zip lock bag. The freezing wakes the seeds up, and signals them to start growing. The tree from that will not be the same as the apple though. It will be the same as the root stock the apples were grafted onto. Antonovka trees are one of the rare varieties that grow true from seed.

There may still be apples from last year lying around. Once germinated and growing as a tree in a small pot, they will be off to the races. You can look at the best attributes of Antonovka and soil types they do best in to transplant them. They’re tough with an especially deep tap root. I know they will even grow in the woods, but your situation can vary. If you plant them along the road on the sunny side, and with a source of natural moisture, that would only make sense. If on a slope, you may have better access to more branches for leaves later on. The leaves and bark are both medicinal, but the leaves in particular are strongly anthelmintic, forcing all those little pinworm parasites from arthropods out of your skin alive. They also rebuild your damaged cells in a difficult to understand process of apoptosis, and subsequent regeneration of the formerly damaged cells. You can feel the herxing from that, and the bark also produces a similar herx. That was my experience.

A lot of people will ignore that. People want instant gratification from their medicine. They are used to bandaid pharmaceuticals to cover the pain like a bandage on a bullet hole while the bullet is still in there. I can attest that Lyme Disease is like that. Nothing gets the root cause like apple leaves, and medicine is clueless about it. None of their treatments, natural or otherwise, work to get the worms out. They seem to solve the question of what is making Lyme disease chronic, thwarting all attempts to defeat it with antibiotics. Apple Leaves are conversely probiotic. All medicine also knows nothing about this. I didn’t get much feedback to all my queries about experience with this phenomenon I found. Unusually for Lyme disease, it is something that doesn’t hurt. I mean you even have people taking turpentine and terpenols for it, and they are known poisons to your liver and spleen at least. In Absinthe, they can be hallucinogenic in the wormwood. I stuck to the leaves with my clinical trial for a year and a half until I tried the cut Apple Tree Bark. I was also able to experiment with phage generation abilities of the trees by introducing them to pathogens in my urine around the tap root. I use those leaves mostly now while they last from my small sampling, and take them sparingly, saving them for tick bite and spider bite emergencies. I’ll be back up in supply once the leaves start growing again. I also want to see if the treatment works with a single dose from last year. The apples grew to grapefruit size, and with minimal scab, very unusual for Antonovka.

I didn’t try samento and banderol. That is part of the Cowden Protocol. Banderol itself is anti inflammatory like Apple Tree bark seems to be. Neither get the worms or it would have been reported, unless that is a rash some people noticed. Samento is an anti microbial and immune system modulator. Apple Leaves and Bark  replace all that though, or it seems that way to me. They are a lot cheaper if you can simply find a tree. So back to Arbour Day. Get those apple seeds germinated and planted from a hardy cold climate rootstock tree. Then meet the nematodes that are causing all this trouble. I have been 100% confirmed chronic Lyme for 24 years now at least when ACA Herxheimer first showed up. Poly peripheral neuropathy like mine is common it shows. With all the biofilm reduction I have tried, and no doxy treatment, I am not sure what the effect of antibiotics would be now. The worms are largely gone finally. I ate the bark and didn’t make tea to preserve the phage from boiling water.

My Dad used to say find a need and fill it. Well, I have sure found a need, and it affects everybody who has ever been bit by bugs. Filling that need is proving to be difficult. Natural apple trees suitable for human consumption are getting harder to find than ever. That is not for the apples but the leaves and bark. The fall leaves work, and the cut bark can be obtained from prunings. I’m not exactly skipping around with 24 years chronic Lyme though. It was a blessing in disguise when you think about it since if I can unwind this, anybody can. I sure feel a lot better than when I started, but the co infections make this an extremely complicated disease. Maybe it isn’t so complicated now that all the filarial nematodes are gone as best as I can tell. The Apple Leaves, and now the bark, swept them out.

Natural apple leaves will show you your first bug bite, and pectic enzyme will help them break biofilm. Biofilm is made from pectin polysaccharides. It may take a while going back through every nematode parasite infected bug bite from all your life. I confirmed it works faster for people who smoke cigarettes and/or cigars. I heard deer and horses also eat poplar if there are no apple trees around, but poplar leaves may likely be poison to people. Deer have 4 stomachs and can process poisons like mushrooms that humans cannot. Humans can process apple tree fibres though. I proved it.

I took a weekend maintenance AppLyme 85+ mg + 400 mg enzyme size 0 capsule. You can Leafsbuy empty capsules at a health food store or Walmart in the USA. I have a capsule machine that makes 24 capsules at a time. I have a few size 0 pure apple leaf capsules as emergency bug bite response too. That’s a few large apple leaves to make each one of those, but you can dry each one to make them easier and more palatable to eat. Leave the pectin in the apple part of the tree. The deer do here. It’s not only an excellent second line insect defense. It’s the only 2nd line defence! From Canada. Handy in an entomological war and being on the receiving end.It is totally obvious there are tiny near invisible mites stealing the scalp hair for testosterone. Again, YMMV. Apple Leaf university is a hard row to hoe. Way tougher than med school. First you have to pass Orkin University. Think like a bug. Then think like a nematode in it looking for an easy human ride.

I still think of Napolean’s 422K army being reduced to 3K from AFPMB TG-36. Here is just one linked video, and the domestic threat here is much larger than just mosquitoes. Apple leaves show you it is many kinds of arthropods leaving nematodes where they bit. They stay there for decades and don’t leave either until you skunk them out with apple leaves.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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