Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, April 18, 2016 – I can show you Your First Bug Bite

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Day 627. If there was a worm in it, like a lot of them have. I am not kidding. Apple Leaves when eaten are powerfully anthelmintic. And the nematodes in all the bug bites you have ever had come out of your skin, organs, intestines, and joints Alive! Some were living in there for decades.

BCTF.logoThis is no joke. I’ll tell you what is though. BC is. They say they are a tree fruit province. Yet you cannot get phloretin, phlorizin, and phloridzin, let alone the edible tree bark or leaves of an apple tree containing those polyphenols and phytochemicals anywhere here. All these things come from apple trees and the skin of apples. What are they spraying them with that makes them so coy when it comes to questions about eating the apple tree fibres? They’re not forthcoming about it anyway. Ask them, but I doubt they’ll know or even tell you. It is known that apples are the most contaminated fruit in the produce section, although the shelves of a regular supermarket are stocked floor to ceiling with weed killer laced GMO grains, beans, seeds, and processed foods with weed killer sugar from sprayed sugar beets in them. It’s hard to tell in your average weedkiller insecticide fungicide GMO plant food warehouse which is worse.

The whole thing is ludicrous. Look at that graphic. Oh, the irony. Phloretin and Phloridzin (apple polyphenols) are available on Ebay from India and China. The cut bark is available internationally from the US at 7 times the cost in shipping. The graphic shows an apple leaf. What do you want to bet it is poison? Apples, apples everywhere but not any bark to eat. I need it to sooth my arthritis that I have suffered from since being 8 or 9 years old. It is working, and especially with inflammatory cytokines. Add that to the leaves forcing all the nematodes out of bug bites, and you clue into the problem with medicine pretty fast. Bugs bit you and left a parasite worm or three where they bit or stung you, living there for decades. The worms reportedly “farm” spirochaetes that literally underlie all the top killer diseases in the book. Phloridzin treats Type II Diabetes it is said, but the apple tree bark does more than that. Like the leaves, it starts the breakdown of their biofilm “farms.”

IMG-20140809-00088If I can’t solve this problem, what is going to come of me? I have been blessed, and downright lucky, that the deer showed me what was happening to me. It wasn’t this apple tree, but another like it that they seeded wild. They liked all the apple leaves around here and left the gardens alone. They have a good sense of smell I suspect, and can smell chemicals they don’t like. The tree pictured here has a maple buddy growing by it, but they never nibbled that. I found that military families have a high rate of autism in their children. I think it may be because they spray their battle dress and/or coat it with Permethrin. It could also be a diet high in glyphosate weed killer, processed food like the supermarkets have floor to ceiling. The WHO listed apple tree bark and/or constituents as an essential basic medicine. BC cannot pass that bar of testing, not having access to a WHO Essential medicine, and even though they want to compete as an international fruit grower. Fruit tree bark is a source of phloretin, phlorizin, and phloridzin among other beneficial polyphenols increasingly found to be anti ageing and therapeutic herbal ingredients. Apple is at the top of the list. The whole thing is bizarre.

That’s not helpful. At least I still have some wild trees around. I had a bug bite behind my right ear the other day that had a worm in it. I know that process. A small scab for a few days where the worm came out, and it heals. I wouldn’t have even known I was bitten without the apple leaf. Arthropods use an anaesthetic when they bite so you don’t feel them do it. Who knows what kind of bug gave it the lift there? It had nematodes though. I can show you your latest nematode on top of the first one. Trouble is, they can all come out at different times in the beginning. It is a guess as to which one was first, but by then, you’ll realize it wasn’t alone for decades.

Well, I grabbed an antidepressant. I can attest it is kind of depressing being in a land purporting to be a tree fruit juggernaut, and folding their hand to reveal they are bluffing. China, the USA, and India are far ahead at saving every bit of bark they can get obviously. We would have to turn that around. They also have 80% polyphenol content assurance. Maybe our stuff is substandard. There has to be a reason our stuff isn’t out there, and it could be that they just can’t compete, even though there is a product shortage. Then I can see the process is automatable, stripping the bark with rotary shaving tools. The shipping companies pocket it all now. We’d have to pocket it back. I know the therapeutic value of the polyphenols, even at 10-15% like they are said to be in the leaves. It is said they soak the wood in hot water to soften the bark, but is it 60 or 100° C? The polyphenols can melt at 100 but not dissolve if no ethanol is present. The polyphenols are soluble in ethanol.

Pyrus MalusThe major source of apple polyphenols is from apple peels. Apple leaves and bark contain the same phenols. They also contain other bioflavinoids and phytochemicals of benefit simply looking at the studies of the multiple beneficial properties. Eating the leaves and bark is a simple way to benefit for over a century and a half. The higher polyphenols in the bark are good if you have cytokines causing inflammation. You could say this whole thing is an Apple Tree Protocol, since everything other than the pectin enzyme comes from apple trees. It seems to be comforting at this late stage chronic Lyme place. Nothing else can touch that it seems because everybody else there is dead, searching for a way out, or reinfected.

There are claims that apple polyphenols are good for removing heavy metal toxins as well, probably a large part of their anti ageing properties. A claim was made that apple polyphenols can reverse baldness on Ebay. I actually saw that from eating a few leaves a day, and skunking nematodes out of hair follicles. Kidney, liver, and prostate health are mentioned. I could add urinary tract health. There is a stiffer herx feeling with leaves than bark, but that is from feeling it working. I am waiting for some polyphenols sourced from peels. I know the leaves cure a common cold and most of the flu, except for mycoplasma walking pneumonia. My immunity eventually got it. The Bark may have helped that though. I am trying over a tablespoon a day and it is agreeable with me. I just wish there was more.

If you were ever stung by a Yellow Jacket, or wasp, you never forget it. Apple leaves don’t either as they smoke the live nematode out of it.




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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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