Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, April 17, 2016 – Trying to Remain Calm

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Day 626. I never liked bugs. Now I really don’t like them. They carry parasite filarial nematodes that underlie all kinds of terrible disease. However, with apple leaves I can still show you your first bug attack, and all attacks in between. They will all still have a worm in them. Are you starting to get the picture? It is bigger than anyone imagined.

Now there is an ad on TV about 1 in 38 military children in the US have autism. Is this a result of permethrin treated clothing? Or is it from herbicide over use on GMO crops like correlated by Dr Seneff? Or is it all of the above? We know how previous military environmental pressures led to chemtrails to cover for the Ozone lost to CFC’s and hydrogen bombs plus their manufacturing. We are guinea pigs in a toxic environment that is not always aware of the unintended consequences until well after it is too late. Who knows what other Fukushimas await us?

Now there is the spectre of negative GDP economic growth. The economy has kept this all under the radar, but if the budget runs out, it won’t look good after they stop all the attempted countermeasures. I imagine I will be labelled a bleeding heart, but it’s not like we can snap our fingers and make this all disappear. It is the new normal. We can’t turn this train around. I have one tiny part of the solution, but to what end?

It’s Sunday. I could use a good sermon. I have attempted to help my fellow man, but they don’t want any help, not believing the real threat, thinking that will make it go away. If the birth defects outnumber normal, that’s an existential threat. That’s a countdown to extinction in other words. Blissful thinking only serves to make it worse. If only our prayers were answered. I take it there is  large queue. Where can you start to fix it? That’s what perplexes me the most. Well, you start at job 1 and that is to protect yourself. Don’t become a casualty is what they teach you in First Aid. I count my lucky stars that I happened on Natural Apple Leaves as a higher level of care than is available at the hospital, and they can find your first vector nematode, among the hundreds of them in my case.

I look at the NASA Gemini  missions, and know the flight surgeons were unaware of the insect pressures the flight crews were under in Florida, and at that time other military bases. Surveyor 3’s camera had anaerobic bacteria growing in the TV Camera from earth. They tasked an entire Apollo mission, 12, to see what the “alien” species was. It came from the assembly process that built Surveyor 3. It is another case of who polluted who. I suspect vector nematode pressure had a role, as it was largely unknown and ignored, having free movement through people in the clean rooms.

Trying to extrapolate all of this gets difficult. The irrational variables of bliss make it a total crapshoot to chaos. The can keeps getting kicked down the road until it hits the bridge out at a cliff. There are still nematode vector parasites. They are still being ignored. The undeniable facts of the matter should embarrassingly upset the entire field of medicine as we know it, but they wont. It will remain stuck on stupid by design. If anybody anatomy-of-an-apple-a-short-study-L-2mS7aScan eat natural apple tree fibre instead of the apples, and nematodes start coming out, what transpires then? It will still be a largely unknown phenomenon. The fact that medical pharmaceutical intellectual property is out of reach for such simple new technology is another huge hurdle to overcome. Meanwhile, people would rather sting themselves with bees intentionally. Not a good idea, and perhaps the worst idea ever.

On a positive note, there are 5 seeds in every apple. Yesterday we saw how to germinate them. I don’t know if this will work, but it speeds it up to two days it is said, by peeling the seeds carefully first. The seed will grow a tree like the rootstock, and not yielding the type of apples necessarily. Hopefully the rootstock is an Antonovka from a domestic apple, as that is the more common winter hardy rootstock. The deer preferred the wild trees they presumably seeded naturally by eating fallen apples.

The Zika virus is coming. The CDC is looking for 2 billion dollars to fight it, but if it is as tenacious as Dengue, West Nile, Yellow Fever, and Malaria, and causes myelitis, natural apple leaves are the only new angle to try. Leaves should be ripe for harvest in Tasmania now. Natural edible ones would likely be rare as it is a commercial apple producing region. The reliance on chemical agro production aids is world wide spread. However, if this hasn’t caught on yet, it looks bleak. Arbour Day isn’t exactly marked as a red letter day on the calendars.

Much is said in western Judeo-Christianity about the fact that God is watching. Some religions call it Advaita, requiring enlightenment to the fact that all cognitive thought is the consciousness of God on loan, basically running our bodies while bug worms eat them. We reserve Sunday for such thoughts. God only rested on the first Sunday it is said. All mankind has a lot to repent for. It explains why heaven is hard to attain. We think we are doing good when nothing could be further from the truth, and we are all sinners. When we think about it, that is not us but God thinking about exactly that. It explains a lot. Maybe it is the apple leaf effect, the reflection of wanting to try and set things right, but some things are so far gone that they can’t be set right.

All in a day’s testing bark that’s worse than a bug bite. earthly pursuits. Bitter tasting phloridzin. I’ve been doing Du testing on the apple bark. I just looked that up, because it auto completed. Tingling, working on the dropsy/swelling from cytokines. Up to a tablespoon now cut bark with bromelaine. Good for cytokines… That’s a plus.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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