Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, April 20, 2016 – They Lost It?

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Day 629. Still kicking. Still waiting to try these polyphenolic compounds extracted from Pyrus Malusapple. They won’t arrive till next month. I still have my bark that is worse than a bug’s bite. This is likely the oldest Western Medical Treatment. All western medicine was based on Apple Tree Bark, the lost and forgotten natural eclectic medicine. It got lost with the blood letting and bee sting therapy when they tossed the entire baby out with the bath water. I still worry about the whole thing. What will become of us in a system gone mad? Take two Aspirin and see us in 4 months? That graphic is from a 118 year old book, King’s American Dispensatory 1898. The extract phloridzin has been known since 1835, nearly 180 years. Time for another zyban/antidepressant, and it is only Hump Day.

Traci knew about it back in 2013, but the search engine lost it. There is still no mention about anthelmintic worm booting properties. The concentrated bark extracts are mentioned to treat digestion and splenetic disorders. It enhances lymphatic circulation. Collect bark in the spring or fall it says. No mention about biofilm breaking and dissolution, but that is pretty new tech. I found it interesting that it treats mourning. This is the noted antidepressant effect. Patent medicines had led to what we have now – A patent disaster – and it only took a little over a century.

Traci mentions hydrocyanic acid in leaves, bark, and seeds, but may be confusing that with procyanidin, which contains no cyanide, lacking nitrogen, but is a precursor chemical common to many edible berries. The seeds are known to contain cyanide, and likely from this. Cherry bark contains cyanide though, as do many fruit seeds. She points out to use common sense, and also points out Ezekial 47:12 “12 And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine.” The leaf thereof for medicine. It can show you where your first bug bite was. Coincidence? I think not.

Those bugs carried a parasite that has wreaked havoc with your endocrine systems since the first one bit you. The nematode is still alive if you haven’t got it out yet. I just think that if I knew this when younger, I would have gone into medicine, but the catch 22 is that the bug bites clouded my mind by then. Our current doctors managed to avoid bugs, and so are totally ignorant of their effect. Apple leaves and bark would give them a wake up call, but only after having been bug bitten enough. Being a worst case patient helps you that way, because doctors have no clue about this from the inside out. Their empathy goes as far as serology matching a patented medicine in the dysfunctional medical system now super bugged to the margins. It explains why they easily missed the root cause of all their own top diseases that defeat their own system so badly.

The ball was dropped badly like a fumble on your own 2 yard line. They have known it treats that lower leg swelling, dropsy, for well over a century and a half. If you don’t know what they treat Lyme sufferers like here, you don’t understand the problem yet. They say you are faking it, even when you are 24 years  ACA Herheimer chronic undeniably. Take two large apple leaf with a pinch of bark, and call me in the morning actually works. Trust me, I’m not a doctor. What is even worse is they are about to get hit with an onslaught of baby boomers. These guys have been dickering around with pharmaceuticals for over a century and have hit the wall, simply pushing it for patent’s sake and marginal benefit. The answer is to never treat anyone bitten by an insect, or anyone who has ever smoked. If you got hit by a bus, they would say smoking killed you. If you weren’t a smoker, you would be on the bus. QED Loopy logic.

Knowing this is certain Lyme helped me rediscover apple tree phenolics through the leaves. The entire anthelmintic effect was unknown, save for Traci’s mention of insect bite treatment, and the article by Jim Macdonald that she posted an excerpt of. Bark has more polyphenols, but the leaves work in a pinch. The bark supply is limited but offshore concentrates the apple tree fibre phenolics. I had no trouble with the procyanidins that I couldn’t feel, but know to avoid eating the seeds, which can be trouble, from the contained cyanide like reported in all fruit tree seeds. Cigarettes likely have more cyanide in them, not that it is a good thing.

It is a thing that is positive, apple polyphenols, in a  increasingly negative world. You can say that is only natural for an election cycle year, every leap year ensuring another day to bemoan it all. We are in a world still saddled in debt from the cold war to the second world war and beyond, on top of paying in environmental damage mitigation. Apple polyphenols date back to the Jackson presidency, the last one to have no national debt in the USA. Canada, or anywhere else, wasn’t any better. The inability to come clean on that, and politicians ignorant of it all, doesn’t help matters. If they cared they would all change their tune. Everything they say would be unattainable, and that is how you know they are naive to the whole thing. It all happened before they were born. Yet it is bad enough that they can’t be told until they are in the highest office they seek. They can’t change a thing they said they would because we would all suffer for it. It can keep one in a funk because nobody seems to know. They all think they can change it all by getting mad about it, which will change nothing.

In that light, someone who naively comes clean and panders slaughters the field. People get exactly the government they deserve, and then they will say that person lied. I think of  a happier time, because what can you do? Alcohol only serves as a depressant. You’d love to change the world, and everybody wants to, but there is no way. We’re all small contributors to the whole scene. We all buy GMO’s whether we like it or not. Many drink and smoke anyway as a fatalistic subliminal response. Too bad that isn’t the real problem, with insect vectors much worse. The Armed Forces Pest Management Board says as much. We have our own pest management board, but with inflation, we simply won’t be able to afford to live. I wonder how Richard Overton manages on pogey/pension for cigars and whiskey?

Richard Overton 109 2015-07-25 14:03:44Well he isn’t as old as the 1820’s Jackson Admin when the debt was last paid, but it’s a start over half way there. I always wonder what’s in the garden? Robotic pea shooters? Have to guard against other herbivores. A Pacific island may be one place with few bugs, but…  Cigarette insect defence. Jim smoked apple leaves mixed with tobacco. I wonder what that does? You can smell/taste the phloridzin vapours I am finding. It could be a quit smoking crutch, but would smell worse. I’m hopelessly 15 Q 25 gene deficient. I’m a shareholder on the big healthcare quit smoking FAIL!

Maybe the US is like a big land deal. Changes hands every 4 years, but the owners are kinda picky and can’t agree.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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