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Fri, April 22, 2016 – Quittng quitting quitting smoking

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Quitting smoking is hard, but quitting quitting quitting is harder. I made up a jingle to the tune of The Nazz Are Blue by the Yardbirds. It’s catchy, and an earworm, but with a good ending. Every time I have a craving, I put my Quit quitting quitting words to that tune in my head. It has worked for a while while not driving me nuts. There is a depression to deal with without cigarettes I am seeing though. It causes things to look gloomier than they are. Cigarettes used to give me a false antidepression on the other hand, being a strong instant antidepressant force.

Physiologically, had an odd side effect one. Burning and a heat feeling in my lower legs, but it felt cool to the touch. It felt like malaria with a filarial twist. After sitting and standing upright, it is waning now. There are lots of symptoms address on top of nicotine withdrawal. Thrive even sells a Complete product for them. I just have the regular nicotine stuff. It makes your mouth tired and sore. There is dry mouth too that it does fight.

The strong vasoconstriction effect of nicotine isn’t apparent as much once you are aware and cut that down simultaneously. I keep humming my little “Quit Quitting Quitting” jingle. If addiction is in my head, it seems to out manoeuvre it. I’m trying to think of another catchy short tune to alternate, or even more to do a set. Something in the music memory center of my brain holds a part of the addiction hold in it. Maybe ZZ Top Tush is such a short jingly tune. “I said Lord take me down town, I just wanna quit butts!” Well, they all can’t be winners. Quirky breaks have a lot to do with it. Yardbirds Louise works though.

This all gets back to bugs. The worms in the bugs also had to be hooked if they had been there for decades. They gave it all up when apple bark or leaves made it to them. I wonder how they knew? Was it pain or was it taste that caused that? It may be the phloridzin, but the obvious anthelmintic effect hasn’t ever been documented. It may be a phage in the leaves and fibres of the tree. It could be a chemical unique to the fibre, because the leaf fibre works too. The leaves and bark have similar composition. While everybody is stuck on spirochaetes being the causative factor, we have found the causative factor of spirochaetes themselves, and the bacterial biofilm they live in. Nematode farmers. It sure explains why medicine fails because they are focussed on getting rid of a small consequential part of the bigger worm problem. They will never understand that.

Meanwhile, have to keep quit quitting quitting this other bug to bear. Chantix causes depression, but there is depression backlash even without it with bupropion/Zyban/Wellbutrin. Great. Smoking can kill you in 6 decades but the medicine to quit can kill you in 6 days. Why doesn’t that a surprise me here? I look at the language of the other studies intentionally lowballing the effect. A little outrage takes your mind off the depression anyway.

I’m still thinking about humming my little song, not audibly, and doing a check for effects of not smoking. I was going through three day symptoms, meaning the nicotine is out of my body faster. It could be the cut apple bark which detoxifies fast forward, including heavy metals. That’s just my experience. The bark also ups circulation to a point that you notice the feeling. I must quit quitting quitting with gum for the strong cravings, but the bark maybe gets the nicotine out a bit faster too, defeating the effect. I had a few cigarettes since April 20, and none so far today by 8 PM, but then quitting is easy, while stopping quitting quitting is hard. It’s even harder with a couple packs and a cigar left sitting there as temptation. I’ll never quit if I can’t also defeat that temptation. It was how I started again the last time I really quit. Had a drink and a few cigarettes. I had a nightmare this morning that I started again, but then I woke up with that little jingle.

They used to smoke everywhere. Mission Control at NASA was all full ashtrays. Bars. Restaurants. Malls. Stores. Work. Play. Aeroplanes. Terminals. Cars. But not buses. Now it is a federal offence to light up anywhere it seems. There are no ashtrays anywhere either. You must keep and pocket/box the butt. Being 15Q25 genetic makes you suicidal without them, but you have to get over that. I use my outrage that all medicine is misdirected igno0ring all these vectored helminth parasites underlying much of what they blame solely on smoking. There is more than one culprit there, but smoking is also one of them, whether we like it or not. The helminths could be, and likely are, a hundred times deadlier and they would still get ignored.

Sorry to haul you through this wretched thing here. The new takeaway is faster nicotine/tar detoxification with apple bark and leaves. I had a few false starts on April 20. It has just become too much hassle and negativity. Now they want to CT scan all smokers plus ex smokers and put them at radiation risk. No thanks. I have had so many x rays from them trying to figure out my arthritis twice, plus others, my risk has climbed accordingly. They may not have killed the helminths the apple leaves skunked out, or may have killed some other unknown ones. They have no idea there are hundreds of helminths living in people, and if from bugs, they’re virtually in everyone, right now.

Prince OD’ed on a prescription Percocet maybe it is said. Tragic. If I OD on side effects of clean air, they’ll say it’s my fault for smoking. Eating makes me crave a cigarette. There’s my little song again until it leaves. Moving the smoking tars out with apple bark too. An odd arsenic smell in the urine.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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