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Sat, April 23, 2016 – Hazards to Health

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There are lots of unintended hazards to health. Non smokers are hazardous to the health of smokers. I notice that Thrive gum is misrepresented. It does not have as much nicotine in it as advertised when you read the fine print. Instead it has a small amount of the compound nicotine polacrilex, not actual nicotine like competitors advertise. You might as well buy plain gum. Try a piece of nicorette of the same dose. No comparison killing cravings. They think smokers are stupid enough not to notice.

Another well meaning measure under the guise of health & safety that winds up killing more people faster. Quitting smoking kills by suicide enough with stop smoking pills, and now dirty tricks. It’s politically correct, but that killed more people than anything in history by democide in the 20th century alone.

Hookahs are worse than smoking. You see e-cigarettes are just as bad. The devil you know is better than any substitute and safer. Smokers get thrown outside where smoking becomes even more hazardous to their health due to the temperature differential making more tar condense inside them. Yet you still have to quit. You fight the major depression and the cruel Thrive joke when you desperately need an antidepressant boost. That is what it has been like so far battling this addiction. They say it is harder to kick than any other drug.

I made it through another day smoke free so far with my paradoxically cheery 14 bar blues song that I changed the words to. This time I was dreaming that I was quitting this morning and grabbed a Thrive. Nothing. At least I saved wasting a real nicorette. The stress isn’t good on my heart. I am seeing why all the people I knew who quit died. I am not getting better as advertised. Still I have come this far. Others said it was the hardest thing they have ever done. You have to resolve to die trying. Now I am gnawing on an apple stick to try to calm down. They say nobody died from quitting, but I know they are lying. Smoking makes you sick, and quitting it can kill. You have to be aware of all the risks. That little apple stick is helping me, or at least I am believing it is. It’s all in your head they say. So are all your endocrine systems automatically. Cravings are less though, and while still a force to reckon with, a bit easier to deny.

Like before, just stop quitting quitting. Then I can deal more with wounds from bugs, my own HSE, and otherwise self inflicted hurts. Like others, we don’t dwell enough on environmental troubles of the atomic age, even though they dealt more bug troubles. Do dandelions help bees? Should we let them grow? Weed killers killed wild flowers and bees. So go the bees, so goes mankind. It doesn’t look good. Kill the weeds, kill the people, but it looks so pretty. We monocultured ourselves to death. People aren’t going to rip up their lawns. Not my problem they will say. I already had a tangle with that where the sterile monocultures met the forests, and wound up with Lyme Disease. We were warned, and the naysayers got exactly what was said would happen. Other people are collateral damage.

How much longer can the natural or volunteer apple tree hold up? People wet in their own pool too much. There is no beaming up out of this one. Odd how justifiable indignation fights depression. Saving the bees with wild flowers gets too little too late, and they get taken as noxious weeds. Then there is permethrin and neonicotinamides all bad to bees, 1 in 38 military children with autism, and other pollinators, but the crops look good. It makes one think of Sunday and apologizing for messing this all up so badly. Sorry doesn’t cut it. We’re all guilty of selfish sin. Hang on… another craving. A few deep breaths. I’ve got to beat that habit. You could be a Nobel laureate, but if you smoke, nobody would listen. Perhaps the discoverers of CFC Ozone depletion would have never got the word out.

Artificial Intelligence existential threat grabs headlines because it would be fast. This is more a slow growing oozing thing. Fast growing diseases are easier to defeat but the slow building biofilms are much harder. I think of all the people I worked with that have to go through the same thing. “Dropsy” alone is a hard one borne of arthropod vector biting, but not always. Many times it is mistaken commonly for acute decompensated heart failure ADHF when you had large vector exposure risk. Doctors are not familiar with northern Canada domestic vector exposure. They will just say you are nuts. Then you cure what they cannot touch. They won’t believe it. They would rather cut your heart with their new gizmo.

Just keep gnawing on an apple twig or find a source of apple bark. It’s an old forgotten country cure. Put both together, new and old, to use the better diagnostics. Something possibly about amylase in saliva eventually softens and sweetens the bark. Over time, it dissolves completely. It will dramatically lower your blood pressure though so can’t get outraged to fight that depression. At least the zyban has started to wear off. Doctors know nothing of the occupational hazards of heavy construction and forestry other than ticks and antibiotics that won’t work. The vectors of the Canadian boreal forest are many and mistaken by medicine by virtue of the panoply of imitative diseases they carry.

How much is ADHF Acute Decompensated (Congestive) Heart Failure worth? It is the top killer. The map on that CDC link could be a vector pressure map. There are geographical clusters, so I look at bugs. You can see from the dropsy link they are stumped. I found out it was all plugged up with biofilm slime, and I hacked it all out with some apple bark, leaves, and enzyme help. If you have congestive heart failure, I have a cure, but get ready to get rid of bucket loads of snot, and more than just a few worms if it was from bug bites. I proved it outweighs the effect of smoking. Dump all those bug worms and biofilm it can’t hurt. They’ve tried everything from sulfonamides to rat poison. My way was easy and I am living proof if quitting smoking doesn’t kill me from the depression. It was easier hacking out biofilm loogies smoking, but after a few days it is the other way around. The hassles I go through to prove this to you guys. Gee.

If coffee goes down the wrong pipe, that could replace the coughing. Or a bit of campfire smoke. It’s all bad. But the loogie that goes with it is another chunk of biofilm. Oral apple Bark really gets it moving with a little enzyme treatment. That flush free niacin also helps moving carbohydrates out. That is a lot of the trouble. If ACA Herxheimer is chronic Lyme Disease, I have stumbled on a great treatment for it, but it took time and was tricky. I’m not sure if I can just soak away the old rough “lizard skin” on the feet too. I dumped nearly 11 months worth of biofilm here. You could do it faster because I intentionally went slow Du testing. It requires extensive feedback, and you have to wipe out misdiagnosed Congestive Heart Failure, but that’s all in a day’s work here. No prescription regimen. Meanwhile, after supper cravings for cigarettes are strong. Sip extra coffee. Anxiety from smoke cessation? All I have is the apple twig and relatively deep breaths. Now a real nicotine gum but I find it too strong. Put it aside for now.

Why don’t people try this, apple bark plus polysaccharide enzymes, for CHF/ADHF while they wait? I had a lot of those conditions and more, and they insisted it was no mistake. If you dare go to a doctor instead you may never get out since you can’t have anything while you take their proven 100% fail medicine here exclusively. Ignore it or die. Medicine tried and failed more spectacularly dollar wise than perhaps any other scientific endeavour in history. How could an average engineer with a net connection run circles around it all? Why did they miss all the prior art? Was it just “too old?” It got tarred with the blood letting brush. Unfortunate case of baby with bath water bobbing there for a century or more. A gold brick in the garbage.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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