Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, April 24, 2016 – Colour Us Guilty

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Day 635 Back Alive. Saved another Sunday. It’s a British English spell checker. It wreaks havoc with search engines. As Churchill stated, two nations separated by a common language. The cursed and the cursors. But it is more than just that. We both wreck our bodies to make food and lawns look pretty. The planet may be demonstrably dying, but it sure looks pretty. If you look up and there are no tankers spraying it down, the deficiency of Dobson Units of Ozone will UV-bake it all dead soon enough. The contrails are a way of life since everybody thought bigger bombs were a good thing. It was all done before I was born. I’m still quitting smoking. I rediscovered something big, but cannot find a non smoker curious enough to help me find a way to make it work. I will have to become both test cases. It is reportedly the hardest thing ever, but I think I’m up to the challenge.

I thought it could be the cyanide in smoke that scared the nematodes so badly. Still, I had two worm exits before cutting down but after starting cut apple bark, and one after the 4-20 quit date false start. That is still not enough data. I just know it works for smokers and also speeds the detox of nicotine/tar aromatic hydrocarbons. I know the inventor of the cigar air slipstream (cigarette filter holes) to reduce the aromatic hydrocarbons by cooling them in the filter. Arenes are carcinogenic it is said. He died at 103. Our house mother died at 103 also, when we found out she was actually 108. I guess she fibbed about her age to get the job 40 years before that.

I may not have enough non smoker cred but I count on the detoxifying effects of apple tree fibre and phenolics to simulate a whiny non smoker genius. Then I can get down to cracking why non smokers don’t have as good results. Of course it is dangerous as hell, but I scared all the worms out so far. I know what should happen. If I start packing up worms again, I can boot them with a single cigar and a cup of apple leaves I bet. I like Italian dressing with them, but they caused a one ibuprofen headache back when I was full of 58 years of worms. Over a couple hundred have gone since then, and thousands of Swimmers Itch schistosomes I surmise. I can always get a new batch taking a swim and rubbing against a dock. Or maybe not. They were pretty tenacious there. Maybe they will leave faster before they biofilm up for a few decades.

Why should I have to do that? Are those nonsmokers all so certain that I’m not right, and they are not better bug worm food? I bet these worms they already have will kill them dead faster than 10 packs of cigarettes a day ever could, eating their sweet smoke free neural meat, cartilage, and vital organs via their biofilm farms. Anybody can quit smoking it is said. It takes a real man to face cancer. I can go one better and say you have to have real guts to face these nematodes with no protection as the latest vector worm bug Zika goes viral literally, let alone every other disease in the book of medicine, known and unknown. Still fighting cravings, and it is getting easier as advertised. Plain gum helps me. I am scared of alcohol now. That could be failure. Nothing is more addictive than smoking it is said, with crystal meth/cocaine  coming in a poor second.

If I can survive quitting, I will break the trend around some peers. Smoking wasn’t as much trouble as the bug worms were I think. The helminths would also be “hooked” on butts, but they still can’t leave it fast enough if the biofilm gets broken through. I just cut up another branch, but am getting a small headache from the osmosis effect I am noticing. Thinking the bark does the osmosis too, although I did eat some phloridzin rich buds off the branch while trimming and cutting into 10″ sections. Meanwhile the apple polyphenolics are known life extenders. You can look it up about phenols and the animal life span studies. Although the piece isn’t scientific, the science raised is legit when you check it out. Now I am trying it as a smoking cessation cleanse and it worked so far. It’s not a craving killer unless you count chewing the twig, but being a free radical scavenger, over lowering LDL cholesterol, can only help. If you don’t get any strong anthelmintic action, I guess you will have to suffer the consequences living  until your brain and neural helminth parasite worms get the better of you.

You can tell by my run on writing that the withdrawal effects are still prevalent, making me a bit fidgety. I need more liquids, and now the hot and cold waves are less trouble. Still, trying to wind back this clock is a battle. Lyme disease is a tough fight, none tougher it looks like with the multiple layers picked up through travels. Thank Richard Longland for the biofilm youtube channel to understand it all. It needs Divine level therapy not to fail the patient, and apple polyphenols may be the only ticket if antibiotics use the disease itself to kill. Still going though through 635 Days. I can coach you and you will need it if you are under diagnosed chronic like multiple oilfield forestry and construction  workers are. Curse Me at your own peril, since this is demonstrably above all medicine if professors Emeritus like Alan MacDonald are all having difficulty. Haven’t quit quitting smokes yet at 2 PM, in the simultaneous battle. Louise is the jingle of the day, and I have a supply of apple twigs and all sorts of Dentyne Ice gum. It gets bland easy though. I may die from starvation, but it won’t be from cigarettes. Apple leaves and bark would keep it from happening anyway. What a catch 22 since they wreck the entire apple leaf/bark crop here. Still doesn’t beat premeditated death sentence by entrapment, but close. Tough call.

If you are forced to work with infectious bugs, and you can’t quit, shouldn’t that be a compensation claim? Guess how many ways there are to get out of that, and they use them all. Dissolving companies. Quick Statute of limitations. I can see a risk paradox developing that takes out the whole country. All just from bugs, on top of acts of God. No wonder medicine ignores it. It sucks to be us. Now they kill us by treating us to death. Apple leaves and bark may be the only way out out of being overly bug exposed. Doctors are paid to ignore it all. We’ll be dead soon enough the management surmises. Just behave or they can make it hurt more and longer.

I think they have euthanasia here now though if you can’t afford cigarettes to do it. With that apple polyphenol longevity thing, plus the anthelmintic, you could live a very long time. It is an odd twist of fate you will have to decide to deal with in your own way. If apple polyphenols rewind the clock too far, you could just die of starvation. What would be the odds of that? Nearly limitless? How do you insure for that? Penny lottery?

I definitely have to break a curse put on me. Smoking is a great deal of it. Everybody has the curse of vector helminthiases. Some have more than others needing divine intervention. I am at least in that boat after four and a half decades starting in the bush. The apple tree fibre and phenols are just a start on the hell they have wrought. I was bit by the other bug too, leaving yet another serpent. Like others, some was self inflicted out of understandable frustration, in no small part from all the other nematodes hitching the ride. It was a severe occupational hazard we were blind to and all became part of on top of that. We were all a part of it. Colour us all Guilty. Pray to God for forgiveness. If you can forgive me and help the community then I can forgive you and help where there is no alternative.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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