Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, April 25, 2016 – God Helped Us

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Day 636. It takes Divine level help to get through this. Doctors, Herbalists, and Naturopaths are stumped alike by Borrelia. It underlies everything. God shows us the Helminths behind it when apple bark and leaves smoke them out. The Apple Polyphenols move the gallons of dissolved polysaccharide biofilm out by lowering the viscosity, converting to simpler sugars to expectorate and/or consume, and make them hydrophobic it seems to gel them out when air passes through the alveoli blood air interface in the lungs. It can’t be proven, other than by the fact that it is working. Medicine missed the helminths for all history, but Apple leaves and bark smoke them out of their decades comfy holes hiding inside you. It must be an act of God.

We all know bits of the apple story from Genesis 3. The whole chapter has a message from the original sin, and why the apple tree itself has to be employed to break it. I am not proselytising as much as struggling with my own understanding of it, and it all seems to fit the problem above all medical reach. It requires Divine level intervention from this tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Yesterday was how Evil plays a role with every infected bug sting and bite, and we pile on with our own cursing of each other. Today let’s try to get back on the good track, because if you can’t, how will we ever get past this pandemic of vector disease? Time is short and Zika is already pandemic spread by wide international travel. If you have a better idea I haven’t heard yet, I’d be all ears, but I know antibiotics are already futile until medicine recognises helminths like Professor Dr. MacDonald in the Jan 20, 2016 Paul H. Duray filarial nematodes in MS spinal fluid at autopsy study. Unfortunately that is only in the discovery stage. It will take decades to get to the rank and file doctors, and they haven’t discovered the other Borrelia ones we found 636 Days ago, let alone found MS is just a symptom of Lyme Disease. Still want to cling to doctors? They’re still killing patients and saying the patients failed the treatment. I’m still trying to get the word out and keep it current because I can see what is coming.

Although Apple Tree Bark is sold out now at many places, not only because of me, you can get it from prunings of an apple tree. Do Not throw out the twigs!!! They are epic unobtainable medicine!!! Small pieces less than a 1/4″ in diameter and 3-4″ long can also act like chewing a pencil for a surrogate cigarette, although it is sweeter tasting. It should taste bitter sweet a bit like apples, but more like phloridzin from apple skins. The leaves and bark have it too. All three extracts would be ideal. Take as much as you can handle. The leaves, and also by extension the raw bark, are the anthelmintic “worm extricating” part, smoking the worm parasites out of all your old bug bites since birth. That is how I can show you your first infected bug sting and bite. It will be one of those.

Back to work. I am trying some weak blackberry wine and pectin enzyme on Sunday night. It is dangerous to drink alcohol while quitting smoking, but I have to see if it works dissolving the biofim with apple twig bark. It seems to work initially. I would have to get more Pectin Enzyme Agave Tequila to try also. The polysaccharide in the Agave plant is similar to biofilm pectin. The excess pectin enzyme in some Agave tequila with the strong ethanol alcohol speeds up biofilm dissolution. I have a whole lifetime of it to mop up although I have already got gallons of it out. The weak home brew blackberry wine is working comparably to tequila because it has excess pectin enzyme in it as well. The greater polyphenol content in the bark has a more powerful effect on the biofilm than the leaves, and the herx is gentler. It doesn’t take much natural raw bark. I am trying soaking the twigs in the wine and last bit of tequila. The outer two layers of bark seem to have the most polyphenols by taste. There is a dark outer layer and a yellow sweeter inner layer to the bark. Even weak wine alcohol softens it up noticeably.

It takes more wine than tequila naturally to dissolve equal amounts of biofilm in situ. Bromelain imparts a pineapple taste to it. I see the ebay offerings sell Bromelain  and Pectin Enzyme BCTF.logomixed. It all works when the apple polyphenols somehow catalyse the break up chemistry. It is an apple tree protocol, and leap frogs traditional medical failure with chronic borrelia disease by virtue of the vectored parasitic helminth biofilm elimination. All three concepts in that are foreign to all medicine currently, but essential to make headway in the medical metaphysics of this known 24 year Acrodermatitis Chronica Atrophicans situation. All Medical Disciplines are adamant that Lyme Disease does not exist. I can find their first bug bite, and make the floaters drill out of their eyeballs, but they will say they don’t exist. On top of that, when that is happening, it will be a slam dunk to get them  committed by their peers when they protest. Sorry about the irony, but How do ya like Them Apples?

The Bark test is nearing completion. I may fail my quitting smoking, although I have not yet. I’m ready for a slip, but know I cannot do it. I just cut off a bigger apple twig stub to fight cravings. Also gnawing the two little twigs that were soaking in the wine. They softened up the bark quite a bit. I am examining an old glass sample jar of absinthe soaked apple leaves but I must be delusional. A sweat has emerged through the lid seal itself. There is no way it could have leaked. There is a new bite that raised a small nit on my right shoulder. I’m still smoke free but not long enough to test for new nematodes. It is said that can take 9 months, but they say most of the nicotine gets out in a few weeks. Perhaps non smokers may get enough second hand smoke, but that is less likely these days.

Dr. MacDonald has helped a lot since informing Dr Sapi of this discovery. He has been connecting the dots of Lyme Disease Borrelia since the beginning, and the recent link of SURRA in veterinary vertebrates is indeed ground breaking. Thi8s matches what I saw in the field with deer and geese. Avian species like geese are unknown however even in veterinary medicine.



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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