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Tues, April 26, 2016 – Smoking CessationG

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Day 637. It will be 7 days since 4 – 20 when I quit smoking. I smoked since I was young. I have always failed at quitting, and both parents were initially hooked. My father was able to quit eventually. 4 – 20 also happens to be the DEA Holiday when they gather all the pot smokers in the world together in public to set up and destroy all their lives. Smoking Kills even if they have to be the ones to do it.

I kept it up so far, but it is the hardest thing I have ever done. The marijuana part was easy because I am still allergic to terpenes and turpentine, the active ingredient in THC. Terpenes are also responsible for thujone, the psychoactive ingredient in Absinthe from sweet annie wormwood.  The nicotine part is exceptionally hard. Only Mark Twain found it easy. He said quitting smoking was the easiest thing he had ever done because he had personally done it hundreds of times. Quitting quitting quitting is hard.

The apple bark has been helping. It has detoxified as I went, from the free radical scavenging anti oxidants of the apple polyphenols. I nibble a small twig. The other discovery was songs that are earworms, those quirky songs you just can’t get out of your head, can alleviate nicotine cravings. Melanie never got a cent, which sucks. Return the favour to big tobacco. Much study has been done suggesting addiction in general is all in your head. I found a way to short circuit it, hopefully finally. Apple skins, bark, and leaves are a source of the polyphenols and other medically useful compounds, foremost of which is an unknown anthelmintic. It shocks out helminths from insect bites where they have been parasites ever since the insect bit you, over your entire life span.

There is a noticeable circulatory enhancement effect of straight raw cut apple bark. I think it is related to the phloridzin content. Other rapid circulatory enhancers are aspirin for emergency blood thinning, ethanol for vasodilation, but this is a slower bigger picture process whereby reducing biofilm increases x-section vessel area for blood volume flow/rate and lowers pressure. I have seen that claimed for apple polyphenols from reducing bad LDL Cholesterols that block arteries with plaque.

That is not the big thing about edible apple leaves and bark. It is the unique “Live Anthelmintic” properties. The bug vector nematode parasites come out of your skin alive. They are known to cause multiple diseases but this is a way to show they are responsible for nearly all disease. Other anthelmintics like Ivermectin and Avermctin or DEC  kill them, releasing dangerous toxins. Apple leaves simply make them leave and they apparently do not even have time to defecate their lethal toxin load and die. Somebody definitely has to figure out what is happening there, as many of those worms were resident leaching off me for more than 5 decades. Some nasty ones were in old Yellow Jacket stings.

pound-o-wormsI still have cravings. I changed the words around to a couple Yardbirds songs that are earworms. “I’ve gotta Quit Quitting Quitting!” or If I can’t quit quitting quitting, etc… It works for me occupying my thoughts. It may not for you. I am the only person I know who has lost about 15% of my body mass in slimy worms and their biofilm. It take they were hooked on the nicotine too because some had been there most of my life. The other song is Louise. Something about concentrating on performing the music completely takes your mind off the craving, replacing it with an eventually annoying catchy tune. Also ironically, Eric Clapton’s Crossroads foundation should know about that trick to preoccupy your  mind where the addiction craving is emanating from. I’d be sorry about messing with your head but I’m really not. That’s the trick.

Obecalp is Placebo spelled backwards.Sometimes reverse things can work to promote your cause and garner attention that nobody would pay to it. Apple Tree Polyphenolics are not a placebo; They are the real thing, and they scare all medicine to death, a decidedly good outcome.

In the news, Tanks a Lot. That is what happened to Sarepta‘s stock, but nobody cares about the patients. Their muscular distrophy drug was not approved for wider clinical trial study. There is a 2011 study on tebovirus related Glioblastomas, but it only has been tried on mice using MBZ and ABZ trying to emulate what I have been doing already for 637 Days. This thing is redundant all over again, but you’ve gotta keep running that play till you get it right, right?


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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