Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, April 27, 2016 – There’s an “APP “For That

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Day 638. Apple-Tree Polyphenol/Phage Protocol.Pyrus Malus Not Miscible with Water. It is miscible with Pharmaceutical Grade Ethanol, and I can get it here in BC with a permit or in Alberta off the shelf. Hard to get elsewhere in Canada. It is the only treatment for early and late stage chronic Lyme or Pow that won’t kill you. You’ll see why when it shows you your first infected bug sting and bite. All that other dirt coming out? I suspect it is Swimmer’s Itch. They are thousands of little live parasites.

APP? Where can you get it? Nowhere. Yet. You know it’s some bad azzed shzt because it has a three letter acronym. You can make your own, or just skip the whole deal and start eating the Wild Apple Leaves yourself. Don’t take anything else like wormwood unless you like surprises like electrocution. Some people may dig that. Not so much me. I suspect that is why people with Lyme disease keep getting sicker, when APP makes you better every day. After the first hundred worms or so, you’ll figure it out too. Those bugs have been spitting live parasite worms in you all your life. Don’t bother telling a doctor. It’s too far over their heads. They don’t know what the things are, and they assume they do not exist. Keep it our little secret from them, and leave them riddled head to toe with thousands of the slimy deadly things forever.

Caduceus.svgCan you tell I am a little bitter? Trust me. Avoid doctors like the plague unless you want to be bitter too when they lock you up and/or treat you anyway with something that does nothing. They’re in cahoots with the parasite worms for money and have been asleep at the switch for 60 centuries, so keeping them in the dark for another 60 is fair game. They can screw around with their own thousands of worms to keep occupied until they die from thousands of worms. You don’t want to get in the way of that obvious romance. Try to restrain your guffaws when they try to claim all those parasites are actually GOOD for you.

An apple leaf a day might work to keep them away, but if you are older like me, better start doing catch up eating the whole tree minus the apple centres. The skin has good phloridzin and other polyphenols. These days, the rest of the apple is good for practicing baseball pitches. It is the most pesticide, fungicide, and herbicide contaminated produce on the planet so far. According to government food safety agencies, that’s OK, and so is filling supermarkets floor to ceiling with this crap for our consumption. It’s the largest conspiracy to commit premeditated murder in history, but you can’t sue city hall, or even try them for premeditated murder I guess. Murder on, baby food weed killer lacers.

I’m still craving cigarettes, and the earworm misdirect is still working, now focussing on quitting nicorette and even Thrive altogether. This is Week 2. The gum makes your teeth sore if you chew it too much. Gum reportedly does loosen earwax so you can give that earworm the easy way out. Good luck getting it to leave though. It seems to be stuck in that smoking mind space. Time to bring in the Big Iron! Ahhhhggggh!! You can’t put your finger on it, or drill it either. Even APP can’t touch these puppies! Depending on age, you’ll love to hate these more than even cigarettes. They’re relatively harmless though, although that is debatable.

Mere mortal worms though, Look Out! APP skunks their slimy lil’ butts out. Here is a larger version caught off Taiwan by accident, but Thomas Grier shows that there are lots of smaller ones that drill straight out of your previously most private spaces, ears, brain, neck, colon, everywhere! Doctors run for the hills, but they’re still riddled with the dang things anyway. QED.

SomeWormsMy new thing is Apple-Tree Bark on top of leaves. It works better raw. Boiling it or leaching it in alcohol may kill the phage I suspect is behind it smoking all those worms out everywhere. Don’t  mess with a good thing. Do you boil the salad too? When the biofilm dissolves, chewing the cut bark reduces the viscosity of the expectorated pectin/polysaccharide bacterial biofilm slime. Add pectin enzyme and bromelain, serrapeptase, and other digestive enzymes. The apple-tree fibre is probiotic. Doctors hate that. It stops killing everybody. No wonder it is selling out everywhere. Apple Polyphenols are in extracts of apple peels by the tonne on Alibaba or Ebay, but people would know if they work like the raw bark and leaves. I haven’t seen anything about that.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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