Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, April 28, 2016 – Lost a Day

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Day 639. I never made a new post. Just kept tacking on to yesterday’s. Here it is almost rolling to Friday. Kinda lost and preoccupied trying to get tax reporting together. When you get arthritis or Lyme disease here, they cancel all your additional medical insurance. They have known behind the scenes since the 80’s with me,. and said nothing. I also had the juvenile arthritis scarlet letter. Now I know it was all from bug bites and stings. It could happen to you if you had that HLA-B27 gene.

Raw Apple Bark is a new weapon in my arsenal against inflammatory cytokines. It gives a SomeWormsnice warming feeling reducing swelling of my knobby knees. The swelling seems to actually be biofilm slime, and also dissolves. Bark is better than leaves at that while still being anthelmintic, I think. Something came out of a couple new bug bites so far I think. These are dermal resident parasites, and they are usually long lived to begin with, being resident for several decades until the apple bark or leaves force them out. You will know what they caused by your own medical situation, after the leaves and bark skunk them out.

They say solar flares caused radio blackouts on April 17. I remember the satellite TV was cutting out. Now I know it was solar flares, and not as “nefarious” as jet contrail spray making up for nuked ozone. Still keeping smoke free for now. Also keeping nematode parasite free, even rarer. It took me over a year to get them all out and the new ones still keep getting booted out. I see the news about the tequila bottle found floating with human remains and a message. An interesting Message in a Bottle story. He finally got his wish.

Going by statistics, I am not supposed to have long either. 24 years late stage tertiary chronic Lyme disease, a stroke 9 years ago, former long time smoker, and trying to break the smoking paradox whereby everyone I knew who quit smoking died. Word on Prince is it may be a painkiller overdose. I count myself lucky I never got sucked down that way. I battled pain from a juvenile age. Ibuprofen just depressed me after a while. Tylenol was bad on the liver. Aspirin hard on the stomach, as was Naproxen. Doctors intentionally hid it all from me. Their prescriptions of exercise made it all exponentially worse, likely so they could make more money pushing pain killers. I didn’t know what to believe until I discovered the whole Apple Tree thing. I believe they’re on the wrong track and any idiot can tell you that after they see what Apple Tree Bark and Leaves do when eaten.

The Man who Tried to Save BC and failed. I was delusional to try. Now it will go out bragging about their strong economy from ignoring all the arthropod disease and picking up victims’ housing at pennies on the dollar. Easy to hide if they just call it something else.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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