Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Fri, April 29, 2016 – New leaves

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SomeWormsDay 640. The apple trees have been awake about 10 days now. Our medical system still has its head in the sand. They know nothing of the multiple vector nematode parasites right under their own noses. It explains an awful lot, like almost everything they can’t understand about chronic disease. Eat some apple leaves and bark, and the nematodes come out of your skin alive. They’ve been living there for decades. They live in your skin and intestines. Nobody knew about the ones living in your skin, until now.

Sunday will be World Lyme Day or May will be Lyme Month is some places. That the month when all the biting and stinging insects start waking up. Now that the apple trees are growing again, you can snip your own leaves and bark again to see what I am talking about. Sadly, no one will believe you. They will die from those very parasites and co infections they farm to raid your nutrients. The more that leave, the better you will feel. It is only one small piece of any named disease, but an important unknown piece I think. It explains why they can’t be eradicated and how they remain chronic. The nematode repopulates the pathogens like spirochaetes.

Nobody ever gets rid of chronic Lyme disease for long. They all ask “Why am I still sick?” In Canada, they just ignore it, and spare you the futile treatments. How is the quit smoking going? It still is amazingly. 9 days now. I have a craving because I actually Want to cough out biofilm loogies. I manage to stifle the cravings still and they are a little easier to get around.

Unfortunately, I worked outdoors in the woods and farm fields a lot of my life. It was an occupational hazard all of us knew nothing about until later, and when it was too late. Even more insulting are the attempts to low ball the risk after the fact to get out of insurance responsibilities. Treatment for any of it has been delayed to the point where it would be useless if I had not discovered the Apple Tree leaves and Bark thing. Their fraud was unchallenged until then. They won though. It will all be hidden fraud for a few more centuries. On top of that, they have created a perfect murder weapon. People will just drop off a few vectors, and you’re done, with no treatment and no response available, except here. Find an apple tree. It means everything.

I lost quitting smoking. I had a puff of an old cigar with my wine. Fail. I’ve got to quit quitting quitting again. A slip. I put it out. 10 days. The depression was overwhelming today. I lit it again. I am going to die, but at least the depression is gone. Given all the facts, it seems ironic and humane. I put it out again. Sorry, but that is how I will die now. Damned if I do, and damned if I don’t. Medicine will kill me. They will nuke me with x-rays and CAT scans. I just won’t go. I’m on the run now again, but the depression is alleviated for a few minutes. All that welling up bug biofilm is coming out. I had a wellbutrin/zyban. Can I salvage it? It remains to be seen.

If I just forget that slip and quit quitting quitting again. I don’t like the vasoconstriction. I’ll clear out the toxins with Apple Bark. I just had a nice chaw of it, about a tablespoon. You really taste the phloridzin in it. It is known to be powerful against multiple toxins, including heavy metals. I am a child of the leaded gas era. Tobacco is the least of our worries, but still a worry none the less. I feel more hopeless than guilty about it. It really moves that biofilm mucus out. Maybe I can make a pizza. Food becomes another addiction.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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