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Sun, May 29, 2016 – Mixed Messages

This weekend in Canada both ends of the political mainstream had conventions this weekend, liberal and conservative. they are both looking to soften their opposition on controversial populist issues like gay marriage and medical marijuana. Simultaneously, they raided all medical marijuana dispensaries in Toronto after winning an election on softening that very thing last year. It does not end with politicians wanting it both ways. Concerned doctors are opposite WHO over the Rio Games and Zika after the WHO already declared Zika an emergency recently. Yet the WHO wants the games to go ahead, completely opposite to their position of a couple weeks ago, switched with the doctors who played down the risk. It is Orwellian Doublespeak. Truth is lies. If that isn’t an early warning sign of impending doom, I don’t know what is.

On the more direct front, the President visited Hiroshima early this year, and not on the 71 anniversary. It looks like there will be a nuclear Iran, to go with a nuclear North Korea, and there will be a nuclear confrontation. Early Hiroshima is a last ditch plea for reason. People don’t seem to understand or get the gravity of what has been happening in the Asian arms race. The Climate Change, but really nuclear consequence, double talk  falls on deaf ears there. They don’t realize or care that nobody “wins” in atomic confrontation. Perhaps that is why the WHO gave up on the health emergency.

Being Sunday, you always look for a religious angle to it. I am not sure what it could be other than normal sinning, par for the Judeo Christian course. Other religions default to the death sentence for all. Being Christians, our existence means that we sin. All of us, no exceptions, sin all week, and some repent on Sunday. Many don’t believe in anything. The pestilence horseman may take care of us all, war, pestilence, famine, and death. Pestilence is here now with Aedes aegyptii, but depending on which week, it is either an urgent emergency or nothing to worry about. There is some sort of red flag there, and time will tell what they do not want us to know.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX can land a first stage Falcon 9 rocket. Each one is worth more than a jumbo jet it is said. The idea is to reuse them to keep the space station restocked more often and economically. The space station orbit will be visible 4 times a day now as it orbits tracking the dawn-dusk terminator line closer, reminding people just how far we have come as a species. All the signals are adding up to bad news on the horizon it seems, but what can we do? It is a helpless feeling piled on by all the mixed messages from diverse sources. It prompts one to pray forgiveness, but there is no forgiving from the ravages of war. The fog of war is pervasive in the mixed messages with no clear adversary seen through the mist. It is a Memorial Day for the US tomorrow, but not for others. It dates to 3 years after the Civil War in 1868.


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Sat, May 28, 2016 – Vector Theory

Lyme disease is a vector disease, with the tick being a common vector. Rats, mice, spiders, wasps, bees, yellow jackets, mosquitoes, and other insects are also classed as vectors, but there are likely many more. I have seen that spiders get the disease by eating other vectors in their web. This is where borrelia is coming from as far as they can tell. The apple leaves expose yet another intermediate vector, and those are filarial nematodes.

They are small parasitic worm species left in bug bites and stings, living in your skin and shallow external tissues and sometimes joints I have noticed. Pretty soon you figure that they must be in everybody, and if not the only health problem, they are a large health problem. They only way to find that out is by forcing them out with apple leaves, and observing which effects they may have had on your systems. From that, you can tell that a lot of medicine is on the wrong track. If they only knew, it could foster a quantum leap forward, but this is all too revolutionary and misunderstood, and medicine is obviously on the wrong track until they discover the vectors I found from wild apple leaves.

Knowing that is not reassuring at all. Until all medicine discovers it for themselves, there will be no way forward in nearly all of their disciplines dealing with preventing and/or eliminating chronic disease. It is no secret that with antibiotics, they have run their course. Current diseases have all evolved to a state of antibiotic resistance. That is one problem, and the second that apple leaves jump is that they are a seeming new class of anthelmintic, exposing little known, undetectable, helminth parasites else wise. they are alive, but have only been found in autopsies so far. That is where apple leaves offer a way forward.

The helminths come from known insect and aquatic biofilm vectors. They are an alive co species existing in humans and other vertebrates. Dr Griffith Evans discovered them in horses in 1880, and determined that they were the cause of Surra Disease in vertebrates. Recently, a similar vertebrate disease was found in humans, mimicking Multiple Sclerosis. There was also an unknown trypansome underlying it in humans, similar to Trypanosome evansii. The negative effect on human health far outweighs that of cigarettes, not saying that is a good thing about smoking. It does point to the relative danger of vector nematode based diseases though, and frames them in a more familiar context. I can also add that life would be less trouble if you could stop the parasites at a young pre teen age instead of waiting 50 years to find it out like I had to before accidentally discovering them.

How can I inform people of this? This blog tries. You can liken a blog to a small hand held cardboard sign on the information free way though. Someday in retrospect, I can only hope it will be re discovered by others. I will never live to realize any sort of recognition for it unless like apple tree polyphenols, the leaves also extend life to a very old age. Then people may stand up and take notice to what I have been saying all along. By then, the major benefits will have passed them by as well. It is what I consider to be a divine irony. Somebody will hopefully type the keywords “wild apple leaf” into Google, where it is all tracked and find out. It will be a message in a bottle though.

In kind, health experts want to postpone the Rio summer Olympics due to Zika, another vector problem. The WHO does not. Perhaps they got the memo about wild apple leaves, but that is only wishful thinking. More likely we will all be long gone by then, and the internet will be deprecated. The wild apple leaves are a better preventative measure. You would think they would keep it all as an information base, but like each successive release of computer operating systems, they always seem to leave something out and it doesn’t work as well as it used to.

Dr Heimlich had to wait until he was 96 years old to actually employ the procedure named for him this month. He had demonstrated it several times but didn’t actually have a live choking victim until now at the nursing home he resides in in Cincinnati. It worked. I can imagine how he feels, “Told ya so!” There is also a documentary film out now, Mr Overton about Richard Arvine Overton turning 110 years old. We will see if he has any secrets of longevity that he can pass on.

One big takeaway from apple leaves and bark is that Lyme disease can be everywhere. If it does not manifest as Lyme disease, it can as other vector illness of the brain, lungs heart, joints, and other major organs. This is because the borrelia spirochaete is wrongly fingered as the only causative factor, and the vector nematode parasite that “farms” it is ignored. Medicine is baffled why Lyme disease occurs everywhere, but it only makes sense after what I witnessed. There can be many vectors involved until an opportune host is located. This makes the disease understandably difficult to get to the bottom of with so many broken pathways to a root cause.

Canada still largely does not recognise Lyme Disease. That is the end of civilization here when they start cherry picking vector epidemics. It is all a nightmare of corruption in the health care system as the epidemic status worsens, foretelling systemic collapse. When the health care system of a civilization becomes a fraud, so the civilization will follow silently. The warning signs were all there being hidden. That isn’t a good sign since that is old news that our health care is a fraud, ducking “new” diseases, tests, and diagnostics like the plague, opting for outdated hit and miss tactics. In 2016, that is only getting more entrenched as the whole Powassan Lyme argument falls away in the cover up. It is a losing battle, and when it shows up at your own door, you’ve already lost. You’ll need alternatives. That kind of doesn’t even matter with me, since my ACA Herxheimer showed up on May 3, 1992, and my employer covered it up if they even knew, since then. I have had to go it alone since then, all the time being told it was just arthritis.


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Fri, May 27, 2016 – Surveyor’s Disease Add Ons

This is the second private post, Day 666, or 65 Days to go to two years. The author field is still there. But that is not the main topic. Cell phones linked to cancer in lab rats. I heard it on the news but can’t find the story. There is an interesting angle with Gord Downie.

Old EDM survey instruments could also be felt when the distance meter was used. They would emit stronger radiation you could feel, and it made you punchy after awhile. Laser EDM’s could irritate the eye being used after a while too. It would be another work hazard added to vector exposure. Field engineers use cell phone boosters too though. It is all linked. Is that good, or bad to know?

It is another unknown, found out too late, like CFC’s. I used to be a climate change sceptic too, but in light of CFC’s being linked to chemtrails, it makes sense.

But now back to the main topic. Which are more important factors in disease? Environmental risks like chemicals, radiation, and the like, or nematodes that have arguably been hitch hiker parasites in mankind for all history? Good question. There was only one way to find out. You may not like the clarity that wild apple leaves and bark give you as they force out the nematode drag from your systems. If you stop taking apple leaves and bark, will you just go back to normal ageing from parasitic vector worms and such?

If you live too long, you will run out of money. If too many people live too long, we will all run out of money. Mankind is already at that crossroad regardless. It is the only logical conclusion. Eventually, without being too Malthusian, it stands to reason the entire system will fail while you may not, and all the good intentions will be abandoned. It is the Simpson-Bowles problem of unsustainability.

I found that tobacco will be a left handed way out. Quit smoking and die. If you are forced to quit, the Smoking Paradox reverse POTS will get you. The allure of socialism will wind up in a similar sustainability pickle. Yesterday, we reminded how small our existence is by Apollo 8’s “discovery” of earthrise and that the reality of human existence is fragile on our one and only planet. We built everything to live here given what we have, and given the pitfalls inherent to any system, none are sustainable so far. Illness eventually becomes mercy.

Overton_2013-08-07So we switch the blog back on for a while. Billy Joel pointed out that only the good die young, but you can similarly argue for the other case that only the good die old. Not many do in either case. Mankind as we know it is in an infancy of development as far as we can tell. There are many things we do not understand like disease and ageing, war, peace, sutainability, and more medical issues than you can shake a stick at. It would be interesting what apple tree fibre does for the field of Oncology, or cancer research, for example. Richard Arvine Overton would be 110 this Memorial Day weekend, and has been since May 11. That wiki is a way to monitor his progress, and we get an update every memorial day. He states himself that while not the secret of his long life, he still drinks whiskey and consumes cigars. He was an engineer in the miltary in WWII in the Pacific. Somewhere there is a secret to physical sustainability, and like it or not, a way forward where nobody gets out alive. Wouldn’t that be a blast if it was actually cigars and whiskey-stiffened coffee? YMMV.

800px-Agave_fields_hillIn our readings here, the oddest things have cropped up, like pectin enzyme from aspergillus niger fungus. It converts the bacterial biofilm polysaccharides to consumable sugars. I tried that for almost a year now, largely just for maintenance after the first few months. Insect vector parasite nematodes obviously leave a pectin residue to protect their gardens of pathogens that they eat. They also tent and protect themselves in it as far as I could tell when more came out when I started the enzymes at a gram and a half a day for a couple months. Again, it was a two part solution, with the apple tree fibre acting as a catalyst. The enzyme is also used to make sugar out of Agave polysaccharide that tequila is made from. Agave polysaccharide and bacterial biofilm have the same polysaccharide matrix.

Paranoia, big destroyah. That is even part of our pop culture. Thinking what could be makes you paranoid of the consequence of thought alone. That is why I worry about this blog. Insert long legal boilerplate here, denying any responsibility of suspecting fires in crowded theatres. It could take all network news down as we know it out of frivolous lawsuits. Writing itself is fraught with perils without a First Amendment. How can I know what people will think or do when confronted with the possibility of an idea? Some will argue the problem is too many ideas. I say to them why can’t they cure a common cold yet? The reason isn’t that the idea was never explored, but that it was never put into practice. Is that apple leaf cure caught in a paradox of paranoia? Maybe it is. Can we do anything about it? It wouldn’t be a paradox then. Actual paradoxes (plural?) can exist like that. Thus, a First Amendment. One way or another, opening that can of worms is trouble. You can see all you need is that can opener, the genie is out of the bottle, and it isn’t like they aren’t trying. Then all science would stop, on top of writing.


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Thurs, May 26, 2016 – To Be or Not To Be

The archive stands, 665 Days after discovering apple tree leaf properties, 500+ posts, even if this is deleted. A WordPress blog can be deleted. The world is fragile. Anything that can be misinterpreted will be misinterpreted. “Alternatively, you can simply make your WordPress.com blog private. Simply login to your WordPress.com/wp-admin dashboard and go to Settings » Reading page. Scroll down to the Site Visibility section and check the option ‘I want to make my site private…’.” You can also de index it so that search engines ignore it. The site can be scraped by spam bots. A multitude of monkeys can randomly reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare, but there are near infinite misses there too. And now I have done it.

Will people forget that a bug bite can wind up in a brain tumour, or will they dwell on the fact that a bug can cause a mental disorder? If the world ever needed more information, now is the time, but misinterpreting information might make them think unpredictably. It is a very rare chance, but there is a chance of anything. It at least defines apprehension. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater goes with that territory.

I might morph to all the news that’s fit to be tried. The New York Times says all the news that’s fit to print. That is understood to have an inconsequential unavoidable daily change in context. This is the blanket behind Quebec’s new anti smoking law. The government doesn’t want to sell cigarettes any more, so they fine a problem they created that people cannot stop. The large $250-750 fines will exceed previous revenues. Many smoke in Quebec. Now our past Prime Minister will give up his parliamentary seat this fall.

No, that is not a course of action. A news commentary will not work. A movie script may be another inconsequential topic, but that would require talent. I have none left. I just have to wrap things up here if I move to a place with no net connection. No lose ends to worry over.

I could do a movie about highly defective evil people. There were plenty around here trying to outdo each other on crime and frame up jobs. Truly bad apples. I can’t rest even imagining about them, wondering what they were thinking, and why? So that is a no go. Not exactly a good popcorn experience.

I like the space program but it also has a bad surprise. All that effort to find what was on the moon, and the biggest thing was looking back at the tiny earth, realizing we are so alone. Earthrise was a spoiler, and Apollo 13 was already done.

The pyramid stones were not cut but cast in many cases. There is a story, along with hydraulics, rope, and pulleys. Apple leaves give you the knowledge about it all. Mankind evolved with nematode parasites, but without them the mysteries of life make more sense. Now I worry they make too much sense. More insect bites will dumb it down. Bad dreams that make sense are not too much fun. Too psychic for my liking. I don’t want to know.

There may be the answer to what is happening. Pseudo psychic chronicles. The trouble is that the outcome they foretell is not very rosy. Valproic acid/ divalproex eliminates it it seems if/when it comes up but it is a much stronger effect like all other medicines with apple tree bark.




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Weds, May 25, 2016 – A Mistaken Calendar

I think it is only about Day 664, but I got two days ahead. I messed the Apple Leaf Testing count up somewhere. Day 771 should be July 30 if July 31 2014 was Day 1 of apple tree bark or leaves. Looking back, that 10+ year old stroke might  have been from a meningioma. It explains the strange behaviour and the blog in light of my fall from grace and life alone. Instead of giving up I leaned into keeping track of the effects. All the extra CAT scans a year and a half ago. Peripheral neuropathies, some numbness, brain damage. Lyme borreliosis is a great imitator. MS like symptoms. Stroke like symptoms. Add the effect of eating the apple tree leaves and bark.

It isn’t the quality of care here. It is the quality of the disease, defying any known care. It explains my odd out of character behaviour, and subsequent fall from grace, starting ten years ago with the strokes later diagnosed and showing on scans 9 years ago, or a year later. The apple tree bark/leaves helped though, even more than 7 years after the fact. Nothing explains that. The nematodes that came out revealed something about what ever it was and still is. It couldn’t just be a stroke if a treatment so long afterwards was working on alleviating it.

I can’t fake it because I should be long gone, and I am over 9 years and almost a week after the initial stroke diagnosis where they found an older larger stroke during scans on the May 18, 2007 fall. The apple tree linked it all to bug bites and stings for me anyway. Getting rid of them definitely has helped me. Yesterday, after seeing a Tragically Hip’s Gord Downie going through a similar thing, helps me see it all in a reflective light. Glioblastoma and other brain tumours ring a lot of bells after the fact. I have been suspecting a brain tumour like thing for a decade now. It is nobody’s fault but my own, even though some may beg to differ, but increased exposure to insects played a larger role than ever suspected along with the compromised brain tissue.

By chance I stumbled on a treatment in apple tree bark and leaves. If so, it is the only thing short of chemotherapy that has a good outcome. I had nothing left to lose, so I am a free guinea pig. I used the opportunity. The astrocytes are not always malignant, and can also be benign in meningioma. Both kinds are linked to borreliosis, and I am tertiary chronic Lyme since at least 1992 when ACA Herxheimer first showed up. It has been a long, horrific, and at times unimaginably sad story with a glimmer of hope in the outcome. It brings a whole new meaning to Tragically Hip for me because it all really is.

Some things are just too tough to beat though, like shooting one’s self in the foot between the ears. I did that nearly 10 years ago, or 9.5 years. A co worker at the time fell victim to other separate effects of suspected similar increased vector exposure recently. The fact that I am alive after all this shows that apple leaves can help. I leaned into my work to try to deal with it but to no avail. The cumulative vector neural effects made me more distant and led to me destroying all I had worked for all of my life. I became incapable to continue in an unfamiliar role, promoted to my own level of incompetence like the Peter Principle.

There was more to it than that, suffering an added unknown medical problem that caused my final failure. I could not refuse a mandatory flu shot that may have contributed, but that isn’t an allowed excuse. It was not that I could not perform the duty but a skewed unrelated consequence of the duty in an accidental situation I was gravitated to and fell prey to like many other mortals would. I stumbled and fell on the self detonate button of a larger event chain than ever suspected. It was the problem of too many yes-no answers concealing a paradox. Nobody wants to get the death penalty for swatting an interruption like a fly. We are only human where that is not allowed.

Now I also found out about what I called the Smoking Paradox. People would quit smoking, and then they would die about a month later. They would suddenly get worse, not better. Reverse POTS offers an explanation where heart rate starts to increase while resting. Now I heard a story about another patient advised to smoke again when quitting caused their situation to deteriorate. The circumstances were not clear, but the story turned out the same when smoking helped them. It will be another extremely tough problem to get around, and where no one has succeeded yet that I know of. Like the Peter Principle, the miracles eventually run out at the expense of the patient. A designer can only build so many bridges until there is a failure of one crucial small nut or bolt.

There is a larger universal phenomenon at play, but  this blog is but one facet of what isn’t understood with everything we are able to understand. People try to succeed taking on more stuff. The more stuff, the potential there is for more stuff to happen. When stuff happens, there is a scapegoat then too. I knew I became a scapegoat for hire, but tried to compensate for it by doing more stuff. Now I know that just makes more stuff happen, and it is not necessarily good. The volatility of balanced opposing forces is rife for catastrophe in case of a misfire. The McMurray Fires are an example consequence of too much protected fuel in too small of an area that way, but that could be argued for eons. Given my circumstance there, I can’t help but think it is related. There is a bad voodoo at work where multiple vectors are at play. It defaults to higher risk of unintended consequences.

That beast is a true destroying angel of many worlds as it manifests in an actual paradox. It can be a reverse lottery where no ticket is required like well after the atom bomb and CFC’s. Entropy defaults to more of the same. There is only one path to salvation that you have to Believe. It explains why you must pray for your enemies too when you think about the whole context in our world obviously, and not so obviously, fraught with random peril. I pray for the worker who changed my baptised name by mistake. That is yet another example of an actual paradox I had nothing to do with. My mother continued to use my baptised name, and Mother always knows best. I pray she was not mistaken just in case. 😉 There can be a triadox.

It is all a mess. We are taught to refrain from suicidal ideations. What happens when the teachers change their tune? See what I mean about a paradox? They have a couple weeks to resolve C-14, the Euthanasia Bill. What about a triadox extending it until it is resolved? Then we know the real guilty parties, all of ourselves. They legally know the pitfalls of that, so it will die. It does not change the obvious, but skirts it with a technicality, and an imposed expiration date.

In physics, Dark Matter and Energy are a complex mathematical paradox in their own right, and they not only exist, but they are the bulk of the universe. There is no other acceptable answer. No less than Facebook is looking at theit own liberal bias, and it is an identified problem that Facebook’ers are skewed to losing opinion. There is another 0ne… a self defeating paradox. I was way ahead of my time and suffered from it before they knew it was their own demise. China stood too close when they detonated their own economic bomb. What now? Do we all lose? Trump wants the job but has no idea. So does Hillary to make it look legit, but she would not touch it with a ten foot pole. They could call it the Law of Limited Options where all of them lose when they keep at it long enough.



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Tues, May 24, 2016 – We Are Close

I have likely lost count, but it could still be Day 665. A year and a leap are 731 Days, – 665 = 66. Does that only get us to July 29? Now we know the nature of the beast. It is Death by Healthcare. CFHI is scrambling, trying to halt it, but they are overwhelmed. There is no big red “Stop!” Emergency Button to halt the mindless machine. Doctor writes prescription, and sees you 6 months later. They will never see this. They have no time to read. They are too busy ending it while ensuring the ancient paperwork is filled out. Everyone has been in the high speed digital loop for decades but to them it is still a fad.

Black lives matter. All lives matter. Just slogans, a passing phase. Drug ’em up and strip all their communications and entertainment freedom. Make sure it is as miserable as possible. I can’t believe this is 2016… More like 1516. Oh, I get it. Shut up. Nobody is complaining, not that it is like they could. The walls are soundproof enough, and the voices are feeble, faint, and weak. They did that to my father and mother. There was no second guessing them, doctor or staff. They would likely be beaten if we tried to get help for their pleas. Meanwhile, another plane disappears, hit by a meteor maybe. No one thinks of that, even less about what is going on in long term care facilities hidden down the long grey corridors.

The secret of that Soylent Green is people. The other Green lines their nest. It is no secret that it won’t matter what happens to the patients as long as they can squeeze all the Green out. Death and pre-death are recession proof businesses. It is a terrible untold reality of the end, and what is the regular official course of action. Many just have ignored Lyme Disease because it is beyond hope. The cash flow is in the antipsychotics. It isn’t in Apple Leaves. They could give seniors free cigars, or unfiltered butts, to wipe them out faster. Assist dying, and refund taxes because they didn’t kill them yet. If the object is to save money, is tobacco cheaper than medicine? Then there is Black Capsule like on MASH. Internet simulated euthanasia is easy.

Let’s imagine a contest to pick over the bones. Just imagine what happens when you get disabled elderly alone, and get abandoned by all the holier-than-thou real guilty parties. They’ll get their turn because nobody gets out alive. It’s a curse we all have to go through. Run the gauntlet of herbal remedies and big pharma drugs. Learn everything that doesn’t work.

Here is a tricky quiz for armchair diagnosticians. Reverse POTS tachychardia. Lying down increases heart rate. Normal POTS increases heart rate when suddenly standing, and can cause dizziness, a side effect of some medications. It is possibly linked to smoking cessation in the reverse case. It could be the Smoker’s Paradox: Indicative of imminent heart failure and could make you Die from quitting smoking. Nicorette or the Patch may help. It explains why all my smoker peers that quit died suddenly. I think I finally have discovered the paradox. I may have to quit quitting all nicotine to survive it, and may still have to wean off the gum carefully, or quit lying down. Doctors doubtfully will know about this, and will force total cessation to invoke rapid death. Standing or sitting upright eliminates it for the immediate term. Long term smoking breaks the autonomic tachycardia control system it seems. That matches what I have seen in others. Kind of like giving a diabetic a little sugar because the hyperglycemia effect is the lesser of a couple evils.

There is the paradox of end care by medical means too. I noticed the effect over a month after quitting. That also matches what I witnessed sincve they all generally died a month after quitting smoking. It is all right here on the internet should they care to listen or look for themselves. It could also be tied to eating and resting, known to be bad, although not necessarily that way. A few unshelled sunflower seeds makes it worse. Knowing this helps plan a way forward. One cigarette has between 6 and 12 mg bio available nicotine, and 8 to 20 mg overall, explaining the strong inhaled rush. Even 4 mg strength gum is not a cigarette replacement, but also not complete cold turkey. I thought it was more effect seemingly. I replaced a whole package with a few pieces of gum daily initially. Monitoring Overton_2013-08-07for Reverse POTS, guessing your pulse lying down, lets you know the effect. I noticed it can vary lying on back or side too. Side reduces the rate, kind of like the right side first aid recovery position, heart on the high side.  Lying on back supine restricts peripheral circulation simultaneously. Tilt table testing would confirm it should they even care. Killing a smoker is no loss though. Smoking lives don’t matter. Change smoking to Black and see how much sympathy you get. That is the medical system we have. Just kill all the smokers to make it simpler, and it is politically correct to be ignorant of the physics of why they are so successful at it. Smoking kills in 70-110 years. Our “Therapy” for it kills in a month.

Pectin enzyme could replace all oxygen tanks and inhalers. The pectin restricts breathing. Making everybody quit smoking makes the pectin alveoli bridging and suffocation worse. The smoking prompts expectoration of the pectin goo. It is well known to be the polysaccharides that comprise bacterial biofilm, the stuff of insect vector transmitted worms. It is a product of bug bites and smoking. Not smoking only makes it grow faster.

Glioblastoma chemotherapy treatments are not OK with smoking. Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip was recently diagnosed with that. The conditions and symptoms are similar to what I am going through, but there are no MRI’s here as a regular diagnostic tool. That explains a lot of misdiagnosis here. I knew it was a possibility and is often related to neuroborreliosis symptoms. The onset 10 years ago would put it in the center of the 40-60 age group, predominantly male. It is in the family of Lyme ailments.

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Mon, May 23, 2016 – 665 – Neighbour of the Beast

It’s Day 664. What is that biblical passage? There are 8 mentions of the Mark of the Beast, or his name, or the number of his name. Each time it is an economic context of buying or selling. Yesterday I was looking at the debt ceiling and the dangers posed by that. That was after reminding ourselves that we are all worthless in the eyes of God. I was feeling particularly worthless, repenting my transgressions, but nothing could do it for me. I will always be guilty as sin. Nevertheless, no matter how rich, or humble, you needed that to buy and sell. It was a great equalizer like a dollar sign. Whatever it may be, it refers to The Antichrist. We are numerically close, but simply out of coincidence here, no matter what you may think about the blog here. It, this blog, simply isn’t that important.

“Easy for you to say,” one might opine but it is just writing down what I see, like my surveying teacher told me to. We all have to duke it out with our own demons, self more than others it seems. I am still swinging at them a day later. God help me. I am losing like most do. I fool myself into security at times. It is like claiming we are winning against the plague of vectors since the dawn of human time. I am just another sinner since Eve listened to the serpent, bit the apple, and became the Original Sinner, not much more. We are more hung up on it on this historically bad bug week.

The mountain weather is cold this year, snowing heavily at higher elevations. The smoky gloom with the systems imparts an ominous feel to the proceedings. McMurray and other northern latitudes are still smoking, but they can sure use the moisture and cool. Our prayers for rain were answered this time. I prayed for them. I prayed for me. I haven’t prayed enough. The guilt of it all still gets me. The self loathing component tends to get overdone by me out of a pervasive gloom of clinical/situational depression. Knowing that conscious thought is on loan from God Himself helps explain it. What puzzles me is why, and it is the age old question? Why are fires and other things a thousand kliks away so all consuming? I guess you get it from trying to be selfless, a struggle out of reality at times. There is a fuel shortage to get back there now with thousands stranded in Wandering River trying to return.

There I am wandering again. Forgive me. Anzac may not, but they may have forgotten, or never knew the stress I was under. For whatever reasons, it is their turn with the stress now. A fire like that is an act of God they say. It will be 3 weeks they have suffered tomorrow. It has been 9 years and over 5 months since I really crashed. Backing up 10 years was even more stress I should not have taken on. I have been fighting an acquired additional northern Lyme daze since then. Lots of deer and lots of ticks. It has been very tough looking back. I know others like me have suffered too, but they will all be as different as their vector infections. Looking back is in a different light now.

Closer to home, assisted dying legislation Bill C-14 is in the Canadian Senate. Late stage Lyme disease won’t be covered, or even diagnosed. It is required suffering if the June 6 deadline is not met. Another game of inconsequential numbers and deadlines with consequences. You would think there would be an extension given the gravity of the consequences. BC Health Care is also under fire for being computer disconnected in the digital age. Again, a huge consequence of dragging their feet while other jurisdictions are quantum leaps ahead. Cancer diagnoses go unreported for almost a year between internal departments at the patients’ peril. It was slated to be addressed over a decade ago but like much of all else technical and medical here, it fell through the cracks. I was not alone, but in a different way. All current peer reviewed technology is a google away for the military, but not our medical watch with the massive budget. A filarial nematode infestation is pretty far down the list of priorities, and with new Zika, will get piled on even more before they know what happened. It already has happened.

Snowing in Calgary. Imagine that, after all that early northern heat. A trough of warm air aloft against the mountains. I did a paper in college about Mountain Weather, and particularly, foehn winds, or Chinooks, a thermodynamic phenomenon of the inequities of the wet and dry adiabatic lapse rates. This case is different, but not necessarily reverse from the reverse airflow of that. I was chastised for being theoretical, but it was standard knowledge as far as I could tell from the research. Air takes more energy to hold water and returns it as heat as the pressure falls with the water gone, forced out by the forced altitude gain of the mountains. Seemed like a simple conclusion to me.

Another theory I have that seems obvious is age related spots , or liver spots, on older peoples’ hands. I can link them to Bug Bites with Wild Apple Leaves. There is still a live nematode in there, not being able to usurp the youthful hormones it used to eliminate the spots with. The melanin is no longer being consumed. It shows. The nematode is trying to avoid the inevitable, and that is visible evidence. Lots of remedies for them adding evidence. Be thankful we can use computers unlike doctors. I’d still be interested in their take on it though. Sort of a Big Tent meets Small Tent summit before they use their monopoly to ban it.

The news said that seniors in eastern Canada homes and care facilities, weaned off psychiatric anti psychotic medications, were found to fare better in most cases. Drugs were found to be over prescribed, nearly doubling the cost of care. More important, the patients did better, freed from a psychoactive drug induced haze. I wonder how many decades that is away from here? That is what we all face until then. I can see why Bill C-14 is popular in the news. It is a decidedly more humane end than the current standard of care.