Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, May 3, 2016 – Cheer Up

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Day 644. It was gloomy yesterday. I have to cheer up here. A lot of it is that quit smoking depression, but there are lots of things to worry about. The only solution is to ignore the future. A year ago, I was preparing to present a paper to GeoConvention 2015 as a poster about what I fingered as Surveyor’s Disease. It was chronic Lyme Disease. They didn’t want to know. It is even more relevant today. 6 of my brothers insisted on coming here, and I had to cancel giving the presentation. 6 of those brothers have been hit by Surveyor’s Disease since then. Only 2 are coming this year to chew me out about dying. We all worked in the exploration industry when young. All have been hit by classic symptoms of vector borreliosis.

Nothing I can say or do will get anyone to listen about this. Bugs have made people sick since the dawn of time, and now it looks like they will continue until the dusk of time. Medical science is doing just fine, thank you, even though they have a 100% track record of failure by definition with chronic illness. Their solution was to rig the system to make money off that fact. You can’t blame them. They went with what they thought was a sure thing. The downside is that it goes against innovation to overcome the problems facing health care. Cures don’t make money, but band aids do.

You can rest assured that this is a unique solution. The technology is not out of reach. It is a simple oral administered dietary supplemental solution to a lot of common problems. Apple tree fibre detoxifies heavy metals from soft tissues and the polyphenols break down bacterial biofilm so you can expectorate and  start to eliminate it. You will find out about all the insect vectors that caused it from the nematode parasites they left that get expelled. You see where they hid and feel what they were doing after they leave. It does not repair all of the damage, but it stops the progression. You can repair some damage, but everybody will be as different as their own bug bites I take it.

Instant gratification is something that people become used to, even when it is a trick. Have pain? Numb the pain response with a pain killer, but leave the disease alone that causes it. You may be able to combine both the analgesic and the repair together in some cases. The repair may also get rid of the analgesic though. Again, there may be a lot of difference. With a world based on the Me generation though, there is no incentive for more selfless pursuit like this. Should you stumble on the secret of longevity, even though you may think otherwise, it would ultimately be such a shock t0 the status quo, it would not be welcome.

The twist of fate there can be described as karmic or Biblical. A great deal of lip service is given to pushing forward with medical solutions as long as they aren’t too good. This is too close to  the too good side. Apple  Tree Bark and Leaves simply work, as long as you can deal with the polysaccharide break up to mucus, and then to sugars to get rid of. The apple polyphenols are already known for their ability to get rid of bad LDL Cholesterol. CoQ10 gets all the headlines, with reservations, but apple leaves and bark just work. I will have to see if they solve the smoking paradox where every person I knew quitting smoking dies. Ironically, most CoQ10 is derived from tobacco leaves. Even worse, CoQ10 interacts unfavourably with statins, the basis of many heart disease drugs.

Quitting smoking has a positive circulatory effect naturally. I wonder how much acceleration of that effect could be due to the detoxifying action of apple tree bark and leaves? I still am sticking with the smoking cessation after a slip up a few days ago with a cigar. I still haven’t smoked a full cigarette, or even a part one. I just have to quit quitting quitting, and oddly, that has been working for me.

There is a lot of news about a wildfire overtaking Fort McMurray. Recent warm dry weather created a flash fire prone scenario there. Oddly I was thinking about them a few days ago, trying to remember the insects responsible for my condition. There were simply too many places and too many bugs of the 80’s through 2010’s though. I know something about the oil deposits there that they seem to have missed. I now know it is a biofilm related anisotropic permeability issue. They said they knew better. They went broke. There is some strange karma happening there. I just pray for them. They really need it now, out of the oil frying pan, and into this fire.

They have not seen fire weather this explosive this early before in that area, with 30 C temperatures. Low relative humidity and gusty winds will start again with the daylight tomorrow. Thunder showers will cause more problems than relief. They’ll need more contrails and a week of rain to cool that all off.



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