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Sat, May 7, 2016 – Scared of Doctors?

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Before returning you to your regular forest fire coverage, let’s recap how our medical system treats people with presumably fatal vector illness. If it were treatable, they would treat it, so all this feigned ignorance tells you it is above what they can possibly do given constraints of legalities and ethics, ironically. When it is more ethical to them that they have to ignore it, and avoid giving you the straight answer, that tells you all you need to know. When all admissions are taken into psych and put on suicide watch first, in most health care jurisdictions, that’s not a good sign.

Can’t they give you any hope like “Why am I still Sick?”author Dr. Richard Horowitz? Apparently the outcomes are not that good if they aren’t already doing that. When the actions of such a group like doctors don’t make much sense, you know there is something they do not want you to know. Their inability to come out and flat out say it that they are having trouble making any progress, opting instead to leave it up to your imagination, tells you a great deal of what you need to know. They aren’t evil. They’re just not all powerful, and they’re stumped.

If anybody could see why, we could. They knew absolutely nothing about all these little trypanosome nematode parasites living at vector bites for multiple decades, but it doesn’t matter. When their only plan of pro action is to prevent getting infected in the first place, and the tests all default to false negative bias, that isn’t a good implication either. It implies that their only answer is that you shouldn’t have gotten infected in the first place. So what if you are infected? No answer is the standard, and the treatment is a short non fatal course of antibiotics like the proverbial lollipop. When doctors say there may be natural cures, and they aren’t specific, that is as good as saying nothing has been found yet.

I guess you could say this is a plain english translation for all the strange healthcare behaviour/actions you may notice if you have a tick bite and go for treatment. High dose long term antibiotics can be lethal, and re infection risk is high without getting rid of the initial biofilm process the nematode brings to the party. Getting rid of spirochaetes is like blasting at a flock of geese, waiting for the next flock to come in from some bug and start it all over again in the same biofilm bunker. Those nematodes won’t get touched until the apple tree fibre gets them out, and I suspect they can build biofilm faster than you can eliminate it unless you give them the boot first.

The news says Democrats outspend Republicans 3 to One. Meanwhile, everybody buys the line that Republicans are all the big money vote. Similarly, everybody buys the line that spirochaetes are responsible for Lyme Disease. The Filarial Nematodes are really behind the whole mess, but the ratio is more like ten or even one hundred to one. It is easy to see why all medicine is stumped when they can’t even shoot at the big target. They wipe out a patrol while the garrison is untouched back at the biofilm fort. Put all the “media” misdirection aside and it explains a lot of the trouble.

In case you need any more evidence of this, try AFPMB TG-36. Meanwhile, the fire in McMurray will grow to 2000 square km. today, three times the size of Toronto or Edmonton. As that happens, how did this bug thing get ignored so long? Look no further than third party health insurance concerns fighting to keep it hidden and under the radar. If they can drag their feet and there is no diagnosis, there is no problem. If they can blindly cancel policies like Blue Cross and not even inform the policy holder, it’s a win win for them, no matter how they got there. Doctors live under such a threat from them that they understandably say there is no such “insurable” disease. Unfortunately, it all makes too much sense. The bug bitten masses are set to become the modern day lepers of society, and no health organization or politician wants to go near that. There ought to be a law but there is not. Is this the karma backlash that has led to wiping out the entire Canadian economy in a seeming unrelated trial by fire? It could be because it is that big.

If you think it all seems Biblical in scope, you are not alone any way. Four horsemen. Rex Murphy said it on CBC. Lifetimes gone in an instant.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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