Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Mon, May 9, 2016 – CBA BC 428 Refusing Treatment

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If there is no diagnosis there is no problem. That is how they sweep Lyme disease under the rug. There is no treatment for it, but they can diagnose something there is a money stream for instead. Cancer is big money so they go looking for that. If you haven’t got it they can make a subjective “pre cancer” call anyway. I have a 100% certain diagnoses now; ACA Herxheimer. It only occurs in case of 100% confirmed late stage chronic Lyme disease. They have known about the condition for over a century, but have recently linked it to what we call Lyme disease. Wherever they saw it, the patient suffered from borreliosis or Lyme disease, and for a long time prior, then in the third, or tertiary, chronic stage. It is a diagnosis I can live with, literally.

If I can only get that on my record, it would stop them from playing their games for money. I have the sentinel date when I saw it first occurred on May 3, 1992. I undeniably had all the risk factors, unknown at the time, but now well known in retrospect. Forests, jungles, biting insects, including spiders, ticks, tropical flies, mosquitoes, etc. I see CBA BC 428 addresses that, but is void in case of mental assessment. That is why the front door goes through the mental process. They have to find a loophole to strike 428 null and void. Again, it is by a 100% subjective call. It can over ride pre existing conditions. They can lock you up in psychiatric, and do, for symptoms of juvenile arthritis that they say does not exist, even with a 45 year chronic history. It is a complete mess, and a license to commit murder accidentally on purpose for money. Of course, nobody has ever done that so never mind.

Now you are starting to see what our problem is. The medical horror show here is far beyond set up to do evil and drenched in motive to commit capital crimes repeatedly for money and/or convenience. There is no second opinion in an imprecise science where there are hundreds of different opinions simply by keeping current with peer reviewed science, and which they proudly drag their feet on, being over 40 years out of date with the borrelia epidemic alone, for example. There is no consequence for their actions, no matter how wrong headed or lethal they may ultimately be.

Now we know for certain that they know nothing about the thousands of insect vector parasites wild apple leaves expose living in all of their patients. It becomes obvious that most of their medical interventions are used by the parasites and not the patients they have over run. The parasites can fortify their biofilm with the excess fibrinogen and fibrin. Moreover, pharmaceutical research doctors only test their stuff on hamsters. You are part of the human test if you should be one of the rare ones it works for, and they can cherry pick you into their statistics to get the drug approved. If you can survive what a few lab rats can, kudos to you. It may do nothing for what they think you may have, but who cares?

I tested apple tree bark and leaves on myself. Thousands of parasites drilled out. That is all old hat though. The days of news coverage about Fort McMurray focussed on the worst damage. It is not all that bad it turns out. Only 10% of the buildings were destroyed. The impression the coverage left was that it was more like 90%. It made the news a little more gripping. A tour today showed a more realistic picture of large areas that were unscathed by fires. The sensational nature of the news did us a major disservice exaggerating the negative side. It is still pretty bad, but it wasn’t as apocalyptic as the news made it out to be.

I feel dumb and kind of rooked in to the news narrative. I can understand how the focus gets distorted when if it bleeds, it leads. They are going to show the worst damage, and cut the normal stuff out. Of course it is lopsided, but we have no idea of that until they point it out like they did today, a whole week after the fact. More like 2,400 out of 25,000 structures were destroyed. The police didn’t want the looters to get at the 20,000 houses that were left over is another part of it. The firemen are getting credit for saving a lot of it as well. A lot of work went into saving what they have standing their ground on the fire breaks and hasty fire guards. There are still hot spots that could burn for months too it is said. The news may have been intentionally kept away from showing the untouched abandoned areas. The infrastructure has taken too much of a blow to support those areas normally yet.

A lot of it could be depression from quitting smoking too. I am still slogging through all that, quitting giving up quitting smoking again and again.Still holding smoke free though. Smoking has a physical and a psychological component to it, I know. It is easy to acknowledge, but notoriously hard to fight.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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