Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Tues, May 10, 2016 – A Difficult Week of Alberta

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Day 651. It is known to be just the beginning of the McMurray fire recovery though. In BC up north, they are still dealing with 10 possibly set fires of 89 burning as well. It is an abnormally hot dry El Nino spring up north.The main theme of the month though is Lyme Disease, and ignoring it like usual will only serve to make things worse. That is how it got this far with no treatment, no emergency plan, and no safe way to reduce exposure risk. Everybody is chomping at the bit to get back to doing the exact same thing in a totally different world where Zika virus, for one, is becoming epidemic.

Again, there is no plan, no safe effective risk reduction measures, and no cure. Still, people plan to converge on Brazil in August anyway. This will not wind up well. Normalcy bias has over ridden common sense. I saw a doctor tell people not to worry about Zika even though it was obviously linked to microencephaly birth defects by both the CDC and WHO. Like Lyme disease, there is no effective test, and no idea if it is persistent even though all the available evidence is to the contrary. That remains to be discovered. Exactly what are they basing their casual dismissals on with no evidence offered or available yet, obviously? It is a quick duck, that is all, based on a misjudged trust for their answers with no evidence offered. Ironically, that is exactly how they dismiss the reams of peer reviewed alarms being raised, attacking the credibility resting on their laurels of credibility only with zero hard evidence.

Now move to the obvious thousands of filarial nematode vector borne parasites forced out by apple tree bark and leaf fibre consumption. It doesn’t exist only because they have no known answer, and the answer is rapidly self evident that they are totally ignorant of it. Their only answer is to ignore it and the thousands of obvious questions raised. Any answer they give is automatically disqualified due to lack of evidence, but is instantly dismissed because we trust the obvious direct lie. In a few months, the obvious huge problem will overrun us. It is a direct existential threat to mankind.

The next question is what will become of us then? Dismissals kick the can down the road, but when the road leads off a cliff like that, it is unclear. I tried to raise the alarm here repeatedly but got drowned out in the ongoing misdirection narrative. There are bigger immediate problems, but that is not a good thing either. People are only able to handle the problem du jour, and when that passes, they will rush back into discover the even larger problem never addressed. They will low ball it the same way, killing millions. No one will know though. That is all that matters. The squeaky wheels will just be locked in mental institutions with no communications. They already do it.

The Red Cross has a massive budget now, raising 3.5 times as much money for the McMurray fire than the Calgary Flood at nearly $150+ million to date including federal and provincial government matching funds. The town is opened to drive through only again for skeleton services to restore power, water, sewer, and gas for the re population repair forces. The oil sands are carefully restarting from a paused state. The police got a straggling looter hanging behind.

Filled out the census online at http://www.census.cg.ca. I thought they got rid of it but brought it back. Participation is mandatory. They know the answer to everything they ask already anyway. They don’t ask if anybody is happy about the health care sham, but they know the answer to that too. The only people happy with it have a conflict of interest in it.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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