Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, May 11, 2016 – An Uncertain Future

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Day 652. It’s another journal update from the bottom of falling through the medical cracks. There is no safe cure for Lyme disease with a certain 24 years chronic tertiary diagnosis, so I’m all alone on my own. I have no idea how it will all end, but I suspect it won’t be nice. Apple tree bark and leaves have helped, but prolonging my life may turn out to be a bad idea. Apple polyphenols are known to extend life. I know they got rid of little worms living in both new and old bug bites and stings. Lots had been living there for decades.

What should have been the most astonishing medical discovery ever has become the most astonishing ignored medical discovery ever. People are quick to dismiss it at their own peril, because it affects them too in so many ways, you can’t count them all. There is a plausible link that can be made from vector nematode parasites to every top chronic illness responsible for death. The implications of that alone are so enormous that they cannot be believed. Why not? I suspect it is because the health industry is so used to complete utter failure that they assume there cannot be an answer that simple. The embarrassment alone will eventually be too huge to grasp, or craft a simple explanation why it could be missed for so long? I think simply nobody was looking at the obvious, and now the excuse is nobody wants to know about what should have been obvious but got missed by all. A simple vector nematode parasite is behind most major health issues, but anyone who discovers that is too far out of the loop to be taken seriously.

Start eating raw wild apple leaves and it becomes obvious to you too. Those little nits are all at old bug bite locations you will find, and a nematode parasite is drilling out there from where it has been since the bug left it there, even decades ago. It seems common you will find, and there will be all kinds and sizes of them from different depths in your dermal layers, tissues, joints, and muscles. They may even be living in your spine and brain. It would make for fantastic science fiction if it were not true. Unbelievably, it is 100% True, and that is the whole trouble. Because it resembles science fiction, people dismiss the fact that it is true and declare themselves insane instead. In our broken system, that is more desirable and easier than dealing with the astonishing truth.

The astonishing truth is that I can show you your first nematode egg infested bug bite, whether you are a doctor or an idiot, or anywhere in between. I can show you vector stings too, but nobody ever suspected they were infected, or else they wouldn’t dare intentionally sting themselves and call it therapy. Apple leaf therapy will really wake the bee venom folks up if there were any nematodes in them, like in my bee stings from 4 and 5 decades ago. Your first one will be one of the hundreds or thousands that show up over time. You tell me which one it was. Only you can figure that part out. Now I know I have claimed that before, but I have to rehearse my pitch here. That First Bite one seems to really drive it home to the sensibilities of even the most technically void, corrupt, and evil of medical practitioners. If you want to sting yourself full of possibly lethal unknown hidden nematode parasites of *some* kind, and that I know are so tough they live undetected for over 50 years in you, that’s your call.

phageSo there is the whole story. If you want to jump the lines, I can go one better. Jump the whole system. Naturally, with the basis of all the top cancer medications. Apple tree polyphenolics. It used to be one of those scientific secrets for a couple centuries. It gets deeper. That is where I discovered bacteriophage gets made as well. Good luck trying to prove it one way or the other. I am just going by the results, so I know the answer. The way is intentionally hidden. This is a good month in the northern hemisphere to check it out. The vector pressure on the world is about to become enormous, and all the surprised victims will not have any alternative.

There should be a demand to jump over the whole system along with its line ups. At least there is some kind of alternative, since all medical second opinion has been banned by the first opinion. Banning the oldest successful working medical treatment isn’t helping much when their only result is failure.

I say proceed and if it doesn’t work, nothing lost or gained. With apple tree bark and leaves, you too will figure out what was happening. Forget trying to get an official answer. They won’t be able to explain what the things, nematodes, helminths, whatever, coming out are.

It’s a crazy narrative I shouldn’t even have to explain. The fact that it gets no attention baffles me, and points to a horrifically broken medical system that isn’t working anywhere near optimal. If they can’t explain the powerful live anthelmintic action of apple tree bark and leaves, then the problem isn’t you. The system comp0letely missed the vector parasite angle, and when it becomes obvious, it is awful hard to buy the explanation it was not even important when parasites have been linked to medical problems since the dawn of medicine in man and animals.

Dr. Carl Lowenberger seems to be on it, but nothing specifically on what apple tree bark and leaves show yet. That would be a good place to start. All the focus is on tropical disease, but there are answers to domestic chronic illness in our own temperate zone I know for sure.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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