Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, May 15, 2016 – Another Sunday Sermon

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Day 656, and another day to look back at ourselves, overrun with vector parasite filarial nematodes as we are. I know you won’t believe it until apple tree bark and leaves prove it to you so you can find out for yourselves. The serpents of Genesis 3, not just a single one, but hundreds, take on a whole new meaning in this light. I guess I had about 4 a year of the obvious nematode ones. That was just by simple math, guessing about a hundred that I saw from apple leaves alone that came out. When I started pectin enzyme on June 6, 2015 of the type wine makers use, another hundred or so came out hiding in the biofilm it started to dissolve. They completely populated me, and that isn’t even counting all the schistosomes from swimmer’s itch. They were smaller, and a lot more numerous, hiding in pores and hair follicles I take it, because hair eventually started to grow again. The apparent minor alopecia reversed where they were residing. One can only imagine what they were using the hair raw materials for in there, but I suspect it had something to do with making a protective biofilm wall.

Doctors don’t want to know because they took a long time to get where they are inside that boat by not rocking it. In that matter, insulin was almost dismissed. It was the perseverance of Banting that carried it through to the discovery, and the ability of Best to isolate it. The timing was also important when doctors were more humbled about their track record of failure. Money started to take over medicine after that for short term gain. Success was no longer the motivation while sustainable pharmaceuticals crept in. Simplicity was an easy sell in a far too complex world that infectious diseases reside in. the entire world of Felix d’Herrelle was dismissed to the point that he left the west and continued in Georgia, USSR.

In New Jersey, they are releasing “mosquito fish” that eat mosquito larvae to combat the spread of Zika and other mosquito vector illness. It is a lot less environmentally worrisome versus other proposals to release genetically modified sterile mosquitoes to breed the A. Egyptii out of existence. There is a billion dollars put toward it. There is still no knowledge about nematodes underlying Zika since there is no interest in what the vector nematode parasites are when apple tree bark and leaves force them to drill out.

What kind of nematodes are exposed? Nobody really knows yet, but they certainly are there. Existing treatments may just make the nematodes hide better. I went through a couple distinct waves of them getting shocked out, the second apparently hiding under biofilm itself. But what’s the use? Nobody knows or wants to know there are parasites. At least it is good typing physio. The sitting may be bad. You just take a break every half hour to walk around. Standing and sitting therapy. Too much sitting is known to be bad. So is that 15Q25 gene driving cigarette craving.

We all know that and feel guilty. The guilt drive can get overwhelming. I quit quit quitting again with the earworms. Then there is wondering about cultures. Different cultures are as different as their bug bites and experience where they grew up. What is the norm one place would mortify others seen in a foreign culture’s light. I had no control over either extreme in my case. The Albetans hated the BC hippies and vice versa… and they were as different as their beer strikes. Attached at the hip by a highway, and detached on a cultural level. One smoked cigarettes and I counted myself guilty. Call it an Albertan death wish. A culture clash victim whether one liked it or not. A cultural fatality. Both sides used to let you smoke around a hospital and built hospitals with smoking taxes. Over the years you become a cultural pariah where one side thinks smoking anything but cigarettes is OK. It presents a cultural paradox from which you can’t escape.

It gives one pause late on a Sunday searching for answers to unanswerable questions like trying to quit smoking. It makes you pray for divine forgiveness from the bad nicotine. It makes you want a lot more non nicorette gum even though it goes stale easily. Just enjoy it while it is fresh I guess. It is a relatively safe surrogate craving replacing a way to keep the juices flowing. Can’t forget why smoking is dumb, but then isn’t any addiction? They all defy common sense.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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