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Mon, May 16, 2016 – A Bad Time for Bugs

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Day 657, and this is the time in May when the bad bugs are on the prowl. May 18 and May 21 have been bad for me. Now I know eating apple leaves stops them from transferring their pathogens and filarial nematode parasites. It also fights the fever they try to transfer with the bite. Last year a couple came loaded for bear it felt like. In Canada, we are defenceless otherwise without apple tree bark and leaves anthelmintics. Removing the vector like a stuck tick does nothing. There are lots of other vectors too.

I’ll venture to say this is the only defence because almost nobody even knew that vectors were transferring nematode parasites, and the parasites are pervasive, lasting unabated for decades. The apple leaves and bark will show that without a doubt. It was a revolutionary discovery I found out 657 days ago, but I went looking and there was absolutely nothing on it I could find at first. I tried to get the word out.

Filarial nematodes in ticks were discovered by Willy Burgdorfer, who also discovered the spirochaetes bearing his name. The spirochaetes had been observed before, but never named until then. People simply missed it. The microworms are transferred in insect bites and stings. The only way to see them is by autopsy or by eating apple tree bark and leaves to skuk them out alive. They were a new discovery as Filarial Nematodes in the cerebrospinal fluid of an MS autopsy this year. Helmiths were found in mice induced with neural glioblastoma from Lyme Disease. That was an animal study though. The apple tree fibre just worked skunking these things out with me. It will be years before those studies make it to live human trials even. The apple tree stuff is here and now, and the little things drill out alive it seems. They were there since the bug bit me, so while they weren’t that fatal, they likely haven’t been doing any good in there alol that time for decades in some cases. One real surprise was ones that came from old Yellow Jacket stings about 50 years ago.

One good thing about apple tree bark is relief from inflammatory cytokines, causing swelling with arthritis. You can really feel the bark working on the affected swollen areas. Apple leaves also work, but they can impart additional stiffness as well which the bark does not. The leaves may be more powerfully anthelmintic though, so they are a quick instant treatment for current infected bug bites when the helminth turns tail and leaves immediately. The Cut Bark when chewed is much more soothing than the leaves are. The bark is known to scavenge free radicals and residual heavy metals as well from long being used as an American remedy and a German pharmaceutical. There has not been much recent work done on it, other than on the anti ageing properties of polyphenols contained in apple skins.

Do not confuse this with apple pectin. Pectin is used by the helminths to protect themselves and their diseases from discovery. Pectin or polysaccharides are what the helminths make their bacterial biofilm out of, and is the main problem, not any kind of solution at all. Of course that should go without saying, but the last thing people need is more pectin in there to get rid of. Dr Tim Lu even uses a pectin jelly analogy to describe what bacterial biofilm is made out of. Humans cannot digest or consume pectin unless broken to simpler sugars with pectin enzyme.

It’s another spring evening that ticked away. Depending on point of view, another one gained or lost. It is getting more hazardous vector wise out there. People simply don’t know. I found out the hard way how much vectors can take out of you. I am likiely one of the very few who knows their partial, if not full, effect after getting rid of all the parasites, or at least the bulk of them. I wonder how rare my situation is? Who else would find this out? Who else would regularly eat apple tree bark and or leaves to get rid of the helminths? I know some tried it, and found that it did the same thing with the nematodes from insect bites. I don’t know if they kept it up.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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