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Weds, May 18, 2016 – An Ominous Day

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Day 659 is a bad anniversary. 9 years ago today, I fell down at a local restaurant, and was diagnosed with a TIA or stroke. Now I know it was caused by a bug bite, and I had one of the same bites again a year ago today. I felt the same headache and dizziness that accompanied it. Apple tree leaves forced the nematode out right away that time, and the bug died and dropped off too. That was a year ago today.

Lots of younger people have suffered the same type of stroke and just brushed it off by not even seeing a doctor. They miss all the signatures of tick and other arboviruses here as a rule. It is because they do not have a cookie cutter diagnosis and script for it. Nobody does. Generic medicine misses it every time, and serology is useless. I had to find this out all myself. Again, it depresses me. I see them botching all the other vector illness victims with sophomoric pigeon holing diagnostics. Pharmaceuticals for all those are sold out too. It isn’t an exception, but more the rule.  Apple Leaves will show even the dullest student where they have gone wrong when nematodes actually start drilling out of all the bug bites. They may even be lucky enough to get bit again and feel what that bug transfers while it gets expelled by the apple tree bark or leaves.

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for them to try it. They won’t even give it to a mouse, so they are light years behind us here. Moreover, the mouse would know, but they never will what is happening. Luckily, apple tree bark is about the oldest western medicine pharmaceutical there is. Apparently, that is past the Best Before date of new technology in their eyes. They wonder why I can’t shake this depression. I took an Applyme to try anyway. If our best and brightest have a hundred wrong diagnoses with me alone, just imagine how far off base they are with the general bug bitten worm riddled population. It boggles the mind.

There is also another reason, call it prescience or whatever, that it is ominous. I found out that an old colleague from work, another surveyor, passed away last month. I am not sure of how, but I imagine he would also have been a victim of more than his fair share of insect bites. He was our project manager when I worked with him, and was a couple years older than me. He was technically head and shoulders above all the other surveyors I ever worked with. He mainly worked in Land Survey, but we worked together in geophysical exploration. I remember now discovering a whole new way to do exploration surveys working with him, but due to my stroke/TIA, I never got a chance to employ it. Our boss at the time wanted to do stakeless surveys, and I spent a whole year sitting on that, but it was never used. I used open source stuff to do it as most things were already invented. By chance, I also discovered a way to do the whole thing without surveyors as well. People really didn’t want to know about that.

Alas it was never to happen. I almost worked myself to death on that job. Consecutive months of 20 hour days doing all the computer work with no help from anybody in the field. That also led to the discovery that if they were doing nothing other than tagging locations, why even have them there if the point was to get rid of the tags? There were multiple ways to confirm or “ground truth” the station points exactly where they were and not by the location of the tag, but by the location of the actual sensor or energy source location. New developments in photogrammetry with precise photo control also made that possible. Likewise, survey grade photo drones were just becoming available. The bottleneck was computer power and array space, but that would eventually get minimized. I already had a way to push the large stake less maps in consumer grade GPS receivers.

I also introduced that project manager to open source with a copy of Mandrake Linux I was carrying around. He took to it like a fish to water with his satellite broadband internet for updates. Ten years ago the Linux community was still formative. Most of our survey and mapping software was done in Windows though. I was still coding work-arounds to get it to jump through hoops like it was never intended to do though. This was a new thing; High Density Geophysical surveys. We stretched the technical limits of everything. Nobody has ever recreated what we had to do then. They are still using a couple routines I developed working with him then. Now they are all stories of what could have been now that he has passed away. That was at the south of Fort McMurray area. Ironically, today is the first heavy rain they have had there since the fires started. Last I knew he was still working in the McMurray area, but he passed away a week before the fires.

I wanted to do a eulogy, but words fail me. It was a bit of a shock, but maybe after I give it more time. This will have to do until then.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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