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Thurs, May 19, 2016 – When People Die Online

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Day 660. The world wide web is still a relatively new 25 year old thing. What happens when people die? They just drop off the radar as it is now, but it isn’t like anybody is looking. All media and communication technologies have really improved their scope by quantum leaps over that time, but can you have a Fit Bit connected to the net to send out cards to let people know you aren’t ticking any more? With the state of new wearable tech monitoring health, you could even get a warning that so and so is on the brink. Then you could extend that a bit with apple tree polyphenolics, bark, and leaves. It is something that nobody has experienced, so it could be an instant 10+% life extension if they haven’t tried it yet.

People disappear off Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like all the time. I haven’t been there to update my status for a year. It has jumped the shark for me. Social analytics have probably already cancelled my ticket. This blog is one way to show that I persist. How do you know I am not a robot though? I could just be an app thumping the tub for apple tree fibres. As unlikely as that is, somebody will accuse me of it, prompting the app’s flame war routine to protest that it is, in fact, real. Claims of longevity may be arguably over rated in that light.

Well, suffice to say I am too lazy to write that routine now. This is plain old fashioned hunting and pecking things out about whatever comes across my mind as long as I have a net connection and a keyboard in my warm, not-dead hands. The internet of things should still include the people too. This is one of those people things without cold, dead, hands. You may just be in a hospital here, where you have all your communication and media stripped. That is an early warning in itself. It will instantly make more people sicker if they have all their digital life ripped off like a huge patch of adhesive tape on a sensitive hairy area. Hospitals should give you a chance to load an auto responder. “So and So isn’t dead yet, but we have them in our grasp, and have stripped them of all digital stuff. Signed, The Hospital. P.S. We do death right.” There is no next of kin app really, so even getting to any kin down the line can be shaky with the internet.

More often than not, you find out well after the fact if you are not in the loop. Eventually there could be a Facebook update on the likely hood of death of people in contact with your circle. Until then, as primitive as it is, this blog will have to be my online “pulse” check. So how am I feeling? OK actually, barring accident. The apple tree bark and leaves updated my status from on the brink to stable and holding. If I knew my friend was sick, or went into a hospital, I could have passed the discovery on, but I had no idea. He just faded away. Mandatory public health care is decades behind the technology curve though from the threat technology posed to unions. As they become more critical with the baby boomer wave about to hit them, they are technologically non functional, excluding all advances in the last 30 years that they haven’t cherry picked for themselves, not for the patients.

Even for profit health care has missed this whole thing about apple tree bark. It is a forgotten existing medicine with no money trail attached. That is largely why. Nothing even co9mes close to the effect of it, and consequently it is getting harder to get.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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