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Sat, May 21, 2016 – Bug Week

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Day 662. I hope it passes. I am ready. I had a headache yesterday likely from a bug bite, but found some old enteric coated aspirin. I just took one 325 mg. and that treated it. I took some apple tree bark, and some apple polyphenol to taste test as well. Nothing weird to report. Maybe a little itchy on my left belt line. Maybe some mites or something. At least I am realy on top of it. Awareness is a key metric here.

The Victoria Day weekend in Canada here. That explains  a lot. Our family always went camping when I was young, everywhere from here to Sandpoint, Idaho. I remember my dad fishing in Lake Minnewanka on one trip. A bear came around our little trailer, smelling the breakfast cooking. That was like 55 years ago. It was still cold. This weekend, they had 25 cm. of snow in east Alberta in places. That can happen around these parts with the crazy mountain influenced weather. Now I know this is a big bug pressure time. Look for an apple tree. You’ll need it to stay clean. Those nematodes are looking for an easy ride. The vectors packing them can be so tiny you can’t see them at this time of year, but you can feel that itch. Any time after the Kentucky Derby gets elevated with bugs mid spring here.

Finally, they have a doctor app to cut the line ups. I wonder how long that will take to get here? It will be a while. There isn’t much they can do for me anyway. It is depressing. I was watching the news about Fort McMurray and saw forest workers like I used to know there. I wondered if they needed a mapper? With infrared photography, I could load old satellite receivers with maps of hot spots to help them locate all of them.  That was sort of what I used to do but am unable to do it any more. Similarly the GPS manufacturers changed the receivers so they do not do it as well. I did not keep up with the changes. There are still old mapping receivers and they still work though. They could literally hold a half million hot spots to speed locating them. The forestry workers used them to locate and build trails to access our points before they were marked. Alas I am sidelined here and depressed, being unable to do much about it now. I know I could really help them if they aren’t doing that already. They’ll probably get younger people to do it now while us old guys are sidelined. I could sure use it now because I am dying of boredom and other things. The town is still not really ready to return to until June 1 yet. More rain will come on Sunday and next week they hope, and all the space will be taken by those fire fighters I could have helped loading up big precise digital GPS maps to point out and access straight to the trouble spots.

Our project manager could really have helped too. It is another sad thing he died April 26. Everything we were doing is so relevant to that fire fighting effort now. Likewise, using our old access trails, although overgrown, could speed them up immensely on brushing access. We just want to help but it seems so futile. Thinking about it is better than doing nothing, but it is still not enough. It weighs heavy on the heart what could have been but is dashed.

Now moving along to the next crisis, Zika virus being more prevalent than ever thought. Again, they could try my discovery but nobody cares. It isn’t like they have many options as they have fought all kinds of mosquitoes for a long time relatively unsuccessfully. If the domestic mosquitoes here can transfer the virus, it could be truly troublesome. At this time, it is all a newly propagating infection outbreak, with more new unknowns defying their predictions daily. It is about to swarm the news cycle with new detection methods exploding the number of suspect cases now. A call to triple funding fell on deaf ears as expetrts realize it is largely futile at this stage of the fight development cycle. It is the same feeling; feeling powerless to help. Knowing how much they missed of vector realities that apple tree bark and leaves show, they will have to fast forward to the same space I am at. That is not likely. Add Zika to Dengue, Yellow Fever, Chagas, and West Nile. West Nile is already in Canada. It is only a matter of time like the Flu Outbreak of 1915. If it uses existing vector biofilm like Lyme borrelia variants and co infections, they do not know how to stop it. I used to do crisis control, but again, they have new blood in there now. Knowing the hurdles doesn’t help thinking positive. It is the opposite effect.

Sorry to rain on the parade but being closely aware of the problems and current solutions is anything but encouraging. I see it leading down a narrow worsening path with less options. They had a Monsanto protest day. A bit late. 30% of bee colonies are collapsing from herbicide and pesticide over use. POEA adjuvants make it exponentially worse, and have been fingered as the main trouble they hide in their formulations. That isn’t well known though. Nothing to see here they will say. Move along. I know it is still bug season during the May long weekends. They haven’t been good to me, so I took another Wild Apple Leaf maintenance capsule. At least it is something, however futile. Time will tell. I just wanted to provide help. What goes around comes around, however slowly. Perhaps it is better that I simply fade out in obscurity, for Lord knows I tried. Maybe He is all that matters if everybody will come to know this. It will be a Biblical pestilence meltdown.

And here comes the melting pectin from that Apple Leaf capsule with the pectin enzyme. No triple crown winner this year. The unrelated minor things take our minds off of what should garner our undivided attention. As such, it is a deserved end many will say. It is always easy for those without skin in the game to call.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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