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Sun, May 22, 2016 – How Would You?

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Day 663. How would you end this? I could delete all 500 + posts, but erasing the record would only be wishful thinking. I am having bad side effects now though from almost forgotten seeming unrelated painful memories reclaiming all my thoughts. An old friend passed on, and I did not see him since I physically and functionally fell from grace. I never recovered. I threw everything into my job but it was not enough. Too many consecutive 20 hour days led to a series of minor strokes and extreme dysfunction on my part. I suffered a life changing self inflicted work related injury. The apple tree bark has brought the old injured memories back that were better forgotten. It is like having a collapse and waking up on a stage I never signed up for. Was it a new bug or suddenly repaired damaged neural synapse that caused it all? It was a 9+ year old injury that part of re connected.

Could I change the topic? Well, yeah, a whole new site, and they say you can have infinite ones. Not really anything that has ever happened to me has been this engaging though, nor could I even make it up. It seems to get new information all the time. The original mandate has largely been fulfilled, I was able to keep eating apple tree bark and leaves without ill effect from them, and actually found out multiple unknowns about these vector diseases that are causing all this trouble for so many people. I hope I have been able to impart some of that, like how there are parasite helminths, some say filarial nematodes, in bug bites, and you can’t shake them off without apple leaves  or without select anthelmintics AFAIK. Elsewise, they still would not be there decades after the fact, a frightening prospect. They are tough and pervasive little parasites.

What can you even say that would top that? It seems so normal to us now. I found a way to get rid of them. I passed it along. It took a long time; look at the day count, and I don’t know if they are all out. New ones show up sometimes with new vector bites. Most think it doesn’t affect them, but guess again. I would love to have a happy narrative like this used to be, but the naivety of my positive thought made me a victim of my own narrative as it started to anchor in an increasingly serious reality. Like all treatments, time is of the essence. Delaying it for 58 years did not help matters much. As that becomes more evident, the fun of the extremely profound discovery goes out of it.

People may laugh at it, but when the parasites start coming out of them, they won’t be laughing. Medicine could really help, but they are not interested. They knew nothing about it. When vector parasites drill out of their own face, scalp, neck, and ears, what will they be able to say? They sure won’t like to say they were wrong, and last of all, that they were sorry they doubted it. But that goes with the territory. It’s a running theme.

It keeps the hands exercised or practised as an ongoing physiotherapy. The real thing is that it challenges one to keep a logical stream of thought in relatively acceptable english terms. It may morph to the Zika blog as more of the news is about that. Vector transmitted, biolfilming. Still on topic, and the news gets steadily worse. They aren’t letting it go now that a microencephaly baby has been born in Puerto Rico. Borrelia should be in the top slot, but ignoring it has become routine because they can get away with it. It is an official insurance duck. The end is expected to be horrific, but forgotten. On Sunday, we remember that God knows all the skeletons in the closet, while so many forget their own transgressions. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I know. Everybody whistles a different tune for convenience to fit the changing times. In the big picture, nothing changes at all. God doesn’t forget that we are all sinners, and all damned.

What happens when the national debt becomes unsustainable? There are lots of theories but no real answer. It could already be there. That link is more detailed, but the Wall Street Journal says Social Security and health care are both unaffordable, and may be the first to go. Even though that is political suicide, that is likely where it will head. All the platitudes in the world can’t stop reality in a debt backed free market economy. That doesn’t bode well for the sick and the elderly. On the graph there, you can see the edge of the cliff from 8 years ago in no uncertain terms. Since then they slashed interest rates, but even a slight recent raise stressed the economy to the breaking point of 0% GDP growth. The forest fires were an often mentioned, by central banks like the Fed, fiscal shock. It still does not answer the question.

When you can’t get an answer, look for clues from the government. The biggest government seems to be going to Cuba, and Vietnam lately, and eating crow. The current government sentiment is a chicken in every pot. There are too many pots. In the Great Depression, William Aberhard proposed the Social Credit party way forward. It averted disaster meting out a government currency based on the total output. C.H. Douglas, an English engineer, invented the theory. The system we have tries to claim the same thing, but falls short in reality, that being government debt making up the shortfall between income and minimally sustainable subsistence. Currently, when obligation is only to the elderly and infirmed, they will be the first to fall, unable to fend for themselves. They are the silent canaries in our coal mine, but nobody notices if they fall from the perch. Aberhardt was instrumental in actually putting the theory into action likw a localized Zero Interest rate policy. He actually formed an Alberta, and spin off British Columbia, government when Ottawa ignored the problems faced by those provinces in the Dirty Thirties. Better liars replaced the government then, and the stage was set for trouble, like it is today.

Famine was a problem then in the midst of plenty, were it not for drought ravaging wind erosion sensitive farmlands. We saw from the Monsanto protests that we have the same thing minus the plenty we have inadvertantly poisoned ourselves, trusting government agencies to prevent that sort of thing. They were skirted around by the manufacturer exploiting loopholes to sneak multiply poisonous adjuvants like Polyoxylated Ethyl Tallow Amines POEA in there. Ironically, it was snuck in through the food supplies of Western Canada, the birthplace of social credit theory put into practice. Alberta had Green Dollars; the US has Green Stamps.

Again, I defer to biblical prophesy and again. Much has been said through all history of precious metals to be a base sanctioned fungible proxy for goods and services. Perhaps oil took a lot of its thunder away in the 00’s. They said wheat and grain too. You can’t eat silver; you can eat with it. Fuel is in a linear process to food as well. We all know that. I am going insane trying to resolve the paradox of the big picture. That is what Sunday is for, humbling, hopeless, and withering to the ways and the will of God.

It’s seems like a brain tumor. It is more than just another bug bite this time. Would it be what happened when the debt wall was hit? Trouble is, we would all be guilty. That’s unbelievable. Fiction has to stick to possibilities, truth and reality does not. We all want Trump to fire them, but it catches our own foot as collateral damage.

The Muse is hell. We were born a part of it, and there is no escape. Even the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil cannot help you. You know just how bad it is, how inescapable, and that is the torture. In that sense, old apple tree bark might not be a good thing, showing you too much knowledge, mostly of evil. It is an old German medicine, also used over a century ago in America. In my case, it did it. The psychological damage of that can be too intense, like a different kind of neuroblastoma. You can erase a WordPress but you can’t erase painful memory any more than Fukushima or CFC’s. Considered in that light, which is more consequential? McMurray fires and flare ups, McMurray tales of woe, or a life of bugs revisited after a meltdown?


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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