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Tues, May 24, 2016 – We Are Close

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I have likely lost count, but it could still be Day 665. A year and a leap are 731 Days, – 665 = 66. Does that only get us to July 29? Now we know the nature of the beast. It is Death by Healthcare. CFHI is scrambling, trying to halt it, but they are overwhelmed. There is no big red “Stop!” Emergency Button to halt the mindless machine. Doctor writes prescription, and sees you 6 months later. They will never see this. They have no time to read. They are too busy ending it while ensuring the ancient paperwork is filled out. Everyone has been in the high speed digital loop for decades but to them it is still a fad.

Black lives matter. All lives matter. Just slogans, a passing phase. Drug ’em up and strip all their communications and entertainment freedom. Make sure it is as miserable as possible. I can’t believe this is 2016… More like 1516. Oh, I get it. Shut up. Nobody is complaining, not that it is like they could. The walls are soundproof enough, and the voices are feeble, faint, and weak. They did that to my father and mother. There was no second guessing them, doctor or staff. They would likely be beaten if we tried to get help for their pleas. Meanwhile, another plane disappears, hit by a meteor maybe. No one thinks of that, even less about what is going on in long term care facilities hidden down the long grey corridors.

The secret of that Soylent Green is people. The other Green lines their nest. It is no secret that it won’t matter what happens to the patients as long as they can squeeze all the Green out. Death and pre-death are recession proof businesses. It is a terrible untold reality of the end, and what is the regular official course of action. Many just have ignored Lyme Disease because it is beyond hope. The cash flow is in the antipsychotics. It isn’t in Apple Leaves. They could give seniors free cigars, or unfiltered butts, to wipe them out faster. Assist dying, and refund taxes because they didn’t kill them yet. If the object is to save money, is tobacco cheaper than medicine? Then there is Black Capsule like on MASH. Internet simulated euthanasia is easy.

Let’s imagine a contest to pick over the bones. Just imagine what happens when you get disabled elderly alone, and get abandoned by all the holier-than-thou real guilty parties. They’ll get their turn because nobody gets out alive. It’s a curse we all have to go through. Run the gauntlet of herbal remedies and big pharma drugs. Learn everything that doesn’t work.

Here is a tricky quiz for armchair diagnosticians. Reverse POTS tachychardia. Lying down increases heart rate. Normal POTS increases heart rate when suddenly standing, and can cause dizziness, a side effect of some medications. It is possibly linked to smoking cessation in the reverse case. It could be the Smoker’s Paradox: Indicative of imminent heart failure and could make you Die from quitting smoking. Nicorette or the Patch may help. It explains why all my smoker peers that quit died suddenly. I think I finally have discovered the paradox. I may have to quit quitting all nicotine to survive it, and may still have to wean off the gum carefully, or quit lying down. Doctors doubtfully will know about this, and will force total cessation to invoke rapid death. Standing or sitting upright eliminates it for the immediate term. Long term smoking breaks the autonomic tachycardia control system it seems. That matches what I have seen in others. Kind of like giving a diabetic a little sugar because the hyperglycemia effect is the lesser of a couple evils.

There is the paradox of end care by medical means too. I noticed the effect over a month after quitting. That also matches what I witnessed sincve they all generally died a month after quitting smoking. It is all right here on the internet should they care to listen or look for themselves. It could also be tied to eating and resting, known to be bad, although not necessarily that way. A few unshelled sunflower seeds makes it worse. Knowing this helps plan a way forward. One cigarette has between 6 and 12 mg bio available nicotine, and 8 to 20 mg overall, explaining the strong inhaled rush. Even 4 mg strength gum is not a cigarette replacement, but also not complete cold turkey. I thought it was more effect seemingly. I replaced a whole package with a few pieces of gum daily initially. Monitoring Overton_2013-08-07for Reverse POTS, guessing your pulse lying down, lets you know the effect. I noticed it can vary lying on back or side too. Side reduces the rate, kind of like the right side first aid recovery position, heart on the high side.  Lying on back supine restricts peripheral circulation simultaneously. Tilt table testing would confirm it should they even care. Killing a smoker is no loss though. Smoking lives don’t matter. Change smoking to Black and see how much sympathy you get. That is the medical system we have. Just kill all the smokers to make it simpler, and it is politically correct to be ignorant of the physics of why they are so successful at it. Smoking kills in 70-110 years. Our “Therapy” for it kills in a month.

Pectin enzyme could replace all oxygen tanks and inhalers. The pectin restricts breathing. Making everybody quit smoking makes the pectin alveoli bridging and suffocation worse. The smoking prompts expectoration of the pectin goo. It is well known to be the polysaccharides that comprise bacterial biofilm, the stuff of insect vector transmitted worms. It is a product of bug bites and smoking. Not smoking only makes it grow faster.

Glioblastoma chemotherapy treatments are not OK with smoking. Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip was recently diagnosed with that. The conditions and symptoms are similar to what I am going through, but there are no MRI’s here as a regular diagnostic tool. That explains a lot of misdiagnosis here. I knew it was a possibility and is often related to neuroborreliosis symptoms. The onset 10 years ago would put it in the center of the 40-60 age group, predominantly male. It is in the family of Lyme ailments.


Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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