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Thurs, May 26, 2016 – To Be or Not To Be

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The archive stands, 665 Days after discovering apple tree leaf properties, 500+ posts, even if this is deleted. A WordPress blog can be deleted. The world is fragile. Anything that can be misinterpreted will be misinterpreted. “Alternatively, you can simply make your WordPress.com blog private. Simply login to your WordPress.com/wp-admin dashboard and go to Settings » Reading page. Scroll down to the Site Visibility section and check the option ‘I want to make my site private…’.” You can also de index it so that search engines ignore it. The site can be scraped by spam bots. A multitude of monkeys can randomly reproduce the entire works of Shakespeare, but there are near infinite misses there too. And now I have done it.

Will people forget that a bug bite can wind up in a brain tumour, or will they dwell on the fact that a bug can cause a mental disorder? If the world ever needed more information, now is the time, but misinterpreting information might make them think unpredictably. It is a very rare chance, but there is a chance of anything. It at least defines apprehension. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater goes with that territory.

I might morph to all the news that’s fit to be tried. The New York Times says all the news that’s fit to print. That is understood to have an inconsequential unavoidable daily change in context. This is the blanket behind Quebec’s new anti smoking law. The government doesn’t want to sell cigarettes any more, so they fine a problem they created that people cannot stop. The large $250-750 fines will exceed previous revenues. Many smoke in Quebec. Now our past Prime Minister will give up his parliamentary seat this fall.

No, that is not a course of action. A news commentary will not work. A movie script may be another inconsequential topic, but that would require talent. I have none left. I just have to wrap things up here if I move to a place with no net connection. No lose ends to worry over.

I could do a movie about highly defective evil people. There were plenty around here trying to outdo each other on crime and frame up jobs. Truly bad apples. I can’t rest even imagining about them, wondering what they were thinking, and why? So that is a no go. Not exactly a good popcorn experience.

I like the space program but it also has a bad surprise. All that effort to find what was on the moon, and the biggest thing was looking back at the tiny earth, realizing we are so alone. Earthrise was a spoiler, and Apollo 13 was already done.

The pyramid stones were not cut but cast in many cases. There is a story, along with hydraulics, rope, and pulleys. Apple leaves give you the knowledge about it all. Mankind evolved with nematode parasites, but without them the mysteries of life make more sense. Now I worry they make too much sense. More insect bites will dumb it down. Bad dreams that make sense are not too much fun. Too psychic for my liking. I don’t want to know.

There may be the answer to what is happening. Pseudo psychic chronicles. The trouble is that the outcome they foretell is not very rosy. Valproic acid/ divalproex eliminates it it seems if/when it comes up but it is a much stronger effect like all other medicines with apple tree bark.





Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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