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Fri, May 27, 2016 – Surveyor’s Disease Add Ons

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This is the second private post, Day 666, or 65 Days to go to two years. The author field is still there. But that is not the main topic. Cell phones linked to cancer in lab rats. I heard it on the news but can’t find the story. There is an interesting angle with Gord Downie.

Old EDM survey instruments could also be felt when the distance meter was used. They would emit stronger radiation you could feel, and it made you punchy after awhile. Laser EDM’s could irritate the eye being used after a while too. It would be another work hazard added to vector exposure. Field engineers use cell phone boosters too though. It is all linked. Is that good, or bad to know?

It is another unknown, found out too late, like CFC’s. I used to be a climate change sceptic too, but in light of CFC’s being linked to chemtrails, it makes sense.

But now back to the main topic. Which are more important factors in disease? Environmental risks like chemicals, radiation, and the like, or nematodes that have arguably been hitch hiker parasites in mankind for all history? Good question. There was only one way to find out. You may not like the clarity that wild apple leaves and bark give you as they force out the nematode drag from your systems. If you stop taking apple leaves and bark, will you just go back to normal ageing from parasitic vector worms and such?

If you live too long, you will run out of money. If too many people live too long, we will all run out of money. Mankind is already at that crossroad regardless. It is the only logical conclusion. Eventually, without being too Malthusian, it stands to reason the entire system will fail while you may not, and all the good intentions will be abandoned. It is the Simpson-Bowles problem of unsustainability.

I found that tobacco will be a left handed way out. Quit smoking and die. If you are forced to quit, the Smoking Paradox reverse POTS will get you. The allure of socialism will wind up in a similar sustainability pickle. Yesterday, we reminded how small our existence is by Apollo 8’s “discovery” of earthrise and that the reality of human existence is fragile on our one and only planet. We built everything to live here given what we have, and given the pitfalls inherent to any system, none are sustainable so far. Illness eventually becomes mercy.

Overton_2013-08-07So we switch the blog back on for a while. Billy Joel pointed out that only the good die young, but you can similarly argue for the other case that only the good die old. Not many do in either case. Mankind as we know it is in an infancy of development as far as we can tell. There are many things we do not understand like disease and ageing, war, peace, sutainability, and more medical issues than you can shake a stick at. It would be interesting what apple tree fibre does for the field of Oncology, or cancer research, for example. Richard Arvine Overton would be 110 this Memorial Day weekend, and has been since May 11. That wiki is a way to monitor his progress, and we get an update every memorial day. He states himself that while not the secret of his long life, he still drinks whiskey and consumes cigars. He was an engineer in the miltary in WWII in the Pacific. Somewhere there is a secret to physical sustainability, and like it or not, a way forward where nobody gets out alive. Wouldn’t that be a blast if it was actually cigars and whiskey-stiffened coffee? YMMV.

800px-Agave_fields_hillIn our readings here, the oddest things have cropped up, like pectin enzyme from aspergillus niger fungus. It converts the bacterial biofilm polysaccharides to consumable sugars. I tried that for almost a year now, largely just for maintenance after the first few months. Insect vector parasite nematodes obviously leave a pectin residue to protect their gardens of pathogens that they eat. They also tent and protect themselves in it as far as I could tell when more came out when I started the enzymes at a gram and a half a day for a couple months. Again, it was a two part solution, with the apple tree fibre acting as a catalyst. The enzyme is also used to make sugar out of Agave polysaccharide that tequila is made from. Agave polysaccharide and bacterial biofilm have the same polysaccharide matrix.

Paranoia, big destroyah. That is even part of our pop culture. Thinking what could be makes you paranoid of the consequence of thought alone. That is why I worry about this blog. Insert long legal boilerplate here, denying any responsibility of suspecting fires in crowded theatres. It could take all network news down as we know it out of frivolous lawsuits. Writing itself is fraught with perils without a First Amendment. How can I know what people will think or do when confronted with the possibility of an idea? Some will argue the problem is too many ideas. I say to them why can’t they cure a common cold yet? The reason isn’t that the idea was never explored, but that it was never put into practice. Is that apple leaf cure caught in a paradox of paranoia? Maybe it is. Can we do anything about it? It wouldn’t be a paradox then. Actual paradoxes (plural?) can exist like that. Thus, a First Amendment. One way or another, opening that can of worms is trouble. You can see all you need is that can opener, the genie is out of the bottle, and it isn’t like they aren’t trying. Then all science would stop, on top of writing.



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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