Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, May 28, 2016 – Vector Theory

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Lyme disease is a vector disease, with the tick being a common vector. Rats, mice, spiders, wasps, bees, yellow jackets, mosquitoes, and other insects are also classed as vectors, but there are likely many more. I have seen that spiders get the disease by eating other vectors in their web. This is where borrelia is coming from as far as they can tell. The apple leaves expose yet another intermediate vector, and those are filarial nematodes.

They are small parasitic worm species left in bug bites and stings, living in your skin and shallow external tissues and sometimes joints I have noticed. Pretty soon you figure that they must be in everybody, and if not the only health problem, they are a large health problem. They only way to find that out is by forcing them out with apple leaves, and observing which effects they may have had on your systems. From that, you can tell that a lot of medicine is on the wrong track. If they only knew, it could foster a quantum leap forward, but this is all too revolutionary and misunderstood, and medicine is obviously on the wrong track until they discover the vectors I found from wild apple leaves.

Knowing that is not reassuring at all. Until all medicine discovers it for themselves, there will be no way forward in nearly all of their disciplines dealing with preventing and/or eliminating chronic disease. It is no secret that with antibiotics, they have run their course. Current diseases have all evolved to a state of antibiotic resistance. That is one problem, and the second that apple leaves jump is that they are a seeming new class of anthelmintic, exposing little known, undetectable, helminth parasites else wise. they are alive, but have only been found in autopsies so far. That is where apple leaves offer a way forward.

The helminths come from known insect and aquatic biofilm vectors. They are an alive co species existing in humans and other vertebrates. Dr Griffith Evans discovered them in horses in 1880, and determined that they were the cause of Surra Disease in vertebrates. Recently, a similar vertebrate disease was found in humans, mimicking Multiple Sclerosis. There was also an unknown trypansome underlying it in humans, similar to Trypanosome evansii. The negative effect on human health far outweighs that of cigarettes, not saying that is a good thing about smoking. It does point to the relative danger of vector nematode based diseases though, and frames them in a more familiar context. I can also add that life would be less trouble if you could stop the parasites at a young pre teen age instead of waiting 50 years to find it out like I had to before accidentally discovering them.

How can I inform people of this? This blog tries. You can liken a blog to a small hand held cardboard sign on the information free way though. Someday in retrospect, I can only hope it will be re discovered by others. I will never live to realize any sort of recognition for it unless like apple tree polyphenols, the leaves also extend life to a very old age. Then people may stand up and take notice to what I have been saying all along. By then, the major benefits will have passed them by as well. It is what I consider to be a divine irony. Somebody will hopefully type the keywords “wild apple leaf” into Google, where it is all tracked and find out. It will be a message in a bottle though.

In kind, health experts want to postpone the Rio summer Olympics due to Zika, another vector problem. The WHO does not. Perhaps they got the memo about wild apple leaves, but that is only wishful thinking. More likely we will all be long gone by then, and the internet will be deprecated. The wild apple leaves are a better preventative measure. You would think they would keep it all as an information base, but like each successive release of computer operating systems, they always seem to leave something out and it doesn’t work as well as it used to.

Dr Heimlich had to wait until he was 96 years old to actually employ the procedure named for him this month. He had demonstrated it several times but didn’t actually have a live choking victim until now at the nursing home he resides in in Cincinnati. It worked. I can imagine how he feels, “Told ya so!” There is also a documentary film out now, Mr Overton about Richard Arvine Overton turning 110 years old. We will see if he has any secrets of longevity that he can pass on.

One big takeaway from apple leaves and bark is that Lyme disease can be everywhere. If it does not manifest as Lyme disease, it can as other vector illness of the brain, lungs heart, joints, and other major organs. This is because the borrelia spirochaete is wrongly fingered as the only causative factor, and the vector nematode parasite that “farms” it is ignored. Medicine is baffled why Lyme disease occurs everywhere, but it only makes sense after what I witnessed. There can be many vectors involved until an opportune host is located. This makes the disease understandably difficult to get to the bottom of with so many broken pathways to a root cause.

Canada still largely does not recognise Lyme Disease. That is the end of civilization here when they start cherry picking vector epidemics. It is all a nightmare of corruption in the health care system as the epidemic status worsens, foretelling systemic collapse. When the health care system of a civilization becomes a fraud, so the civilization will follow silently. The warning signs were all there being hidden. That isn’t a good sign since that is old news that our health care is a fraud, ducking “new” diseases, tests, and diagnostics like the plague, opting for outdated hit and miss tactics. In 2016, that is only getting more entrenched as the whole Powassan Lyme argument falls away in the cover up. It is a losing battle, and when it shows up at your own door, you’ve already lost. You’ll need alternatives. That kind of doesn’t even matter with me, since my ACA Herxheimer showed up on May 3, 1992, and my employer covered it up if they even knew, since then. I have had to go it alone since then, all the time being told it was just arthritis.



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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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