Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Sun, June 26, 2016 – If Lyme Disease Doesn’t Exist

Some doctors still think it doesn’t exist. What is their game? I think it is just because the disease goes seronegative, or cannot be detected in blood and other serum tests, because the causative bacteria, borrelia, hides inside biofilm and nematodes in an endosymbiont fashion. It also seems there are nearly as many borrelia variants as there are biting and stinging insects, and not just ticks. Some may be the same, while some may be different in the same types of bug. It is known that you can have multiple variants at the same time. If there is really no test for all of that, they say the disease does not exist, and not the test. The trouble is biofilm and nematodes that hide the bacteria in endosymbionce. They live inside the worms where they can’t be detected until the worm passes some through. Then the bacteria is still cloaked by biofilm housing the worm.

If you are seronegative, you are out of luck in the current systems of healthcare where expenses have been cut to the bone. Serum testing is relatively cheap. The question is, by eliminating the worms with anthelmintics or apple leaves, will the disease still be seronegative without the worm and the biofilm to hide in? Easy to ask. Tough to answer. They just don’t test for it anymore. We saw yesterday that medical error is now the third leading cause of death in the US. In Canada, it might be errors of omission. They just omit half the book of diseases they feel do not exist in Canada. “Unknown” becomes a leading killer. There are no mistakes that you will ever know of.

The main thing is if you have Lyme Disease, you have this parasitic nematodiasis. Little worms from bugs are running the disease in you. They do not know about that yet or how to get rid of it. Dr MacDonald finds that it seems to mimic Onchocerca volvulous in a mammal host, vector, mammal life cycle in the case of Alzheimer’s while MS mimics SURRA. I found that apple leaves interrupt that equivalent borreliosis cycle, but the damage may be permanent. This is just the beginning of getting to what exactly is happening there, including parasitic nematodes, in an O. volvulus River Blindness type of model.

Mon, June 27, 2016 – Still Brexiting

The markets dropped again. Scotland wants a do over now that they have had a taste of what it will be like. Only London voted to stay because that’s where all the money is.

Tues, June 28, 2016 – Market Rebound

There was a terror attack in Istanbul afterwards. I told somebody about cerebrospinal nematodiasis and Dr MacDonald’s work, and they said they would look it up. I said it was hard to find.

Weds, June 29, 2016 – Natural Steroids

Wherever you have an anti-helminthic treatment, corticosteroids are recommended as well. Apple leaves might need that too to be safe, given all the different nematodes and the fact they are unknown from multiple vectors in different locations and people. Natural corticosteroid sources are spinach, wild oats, quinoa, saw palmetto seeds, celery, eggs, fava beans. That is what is coming out of searching larva migrans, and the treatments for it. The worms don’t appear to migrate from the vector site much though, so that is kind of a misnomer from what I saw, but the same would still apply. Caesar salad has spinach. Chop up some celery in it too. Just a hunch. The steroids like predisone prescribed by doctors are to fight inflammation. Cut apple tree bark does that as well. Tumeric and Curcumin is another one, but if apple leaves are anthelmintic, you will need a prednisone like equivalent to go with them.

I don’t get much spinach and celery in my diet. Zero on the fava beans and quinoa, let alone wild oats. I have a saw palmetto supplement I have been slacking on. I don’t get enough eggs either. Kelp is apparently another.

Fri, July 1, 2016 – Anti-Helminthic

It is often shortened to anthelmintic. Until now, it referred more to intestinal parasite worms,  and oddly to river blindness from Onchocerca volvulus. There are many classes of larva migrans, but they all migrate in body fluids. The new discovery is they have been found in CSF in autopsies. What I found didn’t migrate much from where it was transmitted from bug stings or bites. While I suspect it probably has endosymbiont borrelia spirochaetes, found showing as “string of pearls” borrelia, there are many unknowns. They haven’t even been found in situ before apple leaves appear to skunk them out from where they hide for up to decades once established. They may also migrate to nerve channels. That would explain the peripheral neuropathy associated with Lyme Disease. The former endosymbiont borrelia may be left behind, or go with the worm. There has to be a massive amount of forward research done to get to the bottom of what is really happening here. I can’t even get anybody interested.

It is a real can of worms. There are many different kinds in size and behaviour. You may have an idea what is happening, but that is speculation. It shows the whole trouble with Lyme Disease, where in many places they chose to ignore it, not wanting to do more damage. Now found to be a helminhtic symbiotic relationship, it points to more potential problems than medicine knows how to solve. At least I could offer that I was a guinea pig that lived to tell the tale, but I am only one. Apple leaves are an anti-helminthic too that enabled me to see a bit of what was going on. Losing the floaters in my eyes was one piece of evidence. Seeing the worms that apparently migrated out from where they were stationary in my skin and deeper dermal tissues was another. Some in the bottom of my right foot apparently went through the foot to migrate out. You just never know what will happen in your own case. What damage can they inflict drilling out? That is unknown. Likewise what damage would they cause if killed in situ? Again, that is only partly known, and you have to beware that the die off can cause herxing as all the locations of dead worms are healed, with the borrelia being released. Maybe a lot of mine left with the worm. Lots hid in biofilm, and it was about half in my guesstimation.

On top of it all is that this is a nested endosymbionce within a bug. The worm is endosymbiont to the bug, and the borrelia and others are endosymbiont to the worm. What worm? They are still trying to figure out even one species of them. There could be hundreds if not thousands. All previously unknown. They can affect your thinking, at least clouding it. A parasitic neural larva migrans with endosymbiont pathogens is a candidate for that process.


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Sat, June 25, 2016 – Apple Tree Dangerous?

Can apple tree bark and leaves be dangerous? Pharmaceutical Anthelmintics are dangerous because they kill the worm in situ, and infection can result. To that end, corticosteroids and antimicrobials are prescribed with them to fight infection from a large worm die off causing a Herxheimer reaction. Apple leaves are different in that the worm appears to vacate by working its way out of the skin. Until it is proven what exactly is happening, they raise suspicion that some worms may also die in the process causing a similar problem to other anthelmintic medicines. I wish it were all wine and roses, but to be cautionary, use some caution and watch for worms dying off. Like Dr MacDonald says, you don’t want a lot of these things dying in your spinal fluid, and consider what damage they may cause if they are accessing out of your neural tissue. That being said, they have probably already caused a lot of damage being there if they are. It is a tough call whether you want to risk stopping it or continue letting the parasites go. I voted to get mine out, and have lived to tell the tale. The neuropathy largely also stopped, but my left eye is a little fuzzy from time to time, differing up and down.

Stopping the progression of the disease was a major factor for me to continue. It really helped my arthritis to a point I had forgotten what it felt like when it subsided that much. It didn’t do it all as there was still some residual swelling, but eventually the bark helped that. I maintain that chewing the cut bark was helpful fighting what I thought were inflammatory cytokines. This appears to be what celebrex also fights. The bark has a more powerful warming feeling. There had to be a reason it was dropped from the pharmaceutical compendium though. Perhaps they thought that antibiotics and other analgesics would replace it. They really don’t.

The parasite worms are hard to see in tissue with Innes and Shoho having to scan hundreds of slides to find one worm. They can be seen easier in the cerebrospinal fluid of sufferers on every slide Alan MacDonald found this year. Until a couple years ago, nobody knew there were worms at all, prompting me to write this whole blog. This is all relatively cutting edge stuff here between the rants. I couldn’t believe it at first, but I knew that something was in those old bug bites, and a year and a half ago I found out about filarial nematodes. We had a candidate that seemed to match what I was seeing. About a year ago, I deduced that the worm builds the biofilm to, and started trying to reduce that taking pectin enzyme like winemakers and weightlifters use. I would have to say it was a success, exposing a hundred more nematodes coming out. A couple came out of old bee stings, followed a few weeks later by the stinger as I presume it healed and was expelled by the body finally. It also gave me more evidence that the worm was still alive, preceding the embedded stinger by so much.

You have to be mindful still that this is an anthelmintic class of herbal medicine. That is what I saw. Everybody will be different as their own set of infections, which in my case were largely from endosymbiont parasite worm pathogens. It felt that way as worms increasingly left where they resided for so long, left there from insect vectors. It isn’t a new disease model, akin to onchocerca volvulus with endosymbiont wolbachia, but a discovery of a wider world of diseases using that River Blindness model. Apple leaves made that more readily apparent when the diseases were alleviated as the worms left. Why were apparent COPD and asthma eliminated, for example. The apple leaves also put flu and common colds into fast forward, running their course in hours and not days. It could be a case of other worms causing those to persist longer than usual. As it stands, there are years of work to get to the bottom of what is really happening when you eat apple tree fibre.

Going back to square one, you could always wait until someone does a large veterinary study with mice and such. I didn’t have that option, but made it out OK comparatively. The doctor told me he thought the cellulose from apple trees may not be good. He also didn’t think much about my troubles with peripheral neuropathy developing in spring 2014 before I discovered the apple leaf effect. Dr MacDonald is our only hope for a fast track on this, but the apple leaves helped me by getting rid of nematodes they were effective against. There may be others to get out as well with other anthelmintics. Apple tree leaves and bark may just get the low hanging fruit.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have Alzheimer’s and/or MS, but those were diseases where the nematode cause could be readily observed in the saved cerebrospinal fluid, and where there was a bank of related autopsy tissue to be observed. From Dr MacDonald’s work, we now know that the worms are readily apparent in CSF but not so in tissue. That is how they remained hidden for centuries I take it. Scanning related symptoms and papers, I suspect poliomyelitis in many forms could also be a rare similar mechanism from endosymbiont parasitic nematodiasis. This parasitic model prefers neural tissue. Malaria, Zika, West Nile, Sleeping sickness, and other vector diseases may also fall into the same category, like Lyme Disease. It opens a whole new window on the Lyme world, but one that would be hard to monitor if the worms cannot be readily found in tissue and not only in the CSF. Normal anthelmintic treatment would be basically blind, and that is where apple leaves really hold promise. All the helminths they expose are previously unknown.

Now, my background is not medicine, but what I saw explains why they have so much trouble with chronic disease. Worms and biofilm. My guess is that the long lived parasitic worms make the biofilm, and are the impetus for disease persistence. Slimy stuff is the preferred mode of worms or nematodes it seems. Doctors will be sceptical, preferring a model where the biofilm inexplicably makes itself. Endosymbiont theory makes it seem that both sides are right, but the endosymbiont parasitic nematode model is more complete of an explanation. Dr Douglas Kell explains Resuscitation Promotion Factor. I suspect the worm makes it in endosymbionce with the pathogen. That explains a lot of missing answers in the chronicles of chronic disease. What remains to be seen is how effective existing treatment will become once the worm is eliminated. The concerted pectin enzyme effort at eliminating bacterial biofilm has to also be considered along with this. Worms use pectin to make bacterial biofilm and amyloid to shield it. The apple tree fibre seems to break through the amyloid shield. I guess it would have to be proven right or wrong, as I am just going by what I felt and experienced. I wish I had started biofilm reduction 8-10 months earlier after a short initial course of apple leaves got the first wave of worms out. I’m not sure that simultaneous biofilm reduction would work until apple leaves softened it up. Again, this is all new. Never been done until I tried that I know of.

This way, you will meet the worms and be able to determine what kind of critter they were. It could be risky, but you can find out what they were as they come out, and if you can catch one or more. They are all different sizes and possibly species too, varied as the vectors they came in on. They may be too slippery to catch or they may have even expired. Who knows? Perhaps you will find out if you risk it or can find a sentient enough lab animal to tell you what is going on and when. Naturally that is going to be tough. Can you imagine how much medical evidence is lost by not being able to get the story from the horse’s mouth? For toxicity though, they would likely try to see how much a mouse can handle without croaking. I suspect it is a large amount, and more than the mouse can normally even ingest with a normal diet. Kinda cruel when you think of it. They cram little critters full of all sorts of drug candidates. They breed them with candidate diseases already there as well.

Pyrus MalusApple tree bark is an old medicine, but dating back to the days of eclectic medicine when they were still blood letting. It contained phloridzin, and was found to be good for digestion, and what we now know is a symptom of congestive heart failure, “dropsy” or pitting edema of the lower legs. Also use for kidney stones or “gravel.” They knew they were good for fighting “bilious fevers.” They made tinctures like ferri pomatum from the bark. They sold it by the pound. Sounded legit to me. They may have thrown out the baby with the bathwater when the worms started drilling out all over with many people. That was a new one when I tried to inquire about it. Now here we are, noting Jim McDonald warned us at the end of the link of the leaves containing small amounts of cyanide, but not as much as the apple seeds. Add the recent discoveries of Dr MacDonald and it all adds up. Just be careful like I was. I seemed to have no other alternative. The available info ranged from apple tree fibre being useless to medicinal. Now I have confirmed the remedy properties, including for arthritis, and have discovered that it is anthelmintic as well. I doubt if it is just the trees I have used.

Other doctors are not so easily convinced that apple tree bark and leaf fibre are any good. They only offer that it is just cellulose but so are all sorts of fibre containing vegetables. The cellulose fibre is the good part of them. They rest is starch and bioflavinoids. Granted they are a lot more common. The same argument may also be used to say Tylenol causes Lyme Disease. You already had it, then took Tylenol. Tylenol is a lot more established and common though. That is another way apple fibre is different in that it is not so readily accepted by the medical community. They want to kill rats with it first like all their other medicines before they will take it. They feel apple leaves are not ready until more modern testing has been done, even though the bark has been known for almost two centuries.

Your own doctor may have a different opinion, but that is one I have heard. Lyme Disease is seronegative in the tertiary stage, so it doesn’t exist in their world. They likewise know nothing about the hundreds of nematodes the apple leaves force out, and those worms are likely multiples of times worse for you than smoking could ever be. That is just my guess. Dr MacDonald has just started, and already has found two incurable chronic diseases with evidence of them in the brain and spinal fluid. I am buoyed by the London Lecture of May 15. What I found may finally be getting out there. It may not be MS or Alzheimer’s yet, but it is behind a parasitic nematodiasis of some sort, and behind at least chronic arthritis.

I did not find the apple leaves as dangerous from their composition, but do mind the worms that are present may cause other damage like with other anthelmintics, depending on which ones and where they reside. Like anthelmintics, you want to employ caution by starting slow to see if they agree with you. They did with me, and were at least very good for digestion, likely after skunking out any intestinal parasites. Other studies found no bad chemicals like cyanidins, but concentrated more on phenolic content. “Procyanidins (oligomeric flavan-3-ols) group compounds; procyanidin B1 and procyanidin B2 were identified in apple fruits [25, 78], while in apple leaves they were not.” The apple itself had more procyanidins. One study found the oil prepared from leaves useful against some cancer cell lines.

It could be just positive thinking. The whole anthelmintic thing with apple leaves and bark should really be looked at with new eyes though. The fact that medical error could now be the third leading cause of death in the US isn’t reassuring. Only Heart Disease and Cancer kill more. Kills 100,000 more than respiratory illness and is likely the second cause of preventable death to smoking at 480,000, however they slice that. It, tobacco, is likely a major cause of the previous leading three causes of death in many cases.





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Fri, June 24, 2016 – Anthelmintics

Get used to them. Previously they were used for intestinal parasites. They simply didn’t know about all the vector dermal, neural, and muscular nematode parasites. Wild Apple Leaves are a newly identified anthelmintic with a twist. The mode of operation is that they force the vector nematode or whatever to leave from where it has hidden for decades. I take it that the worm is still alive. I just know they are gone. There is still permanent damage they left, but they won’t do it anymore.

In medicine, there are different anthelmintics, and they all kill the worms. The toxins created from that can be nasty. However, medicine generally does not know about these helminths from vectors. They are invisible in tissue where they reside, have endosymbiont spirochaetes, and live close to where the bug transmitted them as adults, larvae, or eggs. Wild apple leaves and bark expose a new world of them. It even includes Swimmer’s Itch. Now that Dr MacDonald is onto it, I presume that after initial scepticism, followed by confirmation of his findings, a whole new method and chapter in medicine will be opened. It was right there all the time until apple leaves ferreted it out.

The MacDonald videos from London last month tell it all about the relevant veterinary work from 1880-1950, and around 18 minutes tell of an Innes and Shoho 1950 veterinary cerebrospinal nematodiasis paper that invited a comparative human model. That is what I believe I have witnessed over the last couple years from worms fleeing apple leaves as an anthelmintic, but one that does not kill them, or possibly even affect all of them. It was quite an education in vector parasitology of domestic insects and environmental factors. It turns out that humans are also in that tent of veterinary animals subject to the same thing. The link does not show the Innes Shoho paper, but does refer to it, being a later paper. Deer already knew about the apple leaves. I just happened to notice them eating the leaves. I tried it and out came the nematodes, reluctantly until a year ago when I found more of them hiding in biofilm. This paper was looking at links to polio as well, quite topical at the time. This relates to the fact borrelia is a great imitator, as well as being a causative factor, of all sorts of chronic illness.

Apple leaves expose helminthiases. They may be cerebrospinal, in joints, dermal, muscular, or other. Anthelmintic documentation notes that this travels in families and where there are people living together. That matches the link to exploration in remote areas. Without more information, it is hard to determine the risk apple leaf anthelmintics pose as endosymbiont bacteria are released. That may be what worries the doctor about them. That is kind of late for me. I only have a diagnosis of arthritis to go by, and I know it returns without help from apple leaves, although the celebrex works better than it used to on it after that.

It seems to be a demyelinating disorder like MS. Lyme disease is not commonly associated with demyelinating, but then some say MS is a symptom of Lyme CerebrospinalDisease. It’s all pretty confusing, except for the multiple vector parasitic nematodes, and in my case, that makes sense. They do not migrate much, preferring to let the endosymbiont borrelia run their errands. That is the takeaway from all the new research. Bovine Setaria digitata is a match noted by Innes and Shoho, but not necessarily exclusive to the abdominal cavity, noted by the Innes-Shoho association with cerebrospinal nematodiasis.





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Thurs, June 23, 2016 – Did they Stay?

Or did they Go? The early Brexit polls are to stay, but the margin is by only 2% mid day. Brexia-Columbit has already left thousands of patients behind if they suffered from a bug bite that transferred nematodes and the other diseases they carried. They left the full package. Lots of people may not be able to battle them off or are overwhelmed by too many of them. At least now they know. It has been over 60 years since the nematode veterinary findings and conclusion it was unclear why this couldn’t be transferred in humans. It was proposed that animal disease had analogs to human MS and other neurological diseases.

Vectored Nematode (worm) Indwelling Endosymbiont Borrelia. On a rainy day, causing nagging arthritis pain. Wild Apple Leaves helped that a lot, but there is a slight residual effect at times. It could also be a new bug bite. If arthritis comes from a sting or bite, what is to stop it from taking advantage of the same arthritis gene? What is worse? Apple tree fibre or the arthritis? Doctors don’t like arthritis, but their medicines are lousy compared to wild apple tree leaves and bark. They also don’t like wild apple leaves. Draw your own conclusions. I’m not hooked on wild apple leaves, but this is another clinical trial of the anti arthritis effect. By stopping the leaves and bark, the arthritis may come back I am thinking. I still have some celebrex to get me through if I need some. It is hard though because the apple tree stuff kept the arthritis cooled off previously.

ms parasitosisNow here are other endosymbionts, causing MS, Alzheimer’s, and maybe ALS, as well as simple rheumatoid. arthritis The endosymbiont borrelia model spreads out across all manner of chronic illness. De-worm that puppy with anthelmintics with corticostreroids to alleviate flare ups from worm die offs. Then hit it with the usual Endosymbiont Modelbiofilm reduction and anti borrelia herbs or medicine when the chronic mechanism is eliminated. Maybe it’s just me. I think that is a lot further than medicine has ever gotten with this so far. Truly world changing. The worm is now caught in the spotlight that it has eluded for so long. Since Shoho and Innes, 1952, captured it in veterinary science. They said the human connection should be explored, but nobody did until Dr MacDonald this year at about 15:00 onwards of that video. The focus is more on demyelinating parasitic worm attack, but other debilitating disease can use the same model, perhaps with multiple different types of vector nematode. It matches what I saw and felt from apple leaves and their anthelmintic effect.

Anthelmintics can be dangerous for multiple reasons, but moreso in MS because of where the worm resides in the brain and spinal fluid in cerebrospinal nematodiasis. That video tells of an 80 year old man with 20 years of chronic borrelia prior to MS. The amyloid coating on the biofilm made it all seronegative I take it. That amyloid coating is a candidate for what the apple keaves break down like a catalyst to enable pectin enzyme biofilm reduction. I understand the doctor’s concern that this is all too soon in the research stage. I am still glad I could help if I don’t make it. At least they got the worm part if they missed the apple leaf anthelmintic part. The worms fled the apple fibre to actually drill out, and thus fold where they had been hiding. More were hiding under amyloid in that biofilm. I may be late, but I stand vindicated that they finally explained what I saw. Now I have credible evidence that I can build my theory and model on with a match to my observations. The ominous implication of chronic borrelia leading to other neurological disorders like MS worries one.

A tick is just one kind of arthropod. I witnessed other nematodes from mosquitoes, spiders, and wasps. It is a larger vector base than just ticks. Lord knows what diseases they could all cause. It sure felt better as nematodes left. Some more than others. There could also be a psychological component like when another nail gets pulled out of your foot. It may not be all of it, but there is an improvement. When you haven’t had prior success, anything is better, no matter how small a part it may be. It may be the cumulative effect of multiple different vectors and diseases associated with each. That matches what people see from their own assortment of bites and stings. I offer the worms as a group of simultaneous infection farming parasite animals. They are a lead farmer candidate for strongyloides, Morgellons, and a whole large family of borrelia  others.

I am being redundant all over again. But it is a relatively new match, and the arthritis discovery is that I could be reinfected after stopping apple leaves and bark. I have the weak gene that way it is known. I also have the medical history. Just unlucky I guess. There is a link to nematodiasis from yellow jacket stings in my case I noted. In Sept-October 2014, it became more obvious. I’ve been a long way. The other biologic arthritis treatments like Enbrel and Remicade are expensive, $1,800 a month plus, and they also have to be maintained like apple leaves or bark. You might have to keep it up for the benefits, but then, the alternatives are the same and must be maintained at a much higher cost. They were right about the arthritis part at least even when they forgot Lyme. Alcohol helps too, but with a bad inebriation side effect.

Later in the day, the Brexit is closer than originally advertised. They are playing the stock market like a fiddle. At 9 EDT, the leave camp was ahead 53% to 46% stayers. That is a reversal from the day long Stay side winning. The stock market manipulation is only par for the course with that bunch. They have been doing it since Rothschild did it over Waterloo and Nelson against Napolean. Now it is 51-49% leave stay. ES Futures are 2120- 2050 after hours. That is a huge swing. All based on a news story about polling, not the actual vote. Actual districts voting to leave are getting more coverage to make up for it. At 10 PM EDT it is at 2078 or so ES Futures.

That’s neither here nor there. I have suffered arthritis for over 50 years, and now I know what did it. Again, it was parasitic nematodiasis, and likely from yellow jacket stings. Now we also know not to believe what the papers say about Brexits. They voted to leave and ES Futures touched 1999.



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Weds, June 22, 2016 – Back Online

I thought everybody gave up watching. I have quite a volume of worm stuff here since mid October 2014. Cerebrospinal Nematodiasis was just a theory from the 1950’s then. Alan MacDonald brought it to human medicine studying autopsies this year, confirming what I have known for nearly a couple years here. I was paralyzed flat on my back in Feb 2014 before that, not knowing what was going on, and was of course seronegative. I am still alive because wild apple leaves are a live anthelmintic. They don’t kill the worms like other veterinary anthelmintics do, possibly causing fatal Herxheimer reactions. This is the bulk of my experience.

Do apple leaves cause ALS and MS, or is it the worms? That is where local medicine is. My theory is they deduce that once apple leaves start to make their serology work again. Interestingly Dr MacDonald outlined a case history of a patient with MS from 60 years old to 80 years old, previously being chronic Lyme. That is like saying Britain caused Nazi Germany. Alan MacDonald is the top borreliosis researcher, founder of the Paul H. Duray foundation, and now by extension since I donated this blog I hope, the top endosymbiont borrelia nematodiasis/helminthiasis researcher. I can confirm what he is seeing, except my worms have been alive drilling out from the wild apple leaf live anthelmintic. He studies autopsies.

I suspect shortly they will do the same thing to me they have done to Ally Hilfiger and Avril Levigne. They will commit me to a mental institution. I have tried to stay away from them, and apple leaves helped. Now they say they are the problem. I guess I should make my pleas public before they torture me to death with psychotropic medicine in the lockup. It will be decades before they get prosecuted with my murder, and plead ignorance. Sort of like that Columbo episode where the students murder the teacher. At least this blog will stand as some sort of record how they killed me. Even though I have gotten rid of a lot of worms, there are still bugs that can reinfect me. They will require apple leaves because doctors have no idea how to treat them.

I called it Surveyors’ Disease. The pathogens like neural tissue, so wear it, Lyme disease, as a badge of honour. If you are really dumb, you may starve the vector nematodes to death, but likely you are sentient and have enough neural tissue to have a typical chronic borreliosis fatal outcome. Surveyors aren’t that smart, but they have a lot of environmental exposure. They are the worm equivalent as a Quarter Pounder with Cheese McHappy Meal to bugs, nematodes, endosymbiont pathogens, et al. Dr Stephen Hawking and Jason Becker must be a nematode equivalent of a full Prime Rib. Make of it what you will; there is some sort of unclear connection there to ALS and symptoms like that. Perhaps wild apple l;eaves will offer a solution to that too, I can only hope.

I guess I had better make this my memoirs if it looks like I can’t afford to avoid our murderous p$ycho-medical system for borreliosis sufferers. I was doing well until this all came eventually. They won’t let me fight it with apple leaves anymore. At least I cleaned all the worms out that I know of. There is still permanent damage from before finding this out a couple years ago. Apple leaves cause problems from before you even take them our doctors say when their false seronegatives finally get connected. I am just glad the University of New Haven got the memo. You can cry murder on the web but nobody hears until after the fact. “Oh, gee. I guess he wasn’t kidding.” The research will get killed off by doctors too.

MBZ-ABZDr MacDonald knows the treatment is easy but has hazards. When those worms die off in your neurons they are going to wreak havoc. It is a tough call what will cause more damage, that or wild apple leaves. There is also the possible smoking paradox. Veterinarians know the anthelmintic treatment, but their patients can’t talk to say when it is hurting them. I suspect the apple leaves did the same thing already in my case. I also discovered you can get reinfected from what I called “Bobby Orr’s Knee syndrome.” It would dislocate or injure easier after a few times. Single bug bites can just pick up using existing biofilm for their worms. Like a pet, you will have to get dewormed possibly more than once. Apple leaves provide a continuous anthelmintic protection residually, but you can pulse them to minimal effect comparatively. They do not have as toxic a herx I estimate. I could not get a toxic herx at any level as a matter of fact, plus they really were good for digestion. Get ’em before they are banned for making seronegatives explode in your doctors’ faces.

This blog started a long time ago when I emailed Dr. Eva Sapi. I didn’t know what the things were that the wild apple leaves were smoking out. I was posting every day for a while with only gaps when doctors took my computer access away. I used the typing as physiotherapy for a weak left hand that seemed to get better, so I worked on it. I used to play guitar with it but that became too depressing the way it morphed to weakness before apple leaves. I tried a capo to make up for missing fingers. Afterwards, it became too confusing as my left hand recovered somewhat. By that time I had learned different voicings for all the chords in the songs with a capo. Now it stands as a memoir before they kill me off here after disconnecting me. You can’t stop the government health care here. They’ll just fudge their records to cover up the murder. The cops will buy it to avoid paperwork.

There are no options here when you are 100% Lyme Positive here. No relevant medical treatment. Even when you try to hide it, they will come for you like they did for me. It is a testament to wild apple leaves that I made it this far until they started killing me off when the apple leaves made them look foolish in their opinion. It was actually the disease that made them look foolish, but you still have to humour the narcissists. They couldn’t have been criminally wrong all this time; don’t be silly! Cellulose is bad for you, except when it is in vegetables. Yeah, that really worked. Everybody still dies of heart attacks, cancer, and every other form of borrelia in the book. If you manage to beat that, medicine will kill you here. You have to be nuts if they were wrong repeatedly for 50 + years, then were proven without a doubt to be wrong all the time. They won’t let me enjoy my last summer even.

Pyrus MalusI just trust that now that I know I am on the right track, somebody will be able to use this before they make me a vegetable. I’m still typing so I’m not sprouting yet. lol Brain physio. Rants keep the juices flowing to the previously unknown, until a year ago, cerebral lymphatic system. It is cited by 274 searchable papers in google now, so in the medical lingo here, not credibly peer reviewed. It’s online. There ya go. Let’s get back to salting searchable key words here. Clinical vector parasitology anthelmintic therapy. Carl Lowenberger, SFU. Morgellons. MBZ/ABZ/DEC/Avermectin/Ivermectin/Moxy/corticosteroids. Sort of a searchable “alphabet” soup. Let’s throw in Dr Ernie Murakami too. He is the 90 year old Lyme Disease doctor, and Professor Emeritus at UBC, retired, that they throw under the bus for sport in BC to show what men they really are.

It is a sad state of affairs. It is a human meat market of “Brex-Columbit” proportions. Stupor. Natural. It is like crossing Britain with the worst drugs of Columbia, and the medical system wants to leave medical science behind for profit. The difference between them and Britain is they brush their tooth. Perhaps they will exit Canada tomorrow too. The rest of Canada is just starting to think maybe there is a borrelia. None of them think maybe the borrelia is endosymbiont to a nematode.



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Monday, June 20, 2016 – Summer

Well it is finally here. 3 months of bad sledding in Canada. It is cold up here but the bugs don’t seem to mind. They just sneak inside with us to keep going all year long anyways. The worms in them hitch along for the ride. There is grade “A” prime Canadian on the hoof to keep them going. The longest day of the year will warm it up eventually.

I am ahead of the game here with apple tree bark and leaves. All the worms that could get out got out, but there may be more that can resist the apple leaves. If they truly are from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, evil is winning 1,000,000 to one. You just know. That is likely conservative. Witness the state of the world wide web. That is just the tip of the iceberg. All the sins and all the sinners. We are all guilty. Worms are just one facet of the judgement. You get the idea though. Christians think there will be an antichrist. Pick one. Good luck. The antichrist Powerball. Those are terms that can be understood by many anyway.

Back on a health thing. Alcohol as in ethanol is a vasodilator. Back in the day, they said smoking and alcohol weighed off against each other. If smoking is a vasoconstrictor, this points to why. A little alcohol is the opposite effect. Red wine was linked to the French paradox as a consequence possibly. The colour had nothing to do with it. Perhaps it was the polyphenols in grape skins. Some said tannins. Others said vitamin K2 from goose liver pate. The jury is still out on it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 – Brexit Worry

MBZ-ABZIt is all the news. Britain having a referendum on exiting the EU in two days, Thursday. Britain’s National Health says there is no Lyme Disease either. Simply look up “worm endosymbiont borrelia” and all the top fatal brain diseases are listed on the first page. They are an apple leaf and a dollar short when none of those should be fatal. It even tells how to treat it on Alan Macdonald’s May 16 London Vimeo lecture near the end, with cautions about Herxing and Worm Flares from the worm die off. Apple leaves don’t kill the worms. They just skunk them out. That is how they found out.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016 – Father’s Day

Widely celebrated and varied for various reasons. But generally it is the third Sunday in June. My father passed away nearly 5 years ago. I still miss him a lot. Mother passed away 13 years ago, the year Dad had a heart attack. This year, her birthday would be tomorrow. It was a double celebration in our family. I was a borrelia baby, a relatively rare thing I think. Do I know the “L” word? That was before it was coined around the work of Alan Steere to describe the cluster of juvenile arthritis in Lyme, Connecticut. Around that time, I was instead diagnosed with anklosing spondylitis as a young teen. I had it since being a juvenile but they didn’t know what it was until then. Dad never believed it till the day he died. I think he had a similar thing too. It came from bugs as he worked as a geophysicist in the bush in many different places for decades.

Doctors still cling to the arthritis thing. Insurance companies ran after they hacked all the government medical records, and found out. If it were the stock market, they would get one of those century long sentences from the SEC with insider information. It would be somewhere between the worst insider information and Bernie Madoff cases. Ironically, apple leaves and bark are turning out to be an insurance company dream. They just have to determine how many nematodes you have gotten rid of. That could be easier said than done because all medicine does not even know they are there. Clinical parasitology is still in baby booties, ironically having more information on rare tropical variants of vector illness, including Zika, and veterinary analogs like SURRA for MS. I found out there is a lot more than just that. It would affect the health of the entire western world, underlying all the top chronic diseases.

21 RealitiesFilarial nematodes. Only Alan MacDonald has made the link in research with autopsies. I made the Live link with apple tree bark and leaves. The bark is good to combat swelling from cytokines particularly. That is what it seems and feels like. It is a lot better than nothing. I hear all these stories of cured people, but nobody chro9nic ever gets cured and like Dr MacDonald says, it is debilitating and defies treatment or detection, seronegative. I still have dreams that I can walk and even run again, only to wake up to the harsh reality. It is a cruel side effect of antidepressant medication I take it.

People report luck with CBD cannabidiol. I am way past that, being far too chronic. It didn’t help me save for initial hope. Apple tree bark and leaves, pyrus malus from Malus Domestica variants, likely Antonovka, the most common cold climate rootstock, helped more than anything, and with a shotgun effect for lots of diseases. You should see what it does for a common cold or the flu. The side effects are that you will never trust doctors again if they are ignorant of it. Halperin states in earlier 2013 papers with Baker that Lyme Disease may not be fatal, and that is good enough for them although many have died from complications of treatment or other attributable  infection such as Lyme carditis before and since. It is a suffer until you die thing. It relapses even after extended treatment. New treatment may be on the way using anthelmintics to get rid of the endosymbiont borrelia hiding in worms. Thanks to me, I guess they finally got the memo that there were worms. Nobody knew when I found out. Various vectored nematode parasites orchestrate the whole panoply of resistant chronic diseases I believe. Others still may not, but it is obvious when you see what happens with apple tree fibre.

So my tune remains the same. The new Father’s Day gift, along with a maternal birthday present, would be knowledge that Alan B. MacDonald is discovering these things. They would have remained undiscovered had I not gone open with this, but it looks like that worked. It took almost two years, and a while since my emails to Eva Sapi on October 14, 2014, but it finally happened. I thought it was a month earlier, but I stand corrected. I got her email from Richard Longland then maybe. She thought Dr Cowden should know but he never answered my emails. She did. I still have the answers.

I am reminded that the doctor says cellulose from the apple leaves is maybe not good. CBD is not good either, nor is smoking. Then there is no relief from bugs. The same doctors say there is no Lyme disease here. 50 years of misdiagnoses, or likely good diagnoses  in lieu of suspecting imitation by overarching disease, and relatively useless prescriptions precedes that. I am a little jaded, but not without reason. The worms have hacked the medical system physically. It is the “haveibeenwrmed.com” equivalent where the worms are in everybody waiting to pounce, or simply host parasitic diseases. It got there from a bug, not surprisingly. Every time you get bit, or type your email in online to register a site like Facebook or LinkedIn, you get tagged. Many gmails have been nailed that way, but with no known pastes of password data. As you get older, they add more pathogens to their biofilm spam list forts. If you have a better defence than apple tree bark and leaves, I would like to hear it. I am just saying that doctors don’t think it is good. Everyone else has worms whether they know it or not.

If I pass away without worms, what will happen? Are worms responsible for the oft reported out of body experience with light? Since they neurologically connect with the host in an unclear way, the answer is a definitive maybe the worms are responsible for the recall experience of near death. A centegenarian I knew thought the experience would be like passing through a wall. She would remain there in our memories and wait for us. She also talked of her bad experience with doctors, and had what looked like ACA Herxheimer from working in logging camps as a cook. She lived to 108 years old. I think of her often, and what she said about death, more than 20 years later after her passing.