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Friday, June 3, 2016 – Losing connectivity

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Almost a year after starting pectin enzyme, June 6, 2015 I think, and a leap year at that. Multiple more unknown parasites drilled out of old bug bites presumably, and more parasites unknown from what must have been old Swimmer’s Itch, a known parasite from fresh water snails, caught by contact with algae and/or biofilm on docks. That was as far as I could tell, knowing the locations. The apple tree fibre, oral 100 to 350 mg air dried powdered apple leaves, taken up to 4 times a day, but if you look back to that date, you could see the whole story. It is awful reading, but in a way you can tell that I had a hundred more filarial nematodes to get rid of. It was till Lyme Fogginess I am guessing. Much of it was daily physiotherapy for typing, nothing more. They are all gone now that apple leaves can get rid of. A patch on my nose that I thought was possible skin cancer, but could have been Morgellons was eliminated in a few months.

Studies have been done using MBZ and ABZ anthelmintics on mice, finding links to nematode illness like glioblastoma, reducing glioma cells. A bit late if that is what I have. All this  medical denial adds up to the perfect murder weapon. Who needs a second amendment? Biowarfare is the weapon of choice where there is no second amendment, or there is one. Permethrin is about to get rare like hen’s teeth.

So how do a bunch of BC Buddies get over there just to see them burn a city in Alberta, or why even? I have a theory… They need the money, and that is the last place there is any. The Newfies tried to be the Heroes, God bless ’em, but you see how that went. A month later, they still are having trouble even getting close to the ashes. Their ashes. Not yours’. I made the connection but they will say it’s nuts. Everybody from BC is there now, and that has to make you wonder why. Sounds like the same old story to me, Insurance Lightnin’. They dared go up against the newcomers, and look where that got them. Of course there are more undercover cops than you can shake a stick at looking for an arsonist if it was set, but they are busting all the setups to make it look legit. The real problem gets off scot free, and on top, they take out their own demise by the misdirected efforts they were simple enough to buy into. Ruin some innocent persons’ lives, but most of all, ruin that guy who found the way to tap that Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Let’s just say you’ve been bit by the bug.

Sunday, June 5, 2016 –

I woke up in pain early. Got a couple hours sleep. Wondering about how this could be contagious? It is a vector disease. They found that one in eight have Bb spirochaetes in Ontario. Would permethrin stop it? It would have to be from a young age. Permethrin baby clothes? lol. Buty more to the point, don’t you wonder about the end game? What happens to people who have borrelia that won’t just up and die?

Now they are talking about assisted dying. After Prince in the news, easy call there. Fatal dose of fetanyl painkiller and a DNR Do Not Resuscitate order. It got held up in the senate in Canada.

Friday, June 10, 2016 – Writing Block

I have been busy lately. My world is a shambles, and you don’t want to know about it. Neither do I but that isn’t an option. Just a note to say I am still struggling with ACA Herxheimer since May 1992 when it first showed up after an infected spider bite. Doctor says part Buerger’s Disease peripheral circulation as well, but it looks more like ACA and I have the sentinel date. I chewed cut raw Apple tree bark, and that really helped the arthritic swelling, moreso than powdered raw apple leaves. It actually pretty soothing if you can get it. Ebay has pyrus malus bark, and there are others like Penn Herb Co. and Monteagle, although I have not tried all of them. They say to make a tea out of the cut bark but I ate it raw to no ill effect.

I just tried to write that I have been having bad luck, and the whole sentence erased. I must have been born under a bad sign. Perhaps it is fear of the number 13, triskadecaphobia. I just don’t want it to spread, and that is why I have been taking the blog down. I do know the world is a lousy place and some of these links are downright depressing when the big picture paints. I am talking about why they spray contrails from jets across the sky now. The upside is that I actually saw them do it last night for the first time in a long time.

I have had awful luck, but yet that seems moot compared to what is actually happening to the environment. I am actually not a bleeding heart environmentalist type, but no matter what you call yourself on the “issues,” these are cold facts that do not go away when you add all the atmospheric nuclear testing, CFC’s, and misc environmental damage like from leaded gasoline. It goes without saying to be careful in a world increasingly fraught with peril. I tried to be but bad circumstances make things seem exactly the opposite of what you intend, and there is no amount of “spin” to put it all right. It shouldn’t need any spin.

Then there is the whole vector disease thing on top of it. The medical powers still maintain that there is no such thing. At least in a way, there is one less thing to worry about, but there isn’t anything you can do about it, restricting mobility in ever increasing ways. There is news on the MS front, and maybe that is somehow relevant to this. It is a drastic procedure, but after  seeing the nematodes, you know why it would have to be. Risky or not, chemtherapy  and stem cell replants sounds not bad compared to what I have been going through. Canada has the highest density of MS in the world and the lowest incidence of  borrelia burgdorferi, not saying that each is the other, but maybe the same bazooka will be effective. In some quarters, MS is regarded as a symptom of Lyme Disease, and there is that Paul H Duray Foundation study of January 20 this year linking MS and veterinary Surra.

At this point, you get used to dashed hopes. Unless you are one of the lucky ones in a study with a very specific diagnosis, it will be decades away from the front line here. This computer is funny like that. Something is wrong with the wiring when you bump it sometimes, but it is hard to figure out what is wrong. Sometimes it show a glimmer of hope that it may get better, but then it goes back to cranky. The screen works, and it does too a lot of the time, so we don’t throw it out.

This just in. Smoking causes everything. Well, a lot of things. No word why the hospitals are still filling up with non smokers. Still a lot of baby boomers it seems. For the record, I am back on the quit smoking wagon. Mark Twain wasn’t kidding about addictive tobacco, talking about quitting hundreds of times. Just don’t quit quitting, even though you may falter, and don’t beat yourself up. It’s tough, and tougher for some with the 15Q25 Gene. The apple tree bark and leaves with pectin enzyme still addressed the suspected COPD and asthma, both incurable. That was handy in my case. They haven’t got the peripheral neuropathy yet though. Capillary refills are a bit slow on the toes, but apple tree bark can improve that.


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