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Sunday, June 12, 2016 – Brain Food

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We know there is a small filarial nematode parasite transferred by vectors like insects’ stings and bites. Dr E Sapi believes they like to eat brain and neurons. My own personal cortex feels munched. It happens to everyone bitten by bugs, but I have been bitten by more than my fair share. Take heed that all those bugs, and/or the nematodes and disease they transfer, eat away at the mind, leading to all sorts of neurological problems later in life. This isn’t about being food for your brain though. This is about your brain being food for those nematodes, and not the other way around.

When you put it in that light, the insect drag on productivity, both directly and by related disease, while hard to value, is ultimately enormous in lost productivity. It can make you make a costly mistake. It can complicate a simple thing. After all, you are literally losing your mind. It is being eaten away. Bring on the jokes while you can still understand them because nobody seems to be immune. It can affect your mobility. It can affect your autonomous endocrine systems. Vector parasitology offers a keyhole clue view to all the  poorly understood chronic neurodiseases of that type. Apple tree bark and leaves offer up the nematodes themselves for identification when they flee. Prior to this, they were only a theory, but now you can capture them alive maybe after seeing where they have hidden in you for decades or longer back as far as your birth I presume.

Everyone will be different. Some may have strange effects with the bug bites. There are likely so many bugs and different helminth afflictions they will take eons sorting it all out, and even that might not be enough. On top of all that, the internet is broken, and getting closer to being unlocked all the time. It was nice while it lasted. Biometrics may be the only way out of all that, but for now, most security is suspect, andv only getting weaker. When the FB author gets hacked trying to stay on top of it all, that’s a big deal. How do you fix it? Start by including multiple factors like location and device serials? Will they just get swiped too? In the internet of things, how will you remember a hundred different things? Then do it all again another day.

Apple leaves cause time travel. The doctor thought they caused me trouble. The trouble was a lot worse before apple leaves or bark, but I still have an open mind. I know I am looking a lot better but the old nerves that went numb aren’t healing as fast as I’d like them to. He is a pretty good doctor so I put some stock in the fact this may be a rift in time space happening here. 😉 Apple leaves are just cellulose he says, but ironically contain some known anti cancer drugs. The bark addressed Herxheimer/dropsy rapidly. Both are great for digestion. I am not changing my old tune. They just don’t make you want to wrestle a steer. I know there are some drugs for that, but apple leaves are not one of those.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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