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Tuesday, June 14, 2016 – Just Cellulose?

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Crazy Orlando news is still over riding everything. Back on topic, cellulose is simply insoluble fibre. It is a component of lots of fruits and vegetables. You can search it and see. Humans don’t have an enzyme to break it down to simple sugars. Apple Tree bark and leaves have additional components though that aid in digestion and somehow are anthelmintic to nematodes from insects and aquatic biofilm apparently. Regular sawdust likely doesn’t. Apple leaves and bark seem to be more than just regular cellulose. Apple are too, but an apple a day does not simply keep the doctor away with the cellulose in it alone. In diets commonly lacking in fibre nowadays, it is insoluble fibre that provides benefit from that alone. I seem to be more though.

Well, there you have it, or at least some of it. It exercises your digestion and cleans out the pipes. Your benefit may vary, but there is cellulose in many vegetables providing insoluble fibre, and that is generally regarded as good. Your body also cannot digest Pectin and break it down to simple sugars. Pectin it similar in that it needs an enzyme to break it down, and some does get absorbed, unlike cellulose. Studies have shown that pectin polysaccharides are what make up the matrix comprising biofilm. Apple leaves and bark have some proteolytic enzymes that go towards breaking it up. They seem great for digestion, apparently more so than just in cellulose value. The apple fruit is largely pectin itself. Nibbling a few dried leaves or some cut bark, you can taste it over and above the cellulose. The question is why does it work so well? Deer seem to like it a lot when they can get it.

A little goes a long way. Psyllium fibre is another popular fibre additive in the same vein. It does not work as well for me though. It is a mystery why. Just a few dried leaves and you can feel it warming your stomach as it tries to digest them. It is a good warming feeling, not harsh at all. I haven’t had any for a while so it is acting as a tune up I guess. Maybe it is cleaning up residual starch. Meanwhile, just watching the markets fighting the Brexit pressure is entertainment enough. All is about to come apart there over in Europe as the forces wanting Great Britain to leave the EU are gaining strength. Markets naturally hate the uncertainty and instability implied by that. It is all a sideshow whipping it up for profiting from the volatility long side. Getting close to the unthinkable with a European breakup.

That isn’t really in the program though. Just background noise on the news is where it is coming from. I have other worries and fears about more immediate stuff. Property taxes and bills. The usual relentless stuff. I worry that my doctor worries about my situation, largely because I know he is right. Apple tree fibre can only do so much, and nothing for what is really on my plate now.


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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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