Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sunday, June 19, 2016 – Father’s Day

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Widely celebrated and varied for various reasons. But generally it is the third Sunday in June. My father passed away nearly 5 years ago. I still miss him a lot. Mother passed away 13 years ago, the year Dad had a heart attack. This year, her birthday would be tomorrow. It was a double celebration in our family. I was a borrelia baby, a relatively rare thing I think. Do I know the “L” word? That was before it was coined around the work of Alan Steere to describe the cluster of juvenile arthritis in Lyme, Connecticut. Around that time, I was instead diagnosed with anklosing spondylitis as a young teen. I had it since being a juvenile but they didn’t know what it was until then. Dad never believed it till the day he died. I think he had a similar thing too. It came from bugs as he worked as a geophysicist in the bush in many different places for decades.

Doctors still cling to the arthritis thing. Insurance companies ran after they hacked all the government medical records, and found out. If it were the stock market, they would get one of those century long sentences from the SEC with insider information. It would be somewhere between the worst insider information and Bernie Madoff cases. Ironically, apple leaves and bark are turning out to be an insurance company dream. They just have to determine how many nematodes you have gotten rid of. That could be easier said than done because all medicine does not even know they are there. Clinical parasitology is still in baby booties, ironically having more information on rare tropical variants of vector illness, including Zika, and veterinary analogs like SURRA for MS. I found out there is a lot more than just that. It would affect the health of the entire western world, underlying all the top chronic diseases.

21 RealitiesFilarial nematodes. Only Alan MacDonald has made the link in research with autopsies. I made the Live link with apple tree bark and leaves. The bark is good to combat swelling from cytokines particularly. That is what it seems and feels like. It is a lot better than nothing. I hear all these stories of cured people, but nobody chro9nic ever gets cured and like Dr MacDonald says, it is debilitating and defies treatment or detection, seronegative. I still have dreams that I can walk and even run again, only to wake up to the harsh reality. It is a cruel side effect of antidepressant medication I take it.

People report luck with CBD cannabidiol. I am way past that, being far too chronic. It didn’t help me save for initial hope. Apple tree bark and leaves, pyrus malus from Malus Domestica variants, likely Antonovka, the most common cold climate rootstock, helped more than anything, and with a shotgun effect for lots of diseases. You should see what it does for a common cold or the flu. The side effects are that you will never trust doctors again if they are ignorant of it. Halperin states in earlier 2013 papers with Baker that Lyme Disease may not be fatal, and that is good enough for them although many have died from complications of treatment or other attributable  infection such as Lyme carditis before and since. It is a suffer until you die thing. It relapses even after extended treatment. New treatment may be on the way using anthelmintics to get rid of the endosymbiont borrelia hiding in worms. Thanks to me, I guess they finally got the memo that there were worms. Nobody knew when I found out. Various vectored nematode parasites orchestrate the whole panoply of resistant chronic diseases I believe. Others still may not, but it is obvious when you see what happens with apple tree fibre.

So my tune remains the same. The new Father’s Day gift, along with a maternal birthday present, would be knowledge that Alan B. MacDonald is discovering these things. They would have remained undiscovered had I not gone open with this, but it looks like that worked. It took almost two years, and a while since my emails to Eva Sapi on October 14, 2014, but it finally happened. I thought it was a month earlier, but I stand corrected. I got her email from Richard Longland then maybe. She thought Dr Cowden should know but he never answered my emails. She did. I still have the answers.

I am reminded that the doctor says cellulose from the apple leaves is maybe not good. CBD is not good either, nor is smoking. Then there is no relief from bugs. The same doctors say there is no Lyme disease here. 50 years of misdiagnoses, or likely good diagnoses  in lieu of suspecting imitation by overarching disease, and relatively useless prescriptions precedes that. I am a little jaded, but not without reason. The worms have hacked the medical system physically. It is the “haveibeenwrmed.com” equivalent where the worms are in everybody waiting to pounce, or simply host parasitic diseases. It got there from a bug, not surprisingly. Every time you get bit, or type your email in online to register a site like Facebook or LinkedIn, you get tagged. Many gmails have been nailed that way, but with no known pastes of password data. As you get older, they add more pathogens to their biofilm spam list forts. If you have a better defence than apple tree bark and leaves, I would like to hear it. I am just saying that doctors don’t think it is good. Everyone else has worms whether they know it or not.

If I pass away without worms, what will happen? Are worms responsible for the oft reported out of body experience with light? Since they neurologically connect with the host in an unclear way, the answer is a definitive maybe the worms are responsible for the recall experience of near death. A centegenarian I knew thought the experience would be like passing through a wall. She would remain there in our memories and wait for us. She also talked of her bad experience with doctors, and had what looked like ACA Herxheimer from working in logging camps as a cook. She lived to 108 years old. I think of her often, and what she said about death, more than 20 years later after her passing.




Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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