Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Weds, June 22, 2016 – Back Online

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I thought everybody gave up watching. I have quite a volume of worm stuff here since mid October 2014. Cerebrospinal Nematodiasis was just a theory from the 1950’s then. Alan MacDonald brought it to human medicine studying autopsies this year, confirming what I have known for nearly a couple years here. I was paralyzed flat on my back in Feb 2014 before that, not knowing what was going on, and was of course seronegative. I am still alive because wild apple leaves are a live anthelmintic. They don’t kill the worms like other veterinary anthelmintics do, possibly causing fatal Herxheimer reactions. This is the bulk of my experience.

Do apple leaves cause ALS and MS, or is it the worms? That is where local medicine is. My theory is they deduce that once apple leaves start to make their serology work again. Interestingly Dr MacDonald outlined a case history of a patient with MS from 60 years old to 80 years old, previously being chronic Lyme. That is like saying Britain caused Nazi Germany. Alan MacDonald is the top borreliosis researcher, founder of the Paul H. Duray foundation, and now by extension since I donated this blog I hope, the top endosymbiont borrelia nematodiasis/helminthiasis researcher. I can confirm what he is seeing, except my worms have been alive drilling out from the wild apple leaf live anthelmintic. He studies autopsies.

I suspect shortly they will do the same thing to me they have done to Ally Hilfiger and Avril Levigne. They will commit me to a mental institution. I have tried to stay away from them, and apple leaves helped. Now they say they are the problem. I guess I should make my pleas public before they torture me to death with psychotropic medicine in the lockup. It will be decades before they get prosecuted with my murder, and plead ignorance. Sort of like that Columbo episode where the students murder the teacher. At least this blog will stand as some sort of record how they killed me. Even though I have gotten rid of a lot of worms, there are still bugs that can reinfect me. They will require apple leaves because doctors have no idea how to treat them.

I called it Surveyors’ Disease. The pathogens like neural tissue, so wear it, Lyme disease, as a badge of honour. If you are really dumb, you may starve the vector nematodes to death, but likely you are sentient and have enough neural tissue to have a typical chronic borreliosis fatal outcome. Surveyors aren’t that smart, but they have a lot of environmental exposure. They are the worm equivalent as a Quarter Pounder with Cheese McHappy Meal to bugs, nematodes, endosymbiont pathogens, et al. Dr Stephen Hawking and Jason Becker must be a nematode equivalent of a full Prime Rib. Make of it what you will; there is some sort of unclear connection there to ALS and symptoms like that. Perhaps wild apple l;eaves will offer a solution to that too, I can only hope.

I guess I had better make this my memoirs if it looks like I can’t afford to avoid our murderous p$ycho-medical system for borreliosis sufferers. I was doing well until this all came eventually. They won’t let me fight it with apple leaves anymore. At least I cleaned all the worms out that I know of. There is still permanent damage from before finding this out a couple years ago. Apple leaves cause problems from before you even take them our doctors say when their false seronegatives finally get connected. I am just glad the University of New Haven got the memo. You can cry murder on the web but nobody hears until after the fact. “Oh, gee. I guess he wasn’t kidding.” The research will get killed off by doctors too.

MBZ-ABZDr MacDonald knows the treatment is easy but has hazards. When those worms die off in your neurons they are going to wreak havoc. It is a tough call what will cause more damage, that or wild apple leaves. There is also the possible smoking paradox. Veterinarians know the anthelmintic treatment, but their patients can’t talk to say when it is hurting them. I suspect the apple leaves did the same thing already in my case. I also discovered you can get reinfected from what I called “Bobby Orr’s Knee syndrome.” It would dislocate or injure easier after a few times. Single bug bites can just pick up using existing biofilm for their worms. Like a pet, you will have to get dewormed possibly more than once. Apple leaves provide a continuous anthelmintic protection residually, but you can pulse them to minimal effect comparatively. They do not have as toxic a herx I estimate. I could not get a toxic herx at any level as a matter of fact, plus they really were good for digestion. Get ’em before they are banned for making seronegatives explode in your doctors’ faces.

This blog started a long time ago when I emailed Dr. Eva Sapi. I didn’t know what the things were that the wild apple leaves were smoking out. I was posting every day for a while with only gaps when doctors took my computer access away. I used the typing as physiotherapy for a weak left hand that seemed to get better, so I worked on it. I used to play guitar with it but that became too depressing the way it morphed to weakness before apple leaves. I tried a capo to make up for missing fingers. Afterwards, it became too confusing as my left hand recovered somewhat. By that time I had learned different voicings for all the chords in the songs with a capo. Now it stands as a memoir before they kill me off here after disconnecting me. You can’t stop the government health care here. They’ll just fudge their records to cover up the murder. The cops will buy it to avoid paperwork.

There are no options here when you are 100% Lyme Positive here. No relevant medical treatment. Even when you try to hide it, they will come for you like they did for me. It is a testament to wild apple leaves that I made it this far until they started killing me off when the apple leaves made them look foolish in their opinion. It was actually the disease that made them look foolish, but you still have to humour the narcissists. They couldn’t have been criminally wrong all this time; don’t be silly! Cellulose is bad for you, except when it is in vegetables. Yeah, that really worked. Everybody still dies of heart attacks, cancer, and every other form of borrelia in the book. If you manage to beat that, medicine will kill you here. You have to be nuts if they were wrong repeatedly for 50 + years, then were proven without a doubt to be wrong all the time. They won’t let me enjoy my last summer even.

Pyrus MalusI just trust that now that I know I am on the right track, somebody will be able to use this before they make me a vegetable. I’m still typing so I’m not sprouting yet. lol Brain physio. Rants keep the juices flowing to the previously unknown, until a year ago, cerebral lymphatic system. It is cited by 274 searchable papers in google now, so in the medical lingo here, not credibly peer reviewed. It’s online. There ya go. Let’s get back to salting searchable key words here. Clinical vector parasitology anthelmintic therapy. Carl Lowenberger, SFU. Morgellons. MBZ/ABZ/DEC/Avermectin/Ivermectin/Moxy/corticosteroids. Sort of a searchable “alphabet” soup. Let’s throw in Dr Ernie Murakami too. He is the 90 year old Lyme Disease doctor, and Professor Emeritus at UBC, retired, that they throw under the bus for sport in BC to show what men they really are.

It is a sad state of affairs. It is a human meat market of “Brex-Columbit” proportions. Stupor. Natural. It is like crossing Britain with the worst drugs of Columbia, and the medical system wants to leave medical science behind for profit. The difference between them and Britain is they brush their tooth. Perhaps they will exit Canada tomorrow too. The rest of Canada is just starting to think maybe there is a borrelia. None of them think maybe the borrelia is endosymbiont to a nematode.




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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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