Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Thurs, June 23, 2016 – Did they Stay?

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Or did they Go? The early Brexit polls are to stay, but the margin is by only 2% mid day. Brexia-Columbit has already left thousands of patients behind if they suffered from a bug bite that transferred nematodes and the other diseases they carried. They left the full package. Lots of people may not be able to battle them off or are overwhelmed by too many of them. At least now they know. It has been over 60 years since the nematode veterinary findings and conclusion it was unclear why this couldn’t be transferred in humans. It was proposed that animal disease had analogs to human MS and other neurological diseases.

Vectored Nematode (worm) Indwelling Endosymbiont Borrelia. On a rainy day, causing nagging arthritis pain. Wild Apple Leaves helped that a lot, but there is a slight residual effect at times. It could also be a new bug bite. If arthritis comes from a sting or bite, what is to stop it from taking advantage of the same arthritis gene? What is worse? Apple tree fibre or the arthritis? Doctors don’t like arthritis, but their medicines are lousy compared to wild apple tree leaves and bark. They also don’t like wild apple leaves. Draw your own conclusions. I’m not hooked on wild apple leaves, but this is another clinical trial of the anti arthritis effect. By stopping the leaves and bark, the arthritis may come back I am thinking. I still have some celebrex to get me through if I need some. It is hard though because the apple tree stuff kept the arthritis cooled off previously.

ms parasitosisNow here are other endosymbionts, causing MS, Alzheimer’s, and maybe ALS, as well as simple rheumatoid. arthritis The endosymbiont borrelia model spreads out across all manner of chronic illness. De-worm that puppy with anthelmintics with corticostreroids to alleviate flare ups from worm die offs. Then hit it with the usual Endosymbiont Modelbiofilm reduction and anti borrelia herbs or medicine when the chronic mechanism is eliminated. Maybe it’s just me. I think that is a lot further than medicine has ever gotten with this so far. Truly world changing. The worm is now caught in the spotlight that it has eluded for so long. Since Shoho and Innes, 1952, captured it in veterinary science. They said the human connection should be explored, but nobody did until Dr MacDonald this year at about 15:00 onwards of that video. The focus is more on demyelinating parasitic worm attack, but other debilitating disease can use the same model, perhaps with multiple different types of vector nematode. It matches what I saw and felt from apple leaves and their anthelmintic effect.

Anthelmintics can be dangerous for multiple reasons, but moreso in MS because of where the worm resides in the brain and spinal fluid in cerebrospinal nematodiasis. That video tells of an 80 year old man with 20 years of chronic borrelia prior to MS. The amyloid coating on the biofilm made it all seronegative I take it. That amyloid coating is a candidate for what the apple keaves break down like a catalyst to enable pectin enzyme biofilm reduction. I understand the doctor’s concern that this is all too soon in the research stage. I am still glad I could help if I don’t make it. At least they got the worm part if they missed the apple leaf anthelmintic part. The worms fled the apple fibre to actually drill out, and thus fold where they had been hiding. More were hiding under amyloid in that biofilm. I may be late, but I stand vindicated that they finally explained what I saw. Now I have credible evidence that I can build my theory and model on with a match to my observations. The ominous implication of chronic borrelia leading to other neurological disorders like MS worries one.

A tick is just one kind of arthropod. I witnessed other nematodes from mosquitoes, spiders, and wasps. It is a larger vector base than just ticks. Lord knows what diseases they could all cause. It sure felt better as nematodes left. Some more than others. There could also be a psychological component like when another nail gets pulled out of your foot. It may not be all of it, but there is an improvement. When you haven’t had prior success, anything is better, no matter how small a part it may be. It may be the cumulative effect of multiple different vectors and diseases associated with each. That matches what people see from their own assortment of bites and stings. I offer the worms as a group of simultaneous infection farming parasite animals. They are a lead farmer candidate for strongyloides, Morgellons, and a whole large family of borrelia¬† others.

I am being redundant all over again. But it is a relatively new match, and the arthritis discovery is that I could be reinfected after stopping apple leaves and bark. I have the weak gene that way it is known. I also have the medical history. Just unlucky I guess. There is a link to nematodiasis from yellow jacket stings in my case I noted. In Sept-October 2014, it became more obvious. I’ve been a long way. The other biologic arthritis treatments like Enbrel and Remicade are expensive, $1,800 a month plus, and they also have to be maintained like apple leaves or bark. You might have to keep it up for the benefits, but then, the alternatives are the same and must be maintained at a much higher cost. They were right about the arthritis part at least even when they forgot Lyme. Alcohol helps too, but with a bad inebriation side effect.

Later in the day, the Brexit is closer than originally advertised. They are playing the stock market like a fiddle. At 9 EDT, the leave camp was ahead 53% to 46% stayers. That is a reversal from the day long Stay side winning. The stock market manipulation is only par for the course with that bunch. They have been doing it since Rothschild did it over Waterloo and Nelson against Napolean. Now it is 51-49% leave stay. ES Futures are 2120- 2050 after hours. That is a huge swing. All based on a news story about polling, not the actual vote. Actual districts voting to leave are getting more coverage to make up for it. At 10 PM EDT it is at 2078 or so ES Futures.

That’s neither here nor there. I have suffered arthritis for over 50 years, and now I know what did it. Again, it was parasitic nematodiasis, and likely from yellow jacket stings. Now we also know not to believe what the papers say about Brexits. They voted to leave and ES Futures touched 1999.




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