Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sat, June 25, 2016 – Apple Tree Dangerous?

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Can apple tree bark and leaves be dangerous? Pharmaceutical Anthelmintics are dangerous because they kill the worm in situ, and infection can result. To that end, corticosteroids and antimicrobials are prescribed with them to fight infection from a large worm die off causing a Herxheimer reaction. Apple leaves are different in that the worm appears to vacate by working its way out of the skin. Until it is proven what exactly is happening, they raise suspicion that some worms may also die in the process causing a similar problem to other anthelmintic medicines. I wish it were all wine and roses, but to be cautionary, use some caution and watch for worms dying off. Like Dr MacDonald says, you don’t want a lot of these things dying in your spinal fluid, and consider what damage they may cause if they are accessing out of your neural tissue. That being said, they have probably already caused a lot of damage being there if they are. It is a tough call whether you want to risk stopping it or continue letting the parasites go. I voted to get mine out, and have lived to tell the tale. The neuropathy largely also stopped, but my left eye is a little fuzzy from time to time, differing up and down.

Stopping the progression of the disease was a major factor for me to continue. It really helped my arthritis to a point I had forgotten what it felt like when it subsided that much. It didn’t do it all as there was still some residual swelling, but eventually the bark helped that. I maintain that chewing the cut bark was helpful fighting what I thought were inflammatory cytokines. This appears to be what celebrex also fights. The bark has a more powerful warming feeling. There had to be a reason it was dropped from the pharmaceutical compendium though. Perhaps they thought that antibiotics and other analgesics would replace it. They really don’t.

The parasite worms are hard to see in tissue with Innes and Shoho having to scan hundreds of slides to find one worm. They can be seen easier in the cerebrospinal fluid of sufferers on every slide Alan MacDonald found this year. Until a couple years ago, nobody knew there were worms at all, prompting me to write this whole blog. This is all relatively cutting edge stuff here between the rants. I couldn’t believe it at first, but I knew that something was in those old bug bites, and a year and a half ago I found out about filarial nematodes. We had a candidate that seemed to match what I was seeing. About a year ago, I deduced that the worm builds the biofilm to, and started trying to reduce that taking pectin enzyme like winemakers and weightlifters use. I would have to say it was a success, exposing a hundred more nematodes coming out. A couple came out of old bee stings, followed a few weeks later by the stinger as I presume it healed and was expelled by the body finally. It also gave me more evidence that the worm was still alive, preceding the embedded stinger by so much.

You have to be mindful still that this is an anthelmintic class of herbal medicine. That is what I saw. Everybody will be different as their own set of infections, which in my case were largely from endosymbiont parasite worm pathogens. It felt that way as worms increasingly left where they resided for so long, left there from insect vectors. It isn’t a new disease model, akin to onchocerca volvulus with endosymbiont wolbachia, but a discovery of a wider world of diseases using that River Blindness model. Apple leaves made that more readily apparent when the diseases were alleviated as the worms left. Why were apparent COPD and asthma eliminated, for example. The apple leaves also put flu and common colds into fast forward, running their course in hours and not days. It could be a case of other worms causing those to persist longer than usual. As it stands, there are years of work to get to the bottom of what is really happening when you eat apple tree fibre.

Going back to square one, you could always wait until someone does a large veterinary study with mice and such. I didn’t have that option, but made it out OK comparatively. The doctor told me he thought the cellulose from apple trees may not be good. He also didn’t think much about my troubles with peripheral neuropathy developing in spring 2014 before I discovered the apple leaf effect. Dr MacDonald is our only hope for a fast track on this, but the apple leaves helped me by getting rid of nematodes they were effective against. There may be others to get out as well with other anthelmintics. Apple tree leaves and bark may just get the low hanging fruit.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you have Alzheimer’s and/or MS, but those were diseases where the nematode cause could be readily observed in the saved cerebrospinal fluid, and where there was a bank of related autopsy tissue to be observed. From Dr MacDonald’s work, we now know that the worms are readily apparent in CSF but not so in tissue. That is how they remained hidden for centuries I take it. Scanning related symptoms and papers, I suspect poliomyelitis in many forms could also be a rare similar mechanism from endosymbiont parasitic nematodiasis. This parasitic model prefers neural tissue. Malaria, Zika, West Nile, Sleeping sickness, and other vector diseases may also fall into the same category, like Lyme Disease. It opens a whole new window on the Lyme world, but one that would be hard to monitor if the worms cannot be readily found in tissue and not only in the CSF. Normal anthelmintic treatment would be basically blind, and that is where apple leaves really hold promise. All the helminths they expose are previously unknown.

Now, my background is not medicine, but what I saw explains why they have so much trouble with chronic disease. Worms and biofilm. My guess is that the long lived parasitic worms make the biofilm, and are the impetus for disease persistence. Slimy stuff is the preferred mode of worms or nematodes it seems. Doctors will be sceptical, preferring a model where the biofilm inexplicably makes itself. Endosymbiont theory makes it seem that both sides are right, but the endosymbiont parasitic nematode model is more complete of an explanation. Dr Douglas Kell explains Resuscitation Promotion Factor. I suspect the worm makes it in endosymbionce with the pathogen. That explains a lot of missing answers in the chronicles of chronic disease. What remains to be seen is how effective existing treatment will become once the worm is eliminated. The concerted pectin enzyme effort at eliminating bacterial biofilm has to also be considered along with this. Worms use pectin to make bacterial biofilm and amyloid to shield it. The apple tree fibre seems to break through the amyloid shield. I guess it would have to be proven right or wrong, as I am just going by what I felt and experienced. I wish I had started biofilm reduction 8-10 months earlier after a short initial course of apple leaves got the first wave of worms out. I’m not sure that simultaneous biofilm reduction would work until apple leaves softened it up. Again, this is all new. Never been done until I tried that I know of.

This way, you will meet the worms and be able to determine what kind of critter they were. It could be risky, but you can find out what they were as they come out, and if you can catch one or more. They are all different sizes and possibly species too, varied as the vectors they came in on. They may be too slippery to catch or they may have even expired. Who knows? Perhaps you will find out if you risk it or can find a sentient enough lab animal to tell you what is going on and when. Naturally that is going to be tough. Can you imagine how much medical evidence is lost by not being able to get the story from the horse’s mouth? For toxicity though, they would likely try to see how much a mouse can handle without croaking. I suspect it is a large amount, and more than the mouse can normally even ingest with a normal diet. Kinda cruel when you think of it. They cram little critters full of all sorts of drug candidates. They breed them with candidate diseases already there as well.

Pyrus MalusApple tree bark is an old medicine, but dating back to the days of eclectic medicine when they were still blood letting. It contained phloridzin, and was found to be good for digestion, and what we now know is a symptom of congestive heart failure, “dropsy” or pitting edema of the lower legs. Also use for kidney stones or “gravel.” They knew they were good for fighting “bilious fevers.” They made tinctures like ferri pomatum from the bark. They sold it by the pound. Sounded legit to me. They may have thrown out the baby with the bathwater when the worms started drilling out all over with many people. That was a new one when I tried to inquire about it. Now here we are, noting Jim McDonald warned us at the end of the link of the leaves containing small amounts of cyanide, but not as much as the apple seeds. Add the recent discoveries of Dr MacDonald and it all adds up. Just be careful like I was. I seemed to have no other alternative. The available info ranged from apple tree fibre being useless to medicinal. Now I have confirmed the remedy properties, including for arthritis, and have discovered that it is anthelmintic as well. I doubt if it is just the trees I have used.

Other doctors are not so easily convinced that apple tree bark and leaf fibre are any good. They only offer that it is just cellulose but so are all sorts of fibre containing vegetables. The cellulose fibre is the good part of them. They rest is starch and bioflavinoids. Granted they are a lot more common. The same argument may also be used to say Tylenol causes Lyme Disease. You already had it, then took Tylenol. Tylenol is a lot more established and common though. That is another way apple fibre is different in that it is not so readily accepted by the medical community. They want to kill rats with it first like all their other medicines before they will take it. They feel apple leaves are not ready until more modern testing has been done, even though the bark has been known for almost two centuries.

Your own doctor may have a different opinion, but that is one I have heard. Lyme Disease is seronegative in the tertiary stage, so it doesn’t exist in their world. They likewise know nothing about the hundreds of nematodes the apple leaves force out, and those worms are likely multiples of times worse for you than smoking could ever be. That is just my guess. Dr MacDonald has just started, and already has found two incurable chronic diseases with evidence of them in the brain and spinal fluid. I am buoyed by the London Lecture of May 15. What I found may finally be getting out there. It may not be MS or Alzheimer’s yet, but it is behind a parasitic nematodiasis of some sort, and behind at least chronic arthritis.

I did not find the apple leaves as dangerous from their composition, but do mind the worms that are present may cause other damage like with other anthelmintics, depending on which ones and where they reside. Like anthelmintics, you want to employ caution by starting slow to see if they agree with you. They did with me, and were at least very good for digestion, likely after skunking out any intestinal parasites. Other studies found no bad chemicals like cyanidins, but concentrated more on phenolic content. “Procyanidins (oligomeric flavan-3-ols) group compounds; procyanidin B1 and procyanidin B2 were identified in apple fruits [25, 78], while in apple leaves they were not.” The apple itself had more procyanidins. One study found the oil prepared from leaves useful against some cancer cell lines.

It could be just positive thinking. The whole anthelmintic thing with apple leaves and bark should really be looked at with new eyes though. The fact that medical error could now be the third leading cause of death in the US isn’t reassuring. Only Heart Disease and Cancer kill more. Kills 100,000 more than respiratory illness and is likely the second cause of preventable death to smoking at 480,000, however they slice that. It, tobacco, is likely a major cause of the previous leading three causes of death in many cases.






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