Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

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Sun, July 24, 2016 – 2 Years

It is Day 725 since I found out about the unique properties of Apple Leaves. At Day 731, it will be 2 years.

Mon, July 25, 2016 – Reflections

A big one is that you feel younger, but that is just removing the drag of the vector parasites. They eat hair by taking over follicles, and when they leave it can start growing again. The colour comes back to it. There is permanent neurological damage, but stem cell recovery therapies using regular stem cells from skin are being actively worked on for that. Apple leaves can also cure a common cold by putting it in fast forward, so that you go through a week of symptoms in hours. You may be different, but I hope not.

Apple leaves really help digestion. They refurbish your entire GI tract by booting out lifelong parasitic beasties and worms. Initially, they may clean it out, but then the complete recovery starts. They may help your kidneys too, and the bark of apple trees was known to be good for pancreatic systems. Bark also helps deal with inflamatory cytokines. It is especially useful if you have problems with arthritis. You will notice that they start to0 disappear. That adds to the anti ageing feeling no doubt. You go through a rebuild process through the body’s natural apoptosis. These leaves and bark also enhance neuroplasticity to reroute signals until a possibly more permanent stem cell therapy fix can be achieved. Stem cell stuff is only in the testing stage now though.

Apple tree leaves and bark act like an antidepressant, but the effect may be from improvement in health, and not neurological. The enhanced neuroplasticity effect gives you hope, but is not permanent. It can be restored with a small maintenance dose though. The bark helps capillary circulation, dealing with inflammatory cytokines, and you can feel it. Lyme disease is arthritis, so that helps. The effect is easily ten times as powerful as Celebrex for me. They aren’t just a pain blocker, but eliminate the cause, slowly and surely. It must be a parasite nematode, and one of the several types that apple leaves smoke out. There may be more types, but it is a start as a newly discovered natural anti-helminthic.

Initially, the leaves can create a bad reaction when mixed with wormwood, which is Artemesin. However, I found wormwood can be resumed once the worms are expunged with apple leaves and pectin enzyme added to eat away at biofilm. Raw Spinach also has an effect on biofilm when combined with apple leaves, and the worms appear to shelter beneath that biofilm. Apple leaves reduce some biofilm, but starchy western diets create too much biofilm, so you have to enhance the biofilm dissolution effect of the apple leaves alone. Apple leaves seem to act as a catalyst in that biofilm breaking reaction, whatever it is. That’s all just my theory from what I have seen myself. Maybe someone else can come up with a more detailed one if this ever gets out of the quagmire of hapless other countermeasures to a known nematode parasite infestation.

Therein lies the problem in current medicine. They have no idea of the extent of nematode infestation that apple leaves expose. And it is pretty simple to see why they will go nowhere the way they are going without knowing what apple leaves do in no uncertain terms. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to figure out you will be better off without a few dozen pounds of worms and their biofilm slime in you. However, a degree in medicine seems to blind people to that irrefutable fact. Nematodes have little to fear from them as the equivalent drugs are hazardous from killing the nematodes in situ, prompting potentially fatal patient reactions. They gave up on strokes after 6 months, but apple leaves, like stem cells, help. They don’t want to know why.  The safe way. I get it, but I’ll be the one to get blasted for being too negative.I may be no sunflower here exactly, but I am the only lab animal that can type. If dogs and cats could type, we wouldn’t be so admiring. “That idiot scratched my head. I hate that. I humped the goof’s leg, but licked his hand anyway for extra dessert” could be pawed out if they blogged. “She smells like a good date!” or “Didn’t like the smell of that. Here. Take a shot o’ THIS!” might get posted around the hydrant. “Man, I LOVE that fresh air in the car, until I get a bug in the nose, ya know?” I digress. It’s a blog’s life…I had to edit the March 13, 2016, post here. I got all worked up over Bee Sting “Therapy.” Who knows what kind of nematodes bees may have now, especially since they are being genetically modified directly or by being poisoned with agri-chemicals? People had no idea in March this year that there even were nematodes if they hadn’t followed Alan MacDonald in January, or my experience. He found nematodes in spinal fluid from MS autopsies. That was the first inkling of it other than this blog and my experience, having late stage Lyme. Eva Sapi, Et Al, found filarial nematodes in ticks. More stings are like playing Russian Roulette with vectors. Apple leaves can make that pretty clear when nematodes come out from all sorts of vector bites and stings. It gets frustrating that more people don’t know that yet, but what can you do? Alienating people won’t help matters.One just hopes others will find out themselves, but after a couple years, it still is unknown. Doctors don’t even know. Most of them still felt Morgellons was a mental illness a year and a half ago until it was proven to be borrelia. Some still do, and just ignore the research findings from borrelia DNA stains because they are too new. Parasitic worms with it are newer than that. It is a decades long struggle to even get noticed until someone from the status quo admits they missed it all. It took over 40 years for them to finally “worm” up to the 2015 Nobel Prize winners in medicine. I’ve had older nematode parasites escape from Apple leaves, apparently still alive.Moving along, I am reminded of John Houbolt, the engineer who devised Lunar Orbit Rendezvous to go to the moon. It wasn’t just an alternate way; It was the only way it could be done at that time. For borrelia to ever be beaten, apple leaves aren’t just one way; They may be the only way medicine will ever see what is happening safely with current technology. Given all the number of diseases that worm endosymbiont borrelia is behind, it should attract Apollo project level action or we’ll all suffer the consequences. The difference is they thought they could do the moon in a decade.

Tues, July 26, 2016 – Waste of Time?

Will doctors ever find out? I am starting to wonder. Apple leaves will eventually show you your first nematode infected bug sting and bite. I thought that was pretty profound, not only that the nematode was still responding in there, but that it had been living off of me for all those decades since the 50’s. Somehow they cause all sorts of physical and neurological problems. They have enosymbiont borrelia in some, or maybe all, cases. If it took over 4 decades for an anthelmintic, Ivermectin, to get the Nobel Prize in 2015, the lowly common apple leaf will struggle for recognition. I’ll go broke before then because I am already 60.

My keyboard will wear out, then what, other than cheers from them? Sympathy is in short supply even before that when you have a rare disease that they just wish would go away. I hate to rain on their parade, but they are really on the wrong track ignoring nematodes and especially when they ignore the way to find out about them. This old school internet may be obsolete by then too. The information renaissance may die a silent death as an under the hood sideshow to the next big gaming app. The books on it may be digitally burned before then at the rate we are going.

Another likely scenario is mankind will die off. Pollution will get ’em as they dumb down to poison themselves off. All reactors will melt down while operators are too busy TXTing their buddies to learn that they just may need attention, or someone has to take out the trash nuclear waste. They might all be preoccupied golfing instead. The worms will win before even being known or found out. They may eat the last bits of brain cells from a Zika infested host on the tenth tee waiting out a rainstorm.

Will there be a re evolution in millions of years? Will we give way to silicon based life forms? Artificial intelligence will finally bury good old fashion dense and slow. AI cars may just park until their owners die of starvation or thirst, then open the windows so they have a cool bleached skeleton ornament in the passenger compartment for some retro cred. The worms will clean the bones off in a few decades.

What’s the use? There still is faint hope. People may wake up. So it’s unreasonably optimistic. Humour me. “And the 2056 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine goes to… envelope please… Ima Haxor for finding the anthelmintic properties of Wild Apple Leaves on the old internet!” You have to be alive to win a Nobel Prize. The internet may not be too, but it could if they hook it together with antiques. Zika may not wipe us out this year. Apple leaves may solve it, or show how to solve it, however far fetched that is. There may be enough brains left from what we have in children now before anarchy takes over in a Zika zombie apocalypse.

Will some government just take over, or will revenue dry out first trying to preserve itself? Tough call. Too bad they never got to why and how apple leaves work. It will all end differently than people supposed, or will it? Again, a tough call. Nobody suspected a ubiquitous enemy within. Doctors all missed it. Then a rogue bomb is already here in Iran, with pollution in Fukushima. We still spray chemtrails to survive the cold war aftermath, let alone WWII and ourselves from refrigerant releases.

They did say each year of internet information was equivalent to 7 years of learning the old way. That was 22 years ago or so. Some people said it was useless for 22 years, or you could look at it as if they are 132 years behind if you embraced the information revolution. That ironically matches the spread between human and veterinary doctors when it comes to nematode parasites and the work of Dr Evans in the 1880’s and the discovery of veterinary Surra, a similar disease to human MS.

Thurs, July 28, 2016 – Cure?

I watched the TV last night, when Obama said “We’ve got to stop our engineers from coming up with cures, and get them back to inventing again!” What if they invent a cure? I guess it would be an election hedge, no matter what happens. Then “That’s one small step for (a) man… One giant flub for misquotes!” No big deal. Carry on.

I know they have a long way to go to invent a cure, like smart bullets that fire in reverse. Or even sideways. Medicine has a long way to go. They’ll play around for another few centuries until they finally happen on the equivalent of apple leaves. Then the insect and the worm they carry both get smoked out in the open.

Reading the latest on Fukushima, they still can’t find the 600 tonnes of melted down corium. I don’t think they will be making a golf course there for a few years, so not so great. We’re already great, so who cares? What happens with a meltdown is that the white hot molten stuff goes down to the groundwater while melting the rock and concrete, and blows off a bunch of steam. It is already way past that I figure. They do not know how to get anywhere near it or stop it. Now almost 5 and a half years later, they still can’t figure out how to even tell people that this will continue for more time than the entire history of mankind. So what is the point, what difference does it make?

Is this the information age, or the ignorance age? Ignoring it won’t wont make it go away, like Canadian Lyme Disease. Still, it is ignored. That might give us a clue what happens when something is so bad, we can’t handle the truth. We can’t handle the truth about chem trails. Apple leaves will get you enough smarts, enough neural synapses back to figure it all out anyway. We are all children of a nuclear age whether we like it or not, even if it was all over before we were born. Titanic was just a boat. This is a whole planet.

When I started apple leaves, it was 3 years 122 days after the big one near Japan. I can’t engineer my way out of that one, nor can the biggest engineering effort since Apollo. They aren’t just students either, and are the combined wisdom of world engineering together. At the moon, they looked back and realized it was pretty lonely here. Instead, I thought what if I ate some of those apple leaves the deer were eating? What could I lose? Fukushima? Well, I can’t lose the effects of that. At least it could be something to blog about. Who knew about parasitic nematodes with endosymbiont borrelia? I do now. I knew enough engineering about basic reactor stuff to know with a meltdown, let alone 3 of the things together and all that waste fuel from more of them over and above Daichi, isn’t going to bode well.

Well, our best and brightest have no problem sweeping the unthinkable under the rug. I learned that. Are you looking forward to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after the Rio Zika thing? I can’t get over the irony of that date, and that place. You think they are trying to tell us something? I look at all those teachers at the Democratic Convention. You would think they would know something about what really matters. Before the whole thing can be decided by a rock, paper, scissors play off. If Theoretical Thorium LFTR’s existed, will they all go to Mars with one before shovelling Fukushima Daichi into as many of them they can make yesterday?

Oh, I know. Let’s not be silly. Remain Calm and blog on. CERN will just time travel out of it on their spare time. I saw it on YouTube. Sheesh! What was I thinking? Apple leaves can’t do time travel. They also aren’t fulla more BS than the barns out back at the Calgary Stampede. How can you compete with that? Father? What was I thinking? Here I was thinking each Olympics was going to get progressively worse. Oh, that silly mainstream news. In case you haven’t noticed, I think that Youtube Mother, Father, Etc., are trying to get the message out. Something may be rotten in Denmark, but this is WAY past the Best Before Date.

The earnings are out on the financial channel. Business as usual. Between that and Father, anyway. Like Janet Armstrong said, “But what can you do?” after Neil had to abort from orbit on Gemini 8. That was pretty real. Managing mass delusions is tough too. Father could keep it under wraps like a major network producer. Roger Ailes could still use his services though. I suspect Mother kicked Father’s azz. Right behind him, you know.

Maybe we have to bring on the Big Iron. Clintons. “You’re Hired!” To the Firing Committee. Throw Debbie in there for good measure. Move over Father with your @cern.ch email before they make an Amazing golf course outta that dump. At this point, what difference does it make? It’ll be Yuge, that’s what. No matter which side wins, you’ll have a nice mushroom factory. It’ll all stink so bad you won’t know whether to tee off or be teed off. Once they’re all in on the National Security memos, then we’ll get back to the real task at hand. Spinning it like a top.

Of course I am being cynical. Even the President is being cynical when he tells us not to be cynical. The Turkish Coup got a little news. It all got buttoned down. It wish they could use all those ol’ microwave space based weapons on ISIS instead of us. Must have been hacked. If they can steal the latest drone, why not? In Aspen, they are worried about cyber security. They are worried that somebody can affect our electoral processes, among other things. Is it just me, or is that a real hoot? If “they” are smart enough to do that, they’ll realize PDQ it’s all a huge pile o’ sbit, no matter which political side. Maybe they just like bumper stickers to go with or against their paint job. NSA’s Bill Binney thought politicians should all be fired every cycle, but what difference would that make? Apple allegedly couldn’t hack their own phone, so some kid just used software he swiped probably from Apple. At least they have the Pokémon outta Fukushima’s exclusion zone now.

I could link all that stuff, but you can look it up. It’ll take your mind off the nuckin’ futshow.

Fri, July 29, 2016 – Dr Barrie Trower

Dr Barrie Trower, retired physicist of The Royal Navy, was experimenting with Directed Energy Weapons in the 60’s as were many military units. Basically, microwaves are aimed at a human target. The results are all sorts of behavioural changes, mood disorders, cancers, and organ failure. These days WiFi is another culprit. What does that have to do with Apple Leaves? I believe it actually has to do with nematodes that release toxins when they die from microwave exposure. The microwaves kill the nematodes in situ, and the toxic effect or worm flare occurs from the die off of multiple worms. It explains a link to red meat and cancer as well. No matter how well you cook it, those toxins may remain and/or be altered, leading to cancer. We already know from Dr Evans, and Drs Innes and Shoho, that farm animals are the bulk source of information on cerebral spinal nematodiasis. Fried chicken and bacon. Beef. Would you like some sauce with those dead worms and their toxins?c

Anthelmintic medicine to treat glioblastoma, an insidious form of brain cancer also linked to microwave exposure, is well known now. This might explain a cancer elimination effect I noticed anecdotally with Wild Apple leaves. The other theory is they avoid worm kill flares by forcing the various multiple vector nematode species, in you, out alive from where they hide. Dr Trower’s lifetime of work is yet another nugget from the MIC of free research to add to the growing body of evidence for my theory. Dr Trower is likely published, but in secret naturally. They also did a lot of human research on the neurological effects of DEW. It is no joke. They are also used as crowd control weapons. The psychological effect of nematode infestation is well known through Lyme Fog, the first thing apple leaves address so effectively and fast. You’ll literally be blinking your eyes as the psychoactive parasite vector nematodes flee for the fastest exit through existing egress if they can.

Nematodes are psychoactive at least because they eat brain tissue, per Drs Sapi, Evans, Innes and Shoho, William Campbell and Satoshi Omura (Nobel 2015). I have already noted magnetic sensitivity in some species even a couple years ago here, so I assume microwaves would make them go ballistic or expire rapidly, even from small dose levels. Dr Trower explains in other videos that organ failure and cancer are not only the effect, but the object, of military work in that area. This is kind of a new direction here, being a viable proven (to me) countermeasure to DEW and stray microwave exposure from WiFi and cell phone use. Dr Trower really thinks WiFi isn’t exactly that good for you. I am saying that without nematodes, it will be harmless. Trouble is, everybody bit by 3 bugs or more has a likely nematode inside, living there merrily for decades. Larval statio or larval migrans, waiting to cause trouble when they are disturbed. Outside of a Faraday Cage, virtually all are at risk. If you don’t get that, you are victim to it. Doctors are blissfully unaware of this by design. They are the last people the military wants to know about their best covert weaponry.

You may recognize some effects of military research on people. One PhD student of neurology in Colorado shot up an entire movie theatre, then strangely surrendered immediately, almost waiting for the response intentionally. If Holmes were made crazy, or he was naturally that way, could never be resolved. It could be excess vector exposure as a youth from camping, hiking, or other pursuits in wooded areas with infected vectors. Apple leaves would have caused that experiment to fail in my estimation. No nematodes, no functional neural link intermediary. I’ll leave it to your imagination whether they used an existing vector nematode species or introduced a custom species for their purposes. Dr Trower explains that the military was actively working towards those goals, basic direct communication, via microwaves, directly targeting the cochlea in the ear for audio, or even more direct methods. I do not know if they were aware that parasite nematodes populating virtually everyone even existed outside intestinal before this.

That is how apple leaves can provide defence against electromagnetic radiation, basically removing cutaneous and neural resident nematodes, promoting healing of tissue and neuron burns, etc. They are also resident in joints and possibly other organs the adults, larvae, and/or eggs may migrate to. I see Fenbendazole and Mebendazole getting mention as treatments for killing nematodes, but these veterinary medications kill the nematodes in situ leaving you to have to deal with the toxic remains. This is different from Jimmy Carter’s trouble. That is a complimentary treatment that enhances the immune system to fight melanoma. Nematodes are from kingdom animalia, so animals. Apple leaves smoke them out alive from humans and deer at least. There are a lot of unknowns happening there as well since they cure arthritis and a common cold. That is cure, over and above treatment. They must also unlock the human immune system to fight those, and it feels like that when you do it. I thought it could be a bacteriophage, guessing from the behaviour, but that isn’t proven.

One week until Rio, and the local lakes there are still full of mixed raw sewage. Vectors will love that. There will be a huge boost to the Zika outbreak, likely another parasitic nematode sequestered disease. Luckily it is as close to winter as they get there, but approaching their spring in mid September. It will be like their February. Mandatory speed reading of AFPMB TG-36 should be a no brainer. Avoiding the whole thing should be a no brainer, but the whole thing will get transferred worldwide anyway. Like lambs to the slaughter, people will flock there out of ignorance.

I think stray electromagnetic pressure is just another form of pollution that must be dealt with. Barrie Trower thinks so too.I think it also annoys the nematodes nobody even has a clue they are riddled with. The worms pack everything from Lupus to Lyme Disease to Alzheimer’s to Zika. They’re all the same thing. Symptoms of nematodiasis, or infection with vector nematode parasites at the root of it all.

Sat, July 30, 2016 – Two Years

It is finally 731 Days since I started on July 31, 2014. I ate some apple leaves myself then to find out something totally unknown about medicine to even medical practitioners and researchers. Since then, hundreds of nematodes in bug bites and stings got smoked out, apparently still alive, and apparently had been living there for up to 60 years in rare cases from among the earliest bug bites in my life. I’m not sure it is every nematode, but the fact that any nematodes were there was surprise to anyone.

Dr Alan B MacDonald, presumably on the urging of Dr Eva Sapi, went looking. Dr MacDonald found them in autopsy spinal fluids and that is reportedly where they show up visually in the case of neurodegenerative illnesses. Everybody doesn’t have a diagnosed neurodegenerative illness from them yet, but they all have the nematodes. Apple leaves could show them. Instead they take veterinary pharmaceuticals to kill the worms, not exactly a safe process. If they have Lyme Disease, the risk is minimal compared to the disease itself I know. I’d rather use apple leaves.

It was a given I have had undiagnosed Lyme Disease from before they even had a name for it. The symptoms matched what doctors never could find. People try anything to get rid of it. Nematodes explain why they will never get rid of it. Apple leaves get rid of nematodes but not by killing them. That could cause all sorts of trouble depending where the worm dies. Many of those worms have endosymbiont borrelia too, and the spirochaert6es are so toxic when they die, it is a patented neurotoxin. Looking back, many colleagues have died from borrelia. It explains a lot where the doctors had no clue, still putting their band aids over the equivalents of bullet holes. Apple leaves make those proverbial bullets come out under their own steam. Then you learn that there even was an equivalent bullet still in there. You learn a lot in the process.

Nobody will be aware of any of this until they try it for themselves. It isn’t the whole solution, but it is the most important part undoubtedly. Only then will doctors be able to say “Take two apple leaves and call me in the morning.” Unfortunately, they’ll all die long before they would take that advice. How do I know? Take apple leaves and you’ll find out too. Don’t bother telling doctors. They won’t listen. You won’t have to as long as you do, I hope. You had better too. They might kill you to show how smart they are.

Now there are 4 domestic cases of Zika in Florida. No travel involved. I knew it was eventual. Just a hunch. Now 1,600+ cases in the US and 169 in Canada that they know of. The CDC says no big deal that they know of, that is. Guess again, I say. There are also zero cases of nematodiasis that they know of. Prove it, shown without a doubt by Apple leaves. I know they will all flunk that test. People have no idea that all these medical institutions we trust also have even less of an idea what is happening with virtually all disease. They are 136 years behind veterinarians. They aren’t even trying to catch up, save for Drs Sapi and MacDonald. If they haven’t already, soon they will discover that the worms are making the biofilm. There are several species of worms, and most are unknown, since nobody ever looked for them.

I can thump the tub here until I am blue in the face, but nobody will listen, wrongly assuming that doctors would know about all of this. It is way over their heads save for the gang at Paul H Duray Fellowship. Tom Grier, Eva Sapi, and Alan MacDonald are all there. The disclaimer says to seek a qualified physician, but that may be tough to find in your area, or any area for that matter. At least you will know why. It is all cutting edge stuff, and with apple leaves, I have found out why. Assessing medicine as I have after that, it will take them decades, if not centuries, to find out. It is like quoting Dr Dirty Harry. Do you feel lucky?

Asymptomatic Borreliosis may be widespread, but just waiting for a missing piece of the multiple bug bite puzzle. Apple leaves show vector parasitic nematodes are far more widespread than ever suspected, some worms being worse than others. 50% of people test negative when Lyme Disease is suspected, but that is more a sign of how bad Lyme tests are. Here is a good movie piece by Dr David Jernigan. It hits on a lot of things I found using apple leaves, but is all about killing spirochaetes. Some will persist in these unknown nematodes. Interesting anyway. He explains the trouble with borrelia well. He talks about phage which apple leaves behave like, although they don’t seem to address spirochaetes. Not much else does either when they go endosymbiont to nematodes.

Apple tree bark is better for circulation than the leaves I have, I found. Your leaves may be different. I can only assume that they will all be antihelminthic with the similar properties in that they force out live nematodes, leaving a small wound at old bug bites where they got in and stayed for the party. Enjoy those mosquitoes and their worms, especially when the leaves skunk them out. If the helminths stay there after that, I don’t know what else you would do. Maybe you have too much biofilm to get to them. I guess it is a simple equivalent to anthelmintics, or a compliment, to them. Nobody knew. Now they do. We’re at the mercy of what they all can do with that, if anything.

Apple tree leaves and bark can make you healthy, but if they can’t reverse the permanent nerve damage, what then? Don’t bother taking all kinds of poisons like bee venom and turpentine. Don’t feel bad because nobody has been able to defeat Lyme Disease for long, regardless of claims for all sorts of natural medicine costing hundreds a month. Apple leaves show why they are all on the wrong track. There are nematodes still in there. Other anthelmintics are hazardous too and worm flare ups from the die off can be fatal. That’s all I can assume from what I have seen from apple leaves. You can go through all those long videos and website sales pitches, but that will just waste time. I lucked out finding a free education second to none, totally unknown to medicine and why it is, relatively safe, and it worked for a lot of other things. I couldn’t ask for more than that from such a serendipitous discovery.










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Sun, July 17, 2016 – Almost

It’s Day 718, almost two years since July 31, 2014 when I started with Apple leaves, and discovered that they shocked nematode parasites out from where they were hiding under my skin. On Day 313, I discovered that pectin enzyme dissolved more biofilm, and more nematodes were hiding in that. It has been quite a journey. It has been 15 years since the Lyme vaccine disaster, showing how badly oversimplified medical understanding was of what is happening. Now it is known to be a parasitic nematodiasis with endosymbiont borrelia. That matches what apple leaves show and you feel to some extent as the nematodes make their exit. They are a new discovery, and nameless in human medicine, but are similar to setaria digitata and some trypanosomes in veterinary sciences, worm larva that migrate in a vertebrate host.

This is all so new to human medicine that you wil just have to be patient while they argue about it seemingly forever. After all, they just discovered the cerebrospinal lymphatic system in humans. Overarching all of this is the unknown ability of worm larva to hide in biofilm, and that is shown by apple leaves with pectin enzyme. I call it AppLyme. Raw Spinach also seems to move biofilm glop out to some extent. At least they made a major breakthrough this year finally discovering nematodes in cerebrospinal fluid in autopsies of neurological disease patients. They are peaching to the apple leaf choir here.

For me, I had a bull’s eye rash, but can’t remember where or when. I just thought what a funny rash. In 1992, ACA Herxheimer showed up, but at the time I didn’t know what it was. In 2006, my left pinky toe went numb. I thought it was a pinched nerve. Looking back, it was just after a mandatory flu shot. In May 2007, I had a stroke where the left ring toe and pinky and ring on my left hand went numb. In the Lyme light, all those things were caused by Lyme Disease. Doctors maintain it still does not exist, frantically searching for any reason but that. I had to find out all about nematodes when apple leaves forced them out. Now there is finally a connection, but it is likely too late for me. It will likely be too late for thousands each day that get it from a spider, tick, yellow jacket, bee, or black fly among what I witnessed. They all carry worms and or spirochaetes, and they all join in the party.

It’s all outside  the realm of sanity. How can such a large science as medicine be so wrong? If you do not believe it, look at their track record. Honestly. What happens to the nematodes behind it? They don’t even know the nematodes exist yet. They are as ubiquitous as the vectors that put them there. Since apple leaves can cure a common cold, with surprising results, who knows what else they will cure?

Mon, July 18, 2016 – Give It Time

It has taken about two years so far. In 2012, they knew that anthelmintics had success treating glioblastomas in mice, but they were still blind as to why. This year they are finding out why. It is the vector nematodes that apple leaves skunk out, or a similar brain eating species. Any neuron will do for a snack. Lyme Disease is but one disease these nematodes are involved in. They are everywhere like Pokémon. Medicine just doesn’t know yet. It isn’t like they weren’t warned 64 years ago by Innes and Shoho in the 1952 British Medical Journal. They’re a little slow on the uptake.

Too bad. This year the nematodes will beat them while they argue over it with Zika. They have run out of time. If you haven’t got patience, see what apple tree bark and leaves do. Maybe it’s just my genes, but the nematodes started drilling out all over the place. It soon became apparent they were in my skin, muscles, and joints since the vector left them there. My arthritis started to finally get relief after 50 years. Too late. There may not be much time left to give. Much of the damage went too long I fear and it is permanent. That is confirmed by new discoveries finally this year, 64 years after Innes and Shoho predicted it. How long will my additional discoveries remain hidden? For a science that coined the word “Stat,” it isn’t exactly reassuring they wont even know about them for centuries, let alone decades.

Yet I am just one human lab rat. Everybody is different, and that can be all the trouble. I have HLA B27 arthritis genes at least, and that is rare. Those with HLA D4 genes caused trouble with the LymeRix vaccine when they became arthritic. The vaccine was pulled. At least now we know this is a parasitic nematode thing at least shown by one case.

Tues, July 19, 2016 – Holes in the Brain

We have all heard the stories about aspartame and crystal meth causing holes in the brain. I have another theory. What if the nematode parasites crave those substances, and eat holes in your brain to get them when they are deposited in brain and other tissues? It would explain a lot. They have linked holes in the brain to Alzheimer’s and drug abuse. It is becoming clear that parasitic nematodes from vectors also eat holes through the neural larva migrans process. Perhaps they are looking for a dopamine snack. Now we have a mechanism cause and effect that is totally unknown to medicine at large.

This would also explain what I called Surveyor’s Disease as worms or their endosymbiont spirochaetes looked for more dopamine in Surveyor’s and Engineer’s brains. Add aspartame drinkers and drug abusers to that list. Holes in neural tissues have been linked to MS, stroke, and neurological disease in general. Now we have a candidate for a driller of those holes, and why they do it. But can those holes ever be repaired? That link says not really, but through neuroplasticity, other cells can take over the task. If they get eaten too, then you have a mechanism for age related dementia. Without some sort of anti helminthic program, there will likely be no way to stop it.

Anti helminthic medicines have known hazards because they kill the worm in situ. Apple leaves seem to smoke them out alive, and from the exiting mechanics, I suspect they are using existing holes to access out. It is just a theory, and you would need a lot of MRN/MRI evidence to corroborate it. In Canada, that is not really an option. That is truly a pity because Canada is vector central, anything but a Lyme Desert like they claim. They try to replace it with CT scans which are inadequate comparatively for this purpose. The link highlights the difference. It is like the difference between several pencil sketchs like a cartoon and a stereo picture. BC is especially low with a rate of 33 MRI’s per 1000, penultimate to PEI at 32. All the worms and worm damage will be invisible to them. Bad timing, since it is the new hot 2016 discovery of all medical time.

Apple leaves somehow help, but the mechanism is unclear how they could heal holes drilled by worms all over the place. I know because cessation of apple leaves caused neurological symptoms to reappear or worsen. This wouldn’t be the first time medical advice has been completely wrong in my case. Again I have proven that apple leaves in the form of 4:1 AppLyme are nothing short of a miracle in my case. It only took one too, 350 mg pectin enzyme with about 85 mg apple leaf powder. Sharper thinking in minutes, and relief from Parkinson’s like symptoms. It coincides with this being a bad epizootic time for vectors in the summer with vector parasitic nematode symptoms. I suspect it is like Bobby Orr’s knee, once bitten, being easier to be reinfected. There has to be some maintenance for the effects to last. It is an ongoing battle but at least it is cheap if you have an apple tree nearby with a small supply of leaves. The leaves aid in the process of neuroplasticity somehow, but then that process is not well understood at best. Apple leaves can be a neuroplastic enhancer though, and I have the first hand evidence of it. It is a band-aid, but then isn’t all state of the art medicine too?

Back to worms drilling around in peoples’ heads. Don’t give them a reason! Scrap all that low fat synthetic sugar junk, and don’t do white drugs like meth to attract them and their spirochaete proxy parasites to your thought and other neurological chemicals. I wonder how much of a role those sugar substitutes play in cellulite formation where worms eat away pockets of flab too? There could be a connection if sugar substitutes turn out to be worm bait.

The takeaway that apple leaves are a temporary fix is a disappointment, but they are better than nothing. In a way it seems cruel that they can lure you into thinking they are a cure, but stopping them will cause reversion to some symptoms. What remains golden is the knowledge they impart of parasitic nematodes, and when and how they got there from vectors. This was all completely unknown. They also remain acaricidal and anthelmintic with new insects and other vectors as they happen. Nothing else seems to do that, unless you try veterinary Bravecto. I wouldn’t recommend that though. Apple leaves seem OK to me, but can cause respiratory difficulty as you have to cough out biofilm buildup from the first worm onwards, thinking biofilm is from worm endosymbiont defecation. It seems common to worms. Pectin enzyme and spinach alleviate that effect.

Does anything else do that? Not really I suspect. So there you have it. Nothing else compares as far as I know. Do you really? Nobody else knew about any of this or the linking factors it seems. Kirkman Biofilm Defense may do nothing about nematodes. Attacking parasitic worms alone does nothing for biofilm. They are literally stuck together like glue. Worms live inside that glue. It takes time as they are both eliminated together, and you have to keep on the offence or maintenance to keep the neuroplasticity effect up. It is like baling a leaky boat you can’t plug. It could be that by addressing all that, normal medicine may start to work again with all those show stoppers removed.

Watching the news, the whole worm and endosymbiont thing is like an electoral dust up. Worms may have wars to keep competing worm factions from stealing their lunch from Cerebrospinalyou. Who knows what it is like in worm world? We are stuck with the results, trying to stage the coup from a minority position we have to live with when all is said and done. Unwanted Drama and holes in the head. No shortage of that. War of the worm world. How did I wind up with a veterinary disease in the first place? I was outdoors where wildlife, farm animals, and their vectors were ongoing and prevalent. I became a host in kind to cerebrospinal nematodiasis and/or variants. There’s more than just that, depending on your own make up. I am just a victim of the front lines. The same mechanism has already spread out to where even the beginning is now an epidemic. Many people have it and are asymptomatic until that one fateful day.

Weds, July 20 – Nobel Prize

220px-Nobel_PrizeIn 1890, Russell suspected cancer was also a parasitic disease. Now they know and are finding glioblastoma multiforme is one such parasitic nematode disease with borrelia endosymbionts. It has been suspected for over a century, but lost in the shuffle. The 2015 Nobel Prize in medicine was won with the anthelmintic, Ivermectin, along with the discovery of Artemesinin to fight malaria. Both are parasitic diseases. Now with additional new discoveries, people are looking at these parasitic related diseases with new eyes, and it is long overdue. At the root of them, I just know there are going to be nematodes behind it all.

Digging into that Nobel link, lymphatic filarisis gets mention along with River Blindness. All of a sudden I’m not so off the wall here. Eventually people will find that I am not whistling Dixie when I say Apple tree bark and leaves are also anti helminthic. Now I have a recent half Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology to point to with Campbell and Omura, along with the other half to Tu for artemesinin. Then I can also point to MacDonald 2016, Innes and Shoho 1952, and Russell 1890. I’ve gone through hell here from delusional, to verified by veterinary science, to Hottest new topic in Medicine and mike1bakerPhysiology, peer reviewed by a Nobel Committee, and all in the course of 721 Days of this humble Apple Leaf blog. For Apple leaves and bark are another new anti helminthic with a twist. The nematodes come out alive so you can find out what they are. I can’t, but maybe you can. I know they come from insect vectors and aquatic biofilms at least. Now it will be up to more to carry the torch as the apple cart, along with all medicine, is literally upset. They do not know the half of it yet, but it’s a start. Now there will be no way to unring this bell either.

The common cold has always defeated medicine’s best efforts. Not Apple leaves’. It is just the starting point too. Why is that? Look into it was all I said. When I read between the frames of Dr Sapi’s video, I knew I was on some sort of right track for biofilm and what turned out to be nematode parasites. The first experience of taking apple leaves was like turning on the lights neurologically, and I suspected some sort of pathogenic connection, later suspecting the literal can of worms I was opening. Don’t forget the raw spinach and pectin enzyme to expediate that biofilm breakup with apple leaves either. There are lots of secrets to chronic diseases hiding there, I just know now. Who knew stings from a yellow jacket were somehow linked to arthritis? Your case may be different. There are a lot more vectors than ever suspected. I just really remembered those ones.

Now it is proposed that stem cells can reverse some permanent neurological damage. Apple leaves also provide some clues there. Yesterday I suspected apple leaves were responsible for enhancing the neuroplasticity effect of recovery when halting them for too long stopped some of the improvement I had experienced over a year earlier. Maybe stem cells will have a way to rewire in a more permanent fashion. Again, apple leaves gave a clue it was even possible earlier than the discovery. Hopefully they can do it some way in the future without drilling another hole in your head like a worm does. This comes from earlier work on animals over two years ago before I found out about apple leaves and neuroplasticity enhancement, I take it.

I find out a lot of things from Thomas Grier’s Facebook. It is not only borrelia, but apple leaves show that it is applicable to all chronic disease. That’ a pretty big tent, and not just the newly estimated 3,000,000 new Lyme infections a year now. Borrelia related infections are just keyhole views to the big picture of all chronic infectious disease, and that is larger than anybody ever suspected, and even Dr Alan B MacDonald, the vanguard pathologist and MD looking through all these keyholes. His move to nematode discovery containing endosymbiont borrelia is close to cracking the mechanism of the whole thing. Using that analogy, apple leaves remove all the walls, doors, and keyholes exposing the whole mess.

Why can I say that? First, there are the parasite nematodes hiding until you smoke them out, and it becomes apparent that they hide since they got there from a bug. Second, it becomes apparent that extra mucus is coming from somewhere, likely biofilm breaking down, and it is the likely culprit with evidence that pectin enzyme further breaks it up. Third, you feel and experience the drag of the nematode load being removed subtly, but definitely. They are behind unexplained skin and arthritic conditions, or were in my case. Some hair starts to grow again, and can grow darker from grey. You feel better daily as that all happens. There is a marked neurological effect as the fog lifts, or that was my experience, and it was early on. It seems from the time that other worms hide in biofilm too, as you eliminate it, so you have a metric to go by. When new insect bites try to start a new worm, it leaves immediately from additional apple leaves before getting situated. That is over and above nematodes being expelled from historical insect bites and stings since you were born.

That in itself is just being discovered, the fact that there are parasitic nematodes behind most major chronic health issues. They are just getting started too, because I have had a sneak preview of the answers from apple leaves, and because I had nowhere else to turn. Medicine always failed for me comparatively, and they maintain my disease does not even exist.

Thurs, July 21, 2016 – Apollo

Today is the day after the 47th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon. I’ve had worms from even before that come out, and the whole history of manned space flight even. Back in 1969, I was 13 years old, and like all kids at the time, we were totally engaged by the whole thing of manned space flight to the moon and back. We knew all the names, parts, and lingo of lunar landings, should there ever be even one. There were more than just 3 men on those missions. They were all likely packing a percentage of their body weight in parasite nematodes and biofilm. Depending on age, I would guess 7% by the time they were astronauts around 30 years old. I guess about 15% in my case at 60. They would have been exposed to lots of vectors on geological field trips, and the worms would like the high dopamine levels they had all being engineers.

Neil_ArmstrongOf all the amazing technologies developed for the space race, they did not even have an inkling of that. The concern was contamination risk from outer space, when it should have been the other way around. We contaminated the camera on Surveyor 3, and microbes have been found living outside the ISS. We take cooties to outer space but not back, except when Apollo 12 did from Surveyor 3, and Russians harvested some from the outer surface of the ISS. Otherwise, it is pretty lonely there without us and our cooties, as far as they have found. Roswell sparked interest in aliens but that turned out to be a cadaver used for a secret high altitude parachute test. Secrecy breeds all the conspiracy theories. Lunacy propagates them, like it does with the Lunar Landing Hoax Hoax. Analysis shows it is easier to do it than fake it. Then there is trying to cover it up. You can see the picture of Neil 47 years ago, but can just tell he is thinking, “Man, this ain’t over yet. We’ve got about a quarter million miles to go with a box of rocks!”

They simply steered over the Van Allen Belts when the window was right and the belts were confined to the magnetic field equatorial region. The ionizing radiation wasn’t that great either, but they did steer over the belts to minimize the risk. Again, secrecy surrounding Project Rainbow high orbital nuclear testing bred conspiracy theories. It could be the source of a lot of that ionizing radiation too. It didn’t faze the cooties we took up there. They sure don’t like apple leaves though. Why don’t they spend as much time about the real lasting effects of nuclear and CFC pollution? Well, they do, but don’t know it. That is what chemtrails are all about. They are a kludge ozone layer replacement so we don’t all fry from UV radiation. The nematode parasites like us rare evidently.

I expect there will be an attempt to blame someone other than bugs for parasitic nematodes, like the CIA or military, foreign or domestic. They already blame Shelter Island military for ticks with nematodes. Vectors are a lot more wide ranging than that being here since Genesis in the Bible, and right after The Beginning as per Apollo 8. Those crafty serpents, hanging out in arthropods to put the bite on you. Great conspiracy theory fodder though. They are so secret that doctors don’t even know about them, and right under, or even in, their noses. Most of their lives. That’s pretty stealthy.

The real conspiracy is the failure to get to the bottom of what is happening with vector illnesses. Other than in equatorial regions, they are largely ignored. Now there is an unchecked epidemic we are soaking in, with tests developed to be so selective as to exclude all morphed forms of the testing resistant diseases. If they looked at it with the effort that was put into the space race, there could be a different outcome. Instead, they have looked at it with a comparable effort to conspire to hide it. Sand fly vectored Gulf War Syndrome was hidden that way. The Internet was a help in that we know about it, but not enough. We have to pick up the slack, and it is some large slack. Thank our lucky stars there are enough retired doctors helping us. Unfortunately there is enough baloney out there to bury it unless you use common sense to vet it.

They put blinders on horses to keep them focussed. People tend to put blinders on themselves to narrow their field of view, but without excluding the entire picture. Some become like a dog with a towel and can’t let go, stuck on that one thing, ignoring competing valid critique. Witness the way they cling to the Apollo Conspiracy Moon Hoax Hoax. They ignore the fact it is cheaper to just go get a moon rock than fake one, since it can’t be done. If the hoax was that easy why didn’t Russia do it first? In comparison, the Lyme Disease Hoax Hoax can’t hide from apple leaves when nematodes come out all over the place. Ivermectin had no takers either, but just won  half of a 2015 Nobel Prize for the discovery leading to the manufacture from avermectin. Apple leaves are way bigger than that, and it doesn’t get much bigger than a Nobel Prize. Still, I hear crickets, so I can see Merck’s problem with it from 1974 onwards. After about 722 Days, they can’t say I didn’t try. I can only hope Alan MacDonald and Eva Sapi can break through now, but it is only just beginning. I haven’t got a Satoshi Omura or Dr Roy Vagelos or Dr William Campbell on the inside either. I just know it will rock the entire world of modern medicine and physiology. Nobody knew we all packed so many parasitic nematodes. I’ll skip the “Told ya so. Nyah nyah!” rant. It is a brand new take on the whole science of medicine, but that isn’t exactly a good thing, because they think the science is decided.

That video does say that when the worm is released, there are still borrelia to deal with. They could be nailed then by a short course of doxycyline in my estimation, but they gave up doing that since it never worked with people as long as the worm was there. I think all my worms are largely gone and the borrelia are all alone now, released into a world of no biofilm or worms to hide in. The worry is that the herx will be so great it may kill me from even a short course of antibiotics. The borrelia die off is toxic to the liver and intestinal tract at least, or wherever else they try to hide. Then can the stem cells repair the permanent damage from the borrelia and worms? That also remains to be seen in their quest for a Nobel Prize in Medicine to go with the 2012 one they already have. It could be redundant though as just another use of the same thing, and it seems argument is their strong suit. Plus it is a three part problem with worms-endodosymbionts-biofilm to clean up, even to begin with. Will that be too much for them to handle?

Fri, July 22, 2016 – Serendipitous

I never knew that this was on topic with the current 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology. No bull, a noble pursuit. Unfortunately, the closest I got to a PHD is keeping watch on the developments of the PHD Fellowship, named for Dr Paul H. Duray. I have a new understanding of the role of parasite nematodes over and above all that as well from watching, witnessing, and feeling the difference as they left from the apple leaves I nibbled. Most people are blissfully unaware of their own batch of nematode parasites, but by sheer serendipity I came to know it from watching deer eat apple leaves. The discovery of Penicillin was also serendipitous for the 1945 Nobel in Medicine. Sir Alexander Fleming also just happened to notice the effects of it by accident, and that is the case with lots of new and surprising discoveries. They challenge what was expected from conventional wisdom.

It is exception to the rules of how things are supposed to be. Those rules hold back more discovery from unlikely events or sources simply because they challenge the rule book. My thing sadly turns out to be the ultimate challenge to an entire science that has not learned the lesson of serendipitous discovery that lurches it forward however reluctantly. It shouldn’t do anything but it does without a doubt, and lights the fire under parasites riddling everybody, head to toe, and that they are blissfully unaware of until apple leaves smoke them out. It could be a phage, or it could be eosinophillic activation, or even something else, but the parasites leave, folding their hand in the process. There can be immune parasites to the process I suspect, but then there is Ivermectin, thiabendazole, DEC, and other anthelmintics to get what apple laves may not. Knowing the extent of vector parasitic nematode action and how common it is can only help. How do these things move out of the tropics? The same way that Zika did as opportunistic vectors spread it from human to human with international travel so prevalent now. The first American case of Zika with no tropical travel has already been found now.

There is some sort of tropical to temperate migration happening. Thus you can get lymphatic filariasis or Zika in a temperate region. It breaks the rules again but the rule book is shredded in this internationally travelled modern world. Lyme Disease becomes more prevalent rewriting the rules further. Forget geographical association, which is already being proven to be a flawed and outdated model for dismissing diagnoses. There are 400 Zika cases in the US, excluding territories like Puerto Rico which has 397 cases alone. Other imported tropical diseases are likely under reported and/or misdiagnosed as well. They break the rule book in an altered world of vector disease anarchy, and where the geographical name of the disease no longer applies. That isn’t a good thing with medicine about to be swamped with world travelling baby boomers.

Then the tendency to put them all in close quarters isn’t a good idea as well. One solution is to get them all up to speed on the network to look up their own symptoms, and challenge that dated rule book of diagnoses. Explain why it must be challenged. Don’t worry if they ridicule you because they will disappear soon enough from the exact reason why they should get on top of things. In an old world of glacial progress, they won’t have a chance. If their family won’t help, the family will be next. Knowledge isn’t only power now, it becomes mandatory. You’ll need a search engine to keep on top of it all. One contributor pointed out that surviving Lyme sufferers become their own doctors since medicine abandoned them. Physician, heal thyself in the leper colony. Again, the network becomes your textbook, and you have to vet it with common sense, or in some cases, uncommon sense. For example, if you think bee venom is good, how many nematode eggs and larva have you checked it for first? I had 40+ year old nematode parasites come out of stings, followed by the remains of the stinger myself. Alan MacDonald found out why this year. Nematode parasites are behind the whole mess of borrelia, making it chronic. They appear to defecate borrelia riddled biofilm, or so it looks in my opinion.

Here is the trouble. There is still enough information to be had, but “The Kept University” explains it in detail why it gets held back. How recent? A good read from March, 2000, but the problem is timeless. I just gave it an apple leaf cleanout to burst the dam. There will still be enough IP left to be cornered, or maybe even more, after the effective reset on medicine to get what they miss. Web doctor sites and university sites are still a wealth of information to be had for the searching. I am thinking of changing the topic to The Anti-Helminth Blog, because that is where this all led to after two years, and that is the promising way forward. Yet the source of all that was apple leaves. You can see what happens, and that is how I found a way forward. That is also a way to bring medicine on board, because anthelmintics are within their field. They have the drugs and the protocol. There would be a long way to go to even get apple leaves approved as a test, but they surely show what is wrong there, when the worms head for the exits, and many the way they came in, it seems.

Sat, July 23, 2016 – Full Circle

In a week it will be a year plus a leap year from July 31, 2014 when I discovered the Apple Leaf Surprise. It is Day 724 since then. I tried to get the word out but they kept it. I understand. It is a complex problem beyond me, but there are several discovered reasons here why it is, too. Biofilm. Helminths. Lots of different vectors and not just ticks. AFPMB TG-36. An effective acaricidal plan. Hurdles to get a new substance approved for it. If you have to go where vectors are, you need protection like apple leaves to nip it in the bud. No other protection can compare once you know what they do.

I have a theory why they can do it, through eosinophil action against the worm, but that is just a theory, unproven. There could be hundreds of papers to find it all out. The same trouble shows up in veterinary science, but those animals can’t tell you when and where that itch is to get a worm in the act of leaving. They’ll find a way eventually with hairless species I suspect. Until then, I am a relatively hairless species and I have a story to tell no doubt. First, it was Dr Eva Sapi who rang a bell talking of vector nematodes, and recently, Dr A B MacDonald actually found the things in autopsies, but only in spinal fluid. They are in a lot more places than that, but at least they show up there. Until then, you can see them in your own eyes as “floaters” I found. Apple leaves make them disappear.

Anyway, medicine will eventually “worm” up to the idea. That will be the fastest way forward for the Kept Universities. I got a free unbiased education out of the deal, and a few cathartic rants off my chest. It isn’t like they were not inviting them the way they were attempting to sweep the whole thing under the rug. Their alibi is really ignorance because they know nothing of this in the mainstream or alternate medicines. The science of vector parasitology never moved past the wrongly assumed constraints of geographical residence of the vectors. In reality, the temperate vectors are much tougher species given what they have to survive through. Many still have endosymbiont nematodes as well. The mighty black fly is likely one such critter, along with temperate mosquitoes. The diseases like malaria and Zika can opportunistically get passed if infected hosts are present from international travel.

Now you have a bigger problem than ever suspected, outside of the military, who know that Napolean lost an army from the Russian campaign in 1812. It wasn’t all vectors, but they played a large part. Russian tactics, and Weather did too. Closer to home, the arthropods of military significance are well known in the military, but unknown to the general populace in Canada, a smaller carbon copy of the boreal region of the planet, bugs and all. Then there is what I found out over and above the military from all this. You may not know or care now, but that doesn’t get around it at all. You have no choice in the matter.

I know why this affects surveyors and engineers more than others now. The worms are looking for richer sources of dopamine via their spirochaete flocks, the chemical that connects our brain cells. They flourish in a dopamine rich host. The host suffers the consequences. Lesser hosts, not so much. It isn’t as dramatic as a hunt for Dark Matter, but it is a solid reason for it. Musicians may also have higher dopamine levels to feed the beasties. That could explain the Jason Becker ALS connection, along with Dr Hawking too. It is likely one fateful nematode species, with endosymbiont bacteria that causes that. It all came from a bug sting or a bite. Bugs are packing brain and nerve eating machines. If they happen to find a host that really has potential in the brain department, they will soon employ enough brain chemicals to overwhelm that host.

Moose and deer may not be as big on brains, but they sure have lean muscular mass. They also have large eyes. Nematodes use eye and spinal fluid as well. There is another connection to the recently discovered human cerebrospinal lymphatic system that links it all together. In a quid pro quo of veterinary and medical science, and not being able to do an MRN scan on a moose, can we assume that vertebrate animals are set up roughly the same way? They are the source of anthelmintic discovery for that through the Merck veterinary division, leading to the 2015 Nobel for Medicine. They are a compatible vector host of opportunity. Chronic Wasting Disease affects all three critters. We know their pain, and none of us have much of a choice over weed killers on our food supplies.

One of us can leverage the network to our advantage, but it’s understood that most of it is similar to the output of male farm animals too. Luckily, there is a way to vet it by source, and peer review credentials. “Cited by…” other papers and such. The world’s richest gold mines can be mostly waste rock too, but occasionally there is a nugget in there. You have to look out for pyrite, but you don’t want to throw out the chalcopyrite or bornite either. I wonder what IBM’s Watson thinks of the whole mess? Can it be data mined to our benefit and pared down to size? We haven’t got much choice here, but there is more open stuff than closed, and that can be more than enough. There isn’t much of anything on cutaneous and CNS nematode parasites at the base of it all. I had a discovery looking for an explanation where there wasn’t much red meat there until I found Eva Haughie’s post on Filarial Nematodes. It was a part match until this year Alan MacDonald weighed in on worm endosymbiont borrelia from January to May of this year. Most of the borrelia unknowns can now be explained by that model.

It matches that this is a big tent thing behind a bewildering array of human and animal chronic diseases. Everything from a common cold to some forms of cancer. Pick virtually any letter of the alphabet and there is a story linking nematode parasites to be dug into. It’s a massive task that underlies the whole thing, yet it has been unknown and ignored for all history. The distributed task model could be a class of 26 students all tasked with a report on nematode parasitology assigning an alphabet letter to each one, and just in outline form, to investigate a connection. It’s a relevant thought exercise that shouldn’t give pause, but it does now. Should “S” be for stem cells or Strongyloids stercoralis? Trichobilharzi, Unknown Undigestable buildup, Vasodilation/constriction, Wuchereria bancroftii, Xylitol, Yellow Fever, Zika. Then a different set of eyes can sometimes see a different set of problems, like when a veterinarian, or a mechanic, looks at it. There is a whole new world of surprise in it.

And that’s no surprise, because it is new. Yet parasitology, even vector parasitology itself, is no new thing at all. It just has to shift focus from tropical to temperate where there are more vectors to weed through. They weren’t as benign as suspected. Why were they ever ignored? It could be that there are so many vectors and so little time. There could be a million arthropods to go through, and some may have no name yet. The nematodes in them may be multiples of that. It will take a long time, while most are busy following the money trail. There has to be a convincing case made to redirect some of that to this part of the big picture. The remaining rewards are all hiding there, but nobody was able to see it for themselves before apple leaves. They reveal a Columbus type moment in a New World of medicine. Natives were there to meet him, and Vikings beat him too. Remember he only thought he was in India, and that it was only a fraction of the full circle.

In this case, there was nobody here to meet me, more like a moonshot. It really is a barren new world. The animals and veterinarians have been here though. They just couldn’t prove it. Like Columbus, there is a long way to go to circumnavigate this marble, like Cook, yet.


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Sat, July 9, 2016 – A Review

Where do we stand now after almost 2 years from discovering Wild Apple Leaves were a natural anti-helminthic, exposing unknown worms? Thomas Grier seems to be keeping track of all the recent related discoveries on his Facebook journal. Both he and Dr Alan MacDonald are with Paul H Duray Fellowship trying to get to the bottom of this new nematode endosymbiont borrelia connection to almost everything as I predicted a year and a half ago. I’m just glad somebody has finally found it.

Eosinophilia-myalgia attacks nematodes. It is also a disease, but eosinophils are white blood cells. I hope that a disease is not what makes apple leaves force the worms out, but it could be. It could be a similar mechanism but more benign, breaking down nematode defences. I don’t know that the symptoms are a match though. Lyme is the great imitator after all. Corticosteroid therapy is beneficial as a treatment to many it is said, but that is also recommended with any anti-helminthic tberapy. The apple leaves made me feel better to a point. I assume that the borrelia still remains. Still no medical treatment for it post apple leaves so I really don’t know. Doctors generally run when the “L” word is even mentioned.

A poor girl is living in her car in Canmore after giving up at the hospital. She fell through the cracks like all sufferers have. Who would ever guess this is the 21st century? Disease beats medicine so medicine beats the patients. If patients are seronegative, the disease doesn’t exist. It can’t be their methodology in their opinion. The disease is epidemic elsewhere yet does not exist where it should be epidemic. It is an official epidemic in adjacent bordering countries, starting at the US border to the south and north in Alaska. The disease knows no border, but idiocy surely does. Projection stops it on the psychotic side that we know as Canada.

Anti-HelminthicsBack to nematode parasites. Now there is a new strategy. There will soon be an update on the Paul H Duray Fellowship blog Thomas Grier says. It is too large to link for his Facebook. I am definitely going to try and stay tuned. It explains 7 provocative findings by the PHD Foundation and how they will affect patients and medicine in general. That sounds like what I found too at least. The latest from Dr Alan Macdonald in his quest to root out nematodes is there. I suspect there will be a lot more clues from veterinary sciences like with Eosinophils and their nematode attacking action like Apple leaves and bark seem to do.

Here is a guess what it will be about. Nematodes with endosymbionts make the endosymbiont disease chronic. Removing the nematode removes the chronic nature of any such disease. The biofilm remains and must be dealt with by dissolving it to make the bacteria planktonic again. Then that portion can be dealt with using dramatically lower concentrations of antimicrobials, and for much shorter durations. There will be permanent damage for letting it go untreated for so long. Stem cells may provide a way forward there. There are more bugs behind this than you can shake a stick at, and all carrying nematode larva and/or eggs, plus pathogens. They all do not have to be present in the same bug either because they are all additive. They won’t say apple leaves and bark can show you all that, and cure a common cold too. Just a hunch. Eosinophilia doesn’t seem so bad comparatively if that is what skunks the nematodes out when you eat apple leaves.

Sun, July 10, 2016 – Why?

Why do apple leaves smoke out nematodes? I found a clue with leukotriene B4, which is known to stimulate eosinophil (white blood cell) attack on epithilial resident nematodes. It’s a theory, but it would have to be looked into. The S. Rosen videos show what may be happening if apple leaves stimulate leukotriene B4 production in tissues. It just feels like that may be happening too as an inflammatory response. Meanwhile, other anthelmintics like Mebendazole were found to fight glioblastoma accidentally years ago. Dr Alan MacDonald has linked it to borrelia. Medscape says the tests he uses are not definitive Lyme Disease, but we all know that CDC game, testing for three strains out of hundreds of strains of borrelia. Glioblastoma has been found to definitely contain borrelia. The latest research this year shows that the borrelia is endosymbiont to parasite nematodes from bug bites or stings. Eventually they will find that is the case with CDC certified Lyme too, I bet.

It is all so much official baloney, like saying Canadians aren’t official humans, or a certain strain of borrelia burgdorferi B31 does not exist in Canada. even though it was isolated in a Canadian lab. I can see insurance companies fighting that battle for all they are worth, literally. At least some doctors still have enough scruples to press on, with common sense being their beacon to further science. On the other hand, I am sceptical about the leukotriene B4 theory. It would explain what I witnessed with apple leaves, but proving that could be difficult for me without lab facilities. It is also from the veterinary sciences, and not medicine. It makes sense, but not enough sense for medicine. They are too busy switching off natural genetic response to disease to make money.

Arthritis is a nematode parasite disease. When you get rid of the parasite, it largely goes too. The parasite eats cartilage in joints, causing inflammatory response I think. However they do it, apple leaves get rid of that parasite. The delay getting to nematodes through biofilm could be explained with leukotriene B4, as the biofilm would insulate the half of nematodes from eosinophils in tissues. By breaching that biofilm by taking pectin enzyme would allow the eosinophils to get at the worms. But why would they not get at them in the first place?

Some nematode parasite species must have a way, and I guess biofilm shielding, to over ride eosinophil action until apple leaves nullify that. Eosinophils see biofim, and assume it is natural and belongs there, passing it over. Also, the paradox of the California Fence Lizard could be solved using leukotriene B4, if the lizard has naturally occurring high levels of it. That lizard is immune to Lyme Disease. It could also prove the nematode parasite link to Lyme Disease without too much of a stretch if the lizard can’t have nematode parasites. On the other hand, why don’t human eosinophils take out the parasitic nematodes in the first place? The parasites live for decades under your skin. Do they produce a counterfactor that is defeated by apple leaves? These are all possible answers that could be looked into. For now, it is a given that apple tree bark and leaves contain some anti helminthic factor that forces the nematodes to flee. Finding out what it is may take a while, since the apple leaf effect itself has remained hidden for all human time.

Sorry for the condescending tone, but how else can you spin the obvious in the hypercritical review climate of a broken science, headed in exactly the wrong direction, defeated by nematode parasites and their biofilms? Apple tree bark and leaves make it so obvious that the nematodes were always there, undetected and wreaking havoc under the radar. If you find an apple tree, you can see for yourself.

Daisy is another edible plant. I haven’t tried it yet, but it is considered a noxious weed in Monsanto world. The deer ate it.  That would explain why animals are increasingly getting sick from insect vectored illness if they eat it to survive. It has been eliminated out of the biome by RoundUp. Otherwise, it is normally everywhere. It is but one edible plant eliminated by lawn mechanics, like dandelion. Scentless Chamomile is yet another. All those weeds may have had veterinary essentials to the wild animals now threatened as agriculture encroaches on their former turf.

Meanwhile we are up to Day 712 after discovering the Apple Leaf thing in human terms. I am still kicking, although not as spry as I used to be before all this started downhill a few years to a decade ago. Blaming it on apple leaves is like saying eyeglasses cause near sightedness.

Tues, July 12, 2016 – Black Flies

They are a stealthy common vector. Like ticks, they anaesthetize the feeding site so you cannot feel them. They explain a lot of the nematodes you see with apple tree leaves and bark, and are responsible for River Blindness in Africa and the Americas. Add borrelia, known and unknown species, and the picture starts to come into focus. There is a huge veterinary connection there too. Wildlife like deer fight their effects with apple leaves and daisies, which they appear to eat in abundance.

blackflyThe Black Fly goes under the radar with many vector illnesses which it may have a hand or bite in. They are virtually everywhere around here, and elsewhere for that matter. My theory is that they are a connecting vector to the whole mess of borrelia, causing it to cross lines from vertebrate animals to humans and vice versa. Horse stalls and cattle barns are sprayed with permethrin to keep them down, while DEET fights them somewhat on the human front. We all know the pesky little devils, but probably never suspected them to be so bad for public health. Some places did get the memo, and fight to keep their populations down. Aedes Aegyptii gets all the press for Zika, but this second vector is ready to spread it around once established.

CerebrospinalThey are a well known nematode spreader, but forgotten more often than not. In the case of SURRA and Cerebral Nematodiasis spread to humans from the veterinary realm, they cannot be overlooked. Why go looking here? Something has to make up for the observed spread of all manner of human chronic illness. Apple leaves themselves will show you why first hand by showing where your first infected bug bite is. It could have been a Black Fly, and likely even is. It probably is the ground zero of every lethal chronic human disease in my estimation. For the record, the score of medicine with chronic disease is zero, and they can’t even crack the common cold. So far, apple leaves have a perfect score.

It is not too far of a stretch to say they are a direct connection to septic sources, both TrypanosomaBrucei_ProcyclicTrypomastigote_SEManimal and human, with your blood stream. Now you get the picture why they spread so much disease. They are a typical daytime blood feeder, and swap spit when they do it. Likewise, many try to fight them, and many fail. Apple leaves work so spectacularly because they are the only second line defence to that. I would say they are the only known second line, but they are unknown to virtually everybody but me. Just beware that trhey are anthelmintic, and they really get the worms moving out if they work for you like they did for me. Who knows what those worms will drill through, but they don’t waste much time when they skidaddle. They probably use an existing hole where they can. They likely find it with that tongue. That is a video of a typical nematode to show how they roll. Your’s will likely be smaller, but the MO is the same I bet.

Anyway, caution for Olympic athletes. May be illegal when combined with a corticosteroid.

 Weds, July 13, 2016 – Chamomile vs. Daisy

Chamomile is taller. There are more subtle differences, but both are edible herbs. I think both grow here now that the deer don’t eat them all. They grazed them down even close to the ground. They appear to have that same flower, but are different plants with different herbal properties. Both are considered to be weeds, and especially scentless chamomile.

EdieThey wouldn’t be the first weed medicine in British Columbia, or the whole west coast for that matter. These days, everybody is up in arms about medical marijuana. Daisy and chamomile don’t get the headlines though. Deer ate them all. What we call weeds are a large part of their diet along with clover and other low grazing plants. That is likely why they are so tough I am thinking. Even with all the urbanization, they still persist and migrate over hundreds of miles of fenced range, easily jumping all but the tallest page wire fences.

Deer are ruminants with 4 stomachs, so they can live on daisies, chamomile, grasses, alfalfa, and apple leaves. They can also eat poison mushrooms with no ill effect. My theory is that somehow they are able to fight all the vector disease they are exposed to, and a lot of it stems from their diet as I found with apple leaves and bark for starters. Who knew that live parasitic nematodes with endosymbiont bacteria were resident in everybody? Deer instinctively know, largely out of evolution. They have a nose for medicinal plants to fight that, it turns out. They can come from all biting and stinging insects, and aquatic biofilms.

Many assume one vector. A tick. Cerebrospinal parasitic nematodiasis is more complicated than that with hundreds of different vectors, different sources, and all additive. It is a virtual Chinese menu of pathogens and endosymbionts to multiple unknown species of nematodes. Originally it was assumed that biofilm was encased in “membrane” that was really a live nematode, invisible to microscopy without being specifically stained. Apple leaves have permanently changed that former view with the nematodes/helminths coming out all over the place from their former stationary locations. Given the way medicine is set up for discovery, it will be centuries until medicine finds out, hidden until apple leaves show them in no uncertain terms what is actually happening.

Thurs, July 14, 2016 – Innes and Shoho

InnesShoho1952In 1952, they published the landmark paper in the British Medical Journal, outlining their discovery of nematodes from a veterinary point of view. It was ignored by medicine. Welcome to 2016. Dr MacDonald finally crossed paths. Apple leaves show you why they should have originally paid attention. Imagine all the suffering that could have been eliminated. Lyme Disease, or borrelia, may have even been solved by now. They are still arguing over it because biofilm and nematodes make it seronegative, or invisible, to medicine. I’m not a doctor, but it is simple to see what has happened here. It will be a tattoo of infamy on the whole profession. So much had been invested in serology that they ignored the glaring weakness that is made so obvious by virtually all disease they can’t touch, or see, for that matter. They have been ignorant for a whole generation, 64 years now.

Weedkiller wipes out daisies and chamomile. There’s your trouble. The bees are suffering from these and other wildflowers being wiped out. They are the canaries in the nematodiasis coal mine. Our pretty food is causing a spread of unchecked mammal nenmatodiasis. Talk about disaster from unintended consequences. The race is on, as Monsanto stock continues to go up, and people die off. Cattle and wildlife too. Vectors are all too happy to oblige when common black flies can pick up the slack.

I finally got some baby spinach. We’ll have to see if the natural steroid effect kicks in. Popeye used it apparently, being the most famous spinach junkie. Olive could have used it. She was so skinny I’m surprised she didn’t expire from anorexia. I like it with Italian dressing. I can feel it a bit on my ACA Herxheimer. The effect is not as dramatic as it was with Popeye, but it is something. I can see recommending this with apple leaves as a steroid to go with the anti helminthic effect. There is also a slight expectorant effect from straight spinach salad.

Page 2 of Innes and Shoho 1952 remarks that larva may migrate to the eyes. Apple leaves eradicated eye floaters in my case, so something relevant is definitely happening there. Caduceus.svgAre eye floaters larva migrans? They could be. The chapter is titled “Migratory Paths of Helminths to the Central Nervous System.” The identified helminth species was setaria digitata. That paper is the holy grail of human neurological disease. If this is the case, can serology and other microscopic analysis of the fluid in the eye yield positives for such vector illness? They already do visually, and Innes-Shoho predicted that nematodes are drawn to CSF and the eyes. The possibility of setaria antigen is discussed in dealing with cerebrospinal nematodiasis. They are preaching to the choir here, and apple leaves are that antigen to setaria and strongylids. Dual viral and nematodoasis infections were discussed in the case of Japanese B encephalitis in horses and children in Japan. The vets were always on top of it, but just never found out about apple leaves and their ability to give the worm the boot. Medicine still says “What worm?” Well, the one that has defeated them for all time, for starters. The veterinary equivalent has been known for well over half a century, and was obviously published in the British Medical Journal in 1952. There is kind of no excuse why it has been ignored for 64 years. It points to the Holy Grail of all medicine that they cannot solve even until this day.

If all that has been discovered since 1952, why are they still struggling against ALS, MS, polio, Alzheimer’s, Age Related Dementia, Pick Body, Lewy Body. Glioblastoma, Encephaloma, and Lyme Disease? The same reason that they refuse to believe what apple tree bark and leaves show in no uncertain terms. It is all a nematodiasis, with endosymbiont and thus largely undetectable, co pathogens, whatever that me be. My guess is medicine cannot believe that any disease can escape their serology, when all of those generally do, or that the serology is irrelevant. Addressing the visible serology is akin to putting a band aid on a bullet hole, a complete non sequitur and totally off base. The root nematode bullet is left alive and still functioning inside the patient, along with whatever endosymbionts are along with it intact. It is the perpetual infection mechanism that has simply eluded all medicine for all time.

Fri, July 15, 2016 – Worms and More Worms

There’s your trouble. Everybody has them. If they don’t then they will all live to be 400+ years old. Why 400? Why not? If you can get rid of the worms, and they are linked to all causes of fatal disease persistence and death, then who knows what will kill you? Apple leaves get rid of a lot of them you can then see, and you can see how they got there with a vector.

Biofilm remains, but there is another avenue to depose it that I am finding. Raw spinach salad. None of us likely get enough spinach. Apple tree leaves and bark either. Spinach is another way to fight the snotterboarding that can happen, or so I am finding. If Popeye were a real person, he would be delighted. Another benefit of Spinach, previously unknown. It fights worm slime or biofilm as we know it. Try a spinach salad with a half cup of apple leaves and you will see what I mean. Italian dressing makes it super tasty as well. If you are full of biofilm glop like many will be at the beginning, add more spinach. YMMV. That’s just me, but I have over a year using pectin enzyme too. I don’t need as many apple leaves since all the worms fled that apple leaves could skunk out. It was like a rash of worm exit holes for a couple months there. How do I know it wasn’t just a rash? They all healed when the worm or worms got out.

I don’t know what species of worm they could be, but have a hint they could be setaria digitata from Innes and Shoho 1952. They could also be some kind of strongyloids, and even trichobilharzi regentia from Swimmer’s Itch. They came out like dirt when the apple leaves finally got through the biofilm to them. Maybe it just broke down their eosinophil defences. Beautyman and Woolf 1951 suspected the endosymbiont relation of pathogen to the worm. 65 years later, we are still looking at that from a diferent perspective, and that is neuroborreliosis as seen in Lyme Disease. What neuroborreliosis? Once you take apple tree leaves or bark, you’ll know. The worms take over your mind until that precise moment, and three days hence in my case. It was fast. Here I am 716 Days later now. I survived. That is always a plus.

Dr MacDonald hosted a conference in 1981 at Southampton, NY, where every single discipline of medicine was invited to discuss borrelia in their speciality. They all had it in their disciplines, heart, brain, GI, lungs, kidneys, rheumatology, etc. They had no idea at that time it was endosymbiont to nematodes, but I was about to find that out in no uncertain terms. They all know it now as they expected at UNH in New Haven, Lyme World. Now we’re hot on the trail, skunking out nematodes from where they have hidden all your life as parasites or running an endosymbiont parasite operation in many cases. The nematodes themselves are the membrane they talk about with biofilm in a lot of cases I suspect. The holes they drill as they migrate are the “water channels” too I bet. Electricity shocks them out, but apple leaves are a lot less painful too I would guess.

Meanwhile, how’s your homobrassinolide level? It is another all natural steroid, researchers found, that exceeds spinach. It is in mustard. You may want a little extra condiments on that. The scientific studies were done on rats only, not humans, though. While veterinary medicine offers many insights into human health processes, you have to confirm that it works in humans. Apple leaves confirm the cerebrospinal nematodiasis link and more without a doubt when worms drill out everywhere.

There are differences between neurological diseases and cancer. Sometimes cancer is curable. Formerly, neurological diseases were not. For som reason, that allows medicine to beat you up and ridicule you if you have an incurable neurologically active chronic seronegative illness like Lyme Disease. They’re smug that serology is never wrong. Apple leaves prove that it is completely a sham with chronic seronegative diseases. They have no idea. That allows doctors to beat the hell out of patients and ridicule them for having something worse than cancer. That is all about to change now, and who knows what will happen then? It will be interesting how they will spin that after being caught red handed with 6 decades of progressively completely wrong diagnoses in my case alone.

It’s a nightmare in broad daylight now. You can see Innes and Shoho tried everything to get heard out from 1950 onwards, just like I tried with Apple leaf anthelmintic properties, but nothing came from it. 66 years later, it is finally getting heard, but they have no idea what it means yet, although I suspect they may. This opens a whole new avenue with so many diseases, many fatal and chronic, that they will have to rewrite the entire book of medicine around what it exposes, and what a child can see. Virtually all current medicine will become obsolete overnight. All from one new natural anthelmintic exposing formerly stealthy and hidden nematodes resident in humans, head to toe. A whole new medical paradigm of vector parasitology will take over the limelight ideally. UNH got a head start on it. Dr Sapi has always known of micro larval form filarial nematodes in ticks, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Multiple vectors carry them. Apple leaves can get them all out. Pass the spinach and mustard.

Sat, July 16, 2016 – Says It All

J. R. M. INNES,* Sc.D.(Cantab), D.Sc., Ph.D., M.R.C.V.S.
(From the Foundation of Applied Research, San Antonio, Texas)
(*Aided by a grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, New York.)
(Formerly working at the Institute for Infectious Diseases, Tokyo University, Japan)

In a nutshell, that title says it. Two and a half pages later, the medical world as we know it is dated, and that was 64 years ago. Welcome to the worm world apple leaves blow out of the water. Kudos to Dr Alan MacDonald for digging this up. The most important takeaway from that is we do not want anybody with MS to have a bad or fatal outcome from apple tree leaves and bark, or other anti helminthic medications. They have no idea what the hell I had or have, but it is at least Lyme Disease. I called it Surveyor’s Disease because so many surveyors are turning up with a similar thing. If I had glioblastoma, MS, ALS, Lewy Body, Alzheimer’s, etc., it may have killed me. Just beware of that. It gets the worms out. If you have any of those, you may want to die, but apple leaves may not be the best way. They may not even do it, but do you want to be the first to try? Just beware. There is an ongoing clinical trial of glioblastoma though with Mebendazole.

I knew it was late stage tertiary Lyme from ACA Herxheimer and before that, the symptoms. The trouble is that the Apple leaves get the helminths that aren’t even supposed to be there moving out. The fact that the helminths are there is enough to rewrite medicine. It will be a complete do-over. As a kicker, the leaves cure a common cold. You could always try them on rats with other neurotropic or nervous diseases. That will be another complete rewrite too. I just cut to the chase. They taste a bit like apples. It was a lot better than anything that happened to me with medicine here. Canada is still blood letting comparatively. Instead, they should stuff rats full of the things to see what happens. By the time they do that though, the rats might graduate school waiting for them to write it up. Currently, medicine has its hands tied trying to get anything approved.

I used the Chinese Medicine Du testing model for new herbs. After a surprising start, when I tried a cup of leaves, I knew instantly something was really up. That was too much, no matter how tasty it was. After a while, a few dried leaves a day was enough. Now I am nibbling daisies. They are kind of sweet. I can see the deer liking them. Stalks and leaves so far. They taste like daisies or chamomile, whatever they are. There is a slight bitter after taste. Brevity is the soul of wit it is said, and could also be said of scientific papers. Innes and Shoho 1952 got soul. This blog, not so much.

What is the largest phylum in the animal kingdom? By number of identified species, arthropoda. By sheer biomass, and number of critters, it is nematoda. Roundworms. They get second billing because they are largely invisible, under the surface of everything. They are found in the deepest mines and on the tallest mountains. They are in the oceans, ponds, lakes, and wherever there is water. I found they exist inside people and animals. They consequently don’t get as much ink. Curiously, doctors that should know put them in second place. Many of the species found in spinal fluid for example are totally unknown. There is a massive amount of work that has to be done to catch up naming them, let alone discovering what they are doing in there. Setaria digitata from mosquito vectors alone was found by Innes and Shoho to be behind epizootic cerebrospinal nematodiasis Japanese B encephalitis. I’m sure there are lots more to be looked at from other vectors, and they are largely unknown. If you wanted to PWN all medical research in a one minute elevator pitch, that would be how to do it. It would be a trillion dollar pitch easily, but unfortunately, elevator rides with multi trillionaires are in short supply.

Now consider each species of arthropod has at least one, and likely more, species of nematode living in it. That’s just arthropods. From there they find there way into vertebrates and other hosts. It is known they infest kingdom mammalia. It is known that some species can infest humans, but most of the species are unknown. They can hide where we can’t see them in tissues, until apple leaves smoke them out. Doctors say apple leaves are no good then. For what specific reasons, other than they make doctors look foolish when hundreds of unknown nematodes come out? That is also unknown. I’d be interested in seeing why those parasitic nematodes and their endosymbionts are actually better for you. The actual reason may simply be that those nematodes are unknown, like cancer, so the safe thing is to just admit defeat and say you will die with them. We already see that with Lyme Disease, another suspected parasitic nematode endosymbiont speciality.

The nematodiasis of Lyme Disease is epizo-otic. I put the hyphen in there, like two words: Episode and Otic. It has 5 syllables. May is the month of infection here it seems, but June, July, and August are also. Multiple different vectors are apparently active at different times. Residential vectors can be active in February too. Arthropod vectors can be smaller than the head of a pin.



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Sun, July 3, 2016 – If

Medicine has been defeated by endosymbiont borrelia in parasite worms. They have done everything they can to get rid of spirochaetes, but all those methods let the worm live on. On the other hand, apple leaves only get rid of the parasite worm and do nothing to get rid of the spirochaetes other than those in the worm. There is finally hope now that the word is out officially that it is a parasitic helminth behind the whole thing. Anti-helminthic medications would only be the first part of the cure if you could survive that. Then you would have to worry about spirochaetes that no longer have an endosymbiont shelter.

In short, there is no current medical escape from this here. Medicine still has no action plan. After what I have seen, until they start listening they are a death sentence. “If” they would only listen, thousands if not millions would be well on the road to fighting the unchallenged ectopressures of life. They show up as every known chronic disease and all the top killer categories, sometimes infrequently as Lyme Disease.

On a Sunday, it may be a good idea to pray that they will listen. It is too late for me. Doctors are still forced to look for anything but vector disease here. Why cure the disease when all the money is in treating symptoms of it? People still can’t believe that the main problem is that people aren’t de-wormed. Not only of intestinal parasites. There are multitudes of dermal ones at many bug stings and bites. You will see what the Bible meant by a plague of insects, and many have endosymbiont worms. That is where the trouble starts. Getting rid of them is job one, but what about the spirochaetes that are left over? You would need Doxycycline or a herbal equivalent like samento and/or CBD. Likewise, the herx may kill you. Those worms were dirty with the things.

Caduceus.svgVeterinarians are far ahead of the game. Doctors are now following Alan MacDonald whether they like it or not. Dr MacDonald suspects it is big, but from what I have seen, it is far bigger than just neurological diseases. When you can back up to your first bug bite, you see and feel a lot as the parasites leave. In theory, cleaning them out, then addressing the borrelia remaining should cure the chronic disease they are behind. All simple medicine, but not allowed. Systemic collapse would be the result if that happened, and without a doubt. Doctors would be embarrassed to wear their own twisted worm symbols. They wore it as a badge for centuries without knowing, both the Rod of Asclepius and The Caduceus. Just think about the Biblical irony of that.

You can always get reinfected just as easy. At least knowing these things is a large part of the battle. Apple leaves are the only known defence as far as I know. I’m the lab rat here… and I’m talkin’. The dangers of apple leaves are that they are antihelminthic, but way less dangerous than the pharmaceuticals, since I’m still here and typing. “If” you can make it past apple leaves, risks understood because it is risky no doubt being anti-helminthic, then you have to have a biofim cleanup plan, and better than chugging Gold Tequila. It’s not as fun with a Herxover, but there is a whole field of medical ethanol enhanced elixers that could be explored. “This medicine works BETTER with alcohol.” should be on the sticker. Good luck widdat. Bad side effects are too bad. By all acclaims. The whole thing could be solved in two levels by reducing worms and their biofilm, then killing the leftover spirochaetes. Apple leaves and pectin enzyme get rid of the worms and biofilm.

Mon, July 4, 2016 – 1776

It is the big holiday in the USA, Independence Day. Canada already had their day Friday. It is the 240th birthday of the first draft Declaration of Independence. It only had two signatures at the time, and took years to flesh it all out, but that was the start. From those humble beginnings, the States became the greatest civilization ever. Until recently, nobody knew about vector nematode parasites. They had been a drag all that time, and medicine is still stumped. Now after the discovery of the anti helminthic properties of apple leaves, perhaps that is all about to change.

Where will this go from here? It is hard to tell at this early stage. I know they will find that they are behind nearly every disease they are having trouble with, but that will likewise take a lot of time given the current medical process. They will have to prove or disprove everything I found in 23 months here. That is an awful lot. Anti helminthics worry doctors at the best of times, preferring to leave them to the veterinary sciences. Apple leaves are different in that the nematodes seem to be alive, exiting from where they are hiding on their own volition, and under their own steam.

Tues, July 5, 2016 – A Big Library

The World Wide Web, warts and all, is the biggest library ever assembled. Of course it isn’t all pretty, but at least it is there for you to decide. Doctors like to say that it is all bull, ignoring the fact that all their textbooks are largely available online now. In a touch of irony, given that, they could be right. They still ignore human nematodiasis and the fact it likely underlies all human chronic illness they have given up on. Add the endosymbiont pathogens in nematodes and associated biofilms. It is a new beacon that beckons a reluctant medical community misdirected for centuries.

It is such a big library that you can look up all about helminths and nematodes, if not the parasitic vector nematodes we found. I never knew that nematodes were the most abundant animals on earth until the web corrected my judgement. I never knew that bacteriophage kill half the bacteria on earth every 48 hours. I never knew that Apollo 10 almost crashed on the Moon, actually initiating the ascent from an abort. There is even more. Few know that Lyme Disease is ignored on purpose because it is untreatable by medical know-how. It is the only logical conclusion. Imagine if they did that with cancer. The web even has TG-36, explaining how Napolean went to Russia with hundreds of thousands and returned with under 4 thousand soldiers. The bugs alone killed most of them I think.

Sometimes it is what is not said on the web. It is not said that Hillary had an email server set up to use as bait to troll in enemy hackers. It would explain a lot, and why she is so smug. Who knows what we do not know about Benghazi? Skull duggery in the State Department? Draw your own conclusions. Climate change is a cover up of CFC’s and Atomic Bomb environmental damage? That explains the expense, chemtrails, and why it is urgent to save us from ourselves. Nobody thinks about that angle, but it makes sense where nothing else seems to. People don’t know that bankers made war for money. They love it when both sides lose. Ka-ching! They bankrolled the Soviets to create an enemy. They bankrolled the Germans to create another enemy for the enemy they bankrolled. Of course it is nuts. Nobody would ever believe it. Perfect.

Everybody thought Obama was born in Kenya. Nobody guessed he was lying about his age because Hawaii wasn’t a state then in 1953-5. Then it all makes sense. Nobody guessed Michelle was CIA stuck to him like glue. His real father was a master of photograph retouching. His real grandfather was a bit of a darkroom shutter bug too while Cerebrospinalworking for the government. It’s all hidden on the web, between the lines. At this point, what difference does it make?

Nobody knows what the real answer is, and nobody cares any more. It could all be baloney, or it could all not be. Everything is obfuscated. That is kind of like bugs and endosymbiont endosymbionts. It is all a mind bender, intentionally or even genetically, by the worms at least. How could something so small be so smart? Numbers, and time. All human time, and even before that in animals. That much time and evolution could literally make it a “no brainer.” They eat brain though, making all chronic disease break out. They usurp your endochrine systems.

It’s all out there in one form or another, waiting to be put together, by interested parties like Dr. Alan B. MacDonald and Dr. Eva Sapi with nematodes and endosymbiont pathogens. I can only hope researchers will eventually see what I already know from apple tree bark and leaves if and when they can finally get it to a treatment and prevention stage that is deemed safe enough for the masses. It’s all on the web, but just not put together yet, or it could have been, but hasn’t been noticed. Someday when there is optical character recognition searching of old records and more, it will eventually come to the surface. We are still infants in employing AI to that end as well.

Nothing is quite what it seems in disease, like in politics these days. There is always an unknown factor, behind the curtain, like a stealthy nematode with endosymbiont pathogens. It gets compounded when the candidates are working undercover. Don’t count on them getting prosecuted any time soon. They’ll just drag it out to make it seem legit while shifting the blame target around.

Weds, July 6, 2016 – Misdirected

That is how chronic disease has remained hidden in plain sight for so long. People are concentrating on the endosymbiont while leaving the transparent nematode alone. They all come from insect vectors. They know plenty about the endosymbiont while almost nothing about the nematode living cocoon that protects the pathogen. They know lots about the biofilm, but nothing about the worm that makes it and how it uses it. Researchers are stuck in a strict regimen while no such regimen exists for their adversary. They can’t even find it alive. Finally, Dr MacDonald found it in autopsy spinal fluids. From what I saw, it is not restricted to that only. Many worms are dermal resident and do not migrate. They let the spirochaetes do that I assume, running their errands for tissue food.

If that is the case, people are like a leaky boat from the day they are born, taking on water with each insect bite or sting. After years and decades of that, they are swamped. That matches what we see happening with everyone. The years and the bugs take their toll. Their nematodes are counting on it. They aren’t counting on apple tree leaves or bark though. It sure makes them leave the roost. It could be the phloridzin or a phage, but they leave when it gets to them through the biofilm and what else may be there to protect them.

It is no surprise that it transmits to other vertebrate animals. In fact, veterinary sciences are over a century ahead of medicine. To be fair, their patients died a lot more, without complaint. Interestingly, we can take advantage of all that playing catch up. It is a whodunnit mystery, and now we know what or who is really doing it. In my case, I had no hope and no help. By discovering a new live anti helminthic and surviving to tell the tale, I know lots of things medicine will never know now unless they try it themselves. They won’t be in a position to take the risk though. They’ll try to do it their own tried and failed way instead.

Is there another way to skin this cat? Perhaps other anti helminthic drugs with corticosteroids, or apple leaves with corticosteroids. It may not reverse permanent neurological injury if it has gone that far. At least it can stop it or it seems to. Some other things may reverse. I was so mistreated by the misdirection for so long, anything seemed to be an improvement when it was simply removing a detriment.

Maybe I should call this the worm and biofilm removal blog. Nobody is looking at that. Yet if those two things aren’t addressed, you will be going nowhere against the chronic nature of Lyme or any other disease for that matter. It would be like washing your car before a rip down a dirt road after a rainstorm.

Ashley Madison is accused of using fembots. If there is an app for that, look for it to get cheaper. Over a year ago, there was an app to check for parasites. It missed the parasites we saw or there would have been a furor. It was more geared to River Blindness. Our nematodes are far stealthier than that, and apparently do not migrate like a larva migrans. Larva Statio? Apple leaf consumption makes them migrate out though. They appear to stick where the vector put them in the first place. Like using Yellow Pages, they appear to let their endosymbiont spirochaete fingers do the walking, as well as the shopping. It is like the way ants use aphids, as I have remarked before. It’s like when it comes to getting nourishment, the spirochaetes are their app for that.

Somehow, the nematodes must also be able to communicate through the biofilm. Spirochaetes are known to communicate through it already. Once it is all set up, it is hard to eradicate, that is for sure. Command and control, plus refuge for retreat, ultimately rests with the nematode that sets it up. Here we have a completely new model nehind chronic disease, and researchers are slowly discovering the evidence supporting what apple leaves and bark anti-helminthics show without a doubt.

Uber-facts.com has 7 things you didn’t know about the human body. These nematodes are dozens, if not hundreds if you are older, of things you didn’t know about your own body. Apple leaves make the Cutaneous Larva Statio migrate/come out.

Thurs, July 7, 2016 – Decades

They are looking t Zika again. GSK says a vaccine is possibly decades away. The Olympics during a Zika outbreak are weeks away. I know what they have no idea about. There is a vector transmitted nematode behind it, and they will never find out until they start listening. How can I be sure? They are behind every other chronic and antimicrobial or antibiotic resistant disease in the book. Try and hit it with apple leaves and corticosteroids to9 make sure, but that will also get every other worm since your first wormy bug bite. At least they will see that something is there that they have not seen for all history. I suspect that any established nematode parasite can be a safe haven for biofilm compatible diseases. Why not?

Here is where the medicine community becomes a hindrance. If they don’t know about it, it does not exist, and especially when it undoubtably does. They still think Lyme Disease does not exist because serum testing is so ineffective to detect it. The longer you have had it, the stealthier it becomes, living in nematodes and under biofilm. Got fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Rheumatism? All are just symptoms of Lyme Disease that is likely seronegative by then. If Bb is the causative agent of Lyme Disease, one in eight have that detectable in the north east US. When at least 12.5% of a population has it detected, you have trouble. How much goes undetected then?

CerebrospinalWait until you see how many have the vector parasite nematodes that apple leaves skunk out. It is a disaster waiting to happen from the Forbidden Zone of medicine. They are 136 years behind the veterinarians with Surra, and 66 years since Innes and Shoho fingered Cerebrospinal Nematodiasis as a disease that may occur in man. Moreover, that is just one facet of nematodiasis that my manifest itself. Virtually every puzzle will come out of that solved if they only start finding out what I have found out.

Fri, July 8, 2016 – Chaos

Police shot in Dallas. NATO stationing on Russian borders. When banks are in trouble it seems that chaos gets cultivated. The crop is money. Banks are desperate for more of the same at any cost. Soon enough, a war will result. This time, it might be right here for a change. This chaos has been building since 2008. Now everything is a 24 hour commercial for it, but many aren’t buying. Instead, the naive majority will stumble into it some other way.

Case in point. What is Canada doing over at NATO being provocative in the Baltic states? Why did Britain say no to the European Union? Bad timing? The former peacemaker United States is being divided on racial lines again to sideline them. Add a divisive election cycle. It is all being rolled back over a century to destabilize the whole mess again. We are still struggling to survive the fallout of the Cold War, yet people largely know nothing about that. They have been led to believe it is climate change. When the chemtrails stop, they’ll find out it is so much more than that ever could be as it all turns to a sunburnt wasteland, no matter what temperature.

Well, what do you do? Just being aware of it is a tough hurdle at present. Everything is obfuscated on purpose to foment dissent. Just don’t buy into it, even if they say you are a genius if you do. History rests on the bones of dead genius. Unfortunately, it looks like we are going to repeat it. We failed to learn the lesson and we are ripe for a refresher course. So here comes the chaos that dictators prefer until we trade our freedom for security.

What does that have to do with advancing medicine? Like current medicine, absolutely nothing other than the fact it is in chaos, faced with little known human nematode parasites. On the front lines, work is continuing linking parasitic nematodes to more borrelia conditions like Alzheimer’s and MS. Following the implications, it explains why medicine is in chaos when it comes to borrelia endosymbiont to vector parasitic nematodes. Nobody had an idea, even though it was stumbled upon years ago with glioblastoma. It was halted with MBZ treatment, while it was not clear why. Apple leaves make it obvious why it is working. The worms are behind all of it. The news is still playing catch up far too late. I’ve been trying to hammer this home for a couple years now, but I failed too. Too much, too late.