Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, July 3, 2016 – If

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Medicine has been defeated by endosymbiont borrelia in parasite worms. They have done everything they can to get rid of spirochaetes, but all those methods let the worm live on. On the other hand, apple leaves only get rid of the parasite worm and do nothing to get rid of the spirochaetes other than those in the worm. There is finally hope now that the word is out officially that it is a parasitic helminth behind the whole thing. Anti-helminthic medications would only be the first part of the cure if you could survive that. Then you would have to worry about spirochaetes that no longer have an endosymbiont shelter.

In short, there is no current medical escape from this here. Medicine still has no action plan. After what I have seen, until they start listening they are a death sentence. “If” they would only listen, thousands if not millions would be well on the road to fighting the unchallenged ectopressures of life. They show up as every known chronic disease and all the top killer categories, sometimes infrequently as Lyme Disease.

On a Sunday, it may be a good idea to pray that they will listen. It is too late for me. Doctors are still forced to look for anything but vector disease here. Why cure the disease when all the money is in treating symptoms of it? People still can’t believe that the main problem is that people aren’t de-wormed. Not only of intestinal parasites. There are multitudes of dermal ones at many bug stings and bites. You will see what the Bible meant by a plague of insects, and many have endosymbiont worms. That is where the trouble starts. Getting rid of them is job one, but what about the spirochaetes that are left over? You would need Doxycycline or a herbal equivalent like samento and/or CBD. Likewise, the herx may kill you. Those worms were dirty with the things.

Caduceus.svgVeterinarians are far ahead of the game. Doctors are now following Alan MacDonald whether they like it or not. Dr MacDonald suspects it is big, but from what I have seen, it is far bigger than just neurological diseases. When you can back up to your first bug bite, you see and feel a lot as the parasites leave. In theory, cleaning them out, then addressing the borrelia remaining should cure the chronic disease they are behind. All simple medicine, but not allowed. Systemic collapse would be the result if that happened, and without a doubt. Doctors would be embarrassed to wear their own twisted worm symbols. They wore it as a badge for centuries without knowing, both the Rod of Asclepius and The Caduceus. Just think about the Biblical irony of that.

You can always get reinfected just as easy. At least knowing these things is a large part of the battle. Apple leaves are the only known defence as far as I know. I’m the lab rat here… and I’m talkin’. The dangers of apple leaves are that they are antihelminthic, but way less dangerous than the pharmaceuticals, since I’m still here and typing. “If” you can make it past apple leaves, risks understood because it is risky no doubt being anti-helminthic, then you have to have a biofim cleanup plan, and better than chugging Gold Tequila. It’s not as fun with a Herxover, but there is a whole field of medical ethanol enhanced elixers that could be explored. “This medicine works BETTER with alcohol.” should be on the sticker. Good luck widdat. Bad side effects are too bad. By all acclaims. The whole thing could be solved in two levels by reducing worms and their biofilm, then killing the leftover spirochaetes. Apple leaves and pectin enzyme get rid of the worms and biofilm.

Mon, July 4, 2016 – 1776

It is the big holiday in the USA, Independence Day. Canada already had their day Friday. It is the 240th birthday of the first draft Declaration of Independence. It only had two signatures at the time, and took years to flesh it all out, but that was the start. From those humble beginnings, the States became the greatest civilization ever. Until recently, nobody knew about vector nematode parasites. They had been a drag all that time, and medicine is still stumped. Now after the discovery of the anti helminthic properties of apple leaves, perhaps that is all about to change.

Where will this go from here? It is hard to tell at this early stage. I know they will find that they are behind nearly every disease they are having trouble with, but that will likewise take a lot of time given the current medical process. They will have to prove or disprove everything I found in 23 months here. That is an awful lot. Anti helminthics worry doctors at the best of times, preferring to leave them to the veterinary sciences. Apple leaves are different in that the nematodes seem to be alive, exiting from where they are hiding on their own volition, and under their own steam.

Tues, July 5, 2016 – A Big Library

The World Wide Web, warts and all, is the biggest library ever assembled. Of course it isn’t all pretty, but at least it is there for you to decide. Doctors like to say that it is all bull, ignoring the fact that all their textbooks are largely available online now. In a touch of irony, given that, they could be right. They still ignore human nematodiasis and the fact it likely underlies all human chronic illness they have given up on. Add the endosymbiont pathogens in nematodes and associated biofilms. It is a new beacon that beckons a reluctant medical community misdirected for centuries.

It is such a big library that you can look up all about helminths and nematodes, if not the parasitic vector nematodes we found. I never knew that nematodes were the most abundant animals on earth until the web corrected my judgement. I never knew that bacteriophage kill half the bacteria on earth every 48 hours. I never knew that Apollo 10 almost crashed on the Moon, actually initiating the ascent from an abort. There is even more. Few know that Lyme Disease is ignored on purpose because it is untreatable by medical know-how. It is the only logical conclusion. Imagine if they did that with cancer. The web even has TG-36, explaining how Napolean went to Russia with hundreds of thousands and returned with under 4 thousand soldiers. The bugs alone killed most of them I think.

Sometimes it is what is not said on the web. It is not said that Hillary had an email server set up to use as bait to troll in enemy hackers. It would explain a lot, and why she is so smug. Who knows what we do not know about Benghazi? Skull duggery in the State Department? Draw your own conclusions. Climate change is a cover up of CFC’s and Atomic Bomb environmental damage? That explains the expense, chemtrails, and why it is urgent to save us from ourselves. Nobody thinks about that angle, but it makes sense where nothing else seems to. People don’t know that bankers made war for money. They love it when both sides lose. Ka-ching! They bankrolled the Soviets to create an enemy. They bankrolled the Germans to create another enemy for the enemy they bankrolled. Of course it is nuts. Nobody would ever believe it. Perfect.

Everybody thought Obama was born in Kenya. Nobody guessed he was lying about his age because Hawaii wasn’t a state then in 1953-5. Then it all makes sense. Nobody guessed Michelle was CIA stuck to him like glue. His real father was a master of photograph retouching. His real grandfather was a bit of a darkroom shutter bug too while Cerebrospinalworking for the government. It’s all hidden on the web, between the lines. At this point, what difference does it make?

Nobody knows what the real answer is, and nobody cares any more. It could all be baloney, or it could all not be. Everything is obfuscated. That is kind of like bugs and endosymbiont endosymbionts. It is all a mind bender, intentionally or even genetically, by the worms at least. How could something so small be so smart? Numbers, and time. All human time, and even before that in animals. That much time and evolution could literally make it a “no brainer.” They eat brain though, making all chronic disease break out. They usurp your endochrine systems.

It’s all out there in one form or another, waiting to be put together, by interested parties like Dr. Alan B. MacDonald and Dr. Eva Sapi with nematodes and endosymbiont pathogens. I can only hope researchers will eventually see what I already know from apple tree bark and leaves if and when they can finally get it to a treatment and prevention stage that is deemed safe enough for the masses. It’s all on the web, but just not put together yet, or it could have been, but hasn’t been noticed. Someday when there is optical character recognition searching of old records and more, it will eventually come to the surface. We are still infants in employing AI to that end as well.

Nothing is quite what it seems in disease, like in politics these days. There is always an unknown factor, behind the curtain, like a stealthy nematode with endosymbiont pathogens. It gets compounded when the candidates are working undercover. Don’t count on them getting prosecuted any time soon. They’ll just drag it out to make it seem legit while shifting the blame target around.

Weds, July 6, 2016 – Misdirected

That is how chronic disease has remained hidden in plain sight for so long. People are concentrating on the endosymbiont while leaving the transparent nematode alone. They all come from insect vectors. They know plenty about the endosymbiont while almost nothing about the nematode living cocoon that protects the pathogen. They know lots about the biofilm, but nothing about the worm that makes it and how it uses it. Researchers are stuck in a strict regimen while no such regimen exists for their adversary. They can’t even find it alive. Finally, Dr MacDonald found it in autopsy spinal fluids. From what I saw, it is not restricted to that only. Many worms are dermal resident and do not migrate. They let the spirochaetes do that I assume, running their errands for tissue food.

If that is the case, people are like a leaky boat from the day they are born, taking on water with each insect bite or sting. After years and decades of that, they are swamped. That matches what we see happening with everyone. The years and the bugs take their toll. Their nematodes are counting on it. They aren’t counting on apple tree leaves or bark though. It sure makes them leave the roost. It could be the phloridzin or a phage, but they leave when it gets to them through the biofilm and what else may be there to protect them.

It is no surprise that it transmits to other vertebrate animals. In fact, veterinary sciences are over a century ahead of medicine. To be fair, their patients died a lot more, without complaint. Interestingly, we can take advantage of all that playing catch up. It is a whodunnit mystery, and now we know what or who is really doing it. In my case, I had no hope and no help. By discovering a new live anti helminthic and surviving to tell the tale, I know lots of things medicine will never know now unless they try it themselves. They won’t be in a position to take the risk though. They’ll try to do it their own tried and failed way instead.

Is there another way to skin this cat? Perhaps other anti helminthic drugs with corticosteroids, or apple leaves with corticosteroids. It may not reverse permanent neurological injury if it has gone that far. At least it can stop it or it seems to. Some other things may reverse. I was so mistreated by the misdirection for so long, anything seemed to be an improvement when it was simply removing a detriment.

Maybe I should call this the worm and biofilm removal blog. Nobody is looking at that. Yet if those two things aren’t addressed, you will be going nowhere against the chronic nature of Lyme or any other disease for that matter. It would be like washing your car before a rip down a dirt road after a rainstorm.

Ashley Madison is accused of using fembots. If there is an app for that, look for it to get cheaper. Over a year ago, there was an app to check for parasites. It missed the parasites we saw or there would have been a furor. It was more geared to River Blindness. Our nematodes are far stealthier than that, and apparently do not migrate like a larva migrans. Larva Statio? Apple leaf consumption makes them migrate out though. They appear to stick where the vector put them in the first place. Like using Yellow Pages, they appear to let their endosymbiont spirochaete fingers do the walking, as well as the shopping. It is like the way ants use aphids, as I have remarked before. It’s like when it comes to getting nourishment, the spirochaetes are their app for that.

Somehow, the nematodes must also be able to communicate through the biofilm. Spirochaetes are known to communicate through it already. Once it is all set up, it is hard to eradicate, that is for sure. Command and control, plus refuge for retreat, ultimately rests with the nematode that sets it up. Here we have a completely new model nehind chronic disease, and researchers are slowly discovering the evidence supporting what apple leaves and bark anti-helminthics show without a doubt.

Uber-facts.com has 7 things you didn’t know about the human body. These nematodes are dozens, if not hundreds if you are older, of things you didn’t know about your own body. Apple leaves make the Cutaneous Larva Statio migrate/come out.

Thurs, July 7, 2016 – Decades

They are looking t Zika again. GSK says a vaccine is possibly decades away. The Olympics during a Zika outbreak are weeks away. I know what they have no idea about. There is a vector transmitted nematode behind it, and they will never find out until they start listening. How can I be sure? They are behind every other chronic and antimicrobial or antibiotic resistant disease in the book. Try and hit it with apple leaves and corticosteroids to9 make sure, but that will also get every other worm since your first wormy bug bite. At least they will see that something is there that they have not seen for all history. I suspect that any established nematode parasite can be a safe haven for biofilm compatible diseases. Why not?

Here is where the medicine community becomes a hindrance. If they don’t know about it, it does not exist, and especially when it undoubtably does. They still think Lyme Disease does not exist because serum testing is so ineffective to detect it. The longer you have had it, the stealthier it becomes, living in nematodes and under biofilm. Got fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Rheumatism? All are just symptoms of Lyme Disease that is likely seronegative by then. If Bb is the causative agent of Lyme Disease, one in eight have that detectable in the north east US. When at least 12.5% of a population has it detected, you have trouble. How much goes undetected then?

CerebrospinalWait until you see how many have the vector parasite nematodes that apple leaves skunk out. It is a disaster waiting to happen from the Forbidden Zone of medicine. They are 136 years behind the veterinarians with Surra, and 66 years since Innes and Shoho fingered Cerebrospinal Nematodiasis as a disease that may occur in man. Moreover, that is just one facet of nematodiasis that my manifest itself. Virtually every puzzle will come out of that solved if they only start finding out what I have found out.

Fri, July 8, 2016 – Chaos

Police shot in Dallas. NATO stationing on Russian borders. When banks are in trouble it seems that chaos gets cultivated. The crop is money. Banks are desperate for more of the same at any cost. Soon enough, a war will result. This time, it might be right here for a change. This chaos has been building since 2008. Now everything is a 24 hour commercial for it, but many aren’t buying. Instead, the naive majority will stumble into it some other way.

Case in point. What is Canada doing over at NATO being provocative in the Baltic states? Why did Britain say no to the European Union? Bad timing? The former peacemaker United States is being divided on racial lines again to sideline them. Add a divisive election cycle. It is all being rolled back over a century to destabilize the whole mess again. We are still struggling to survive the fallout of the Cold War, yet people largely know nothing about that. They have been led to believe it is climate change. When the chemtrails stop, they’ll find out it is so much more than that ever could be as it all turns to a sunburnt wasteland, no matter what temperature.

Well, what do you do? Just being aware of it is a tough hurdle at present. Everything is obfuscated on purpose to foment dissent. Just don’t buy into it, even if they say you are a genius if you do. History rests on the bones of dead genius. Unfortunately, it looks like we are going to repeat it. We failed to learn the lesson and we are ripe for a refresher course. So here comes the chaos that dictators prefer until we trade our freedom for security.

What does that have to do with advancing medicine? Like current medicine, absolutely nothing other than the fact it is in chaos, faced with little known human nematode parasites. On the front lines, work is continuing linking parasitic nematodes to more borrelia conditions like Alzheimer’s and MS. Following the implications, it explains why medicine is in chaos when it comes to borrelia endosymbiont to vector parasitic nematodes. Nobody had an idea, even though it was stumbled upon years ago with glioblastoma. It was halted with MBZ treatment, while it was not clear why. Apple leaves make it obvious why it is working. The worms are behind all of it. The news is still playing catch up far too late. I’ve been trying to hammer this home for a couple years now, but I failed too. Too much, too late.







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I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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