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Sun, July 17, 2016 – Almost

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It’s Day 718, almost two years since July 31, 2014 when I started with Apple leaves, and discovered that they shocked nematode parasites out from where they were hiding under my skin. On Day 313, I discovered that pectin enzyme dissolved more biofilm, and more nematodes were hiding in that. It has been quite a journey. It has been 15 years since the Lyme vaccine disaster, showing how badly oversimplified medical understanding was of what is happening. Now it is known to be a parasitic nematodiasis with endosymbiont borrelia. That matches what apple leaves show and you feel to some extent as the nematodes make their exit. They are a new discovery, and nameless in human medicine, but are similar to setaria digitata and some trypanosomes in veterinary sciences, worm larva that migrate in a vertebrate host.

This is all so new to human medicine that you wil just have to be patient while they argue about it seemingly forever. After all, they just discovered the cerebrospinal lymphatic system in humans. Overarching all of this is the unknown ability of worm larva to hide in biofilm, and that is shown by apple leaves with pectin enzyme. I call it AppLyme. Raw Spinach also seems to move biofilm glop out to some extent. At least they made a major breakthrough this year finally discovering nematodes in cerebrospinal fluid in autopsies of neurological disease patients. They are peaching to the apple leaf choir here.

For me, I had a bull’s eye rash, but can’t remember where or when. I just thought what a funny rash. In 1992, ACA Herxheimer showed up, but at the time I didn’t know what it was. In 2006, my left pinky toe went numb. I thought it was a pinched nerve. Looking back, it was just after a mandatory flu shot. In May 2007, I had a stroke where the left ring toe and pinky and ring on my left hand went numb. In the Lyme light, all those things were caused by Lyme Disease. Doctors maintain it still does not exist, frantically searching for any reason but that. I had to find out all about nematodes when apple leaves forced them out. Now there is finally a connection, but it is likely too late for me. It will likely be too late for thousands each day that get it from a spider, tick, yellow jacket, bee, or black fly among what I witnessed. They all carry worms and or spirochaetes, and they all join in the party.

It’s all outside  the realm of sanity. How can such a large science as medicine be so wrong? If you do not believe it, look at their track record. Honestly. What happens to the nematodes behind it? They don’t even know the nematodes exist yet. They are as ubiquitous as the vectors that put them there. Since apple leaves can cure a common cold, with surprising results, who knows what else they will cure?

Mon, July 18, 2016 – Give It Time

It has taken about two years so far. In 2012, they knew that anthelmintics had success treating glioblastomas in mice, but they were still blind as to why. This year they are finding out why. It is the vector nematodes that apple leaves skunk out, or a similar brain eating species. Any neuron will do for a snack. Lyme Disease is but one disease these nematodes are involved in. They are everywhere like Pokémon. Medicine just doesn’t know yet. It isn’t like they weren’t warned 64 years ago by Innes and Shoho in the 1952 British Medical Journal. They’re a little slow on the uptake.

Too bad. This year the nematodes will beat them while they argue over it with Zika. They have run out of time. If you haven’t got patience, see what apple tree bark and leaves do. Maybe it’s just my genes, but the nematodes started drilling out all over the place. It soon became apparent they were in my skin, muscles, and joints since the vector left them there. My arthritis started to finally get relief after 50 years. Too late. There may not be much time left to give. Much of the damage went too long I fear and it is permanent. That is confirmed by new discoveries finally this year, 64 years after Innes and Shoho predicted it. How long will my additional discoveries remain hidden? For a science that coined the word “Stat,” it isn’t exactly reassuring they wont even know about them for centuries, let alone decades.

Yet I am just one human lab rat. Everybody is different, and that can be all the trouble. I have HLA B27 arthritis genes at least, and that is rare. Those with HLA D4 genes caused trouble with the LymeRix vaccine when they became arthritic. The vaccine was pulled. At least now we know this is a parasitic nematode thing at least shown by one case.

Tues, July 19, 2016 – Holes in the Brain

We have all heard the stories about aspartame and crystal meth causing holes in the brain. I have another theory. What if the nematode parasites crave those substances, and eat holes in your brain to get them when they are deposited in brain and other tissues? It would explain a lot. They have linked holes in the brain to Alzheimer’s and drug abuse. It is becoming clear that parasitic nematodes from vectors also eat holes through the neural larva migrans process. Perhaps they are looking for a dopamine snack. Now we have a mechanism cause and effect that is totally unknown to medicine at large.

This would also explain what I called Surveyor’s Disease as worms or their endosymbiont spirochaetes looked for more dopamine in Surveyor’s and Engineer’s brains. Add aspartame drinkers and drug abusers to that list. Holes in neural tissues have been linked to MS, stroke, and neurological disease in general. Now we have a candidate for a driller of those holes, and why they do it. But can those holes ever be repaired? That link says not really, but through neuroplasticity, other cells can take over the task. If they get eaten too, then you have a mechanism for age related dementia. Without some sort of anti helminthic program, there will likely be no way to stop it.

Anti helminthic medicines have known hazards because they kill the worm in situ. Apple leaves seem to smoke them out alive, and from the exiting mechanics, I suspect they are using existing holes to access out. It is just a theory, and you would need a lot of MRN/MRI evidence to corroborate it. In Canada, that is not really an option. That is truly a pity because Canada is vector central, anything but a Lyme Desert like they claim. They try to replace it with CT scans which are inadequate comparatively for this purpose. The link highlights the difference. It is like the difference between several pencil sketchs like a cartoon and a stereo picture. BC is especially low with a rate of 33 MRI’s per 1000, penultimate to PEI at 32. All the worms and worm damage will be invisible to them. Bad timing, since it is the new hot 2016 discovery of all medical time.

Apple leaves somehow help, but the mechanism is unclear how they could heal holes drilled by worms all over the place. I know because cessation of apple leaves caused neurological symptoms to reappear or worsen. This wouldn’t be the first time medical advice has been completely wrong in my case. Again I have proven that apple leaves in the form of 4:1 AppLyme are nothing short of a miracle in my case. It only took one too, 350 mg pectin enzyme with about 85 mg apple leaf powder. Sharper thinking in minutes, and relief from Parkinson’s like symptoms. It coincides with this being a bad epizootic time for vectors in the summer with vector parasitic nematode symptoms. I suspect it is like Bobby Orr’s knee, once bitten, being easier to be reinfected. There has to be some maintenance for the effects to last. It is an ongoing battle but at least it is cheap if you have an apple tree nearby with a small supply of leaves. The leaves aid in the process of neuroplasticity somehow, but then that process is not well understood at best. Apple leaves can be a neuroplastic enhancer though, and I have the first hand evidence of it. It is a band-aid, but then isn’t all state of the art medicine too?

Back to worms drilling around in peoples’ heads. Don’t give them a reason! Scrap all that low fat synthetic sugar junk, and don’t do white drugs like meth to attract them and their spirochaete proxy parasites to your thought and other neurological chemicals. I wonder how much of a role those sugar substitutes play in cellulite formation where worms eat away pockets of flab too? There could be a connection if sugar substitutes turn out to be worm bait.

The takeaway that apple leaves are a temporary fix is a disappointment, but they are better than nothing. In a way it seems cruel that they can lure you into thinking they are a cure, but stopping them will cause reversion to some symptoms. What remains golden is the knowledge they impart of parasitic nematodes, and when and how they got there from vectors. This was all completely unknown. They also remain acaricidal and anthelmintic with new insects and other vectors as they happen. Nothing else seems to do that, unless you try veterinary Bravecto. I wouldn’t recommend that though. Apple leaves seem OK to me, but can cause respiratory difficulty as you have to cough out biofilm buildup from the first worm onwards, thinking biofilm is from worm endosymbiont defecation. It seems common to worms. Pectin enzyme and spinach alleviate that effect.

Does anything else do that? Not really I suspect. So there you have it. Nothing else compares as far as I know. Do you really? Nobody else knew about any of this or the linking factors it seems. Kirkman Biofilm Defense may do nothing about nematodes. Attacking parasitic worms alone does nothing for biofilm. They are literally stuck together like glue. Worms live inside that glue. It takes time as they are both eliminated together, and you have to keep on the offence or maintenance to keep the neuroplasticity effect up. It is like baling a leaky boat you can’t plug. It could be that by addressing all that, normal medicine may start to work again with all those show stoppers removed.

Watching the news, the whole worm and endosymbiont thing is like an electoral dust up. Worms may have wars to keep competing worm factions from stealing their lunch from Cerebrospinalyou. Who knows what it is like in worm world? We are stuck with the results, trying to stage the coup from a minority position we have to live with when all is said and done. Unwanted Drama and holes in the head. No shortage of that. War of the worm world. How did I wind up with a veterinary disease in the first place? I was outdoors where wildlife, farm animals, and their vectors were ongoing and prevalent. I became a host in kind to cerebrospinal nematodiasis and/or variants. There’s more than just that, depending on your own make up. I am just a victim of the front lines. The same mechanism has already spread out to where even the beginning is now an epidemic. Many people have it and are asymptomatic until that one fateful day.

Weds, July 20 – Nobel Prize

220px-Nobel_PrizeIn 1890, Russell suspected cancer was also a parasitic disease. Now they know and are finding glioblastoma multiforme is one such parasitic nematode disease with borrelia endosymbionts. It has been suspected for over a century, but lost in the shuffle. The 2015 Nobel Prize in medicine was won with the anthelmintic, Ivermectin, along with the discovery of Artemesinin to fight malaria. Both are parasitic diseases. Now with additional new discoveries, people are looking at these parasitic related diseases with new eyes, and it is long overdue. At the root of them, I just know there are going to be nematodes behind it all.

Digging into that Nobel link, lymphatic filarisis gets mention along with River Blindness. All of a sudden I’m not so off the wall here. Eventually people will find that I am not whistling Dixie when I say Apple tree bark and leaves are also anti helminthic. Now I have a recent half Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology to point to with Campbell and Omura, along with the other half to Tu for artemesinin. Then I can also point to MacDonald 2016, Innes and Shoho 1952, and Russell 1890. I’ve gone through hell here from delusional, to verified by veterinary science, to Hottest new topic in Medicine and mike1bakerPhysiology, peer reviewed by a Nobel Committee, and all in the course of 721 Days of this humble Apple Leaf blog. For Apple leaves and bark are another new anti helminthic with a twist. The nematodes come out alive so you can find out what they are. I can’t, but maybe you can. I know they come from insect vectors and aquatic biofilms at least. Now it will be up to more to carry the torch as the apple cart, along with all medicine, is literally upset. They do not know the half of it yet, but it’s a start. Now there will be no way to unring this bell either.

The common cold has always defeated medicine’s best efforts. Not Apple leaves’. It is just the starting point too. Why is that? Look into it was all I said. When I read between the frames of Dr Sapi’s video, I knew I was on some sort of right track for biofilm and what turned out to be nematode parasites. The first experience of taking apple leaves was like turning on the lights neurologically, and I suspected some sort of pathogenic connection, later suspecting the literal can of worms I was opening. Don’t forget the raw spinach and pectin enzyme to expediate that biofilm breakup with apple leaves either. There are lots of secrets to chronic diseases hiding there, I just know now. Who knew stings from a yellow jacket were somehow linked to arthritis? Your case may be different. There are a lot more vectors than ever suspected. I just really remembered those ones.

Now it is proposed that stem cells can reverse some permanent neurological damage. Apple leaves also provide some clues there. Yesterday I suspected apple leaves were responsible for enhancing the neuroplasticity effect of recovery when halting them for too long stopped some of the improvement I had experienced over a year earlier. Maybe stem cells will have a way to rewire in a more permanent fashion. Again, apple leaves gave a clue it was even possible earlier than the discovery. Hopefully they can do it some way in the future without drilling another hole in your head like a worm does. This comes from earlier work on animals over two years ago before I found out about apple leaves and neuroplasticity enhancement, I take it.

I find out a lot of things from Thomas Grier’s Facebook. It is not only borrelia, but apple leaves show that it is applicable to all chronic disease. That’ a pretty big tent, and not just the newly estimated 3,000,000 new Lyme infections a year now. Borrelia related infections are just keyhole views to the big picture of all chronic infectious disease, and that is larger than anybody ever suspected, and even Dr Alan B MacDonald, the vanguard pathologist and MD looking through all these keyholes. His move to nematode discovery containing endosymbiont borrelia is close to cracking the mechanism of the whole thing. Using that analogy, apple leaves remove all the walls, doors, and keyholes exposing the whole mess.

Why can I say that? First, there are the parasite nematodes hiding until you smoke them out, and it becomes apparent that they hide since they got there from a bug. Second, it becomes apparent that extra mucus is coming from somewhere, likely biofilm breaking down, and it is the likely culprit with evidence that pectin enzyme further breaks it up. Third, you feel and experience the drag of the nematode load being removed subtly, but definitely. They are behind unexplained skin and arthritic conditions, or were in my case. Some hair starts to grow again, and can grow darker from grey. You feel better daily as that all happens. There is a marked neurological effect as the fog lifts, or that was my experience, and it was early on. It seems from the time that other worms hide in biofilm too, as you eliminate it, so you have a metric to go by. When new insect bites try to start a new worm, it leaves immediately from additional apple leaves before getting situated. That is over and above nematodes being expelled from historical insect bites and stings since you were born.

That in itself is just being discovered, the fact that there are parasitic nematodes behind most major chronic health issues. They are just getting started too, because I have had a sneak preview of the answers from apple leaves, and because I had nowhere else to turn. Medicine always failed for me comparatively, and they maintain my disease does not even exist.

Thurs, July 21, 2016 – Apollo

Today is the day after the 47th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon. I’ve had worms from even before that come out, and the whole history of manned space flight even. Back in 1969, I was 13 years old, and like all kids at the time, we were totally engaged by the whole thing of manned space flight to the moon and back. We knew all the names, parts, and lingo of lunar landings, should there ever be even one. There were more than just 3 men on those missions. They were all likely packing a percentage of their body weight in parasite nematodes and biofilm. Depending on age, I would guess 7% by the time they were astronauts around 30 years old. I guess about 15% in my case at 60. They would have been exposed to lots of vectors on geological field trips, and the worms would like the high dopamine levels they had all being engineers.

Neil_ArmstrongOf all the amazing technologies developed for the space race, they did not even have an inkling of that. The concern was contamination risk from outer space, when it should have been the other way around. We contaminated the camera on Surveyor 3, and microbes have been found living outside the ISS. We take cooties to outer space but not back, except when Apollo 12 did from Surveyor 3, and Russians harvested some from the outer surface of the ISS. Otherwise, it is pretty lonely there without us and our cooties, as far as they have found. Roswell sparked interest in aliens but that turned out to be a cadaver used for a secret high altitude parachute test. Secrecy breeds all the conspiracy theories. Lunacy propagates them, like it does with the Lunar Landing Hoax Hoax. Analysis shows it is easier to do it than fake it. Then there is trying to cover it up. You can see the picture of Neil 47 years ago, but can just tell he is thinking, “Man, this ain’t over yet. We’ve got about a quarter million miles to go with a box of rocks!”

They simply steered over the Van Allen Belts when the window was right and the belts were confined to the magnetic field equatorial region. The ionizing radiation wasn’t that great either, but they did steer over the belts to minimize the risk. Again, secrecy surrounding Project Rainbow high orbital nuclear testing bred conspiracy theories. It could be the source of a lot of that ionizing radiation too. It didn’t faze the cooties we took up there. They sure don’t like apple leaves though. Why don’t they spend as much time about the real lasting effects of nuclear and CFC pollution? Well, they do, but don’t know it. That is what chemtrails are all about. They are a kludge ozone layer replacement so we don’t all fry from UV radiation. The nematode parasites like us rare evidently.

I expect there will be an attempt to blame someone other than bugs for parasitic nematodes, like the CIA or military, foreign or domestic. They already blame Shelter Island military for ticks with nematodes. Vectors are a lot more wide ranging than that being here since Genesis in the Bible, and right after The Beginning as per Apollo 8. Those crafty serpents, hanging out in arthropods to put the bite on you. Great conspiracy theory fodder though. They are so secret that doctors don’t even know about them, and right under, or even in, their noses. Most of their lives. That’s pretty stealthy.

The real conspiracy is the failure to get to the bottom of what is happening with vector illnesses. Other than in equatorial regions, they are largely ignored. Now there is an unchecked epidemic we are soaking in, with tests developed to be so selective as to exclude all morphed forms of the testing resistant diseases. If they looked at it with the effort that was put into the space race, there could be a different outcome. Instead, they have looked at it with a comparable effort to conspire to hide it. Sand fly vectored Gulf War Syndrome was hidden that way. The Internet was a help in that we know about it, but not enough. We have to pick up the slack, and it is some large slack. Thank our lucky stars there are enough retired doctors helping us. Unfortunately there is enough baloney out there to bury it unless you use common sense to vet it.

They put blinders on horses to keep them focussed. People tend to put blinders on themselves to narrow their field of view, but without excluding the entire picture. Some become like a dog with a towel and can’t let go, stuck on that one thing, ignoring competing valid critique. Witness the way they cling to the Apollo Conspiracy Moon Hoax Hoax. They ignore the fact it is cheaper to just go get a moon rock than fake one, since it can’t be done. If the hoax was that easy why didn’t Russia do it first? In comparison, the Lyme Disease Hoax Hoax can’t hide from apple leaves when nematodes come out all over the place. Ivermectin had no takers either, but just won  half of a 2015 Nobel Prize for the discovery leading to the manufacture from avermectin. Apple leaves are way bigger than that, and it doesn’t get much bigger than a Nobel Prize. Still, I hear crickets, so I can see Merck’s problem with it from 1974 onwards. After about 722 Days, they can’t say I didn’t try. I can only hope Alan MacDonald and Eva Sapi can break through now, but it is only just beginning. I haven’t got a Satoshi Omura or Dr Roy Vagelos or Dr William Campbell on the inside either. I just know it will rock the entire world of modern medicine and physiology. Nobody knew we all packed so many parasitic nematodes. I’ll skip the “Told ya so. Nyah nyah!” rant. It is a brand new take on the whole science of medicine, but that isn’t exactly a good thing, because they think the science is decided.

That video does say that when the worm is released, there are still borrelia to deal with. They could be nailed then by a short course of doxycyline in my estimation, but they gave up doing that since it never worked with people as long as the worm was there. I think all my worms are largely gone and the borrelia are all alone now, released into a world of no biofilm or worms to hide in. The worry is that the herx will be so great it may kill me from even a short course of antibiotics. The borrelia die off is toxic to the liver and intestinal tract at least, or wherever else they try to hide. Then can the stem cells repair the permanent damage from the borrelia and worms? That also remains to be seen in their quest for a Nobel Prize in Medicine to go with the 2012 one they already have. It could be redundant though as just another use of the same thing, and it seems argument is their strong suit. Plus it is a three part problem with worms-endodosymbionts-biofilm to clean up, even to begin with. Will that be too much for them to handle?

Fri, July 22, 2016 – Serendipitous

I never knew that this was on topic with the current 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology. No bull, a noble pursuit. Unfortunately, the closest I got to a PHD is keeping watch on the developments of the PHD Fellowship, named for Dr Paul H. Duray. I have a new understanding of the role of parasite nematodes over and above all that as well from watching, witnessing, and feeling the difference as they left from the apple leaves I nibbled. Most people are blissfully unaware of their own batch of nematode parasites, but by sheer serendipity I came to know it from watching deer eat apple leaves. The discovery of Penicillin was also serendipitous for the 1945 Nobel in Medicine. Sir Alexander Fleming also just happened to notice the effects of it by accident, and that is the case with lots of new and surprising discoveries. They challenge what was expected from conventional wisdom.

It is exception to the rules of how things are supposed to be. Those rules hold back more discovery from unlikely events or sources simply because they challenge the rule book. My thing sadly turns out to be the ultimate challenge to an entire science that has not learned the lesson of serendipitous discovery that lurches it forward however reluctantly. It shouldn’t do anything but it does without a doubt, and lights the fire under parasites riddling everybody, head to toe, and that they are blissfully unaware of until apple leaves smoke them out. It could be a phage, or it could be eosinophillic activation, or even something else, but the parasites leave, folding their hand in the process. There can be immune parasites to the process I suspect, but then there is Ivermectin, thiabendazole, DEC, and other anthelmintics to get what apple laves may not. Knowing the extent of vector parasitic nematode action and how common it is can only help. How do these things move out of the tropics? The same way that Zika did as opportunistic vectors spread it from human to human with international travel so prevalent now. The first American case of Zika with no tropical travel has already been found now.

There is some sort of tropical to temperate migration happening. Thus you can get lymphatic filariasis or Zika in a temperate region. It breaks the rules again but the rule book is shredded in this internationally travelled modern world. Lyme Disease becomes more prevalent rewriting the rules further. Forget geographical association, which is already being proven to be a flawed and outdated model for dismissing diagnoses. There are 400 Zika cases in the US, excluding territories like Puerto Rico which has 397 cases alone. Other imported tropical diseases are likely under reported and/or misdiagnosed as well. They break the rule book in an altered world of vector disease anarchy, and where the geographical name of the disease no longer applies. That isn’t a good thing with medicine about to be swamped with world travelling baby boomers.

Then the tendency to put them all in close quarters isn’t a good idea as well. One solution is to get them all up to speed on the network to look up their own symptoms, and challenge that dated rule book of diagnoses. Explain why it must be challenged. Don’t worry if they ridicule you because they will disappear soon enough from the exact reason why they should get on top of things. In an old world of glacial progress, they won’t have a chance. If their family won’t help, the family will be next. Knowledge isn’t only power now, it becomes mandatory. You’ll need a search engine to keep on top of it all. One contributor pointed out that surviving Lyme sufferers become their own doctors since medicine abandoned them. Physician, heal thyself in the leper colony. Again, the network becomes your textbook, and you have to vet it with common sense, or in some cases, uncommon sense. For example, if you think bee venom is good, how many nematode eggs and larva have you checked it for first? I had 40+ year old nematode parasites come out of stings, followed by the remains of the stinger myself. Alan MacDonald found out why this year. Nematode parasites are behind the whole mess of borrelia, making it chronic. They appear to defecate borrelia riddled biofilm, or so it looks in my opinion.

Here is the trouble. There is still enough information to be had, but “The Kept University” explains it in detail why it gets held back. How recent? A good read from March, 2000, but the problem is timeless. I just gave it an apple leaf cleanout to burst the dam. There will still be enough IP left to be cornered, or maybe even more, after the effective reset on medicine to get what they miss. Web doctor sites and university sites are still a wealth of information to be had for the searching. I am thinking of changing the topic to The Anti-Helminth Blog, because that is where this all led to after two years, and that is the promising way forward. Yet the source of all that was apple leaves. You can see what happens, and that is how I found a way forward. That is also a way to bring medicine on board, because anthelmintics are within their field. They have the drugs and the protocol. There would be a long way to go to even get apple leaves approved as a test, but they surely show what is wrong there, when the worms head for the exits, and many the way they came in, it seems.

Sat, July 23, 2016 – Full Circle

In a week it will be a year plus a leap year from July 31, 2014 when I discovered the Apple Leaf Surprise. It is Day 724 since then. I tried to get the word out but they kept it. I understand. It is a complex problem beyond me, but there are several discovered reasons here why it is, too. Biofilm. Helminths. Lots of different vectors and not just ticks. AFPMB TG-36. An effective acaricidal plan. Hurdles to get a new substance approved for it. If you have to go where vectors are, you need protection like apple leaves to nip it in the bud. No other protection can compare once you know what they do.

I have a theory why they can do it, through eosinophil action against the worm, but that is just a theory, unproven. There could be hundreds of papers to find it all out. The same trouble shows up in veterinary science, but those animals can’t tell you when and where that itch is to get a worm in the act of leaving. They’ll find a way eventually with hairless species I suspect. Until then, I am a relatively hairless species and I have a story to tell no doubt. First, it was Dr Eva Sapi who rang a bell talking of vector nematodes, and recently, Dr A B MacDonald actually found the things in autopsies, but only in spinal fluid. They are in a lot more places than that, but at least they show up there. Until then, you can see them in your own eyes as “floaters” I found. Apple leaves make them disappear.

Anyway, medicine will eventually “worm” up to the idea. That will be the fastest way forward for the Kept Universities. I got a free unbiased education out of the deal, and a few cathartic rants off my chest. It isn’t like they were not inviting them the way they were attempting to sweep the whole thing under the rug. Their alibi is really ignorance because they know nothing of this in the mainstream or alternate medicines. The science of vector parasitology never moved past the wrongly assumed constraints of geographical residence of the vectors. In reality, the temperate vectors are much tougher species given what they have to survive through. Many still have endosymbiont nematodes as well. The mighty black fly is likely one such critter, along with temperate mosquitoes. The diseases like malaria and Zika can opportunistically get passed if infected hosts are present from international travel.

Now you have a bigger problem than ever suspected, outside of the military, who know that Napolean lost an army from the Russian campaign in 1812. It wasn’t all vectors, but they played a large part. Russian tactics, and Weather did too. Closer to home, the arthropods of military significance are well known in the military, but unknown to the general populace in Canada, a smaller carbon copy of the boreal region of the planet, bugs and all. Then there is what I found out over and above the military from all this. You may not know or care now, but that doesn’t get around it at all. You have no choice in the matter.

I know why this affects surveyors and engineers more than others now. The worms are looking for richer sources of dopamine via their spirochaete flocks, the chemical that connects our brain cells. They flourish in a dopamine rich host. The host suffers the consequences. Lesser hosts, not so much. It isn’t as dramatic as a hunt for Dark Matter, but it is a solid reason for it. Musicians may also have higher dopamine levels to feed the beasties. That could explain the Jason Becker ALS connection, along with Dr Hawking too. It is likely one fateful nematode species, with endosymbiont bacteria that causes that. It all came from a bug sting or a bite. Bugs are packing brain and nerve eating machines. If they happen to find a host that really has potential in the brain department, they will soon employ enough brain chemicals to overwhelm that host.

Moose and deer may not be as big on brains, but they sure have lean muscular mass. They also have large eyes. Nematodes use eye and spinal fluid as well. There is another connection to the recently discovered human cerebrospinal lymphatic system that links it all together. In a quid pro quo of veterinary and medical science, and not being able to do an MRN scan on a moose, can we assume that vertebrate animals are set up roughly the same way? They are the source of anthelmintic discovery for that through the Merck veterinary division, leading to the 2015 Nobel for Medicine. They are a compatible vector host of opportunity. Chronic Wasting Disease affects all three critters. We know their pain, and none of us have much of a choice over weed killers on our food supplies.

One of us can leverage the network to our advantage, but it’s understood that most of it is similar to the output of male farm animals too. Luckily, there is a way to vet it by source, and peer review credentials. “Cited by…” other papers and such. The world’s richest gold mines can be mostly waste rock too, but occasionally there is a nugget in there. You have to look out for pyrite, but you don’t want to throw out the chalcopyrite or bornite either. I wonder what IBM’s Watson thinks of the whole mess? Can it be data mined to our benefit and pared down to size? We haven’t got much choice here, but there is more open stuff than closed, and that can be more than enough. There isn’t much of anything on cutaneous and CNS nematode parasites at the base of it all. I had a discovery looking for an explanation where there wasn’t much red meat there until I found Eva Haughie’s post on Filarial Nematodes. It was a part match until this year Alan MacDonald weighed in on worm endosymbiont borrelia from January to May of this year. Most of the borrelia unknowns can now be explained by that model.

It matches that this is a big tent thing behind a bewildering array of human and animal chronic diseases. Everything from a common cold to some forms of cancer. Pick virtually any letter of the alphabet and there is a story linking nematode parasites to be dug into. It’s a massive task that underlies the whole thing, yet it has been unknown and ignored for all history. The distributed task model could be a class of 26 students all tasked with a report on nematode parasitology assigning an alphabet letter to each one, and just in outline form, to investigate a connection. It’s a relevant thought exercise that shouldn’t give pause, but it does now. Should “S” be for stem cells or Strongyloids stercoralis? Trichobilharzi, Unknown Undigestable buildup, Vasodilation/constriction, Wuchereria bancroftii, Xylitol, Yellow Fever, Zika. Then a different set of eyes can sometimes see a different set of problems, like when a veterinarian, or a mechanic, looks at it. There is a whole new world of surprise in it.

And that’s no surprise, because it is new. Yet parasitology, even vector parasitology itself, is no new thing at all. It just has to shift focus from tropical to temperate where there are more vectors to weed through. They weren’t as benign as suspected. Why were they ever ignored? It could be that there are so many vectors and so little time. There could be a million arthropods to go through, and some may have no name yet. The nematodes in them may be multiples of that. It will take a long time, while most are busy following the money trail. There has to be a convincing case made to redirect some of that to this part of the big picture. The remaining rewards are all hiding there, but nobody was able to see it for themselves before apple leaves. They reveal a Columbus type moment in a New World of medicine. Natives were there to meet him, and Vikings beat him too. Remember he only thought he was in India, and that it was only a fraction of the full circle.

In this case, there was nobody here to meet me, more like a moonshot. It really is a barren new world. The animals and veterinarians have been here though. They just couldn’t prove it. Like Columbus, there is a long way to go to circumnavigate this marble, like Cook, yet.



Author: Joe1Smith

I am a relic. I thought I would chronicle what I found out about it here.

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