Wild Apple Leaf Lyme and Arthritis Relief

Sun, July 24, 2016 – 2 Years

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It is Day 725 since I found out about the unique properties of Apple Leaves. At Day 731, it will be 2 years.

Mon, July 25, 2016 – Reflections

A big one is that you feel younger, but that is just removing the drag of the vector parasites. They eat hair by taking over follicles, and when they leave it can start growing again. The colour comes back to it. There is permanent neurological damage, but stem cell recovery therapies using regular stem cells from skin are being actively worked on for that. Apple leaves can also cure a common cold by putting it in fast forward, so that you go through a week of symptoms in hours. You may be different, but I hope not.

Apple leaves really help digestion. They refurbish your entire GI tract by booting out lifelong parasitic beasties and worms. Initially, they may clean it out, but then the complete recovery starts. They may help your kidneys too, and the bark of apple trees was known to be good for pancreatic systems. Bark also helps deal with inflamatory cytokines. It is especially useful if you have problems with arthritis. You will notice that they start to0 disappear. That adds to the anti ageing feeling no doubt. You go through a rebuild process through the body’s natural apoptosis. These leaves and bark also enhance neuroplasticity to reroute signals until a possibly more permanent stem cell therapy fix can be achieved. Stem cell stuff is only in the testing stage now though.

Apple tree leaves and bark act like an antidepressant, but the effect may be from improvement in health, and not neurological. The enhanced neuroplasticity effect gives you hope, but is not permanent. It can be restored with a small maintenance dose though. The bark helps capillary circulation, dealing with inflammatory cytokines, and you can feel it. Lyme disease is arthritis, so that helps. The effect is easily ten times as powerful as Celebrex for me. They aren’t just a pain blocker, but eliminate the cause, slowly and surely. It must be a parasite nematode, and one of the several types that apple leaves smoke out. There may be more types, but it is a start as a newly discovered natural anti-helminthic.

Initially, the leaves can create a bad reaction when mixed with wormwood, which is Artemesin. However, I found wormwood can be resumed once the worms are expunged with apple leaves and pectin enzyme added to eat away at biofilm. Raw Spinach also has an effect on biofilm when combined with apple leaves, and the worms appear to shelter beneath that biofilm. Apple leaves reduce some biofilm, but starchy western diets create too much biofilm, so you have to enhance the biofilm dissolution effect of the apple leaves alone. Apple leaves seem to act as a catalyst in that biofilm breaking reaction, whatever it is. That’s all just my theory from what I have seen myself. Maybe someone else can come up with a more detailed one if this ever gets out of the quagmire of hapless other countermeasures to a known nematode parasite infestation.

Therein lies the problem in current medicine. They have no idea of the extent of nematode infestation that apple leaves expose. And it is pretty simple to see why they will go nowhere the way they are going without knowing what apple leaves do in no uncertain terms. It doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to figure out you will be better off without a few dozen pounds of worms and their biofilm slime in you. However, a degree in medicine seems to blind people to that irrefutable fact. Nematodes have little to fear from them as the equivalent drugs are hazardous from killing the nematodes in situ, prompting potentially fatal patient reactions. They gave up on strokes after 6 months, but apple leaves, like stem cells, help. They don’t want to know why.  The safe way. I get it, but I’ll be the one to get blasted for being too negative.I may be no sunflower here exactly, but I am the only lab animal that can type. If dogs and cats could type, we wouldn’t be so admiring. “That idiot scratched my head. I hate that. I humped the goof’s leg, but licked his hand anyway for extra dessert” could be pawed out if they blogged. “She smells like a good date!” or “Didn’t like the smell of that. Here. Take a shot o’ THIS!” might get posted around the hydrant. “Man, I LOVE that fresh air in the car, until I get a bug in the nose, ya know?” I digress. It’s a blog’s life…I had to edit the March 13, 2016, post here. I got all worked up over Bee Sting “Therapy.” Who knows what kind of nematodes bees may have now, especially since they are being genetically modified directly or by being poisoned with agri-chemicals? People had no idea in March this year that there even were nematodes if they hadn’t followed Alan MacDonald in January, or my experience. He found nematodes in spinal fluid from MS autopsies. That was the first inkling of it other than this blog and my experience, having late stage Lyme. Eva Sapi, Et Al, found filarial nematodes in ticks. More stings are like playing Russian Roulette with vectors. Apple leaves can make that pretty clear when nematodes come out from all sorts of vector bites and stings. It gets frustrating that more people don’t know that yet, but what can you do? Alienating people won’t help matters.One just hopes others will find out themselves, but after a couple years, it still is unknown. Doctors don’t even know. Most of them still felt Morgellons was a mental illness a year and a half ago until it was proven to be borrelia. Some still do, and just ignore the research findings from borrelia DNA stains because they are too new. Parasitic worms with it are newer than that. It is a decades long struggle to even get noticed until someone from the status quo admits they missed it all. It took over 40 years for them to finally “worm” up to the 2015 Nobel Prize winners in medicine. I’ve had older nematode parasites escape from Apple leaves, apparently still alive.Moving along, I am reminded of John Houbolt, the engineer who devised Lunar Orbit Rendezvous to go to the moon. It wasn’t just an alternate way; It was the only way it could be done at that time. For borrelia to ever be beaten, apple leaves aren’t just one way; They may be the only way medicine will ever see what is happening safely with current technology. Given all the number of diseases that worm endosymbiont borrelia is behind, it should attract Apollo project level action or we’ll all suffer the consequences. The difference is they thought they could do the moon in a decade.

Tues, July 26, 2016 – Waste of Time?

Will doctors ever find out? I am starting to wonder. Apple leaves will eventually show you your first nematode infected bug sting and bite. I thought that was pretty profound, not only that the nematode was still responding in there, but that it had been living off of me for all those decades since the 50’s. Somehow they cause all sorts of physical and neurological problems. They have enosymbiont borrelia in some, or maybe all, cases. If it took over 4 decades for an anthelmintic, Ivermectin, to get the Nobel Prize in 2015, the lowly common apple leaf will struggle for recognition. I’ll go broke before then because I am already 60.

My keyboard will wear out, then what, other than cheers from them? Sympathy is in short supply even before that when you have a rare disease that they just wish would go away. I hate to rain on their parade, but they are really on the wrong track ignoring nematodes and especially when they ignore the way to find out about them. This old school internet may be obsolete by then too. The information renaissance may die a silent death as an under the hood sideshow to the next big gaming app. The books on it may be digitally burned before then at the rate we are going.

Another likely scenario is mankind will die off. Pollution will get ’em as they dumb down to poison themselves off. All reactors will melt down while operators are too busy TXTing their buddies to learn that they just may need attention, or someone has to take out the trash nuclear waste. They might all be preoccupied golfing instead. The worms will win before even being known or found out. They may eat the last bits of brain cells from a Zika infested host on the tenth tee waiting out a rainstorm.

Will there be a re evolution in millions of years? Will we give way to silicon based life forms? Artificial intelligence will finally bury good old fashion dense and slow. AI cars may just park until their owners die of starvation or thirst, then open the windows so they have a cool bleached skeleton ornament in the passenger compartment for some retro cred. The worms will clean the bones off in a few decades.

What’s the use? There still is faint hope. People may wake up. So it’s unreasonably optimistic. Humour me. “And the 2056 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine goes to… envelope please… Ima Haxor for finding the anthelmintic properties of Wild Apple Leaves on the old internet!” You have to be alive to win a Nobel Prize. The internet may not be too, but it could if they hook it together with antiques. Zika may not wipe us out this year. Apple leaves may solve it, or show how to solve it, however far fetched that is. There may be enough brains left from what we have in children now before anarchy takes over in a Zika zombie apocalypse.

Will some government just take over, or will revenue dry out first trying to preserve itself? Tough call. Too bad they never got to why and how apple leaves work. It will all end differently than people supposed, or will it? Again, a tough call. Nobody suspected a ubiquitous enemy within. Doctors all missed it. Then a rogue bomb is already here in Iran, with pollution in Fukushima. We still spray chemtrails to survive the cold war aftermath, let alone WWII and ourselves from refrigerant releases.

They did say each year of internet information was equivalent to 7 years of learning the old way. That was 22 years ago or so. Some people said it was useless for 22 years, or you could look at it as if they are 132 years behind if you embraced the information revolution. That ironically matches the spread between human and veterinary doctors when it comes to nematode parasites and the work of Dr Evans in the 1880’s and the discovery of veterinary Surra, a similar disease to human MS.

Thurs, July 28, 2016 – Cure?

I watched the TV last night, when Obama said “We’ve got to stop our engineers from coming up with cures, and get them back to inventing again!” What if they invent a cure? I guess it would be an election hedge, no matter what happens. Then “That’s one small step for (a) man… One giant flub for misquotes!” No big deal. Carry on.

I know they have a long way to go to invent a cure, like smart bullets that fire in reverse. Or even sideways. Medicine has a long way to go. They’ll play around for another few centuries until they finally happen on the equivalent of apple leaves. Then the insect and the worm they carry both get smoked out in the open.

Reading the latest on Fukushima, they still can’t find the 600 tonnes of melted down corium. I don’t think they will be making a golf course there for a few years, so not so great. We’re already great, so who cares? What happens with a meltdown is that the white hot molten stuff goes down to the groundwater while melting the rock and concrete, and blows off a bunch of steam. It is already way past that I figure. They do not know how to get anywhere near it or stop it. Now almost 5 and a half years later, they still can’t figure out how to even tell people that this will continue for more time than the entire history of mankind. So what is the point, what difference does it make?

Is this the information age, or the ignorance age? Ignoring it won’t wont make it go away, like Canadian Lyme Disease. Still, it is ignored. That might give us a clue what happens when something is so bad, we can’t handle the truth. We can’t handle the truth about chem trails. Apple leaves will get you enough smarts, enough neural synapses back to figure it all out anyway. We are all children of a nuclear age whether we like it or not, even if it was all over before we were born. Titanic was just a boat. This is a whole planet.

When I started apple leaves, it was 3 years 122 days after the big one near Japan. I can’t engineer my way out of that one, nor can the biggest engineering effort since Apollo. They aren’t just students either, and are the combined wisdom of world engineering together. At the moon, they looked back and realized it was pretty lonely here. Instead, I thought what if I ate some of those apple leaves the deer were eating? What could I lose? Fukushima? Well, I can’t lose the effects of that. At least it could be something to blog about. Who knew about parasitic nematodes with endosymbiont borrelia? I do now. I knew enough engineering about basic reactor stuff to know with a meltdown, let alone 3 of the things together and all that waste fuel from more of them over and above Daichi, isn’t going to bode well.

Well, our best and brightest have no problem sweeping the unthinkable under the rug. I learned that. Are you looking forward to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after the Rio Zika thing? I can’t get over the irony of that date, and that place. You think they are trying to tell us something? I look at all those teachers at the Democratic Convention. You would think they would know something about what really matters. Before the whole thing can be decided by a rock, paper, scissors play off. If Theoretical Thorium LFTR’s existed, will they all go to Mars with one before shovelling Fukushima Daichi into as many of them they can make yesterday?

Oh, I know. Let’s not be silly. Remain Calm and blog on. CERN will just time travel out of it on their spare time. I saw it on YouTube. Sheesh! What was I thinking? Apple leaves can’t do time travel. They also aren’t fulla more BS than the barns out back at the Calgary Stampede. How can you compete with that? Father? What was I thinking? Here I was thinking each Olympics was going to get progressively worse. Oh, that silly mainstream news. In case you haven’t noticed, I think that Youtube Mother, Father, Etc., are trying to get the message out. Something may be rotten in Denmark, but this is WAY past the Best Before Date.

The earnings are out on the financial channel. Business as usual. Between that and Father, anyway. Like Janet Armstrong said, “But what can you do?” after Neil had to abort from orbit on Gemini 8. That was pretty real. Managing mass delusions is tough too. Father could keep it under wraps like a major network producer. Roger Ailes could still use his services though. I suspect Mother kicked Father’s azz. Right behind him, you know.

Maybe we have to bring on the Big Iron. Clintons. “You’re Hired!” To the Firing Committee. Throw Debbie in there for good measure. Move over Father with your @cern.ch email before they make an Amazing golf course outta that dump. At this point, what difference does it make? It’ll be Yuge, that’s what. No matter which side wins, you’ll have a nice mushroom factory. It’ll all stink so bad you won’t know whether to tee off or be teed off. Once they’re all in on the National Security memos, then we’ll get back to the real task at hand. Spinning it like a top.

Of course I am being cynical. Even the President is being cynical when he tells us not to be cynical. The Turkish Coup got a little news. It all got buttoned down. It wish they could use all those ol’ microwave space based weapons on ISIS instead of us. Must have been hacked. If they can steal the latest drone, why not? In Aspen, they are worried about cyber security. They are worried that somebody can affect our electoral processes, among other things. Is it just me, or is that a real hoot? If “they” are smart enough to do that, they’ll realize PDQ it’s all a huge pile o’ sbit, no matter which political side. Maybe they just like bumper stickers to go with or against their paint job. NSA’s Bill Binney thought politicians should all be fired every cycle, but what difference would that make? Apple allegedly couldn’t hack their own phone, so some kid just used software he swiped probably from Apple. At least they have the Pokémon outta Fukushima’s exclusion zone now.

I could link all that stuff, but you can look it up. It’ll take your mind off the nuckin’ futshow.

Fri, July 29, 2016 – Dr Barrie Trower

Dr Barrie Trower, retired physicist of The Royal Navy, was experimenting with Directed Energy Weapons in the 60’s as were many military units. Basically, microwaves are aimed at a human target. The results are all sorts of behavioural changes, mood disorders, cancers, and organ failure. These days WiFi is another culprit. What does that have to do with Apple Leaves? I believe it actually has to do with nematodes that release toxins when they die from microwave exposure. The microwaves kill the nematodes in situ, and the toxic effect or worm flare occurs from the die off of multiple worms. It explains a link to red meat and cancer as well. No matter how well you cook it, those toxins may remain and/or be altered, leading to cancer. We already know from Dr Evans, and Drs Innes and Shoho, that farm animals are the bulk source of information on cerebral spinal nematodiasis. Fried chicken and bacon. Beef. Would you like some sauce with those dead worms and their toxins?c

Anthelmintic medicine to treat glioblastoma, an insidious form of brain cancer also linked to microwave exposure, is well known now. This might explain a cancer elimination effect I noticed anecdotally with Wild Apple leaves. The other theory is they avoid worm kill flares by forcing the various multiple vector nematode species, in you, out alive from where they hide. Dr Trower’s lifetime of work is yet another nugget from the MIC of free research to add to the growing body of evidence for my theory. Dr Trower is likely published, but in secret naturally. They also did a lot of human research on the neurological effects of DEW. It is no joke. They are also used as crowd control weapons. The psychological effect of nematode infestation is well known through Lyme Fog, the first thing apple leaves address so effectively and fast. You’ll literally be blinking your eyes as the psychoactive parasite vector nematodes flee for the fastest exit through existing egress if they can.

Nematodes are psychoactive at least because they eat brain tissue, per Drs Sapi, Evans, Innes and Shoho, William Campbell and Satoshi Omura (Nobel 2015). I have already noted magnetic sensitivity in some species even a couple years ago here, so I assume microwaves would make them go ballistic or expire rapidly, even from small dose levels. Dr Trower explains in other videos that organ failure and cancer are not only the effect, but the object, of military work in that area. This is kind of a new direction here, being a viable proven (to me) countermeasure to DEW and stray microwave exposure from WiFi and cell phone use. Dr Trower really thinks WiFi isn’t exactly that good for you. I am saying that without nematodes, it will be harmless. Trouble is, everybody bit by 3 bugs or more has a likely nematode inside, living there merrily for decades. Larval statio or larval migrans, waiting to cause trouble when they are disturbed. Outside of a Faraday Cage, virtually all are at risk. If you don’t get that, you are victim to it. Doctors are blissfully unaware of this by design. They are the last people the military wants to know about their best covert weaponry.

You may recognize some effects of military research on people. One PhD student of neurology in Colorado shot up an entire movie theatre, then strangely surrendered immediately, almost waiting for the response intentionally. If Holmes were made crazy, or he was naturally that way, could never be resolved. It could be excess vector exposure as a youth from camping, hiking, or other pursuits in wooded areas with infected vectors. Apple leaves would have caused that experiment to fail in my estimation. No nematodes, no functional neural link intermediary. I’ll leave it to your imagination whether they used an existing vector nematode species or introduced a custom species for their purposes. Dr Trower explains that the military was actively working towards those goals, basic direct communication, via microwaves, directly targeting the cochlea in the ear for audio, or even more direct methods. I do not know if they were aware that parasite nematodes populating virtually everyone even existed outside intestinal before this.

That is how apple leaves can provide defence against electromagnetic radiation, basically removing cutaneous and neural resident nematodes, promoting healing of tissue and neuron burns, etc. They are also resident in joints and possibly other organs the adults, larvae, and/or eggs may migrate to. I see Fenbendazole and Mebendazole getting mention as treatments for killing nematodes, but these veterinary medications kill the nematodes in situ leaving you to have to deal with the toxic remains. This is different from Jimmy Carter’s trouble. That is a complimentary treatment that enhances the immune system to fight melanoma. Nematodes are from kingdom animalia, so animals. Apple leaves smoke them out alive from humans and deer at least. There are a lot of unknowns happening there as well since they cure arthritis and a common cold. That is cure, over and above treatment. They must also unlock the human immune system to fight those, and it feels like that when you do it. I thought it could be a bacteriophage, guessing from the behaviour, but that isn’t proven.

One week until Rio, and the local lakes there are still full of mixed raw sewage. Vectors will love that. There will be a huge boost to the Zika outbreak, likely another parasitic nematode sequestered disease. Luckily it is as close to winter as they get there, but approaching their spring in mid September. It will be like their February. Mandatory speed reading of AFPMB TG-36 should be a no brainer. Avoiding the whole thing should be a no brainer, but the whole thing will get transferred worldwide anyway. Like lambs to the slaughter, people will flock there out of ignorance.

I think stray electromagnetic pressure is just another form of pollution that must be dealt with. Barrie Trower thinks so too.I think it also annoys the nematodes nobody even has a clue they are riddled with. The worms pack everything from Lupus to Lyme Disease to Alzheimer’s to Zika. They’re all the same thing. Symptoms of nematodiasis, or infection with vector nematode parasites at the root of it all.

Sat, July 30, 2016 – Two Years

It is finally 731 Days since I started on July 31, 2014. I ate some apple leaves myself then to find out something totally unknown about medicine to even medical practitioners and researchers. Since then, hundreds of nematodes in bug bites and stings got smoked out, apparently still alive, and apparently had been living there for up to 60 years in rare cases from among the earliest bug bites in my life. I’m not sure it is every nematode, but the fact that any nematodes were there was surprise to anyone.

Dr Alan B MacDonald, presumably on the urging of Dr Eva Sapi, went looking. Dr MacDonald found them in autopsy spinal fluids and that is reportedly where they show up visually in the case of neurodegenerative illnesses. Everybody doesn’t have a diagnosed neurodegenerative illness from them yet, but they all have the nematodes. Apple leaves could show them. Instead they take veterinary pharmaceuticals to kill the worms, not exactly a safe process. If they have Lyme Disease, the risk is minimal compared to the disease itself I know. I’d rather use apple leaves.

It was a given I have had undiagnosed Lyme Disease from before they even had a name for it. The symptoms matched what doctors never could find. People try anything to get rid of it. Nematodes explain why they will never get rid of it. Apple leaves get rid of nematodes but not by killing them. That could cause all sorts of trouble depending where the worm dies. Many of those worms have endosymbiont borrelia too, and the spirochaert6es are so toxic when they die, it is a patented neurotoxin. Looking back, many colleagues have died from borrelia. It explains a lot where the doctors had no clue, still putting their band aids over the equivalents of bullet holes. Apple leaves make those proverbial bullets come out under their own steam. Then you learn that there even was an equivalent bullet still in there. You learn a lot in the process.

Nobody will be aware of any of this until they try it for themselves. It isn’t the whole solution, but it is the most important part undoubtedly. Only then will doctors be able to say “Take two apple leaves and call me in the morning.” Unfortunately, they’ll all die long before they would take that advice. How do I know? Take apple leaves and you’ll find out too. Don’t bother telling doctors. They won’t listen. You won’t have to as long as you do, I hope. You had better too. They might kill you to show how smart they are.

Now there are 4 domestic cases of Zika in Florida. No travel involved. I knew it was eventual. Just a hunch. Now 1,600+ cases in the US and 169 in Canada that they know of. The CDC says no big deal that they know of, that is. Guess again, I say. There are also zero cases of nematodiasis that they know of. Prove it, shown without a doubt by Apple leaves. I know they will all flunk that test. People have no idea that all these medical institutions we trust also have even less of an idea what is happening with virtually all disease. They are 136 years behind veterinarians. They aren’t even trying to catch up, save for Drs Sapi and MacDonald. If they haven’t already, soon they will discover that the worms are making the biofilm. There are several species of worms, and most are unknown, since nobody ever looked for them.

I can thump the tub here until I am blue in the face, but nobody will listen, wrongly assuming that doctors would know about all of this. It is way over their heads save for the gang at Paul H Duray Fellowship. Tom Grier, Eva Sapi, and Alan MacDonald are all there. The disclaimer says to seek a qualified physician, but that may be tough to find in your area, or any area for that matter. At least you will know why. It is all cutting edge stuff, and with apple leaves, I have found out why. Assessing medicine as I have after that, it will take them decades, if not centuries, to find out. It is like quoting Dr Dirty Harry. Do you feel lucky?

Asymptomatic Borreliosis may be widespread, but just waiting for a missing piece of the multiple bug bite puzzle. Apple leaves show vector parasitic nematodes are far more widespread than ever suspected, some worms being worse than others. 50% of people test negative when Lyme Disease is suspected, but that is more a sign of how bad Lyme tests are. Here is a good movie piece by Dr David Jernigan. It hits on a lot of things I found using apple leaves, but is all about killing spirochaetes. Some will persist in these unknown nematodes. Interesting anyway. He explains the trouble with borrelia well. He talks about phage which apple leaves behave like, although they don’t seem to address spirochaetes. Not much else does either when they go endosymbiont to nematodes.

Apple tree bark is better for circulation than the leaves I have, I found. Your leaves may be different. I can only assume that they will all be antihelminthic with the similar properties in that they force out live nematodes, leaving a small wound at old bug bites where they got in and stayed for the party. Enjoy those mosquitoes and their worms, especially when the leaves skunk them out. If the helminths stay there after that, I don’t know what else you would do. Maybe you have too much biofilm to get to them. I guess it is a simple equivalent to anthelmintics, or a compliment, to them. Nobody knew. Now they do. We’re at the mercy of what they all can do with that, if anything.

Apple tree leaves and bark can make you healthy, but if they can’t reverse the permanent nerve damage, what then? Don’t bother taking all kinds of poisons like bee venom and turpentine. Don’t feel bad because nobody has been able to defeat Lyme Disease for long, regardless of claims for all sorts of natural medicine costing hundreds a month. Apple leaves show why they are all on the wrong track. There are nematodes still in there. Other anthelmintics are hazardous too and worm flare ups from the die off can be fatal. That’s all I can assume from what I have seen from apple leaves. You can go through all those long videos and website sales pitches, but that will just waste time. I lucked out finding a free education second to none, totally unknown to medicine and why it is, relatively safe, and it worked for a lot of other things. I couldn’t ask for more than that from such a serendipitous discovery.










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